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Title: Global Eugenics Pandemic Timeline
Post by: TahoeBlue on April 28, 2009, 01:20:29 pm
Global Pandemic Thread Timeline:

1926 - George J. Hecht begins publishing Parents magazine with funding from the LAURA SPELMAN ROCKEFELLER MEMORIAL Foundation (

1933 - WS/33 - The 1933 virus has significant homology with the 1918 pandemic strain and WSN/33 was actually isolated for the study of neurotropic disease caused by the 1918 pandemic strain. - Dr. Richard E. Shope of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research, who first isolated Influenzavirus A from pigs, goes on to head Ft. Deitrick's BW Program (
1935 - Sir Edward Charles Dodds discovers (DES) and bisphenol A (

1940 - WSN/33 was isolated from mouse brain in 1940 and is missing a key glycosylation site on NA.  This mutation allows the virus to sequester plasminogen, which facilitates HA cleavage and allows the virus to enter a broad range of tissue types.  It is also lethal in mice, and contains a mutation in M2 that makes it resistant to antiviral ion channel blockers such as Amantadine and Rimantadine. (

1941 - President Roosevelt ordered the establishment of the US Biological Warfare program (
1942-43 - Committees on Biological Warfare: Files List - Box 9 - Shope, Dr. Richard E.: 1942-1943 (
1943 - Camp Detrick was assigned to the Army Chemical Warfare Service for the development of a Biological Warfare Research Center (
1947 - Intrasubtypic Reassortment of Human H1N1
Virus (1947)The virus that was responsible for the post–World War II epidemic was found to vary significantly from the 1943 influenza A (H1N1)  (

1951 - Syntex succeeds in synthesizing a sex hormone
1951 - Richard Shope was the medical chief of the Army's Ft. Detrick bioweapons program from 1951 to 1959 (
1951 - Brevig, Alaska - Johan Hultin - obtained samples from the remains of victims from 1918 Flu (
1952 - First surveys on water fluoridation status in the United States were compiled in 1952 by the American Dental Association Council. The CDC has been the lead agency in this effort since 1975 (
1952 - Margaret Sanger persuades a wealthy donor, Katherine Dexter McCormick, to provide  substantial funding for Pill research
1954 -  United States Army Medical Unit, Fort Detrick - Project Whitecoat - Army's code name for a series of germ warfare studies conducted on about 2,300 Seventh-day Adventist servicemen from 1954 to 1973 (
March 1954 - U.S Tests Hydrogen Bomb at Castle Bravo in Pacific Mashall Islands (
1945-1962 U.S. 216 Aboveground Tests -150 Mt, USSR 214 aboveground tests - 280 Mt (
1956 - Syntex began testing in Puerto Rico - Enovid
1957 - Chemists discovered another use for bisphenol A— polycarbonate.  Major manufacturers become Dow, Bayer, Shell, GE Plastics, Aristech, Mitsubishi, Mitsui, and Shin Nihon (
1957 - US Army Medical Research Unit in Kuala Lampur - Col. Robert Traub,  Robert E. Shope, C. E. Gordon Smith , Pat Webb, Ben Elisberg made what probably was one of the first isolations of the H2N2 Asian influenzaA pandemic strain ( Or Dispersal?
1958 - 1958 H2N2 Pandemic - H1N1 dissappears - H1N1 reappears June 1977 (
1958 - H2N2 strain contained three new segments from the avian source and maintained the other five segments from the H1N1 strain of 1918 lineage. (
1958 -  British 1958 Birth Cohort study starts-  Centre for Longitudinal Studies National Child Development Study (
August 1958 - High-altitude nuclear explosions - Johnston Island, 717 miles W.S.W. of Honolulu - HARDTACK I--Teak -- Orange 3.8 Mt, Alt 43 and 76 Km  (

