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Title: Portuguese party denounces Bilderberg politicians
Post by: Flavio Goncalves on May 24, 2009, 12:36:06 am

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The official European elections blog of the Monarchist Popular Party (MPP) denounced the attendance of Manuela Ferreira Leite (head of the main opposition party, the Social Democrat Party - SDP) and Manuel Pinho (minister of Economy, Socialist Party) in the last Bilderberg Group meeting held in Greece.

The multinational capitalist and elitist Bilderberg Group meets once a year and it gathers the world’s top politicians and top capitalist executives as well as all the major mainstream media bosses. This years meeting was in Greece and occurred between 14-17 of May.

So far the European election list of the MPP, headed by the journalist Frederico Duarte Carvalho (pictured), was the only Portuguese political party that denounced the presence of Portuguese politicians in the gathering in it’s official campaign blog.

The MPP is a small patriotic party founded in 1974 just a month after the military coup of April 25th and had among it’s founders Francisco Rolao Preto, founder of the National-Syndicalist Movement in 1933 – the Portuguese Blue Shirts, and Joao Camossa, whose patriotic Anarchism is remembered today by the Portuguese national-anarchists.

Nowadays is considered a fringe party even though in the past, up to 1980, it was part of the Democratic Alliance governmental coalition and had an active membership spread throughout continental Portugal and the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores. In the last elections the MPP ran for office in the lists of the SDP and holds two representatives, Nuno da Camara Pereira and Miguel Pignatelli Queiros, in the National Assembly plus one representative, Paulo Estevao, in the Regional Assembly of the Azores.

It also counts with 12 local government elected officials. After nearly a decade of colligations and an almost total absence of activism, excepting in the Azores Archipelago, the party hopes to gain new life starting with this years European Parliament elections.

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