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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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July 18, 2007 Alan Watt Blurb - "Nothing New Under the Sun" - (mp3)

For over 100 years we've had, at least the public have been given forms of communication from telephone and radio and television followed up. Long before this was decided to be given to the public, it was debated at very high levels whether the public should have it in the first place; and if they didn’t get it, what will the purpose be to serve the systems elite themselves?  Nothing is given to the public that may upset the system. Therefore, all information, it was decided long ago, will be vetted and given out to public—“censored,” if you like.  Debated and censored what would fill your head, at the bottom, would literally be decided at very high levels. --Your topics of conversation. --The dramas that happen in everyday life that end in murders. --The things that grasp people’s attention. --The intrigue. Should they give them that or should they give them false data concerning government? That was a big one from the very beginning. We'll never let the public know what government is really all about, since it's there to serve an elite, and democracy being a complete farce to begin with.

We live in an ongoing long-term business plan, a very, very old agenda. The techniques are exactly the same, except the technologies that convey information have altered, but the same techniques are used even with these technologies. Long ago, it was decided that to control a whole world completely—I mean complete control of every individual—you would need everyone to be completely predictable. That meant complete personality profiling and the collection of every individual's data on a daily basis, in fact; and how on earth this could be achieved?  They knew they would give us a technique eventually where you couldn't buy or sell without it being monitored. Your income would be monitored. Your output would be monitored; and that agenda has never let up.

When you look at Francis Bacon's "New Atlantis," a fictional story written in the 1500’s, published in 1602, concerning a future society which would have its headquarters in the West. They meant America, of course. They call it Solomon's Island, run on virtue, and a secret society running the whole show, comprised of high intellectuals and scientists. There's no way that Bacon could have imagined a society which powered itself with an energy which could give off the light of the sun. That's very familiar, isn't it, if you think of nuclear energy?   People think, "That's impossible. He couldn't have imagined that."   He couldn't have imagined that, you're quite right, in the days of wind sails, canvas sails, the horse and cart and a candle to write by. We could not have imagined that at all, and neither did he, but then atomic energy was speculated upon thousands of years ago, if you go into the writings of the Atomist Organizations in Ancient Greece.  These supposed “intellectuals,” simply because they had nothing better to do but pass their time wearing their white robes, and chatting away, and speculating that everything's composed of these minute particles that spun around. Worlds within worlds called ATOMS, which is just a play on Adam, by the way, the Microcosm. Everything is interrelated in this big joke.

The trick in all ages is to keep real high sciences—which are constantly being investigated by special teams, all down through the ages—secret from the public. To have ultimate control, you can never share all your high knowledge, because sharing power means you lose power, if you want to be dominant. Yet, there's no doubt that Francis Bacon's book was published at that time. Not the updated versions that spin in aliens and all that kind of stuff. That's the New Age spin that the elite have promoted to confuse us even further, because it's much easier to believe the game’s over if aliens superior to you run the whole world and always have. That's called "psychological warfare." The purpose being that you'd give up before anything starts. Actually, "New Atlantis" was written along with other books like Moore's book on his utopia, along the same lines of this elitist utopic society run by the intellectuals; those who have the right to rule the rest by their vast intellectual powers.

I'm going to read an article written in a magazine. It was written in the 1920’s.  Think about this. … This is Lord Birkenhead and this is what he says, and he says all of the following because he's allowed in to a higher circle of science which already existed, at least the basics of it did.  He was let in on “the know.” The ones at the bottom that the public hear about are doing research. They don't know about the findings of those above them done long ago.

This is from February 1929.

"Babies will be produced by chemists in laboratories;"

Alan:  He's talking about the year 2029.

"…the entire institution of marriage will be changed; we will all live to be 150; no one will need to work more than two hours a day; agriculture will be abolished except as a hobby and all foodstuffs will be produced synthetically; man will be able to alter the geography of climate of the world."

Alan:  Think about that.