1960 - 98 million children and adults have now been injected with Salks Polio vaccine 10-30% contains SV40 - Merck (
1960 - FDA approves Birth Control Pill - Syntex Enovid for use in the United States History of "The Pill" (
1960's - Researchers realised that some forms of infertility can be caused by the action of the immune response in women or men against sperm (
1962 - American Cyanamid - Poliovirus Vaccine, Live, Oral. - Green Monkey Kidney Cells - SV40 - cells used in most future vaccines (
July 1962 - High-altitude nuclear explosions - Johnston Island, 717 miles W.S.W. of Honolulu - DOMINIC I/FISHBOWL--Starfish Prime 1.4 Mt, Alt 400 Km  (
November 22, 1963 - John Kennedy Assassinated
1965 - Hart-Cellers - Kennedy-Johnson - Immigration Reform Act (
1968 - The federal government has supported contraceptive research and development activities since 1968, when the Assistant Secretary for Health and Scientific Affairs of the then Department of Health, Education, and Welfare established the Center for Population Research (CPR) at the NICHD, with the goal of developing new contraceptives (

1968-1980 - Virus Cancer Program - National Institutes of Health attempts to prove that viruses caused human cancer  - Gallo - Human Genome Project (
1969 - Nixon ends BioWarfare development with Geneva Accord

1969 - Nixon signs Title X - Commission on Population Growth and the American Future - Special Message to the Congress on Problems of Population Growth," presented on July 18, 1969 (

1971 - Nixon begins "War on Cancer" Rockefeller Plans (
1972 - 69 acres of Fort Detrick's Area A were transferred to the NCI, to create the Frederick Cancer Research Facility (
1970's - The first clinical trials with anti-fertility vaccines began in the 1970s (
1972 - Chairman John D. Rockefeller - Commission on Population Growth and the American Future - the Final Report, containing the findings and recommendations, of the Commission on Population Growth and the American Future (

1973 - Roe v. Wade, the U.S. Supreme Court - abortion bans were unconstitutional in every state, legalizing abortion throughout the United States. (
1973 - 1973 the WHO established the Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation, as part of the HRP (
1976 - Fort Dix, New Jersey. A novel virus H1N1 A/New Jersey/76 was identified as the cause of the epidemic - 230 cases and one death. (
Oct 1976  - Initial isolation and identification of Ebola virus - CDC Atlanta - Pat Webb (
1976 - Ford immunizes 40 million with "Swine Flu Vaccine"
Nov 1977 - H1N1 strain reemerged in the former Soviet Union, Hong Kong, and northeastern China. (
1978 - Gay Hepatitis-B  Vaccine experiments begin (1978-1981) - manufactured by Merck (

July 1982 - When the first evidence that people with hemophilia had died from AIDS surfaced, through 1985, the defendants acted in concert to avoid recalling Factor VIII and IX. It is believed that three of these companies, Alpha, Baxter and Cutter, recruited and paid donors from high risk populations, including prisoners, intravenous drug users, and blood centers with predominantly homosexual donors, to obtain blood plasma used for the production of Factor VIII and IX (

1982 - Cutter-Bayer continues to sell Factor-8 abroad  (

1989 - WHO symposium on the safety and efficacy of anti-fertility vaccines (

1993 - Workshop on Immunological Contraceptives (Antifertility ‘Vaccines’), 7th International Women and Health Meeting, Kampala,Uganda, 12-l8th September 1993
Funding: Population Council’s “programmatic funds”  (i.e. George J.Hecht Fund : The Andrew W.Mellon Foundation : The Rockefeller Foundation).  (

1993 - 1994  - Baxter voluntarily withdrew the immune-boosting product from the market in February 1994 after receiving reports from more than 200 patients who claimed that they were infected with hepatitis C virus after using Gammagard (
1994 - Merger - Roche Holding of Switzerland acquired Syntex (Birth Control Pill)
1994 - Merger - American Home Products buys American Cyanamid (Oral Polio Vaccine)
1994 - Merger - Ciba buys Chiron (Squalene)
1994 - Merger - Sandoz (Now Novartis) buys Gerber - Company is No. 2 worldwide in medical nutrition products AND in baby nutrition

1995 - Currently five large and a number of small institutions are conducting research on anti-fertility vaccines. WHO/HRP, Switzerland. The Population Council, United States, National Institute of Immunology, India, The Contraceptive Development Program (CONRAD), United States, The Center for Population Research at the National Institute of Child Health and Development/the National Institutes of Health (NICHD/NIH), United States (

1995 - Merger - Glaxo (GSK) with Wellcome in Britain (Search Wellcome Trust - Relenza Tamiflu)
1995 - Merger - Hoechst Roussel with Marion Merrell Dow
1995 - Merger - Pharmacia of Sweden with Upjohn

1995 - Jeffery Taubenberger and his colleagues at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology start to try to obtain information about the 1918 influenza virus from remains of soldiers who had died at that time which were archived at the institute (

1996 - Merger - Novartis = Sandoz (LSD, organ transplant drugs) combines with Ciba-Geigy (schizophrenia drugs, Chiron Squalene)
Post-Merger Integration: How Novartis Became No. 1 (
1996 - Merger - Roche and Boehringer Mannheim G.m.b.H., a large German maker of drugs and diagnostic products

1996 -  Hemophiliacs who contracted the AIDS virus from blood-clotting products accept $650 million class-action settlement. corporations tentatively participating in the settlement are Baxter International Inc., Bayer AG, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Inc.'s Armour division and the Alpha Therapeutic unit of Green Cross Corp. of Japan.  (

1997 - After an unsuccessful 1951 mission, that involved U.S. biological warfare specialists, to extract 1918 Spanish flu genetic material in 1951 from a cemetery in the Inupiat Eskimo village of Brevig Mission, Alaska, scientists made another attempt, a successful one it turns out, in 1997. (UN-OFFICIAL WMR )

1997  - Johan Hultin contacted Taubenberger, Returned to Brevig, obtained more material. He was successful and this finally allowed Taubenberger’s team to determine the whole genome of the virus. (Official story) (
One MUST assume they retrieved enough material to CULTURE the virus at this time!

Feb. 28 1997 - Schering-Plough Mexico Dedicates Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Facility

March 1997 - Jan 1998  - H5N1 Avian outbreak in Chicken Farms In Hong Kong -  killed six people in Hong Kong in late 1997  -

1997 The CDC agency already has made hybrid viruses with H5N1 samples isolated from patients in Hong Kong in 1997, when the virus first caused human disease. The results of that research have not yet been published,

Before 1998, mainly “classical” H1N1 SI viruses (SIV) were isolated from swine in the United States

August 1998 -  A North Carolina herd exhibiting clinical signs of influenza was identified with H3N2 SIV" In 1998, H3N2 viruses emerged and rapidly spread throughout the US swine population (2–4).

These were unique triple reassortant genotype viruses, with hemagglutinin (HA), neuraminidase (NA), and RNA polymerase (PB1) genes of human influenza virus lineage; nucleoprotein (NP), matrix (M), and nonstructural (NS) genes of classical swine virus lineage; and RNA polymerase (PA and PB2) genes of North American avian virus lineage.

Further reassortment between these viruses and classical H1N1 swine viruses led to the emergence of reassortant H1N2 and H1N1 viruses among pigs in the United States

August  1998 - Since that time, isolates from pigs in Texas, Iowa, Minnesota, and Illinois have been typed as H3N2 SIV.

December 1998 - swine influenza virus (SIV) with H3N2 was first identified in Iowa swine

December 1998 - January 1999, a H3N2 subtype of swine influenza virus (SIV) was isolated from clinically affected swine in Iowa (IA), Minnesota, North Carolina (NC), and Texas (TX). A genetic analysis demonstrated that Midwest isolates (IA, MN, TX) and NC isolate were distinct (5).   It suggested the risk for the emergence of new subtype(s) due to reassortment between H1N1 and H3N2.