"Coal mining will be an extinct industry. A 48-hour day will come into being by retarding the rotations of the earth. Sitting in our homes we will see and hear events the world over."

Alan:  1929.  I'm going to continue here.  Remember, this guy isn't sitting with a crystal ball. He's not channeling. He doesn't have a medium next to him from his channeling Zeta Reticuli or some far away place. … [T]his Lord had been given access to a future already decided upon. The reason being he was a hereditary peer of the realm, a Lord who gains access to the business plan; and they never change their plans. …

"During the next hundred years, applied physics will certainly develop wireless telephony and television beyond our present most imaginative expectations. By 2029 it should be possible for any person sitting at home to be present at no matter what distant event stereoscopic television..."

Alan:  This is before the public got TV, remember, even mono.

"…in full natural colors and perfected wireless telephony will enable him to see and hear any event which is broadcast as effectively as if he stood beside the transmitting apparatus. Such developments must influence the future of politics, but by their aid it will be feasible once more to revive that form of democracy which flourished in the city-states of ancient Greece. By 2029, the chosen spokesmen of each political party will be able to address every voter as effectively as they now can address the House of Commons and so the electorate itself rather than its representatives made decide each vital political issue."

Alan:  They've got to give you a bit of icing on the cake to make you believe it and want to eat the cake.

"After the spokesman of each party has had his or her say the votes for the entire country could be recorded and counted by mechanisms installed in telephone exchanges. Within 20 minutes from the end of the last speech the will of the national jury on any subject will be ascertained and announced."

Alan:  He's talking about computer voting. …

"Before 2029, biologists will have solved some of the mysteries of human heredity. Heredity is determined by certain 'genes' or units, concerning which science already knows much. They are minute bodies, so small that if a hen's egg were magnified to the size of the world, one of the genes in it would lie on a fair-sized dining table. When biologists can control these they will be able to control heredity."

Alan:  This, remember, is 1929, you know before they discovered a lot of stuff.

"By intelligent combination of suitable genes it will be possible to predict with reasonable certainly that truly brilliant children shall be born of a marriage."

Alan:  That's called "genetic enhancement" today. They had that term back then, but we didn't know about that.  We're kept in the dark.  He's talking in the days of the dirigible balloon and the bi-plane. He's talking about taking out the bad genes. You know the inferior types that might make you quarrelsome or disobedient to your superiors. That's what he's talking about, it was all discussed even before this guy was born that's writing this.

"It is possible, however, that by 2029 the whole question of human hereditary and eugenics will be swallowed up by the prospect of ectogenetic birth, By this is meant the development of a child from a fertilized cell outside its mother's body in a glass vessel filled with serum on a laboratory bench. Such a proceeding is neither incredible nor indeed impossibly remote. The result of much research shows that the connection between a mother and her growing child are purely chemical; there is no valid reason why one day biologists should not be able perfectly to imitate that chemical connection in the laboratory."

Alan:  What it means really is you'll be born and immediately you go “ga-ga-ga” and start trying to cuddle your Petri dish as your mother or the bench you're on; because this love bonding stuff is, just you know, it's all nonsense. It's purely chemical. This was all decided about long, long before the public heard about the little tidbits that we're given from the '60’s onwards, as though it was a brand new idea. Here's this guy in 1929 writing about it, because he didn't come up with this either. He was let in on "the know." It was all decided in the previous century, the 1800’s.

"The possibility of ectogenetic children will naturally arouse the fieriest antagonism. Religious bodies of many different creeds will rally their adherence to fight such a fundamental biological invention. In fact, the near mention of its possibility here may strike many readers as gratuitously disgusting. Nevertheless the thing is possible and since it's possible it is certain that scientists will be deterred by no persecution from straining after it."

Alan:  All the reactions of the public are already figured out in advance and overcome when they announce these things. All the debating or the problems they foresee are debated and overcome before they tell us any of this stuff, and then retell us later on as though it was brand new again.