1999 - Merger -  Novartis and Zeneca Ag Products - new entity will be called Syngenta - Product Cyromazine - Cyromazine Pesticide breaks down into Melamine  (

1999 - Emergence of UG99 - Wheat rust threatens Famine to Developing World - Possible Anti-Crop Weapon
Ug99 fungus first was discovered in Ugandan wheat fields in 1999 (

2000 - Young Danes' sperm count dips - It found that 43% of them had sperm counts low enough to lead to decreased fertility (

Dec 2000 - Baxter Agrees to Settle Hepatitis C Claims Related to Use of Immune Globulin (

2001 - 2004  - Mr. Sabatino was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Baxter International, Inc. from 2001 to 2004

2001 - Rotavirus Serotype G9P[8] Outbreak in Children, Northern Australia -
Worldwide, approximately 400,000–600,000 children in developing countries die of rotavirus-associated dehydration each year

February 2001, Synthetic virus nearing reality

2002 July - First synthetic virus created - Synthetic Polio (First Documented) ( - Battelle - Synthetic Biology  (

2002 Nov. - SARS outbreak actually began in  in the Guangdong province of mainland China - the Chinese government did not inform the World Health Organization (WHO) of the outbreak until February 2003 . No cases have been reported since mid-2004

2003 - Outbreaks of highly pathogenic H5N1 avian influenza in poultry begin, outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza A (H5N1) among poultry were reported in Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Laos, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

2004  - Mr. Sabatino joined Schering-Plough in 2004 as Executive Vice President and General Counsel. Mr. Sabatino was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Baxter International, Inc. from 2001 to 2004

2004  - H5N1 Avian Flu outbreak

Jan 14, 2004  - (CDC) will soon launch experiments designed to combine the H5N1 virus and human flu viruses and then see how the resulting hybrids affect animals. For the human virus, investigators will use A (H3N2), the strain that has caused most human flu cases in recent years, according to the CP report

August  2004 - HHS Issues National Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Plan (

Sept 2004 - Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) changed its’ name to Chatham House (

Oct 2004 - reconstruction of 1918 Swine Flu  - r1918 - The team started the work at the highest level of containment, BSL-4, at Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg. Then they decided the viruses were safe enough to handle at the next level down, and did the rest of the work across the border in a BSL-3Ag lab in Madison, Wis. (

October 2004 - 1,000-head swine farm in Minnesota experienced a severe respiratory disease outbreak in 14-week-old pigs. This suggests that A/Swine/Minnesota/00395/2004 H3N1 influenza virus is a reassortant containing genes from triple-reassortant H3N2 and contemporary H1N1 SIVs.

The recovery of an H3N1 subtype is further evidence of reassortment and antigenic shift in SIVs, justifying ongoing surveillance of animal populations for influenza A viruses that could represent a direct health threat, not only to swine populations, but also to humans

Dec 2004 - Study funded in part by the Wellcome Trust suggests that HIV virus is driving evolution of human immune genes. (

Jan  2005 - H3N2 influenza viruses swept rapidly across Canada. We describe the genetic characterization of reassortant H3N2 viruses from pigs, turkeys, and a swine farm worker in contact with sick pigs during this outbreak.  To our knowledge, this report describes the first isolation of a human/classical swine/avian triple reassortant H3N2 virus from a human.

Jan 01, 2005 First report in Mexico of the prevalence of antibodies to swine influenza virus in humans

Jan 09, 2005  - GSK's Global Launch with Rotarix(TM) starts in Mexico (Vaccine for rotavirus )

Jan 20 2005 - WHO - Influenza pandemic preparedness and response - In resolution WHA56.19 the Health Assembly expressed concern about the general lack of preparedness for an influenza pandemic. The resolution urged Member States to draw up and implement national preparedness plans, and requested the Director-General to continue to provide leadership in pandemic preparedness, particularly by strengthening global influenza surveillance.

Feb 2005 - MANAGUA, - An epidemic caused by rotavirus has killed 32 infants and infected at least 32,000 children in Nicaragua, health authorities said on Saturday

Feb 2005 -  El Salvador -  health officials have declared a state of emergency as a result of a wave of cases of diarrhea affecting the children of the country. More than 43,175 cases have been reported, and the outbreak has taken the life of at least 20 children reports La Prensa.

Feb - Mar 2005 - Mutated G4P[8] Rotavirus Associated with a Nationwide Outbreak of Gastroenteritis in Nicaragua in 2005  -

July 26, 2005  - Isolation and Genetic Characterization of New Reassortant H3N1 Swine Influenza Virus from Pigs in the Midwestern United States - The recovery of an H3N1 subtype is further evidence of reassortment and antigenic shift in SIVs, justifying ongoing surveillance of animal populations for influenza A viruses that could represent a direct health threat, not only to swine populations, but also to humans

Sep 02, 2005  - GSK purchases Wyeth's vaccine facility - The 90-acre manufacturing site, located in Marietta, Pennsylvania, which Wyeth closed in December, will be used to help develop future vaccines for GlaxoSmithKline

Nov 09, 2005  - DRL to acquire Roche's Mexico business - Reddy's Laboratories has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Roche's active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) business at the latter's state-of-the-art manufacturing site in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

March 2006 - Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) summit in Cancun, the leaders of Canada, Mexico and the United States committed to developing a comprehensive, coordinated and science- based North American approach to prepare for and manage avian and pandemic influenza.

August 2006 - Swine influenza viruses (SIV) naturally infect pigs and can be transmitted to humans. In the pig, genetic reassortment to create novel influenza subtypes by mixing avian, human, and swine influenza viruses is possible.

September 27, 2006 - experimentation with the r1918 virus with OTHER H1N1 viruses... to create designer viruses with varying levels of lethality...

July 2007 - Efficacy of swine influenza A virus vaccines against an H3N2 virus variant. Vaccination against SIV is now a routine method of respiratory disease control in swine farms because SIV has become 1 of the common causes of respiratory disease in pigs.

Aug 2007 - SPP - North American Plan For Avian & Pandemic Influenza Document (

Sep 26, 2007 - Roche Inaugurates Facility In Toluca Mexico - The Toluca facility is one of three Roche facilities in the world to produce high-powered drugs

June 2008 - Bush Admin sells off/gives away U.S. Wheat reserves - U.S. wheat industry leaders are questioning the government's sale of all wheat reserves in the Bill Emerson Humanitarian Trust (

Nov 25, 2008 Synthetic virus supports a bat origin for SARS - Synthetic SARS virus created

Jan 2009 - Foreign Hemophiliacs’ Lawsuits Can Proceed in U.S. Against Cutter, now part of Bayer Corp maker of HIV-Infected Medicine (

Feb 6, 2009 - Baxter tries to spread H5N1 Bird Flu in test vaccines

February 24, 2009  - First documented H1N1 Swine Flu case Mexico swine flu 'patient zero' was baby girl in February - northern Mexico - not from rural area (

03/09/2009 - MERCK AND SCHERING-PLOUGH TO MERGE for 41.1 billion

03/11/2009 - Chatham House Launches Global Health Security Center - Headed by Dr David L Heymann CDC/WHO AIDS Expert (

March 12 2009 - Sanofi-aventis (EURONEXT: SAN and NYSE: SNY), has announced the signing of an agreement with the Mexican authorities to build a € 100 million facility to manufacture influenza vaccine in Mexico. The announcement was made during a ceremony attended by Felipe Calderon, President of Mexico, and Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, who was in Mexico City for a State visit

April 16, 2009 - Obama trip to Mexico City, Mexico - On April 16th, Mexican Archeologist Felipe Solís greeted President Obama at the museum, where he let him admire the magnificent Aztec calendar before attending the reception diner where his guests were already gathered —among the guests were the super-wealthy business man Carlos Slim, and the Nobel prize winner Gabriel García Márquez, to name a few - Felipe Solís died a week later from the flu (

April 24, 2009 - Disease trackers are trying to determine whether a previously unseen strain of influenza in the U.S. is related to more than 130 cases of severe respiratory illness in Mexico and may spark a pandemic. “We don’t think this is a time for major concern,” Anne Schuchat, CDC’s director of respiratory diseases, told reporters on a conference call yesterday. -

"We are very, very concerned," WHO spokesman Thomas Abraham said. (

April 27, 2009 - WHO Global Pandemic Phase 4 is Declared  (

April 29, 2009 - WHO Global Pandemic Phase 5 is Declared  (

May 5, 2009 - Canadian scientists infect pigs with deadly Zombie virus from 1918 ‘Spanish’ H1N1 flu pandemic (