"Should ectogenesis ever become an established part of human society its effects will be shattering. Primarily it will separate reproduction from marriage and the latter institution will become wholly changed. Further, the character of the future inhabitants of any state could be determined by the government which happened temporarily to enjoy power."

Alan:  Remember too, this character is the same age group as Aldous Huxley that wrote "Brave New World" in the 1930’s.  They all knew this stuff because they were in on "the know." All this stuff they're talking about had already been done secretly a long time ago.

"Further, the character of the future inhabitants of any state could be determined by the government…"

Alan:  Further, I'll say that again.

"…the character of the future inhabitants of any state could be determined by the government which happened temporarily to enjoy power by regulating the choice of the ectogenic parents of the next generation. The cabin of the future could breed a nation of industrial dullards."

Alan:  That means morons, folks.

"…or live in the population with fifty thousand charmingly irresponsible mural painters."

Alan:  This is a little high-class joke, chuckle, chuckle.

"A further immediate consequence of ectogenesis would be a plea that society should be allowed to produce the human types it most needs instead of being forced to absorb all the unsuitable types which happen to be born."

Alan:  Eugenics again and the planned society, arranged long ago, long before you were even born or your parents were born.

"If it were possible to breed a race of strong healthy creatures intelligent to perform intricate drudgery yet lacking all ambition, what ruling class would resist the temptation? Many of the arguments brought against slavery would be powerless in such a case, for the ectogenic slave of the future would not feel his bonds. Every impulse which makes slavery degrading and irksome to ordinary humanity would be removed from his mental equipment. He wouldn't care as long as happiness would be his task. He would be the exact human counterpart of the worker bee."

Alan:  Oh, where have we heard that before, going all the way back to ancient Egypt?  Oh boy, oh boy, as above, so below.

"Only the arguments of religion could be used to prevent this evolution."

Alan:  Evolution, here we go.

"His emancipation could never be considered, for in freedom he would find only crushing boredom and misery."

Alan:  I've got to work. I've got to work. I've got to just work a hundred hours. I just have to do it to make me happy.

"It seems improbable however that the future developments of industry will call for such a being to tend it wheels. Production will become so cheap, and barring political international upheavals, wealth will accumulate to such an extent that the ectogenetic robot will never be needed."

Alan:  The humans now are robots. These are Golem, G-O-L-E-M.

"It is far more likely that men will work as machine minders for one or two hours a day and be free to devote the rest of their energies to whatever form of activity they enjoy. Such a condition obviously presupposes that all drudgery, not only the drudgery of the coal mine and the machine shop will be abolished by science. It predicates the end of agriculture as the fundamental industry upon which human life rests."

Alan:  Think about that.

"Probably biology in alliance with chemistry will make an end of agriculture even sooner and the cheapening of production will render a ten hour maximum week universal in the workshops of the world. By 2029 agriculture if not abolished will be in decay at least in civilized lands."

Alan:  They knew that back then you see and long before.

"In 2029 science will make the city a self-supporting unit and Britain the land of laboratories capable of feeding no matter how many millions of mouths without importing a ton of foodstuffs. Many will bewail such a prospect for they insist that a flourishing agricultural peasantry is the only sound basis of any political life. It will be necessary when agriculture goes into irrevocable decay to plan the evolution of a stable industrial society. Such an undertaking should not lie beyond human wit. The agricultural basis of society, which has existed for so many centuries, was itself evolved from nomads and savages to reconcile such folk with a peaceful static life of the husbandman's need far more violent adjustment, than will be necessary to urbanize the descents of the world's present agriculturalists.