May 14-17, 2009 - Bilderberg 2009 Meeting in Greece - Novartis CEO/Owner Daniel Vasella Attends (

June 11, 2009 - WHO Global Pandemic Phase 6 is Declared  (

July 31, 2009 - Sir John Major Elected a President of Chatham House (

Oct 22, 2009 - First American Pig Confirmed with H1N1 (

2011 - WHO - Scientists Engineer Super H5N1 Bird Flu Virus -  two leading flu research teams who this month said they had found ways to make H5N1 into a easily transmissable form capable of causing lethal human pandemics (
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Post by: sociostudent on August 13, 2009, 07:42:49 am
Global Pandemic Thread Timeline:

Dude, this is so cool. I'm extremely grateful to you for typing this up. This will make things much easier to pinpoint/track chronologically.

I'll put it in the mf59 thread, too.
Guys, this is bad news. They're adding everything that could be bad, everything that encourages a mutation into a more lethal virus. Novartis' is probably the worst, but any and all of them are bad, imho for not bringing this to the public's attention. THEY SHOULD NOT BE USING ADJUVANTS IN THIS VACCINE, especially NOT WITH WILD-TYPE VIRUSES. Some detergents can multiply it's virulence, as well, like oxynol-9. The squalene will provoke an autoimmune response in some people ; some scientists venture to say that most people will have it, but I think it's based on your age, sex, and genetic factors: being between 20-40 years old puts you at risk the most from dying from the ACTUAL pandemic flu via a cytokine storm. The 55-up category puts you at about equal risk from dying from the seasonal flu vs. the pandemic flu, and the antibody titers are much, MUCH lower for people over 60 who have the pandemic shot than when it is used in children, which leads me to think that the adjuvanted vaccine would probably be less likely to provoke an autoimmune response in the elderly vs. the very young. This also rings true in books about Autoimmunity (Women comprise 90% of lupus cases, EXCEPT when it's DIL--drug-induced lupus--in which case, it's both sexes equally, but STILL usually only affects YOUNG people (between 15-45) and it's extremely rare to be over 60 with the first diagnosis of lupus. And by the way, lupus has a pretty serious course when children do get it (the main cause of death is "massive organ failure", but this is also very rare.) It would be helpful to know the outcome of the children--if any--that were given squalene between 1970-present, because there's a lot of conflicting evidence there. . ( ( ( (
However, it seems like we're still missing some key info, here. We need to find out what exactly happened when the European researchers injected this into humans--whether in the military or in experimental trials with homeless people ( (, doesn't matter to me.... genocide is genocide, calling it a pretty name like "Eugenics", "Bioethics", or "Medical Humanities" is lipstick on this piggie. Especially if any of them involved oxynol-9, mf59, or wild-type viruses. (

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Post by: Okinawa on August 13, 2009, 08:01:19 am
Another link that could be useful is:

It has information going back from 540 AD to 1994.

Tahoeblue, thank you for your work.
Title: Re: Global Eugenics Pandemic Timeline
Post by: TahoeBlue on August 13, 2009, 12:18:21 pm
Another link that could be useful is:

It has information going back from 540 AD to 1994.

Tahoeblue, thank you for your work.

I like the link but it has no "reference" links to document the assertions. So I need to track down good reference material to use the info.
Title: Re: Global Eugenics Pandemic Timeline
Post by: Okinawa on August 13, 2009, 03:23:51 pm

I agree it needs further work to verify all the information.
Title: Re: Global Eugenics Pandemic Timeline
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You may want to add this to the timeline (alot of it's starting to sound pretty familiar):
(Think Bill Gates "innovative ideas for biotechnology" his psychotic brain thought up a few years ago) (
1954-1955: First, a mad scientist infects "prisoner volunteers" with Giardia, gives a speech on it that, for some odd reason, isn't published until 12 years later...and then it just happens to break out in Oregon, infecting 50,000 people in 1955...AND THAT'S NOT ALL. The health authorities, instead of telling the people what they were REALLY sick with, kept contributing their illnesses to other things.