It's conceivable that not all these changes will have occurred by 2029. The progress of scientific discovery is checkered and subject to no ascertainable regularity or period. In many instances, an applied science after a few years of violent progress stagnates or at best is advanced by small refinements and simplifications. The history of the locomotive steam engine provides an illustration. During the last century railroad trains have grown steadily longer and heavier. In consequence, larger and more powerful engines have evolved to draw them to their destinations, but the huge locomotive of today differs only in size and power from its parent of the 1860’s and 1870’s. No new principle of any importance has been introduced into its design or construction. (cont. in next post)

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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(July 18, 2007 Alan Watt Blurb cont.)

A similar stagnation may overtake the development of airplanes or of wireless telephony. Such halts in the progress of any applied science however are comparative and not final. A fresh mind produces a new idea or a simplification which inaugurates another period of rapid and speeding activity. I have assumed therefore that the rate of progress in applied physics, chemistry and biology during the next hundred years will be maintained approximately at its present level. It may even be greatly accelerated by the ever-increasing interest in scientific research on the part of industrialists and governments.

Nevertheless, unless science is able to change their ideas no less rapidly than our environment, some of the developments of which I have hinted may not come to pass. Unless, for example the ideas of Asiatic peoples have drastically changed, it will impossible to stamp out epidemic disease from the world. But it is not self evident that all applications of scientific discovery deserve the support of intelligent men and women; because science has benefited humanity in the past, there's no reason why it always should do so in the future. A biological discovery may well plunge the world into such a catastrophe as it would destroy civilization for a thousand years. As you are reading these words, some disinterested researcher may detonate an atomic explosion which will involve the world and reduce it to a flaring vortex of incandescent gas[/i]."

Alan:  There you have that one. That is from the Cosmopolitan Magazine, February 1929 when it was owned by Randolph Hearst.  This little talk on our future, with much of what we're seeing happen today and much of this information re-released in the 1960’s and onwards, as though it was brand new. It was written in 1929 by Lord Birkenhead of England, one of those “in the know.”  You'll see his photograph on the first page of his talk in the magazine, with his big wig on and all his curls of this artificial rug that he wears and the arrogant upper class official appearance that he puts on there. I think they must practice that from birth, and a little emblem of Saturn on the left, Old Kronos, who eats his children.  Then you have two lighting bolts behind him, which turned out eventually to be the sign and the symbols of the Nazis. What does it all have in common? I do wonder.

Science is not new. All the things we're told about are obsolete. All the stuff that we use is obsolete; and in fact, before we get any of it, there’s massive debates at very high levels as to whether they should give it to the public. There's always a material purpose in doing so, as we snap up all the goodies and say, “my goodness, isn't this fun, fun, fun. I can play longer and more,” and yet we're all brought into a catch-22, where we can't think for ourselves anymore because it's all done for us. Many people in today's world are quite happy with that arrangement. They haven't consciously thought it through. In fact, most people (and it's true) don't really consciously think much through it all. Their ideas are marketed to them and downloaded into them, as efficiently as a program is downloaded into the computer; because essentially, we are just “walking computers,” in a sense. …

There's nothing happens in society that isn't planned long ago and debated long ago by those who already ruled the world and ruled this system. This one financial system of commerce, working and laboring, and buying and selling that we are all taught to grow up and compete in. When he gave the speech, of course, the agriculturalists couldn't really picture being out of work, even if it was “ha-ha, that's silly. We'll always be rearing these cows here.”  We've already seen the agri-businesses being promoted. These big foundations and businesses that have buildings opposite every capital of the world and they lobby all the politicians. Most of them either having been politicians themselves, or they will be after they leave their CEOs position back into politics, back and forth like ping-pong balls.  We're under this corporate fascistic system already; and we have been really all our lives.

The purpose of life has never been discussed by the ordinary people. They've never had a say in anything, to be honest with you. Even when we think we're winning a little bit and getting a little bit more of the material world, the goodies, even the things you need to survive have a temporary respite.  They're already designing the plug to be pulled a little further down the road. So the Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away—Lords like Lord Birkenhead. …

Remember, the releases of this Birkenhead are just the same kind of releases of Francis Bacon or Moore (the "Utopia") and many others who have been given inside information from higher sciences. Not from the professors down, but much higher up where they'd already been investigating many different areas to do with everything we now think they're investigating today. It's all been done a long time ago.  That's why they all it research: RE-search. At the bottom level, they don't know that it's all been done before by much higher levels that are kept secret from everyone, except those at the top.