 Giardia lamblia (1681-1975)

Giardiasis is a disease caused by infection with the protozoan Giardia lamblia. Infection with Giardia can produce diarrhea, gas, and abdominal pain in some people. If untreated, infection can be chronic. In children, chronic Giardia infection can cause stunting (stunted growth) and lowered intelligence, [15] Infection with Giardia is now universally recognized as a disease, and treated by physicians with anti-protozoal drugs. Since 2002, Giardia cases must be reported to the Center for Disease Control, according to the CDC’s Reportable Disease Spreadsheet.[16] The United States National Institutes of Health Gastrointestinal Parasites Lab studies Giardia almost exclusively.

However, Giardia experienced an extraordinarily long term of emergence, from its discovery in 1681, until the 1970s when it was fully accepted that infection with Giardia was a treatable cause of chronic diarrhea:

    “ Giardia lamblia was first discovered by Leeuwenhoeck (1681) who found the parasite in his own {diarrheal} stools. It was long considered to be a harmless commensal organism, but in recent years has been recognized as a cause of intestinal disease often acquired by travelers to foreign countries, persons drinking contaminated water in this country, children in day care nurseries and homosexual males. It is the most common pathogenic intestinal parasite in the United States, being found in 4% of stool specimens submitted to state public health laboratories for parasite examination. Attesting to its increasing importance in the United States, a symposium on Giardiasis, sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency, was held in the Fall of 1978.[5]. ”

        by JW Smith, Giardiasis, 1980

Some of the first evidence in modern times of Giardia's pathogenicity came during World War II when soldiers were treated for malaria with the antiprotozoal Quinacrine, and their diarrhea disappeared, as did the Giardia from their stool samples. In 1954, Dr. R.C. Rendtorff performed experiments on prisoner volunteers, infecting them with Giardia. [17] In the experiment, although some prisoners experienced changes in stool habits, he concluded that these could not be conclusively linked to Giardia infection, and also indicated that all prisoners experienced spontaneous clearance of Giardia. His experiments were described in the EPA Symposium on Waterborne Transmission of Giardiasis in 1979:

    “ We also included Giardia lamblia, which at that time was not generally believed to be an invasive pathogenic parasite of man. Giardia was thought in the 1950s to cause occasional problems of diarrhea in children but its appearance was so common and, in adults so lacking in clinical symptomatology, that most considered it a non-pathogen. As a result we felt safe in exposing prisoners to Giardia... [17] ”

        by Dr. RC Rendtorff in an EPA Symposium on the Waterborne Transmission of Giardiasis - in 1979

In 1954-55, an outbreak of Giardia infection occurred in Oregon (US), sickening 50,000 people. [18] This was documented in a communication by Dr. Lyle Veazie, which wasn't published until 15 years later in the New England Journal of Medicine. In the communication, Veazie notes that he was unable to find a publisher for his account of the epidemic. The communication was re-published in the EPA Symposium on Waterborne Transmission of Giardiasis in 1979, and that version included the following quote from the Director of the Oregon State Board of Health, suggesting that diarrhea from Giardia was still being attributed to other causes by health authorities in 1954:

    “ While an unidentified virus seems the most likely etiologic agent, the unusual prevalence of Giardia lamblia cysts in stools of patients seems worthy of record. [18] ”

        by Oregon State Board of Health commenting on 1954-55 outbreak of Giardiasis, as quoted in Veazie, 1979.

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bump - for Japan Earthquake - Nuclear Reactor Meltdown's
Title: Re: Global Eugenics Pandemic Timeline
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bump - Added/ing more timeline of Antifertility ‘Vaccines’

Sterilization vaccine for Kangaroos - Immunocontraception for People NOW!  (
1968 - The federal government has supported contraceptive research and development activities since 1968, when the Assistant Secretary for Health and Scientific Affairs of the then Department of Health, Education, and Welfare established the Center for Population Research (CPR) at the NICHD, with the goal of developing new contraceptives (

1993 - Workshop on Immunological Contraceptives (Antifertility ‘Vaccines’), 7th International Women and Health Meeting, Kampala,Uganda, 12-l8th September 1993 (
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