That's how power really is. It doesn't share itself. It gives you an illusion occasionally of having choices, but in reality all of your decisions were made a long time ago with “your betters.” You know those people who are your betters, because “we have better genes than you,” you see. They're not Levis. They’re good genes [jeans], better ones, old genes that are mated up with other good genes.  These genes last a long while before they wear out, obviously, and they're still here today, as they mate each other up and marry their power and add to power and money; and, of course, the psychopathic trait of the gene that they have is passed on to their offspring. They're not as silly as people would like to make out. They have a natural instinct for power and control and dominating others, sometimes with the most pleasant faces—another gift of the psychopath.  Always depending on the fact that ordinary normal people with empathy, with consciences will believe them, whatever they say.  They cannot believe (the ordinary people with empathy) that there are such evil cruel people who would do the most horrific things to not just us, but anyone across the planet—because the end justifies the means, and they sleep well at night. That's why they get away with it. They start wars. They'll continue wars. They profit from wars.

The structure of society is held together by natural laws, which are well understood and exploited by those that know the sciences. Formulas that worked thousands of years ago are RE-applied in the same sequence, always with the same results with the populations. We believe what we're told. We do what we're told and then we look towards these benefactors at the top, these superior people to take care of us.  Many people like it that way when they're reared in this socialistic system of expert rule, scientific rule. We have no time to go and play while these weighty decisions are all made for us by the superior ones above us. We're well managed and dictated to, from cradle to grave, and it's getting worse all the time as each department above us of bureaucracy shows their teeth and shows their power with more and more powers being demanded over the public.  We know the deafening sounds of the public, the majority of them, each time the laws are passed.

This is a battle for the heart and soul and the mind, and the right to decide a future for ourselves. Where do you stand on this?


July 19, 2007 Alan Watt Blurb - "Battle of the Sentient in the Age of Aquarius" - (mp3)

We are entertained. We're wined and dined in a sense as never before. This has never happened in history before, as people find it harder and harder to pay mortgages or pay their rents (which are extortionate anyway) and everything else they have to pay, pay, pay for. The elite always make sure you have enough cheap booze and a plentiful supply of drugs to get you through the escapist fantasies that were left when everything else fails. That's what happened in the Soviet system. You're to line up forever for sugar and basic necessities, long lines as this was dished out to you in brown paper bags.  However, you could find booze very cheap and you could get it very quickly. Something that George Orwell made sure that he put in his book, too, "1984."

However, all of that, all of the past times, the incredible amounts of sexual fantasy on television (which I don't watch, but everyone else does) and tells me about it and the game shows and on and on it goes. All the craziness is meant to heighten this fear pitch of breakdown—surrealism, a form of neurosis, on a grand scale. People can lose their bearings, you see, their grasp and their contact with society in general; then they've lost it. They're easily controlled. They're broken. That's when the authorities as they already are coming forward with these new solutions, which are not new at all, actually. They wrote about it a long time ago, over 100 years, of drugging the public. Eventually, of course, we know it will be brain chips, initially to help the sick and to bypass damaged neurons and all that nonsense that they tell us every time they bring out a new invention that's meant to control us.

These people will be told that it will actually affect our own endorphins in the body and how good we'll feel, as we get it naturally by this little chip stimulating brain cells to release them, and making us feel so good, happy, fuzzy and warm. That will be how they will sell it.  You must bring a society to a state of almost collapse to make them go for it; and that's not hard. That's not difficult, not at this stage. You can see how it's being played out.  Again, this is not speculation. You can go into very old books, old writings and magazines and you'll find statements and articles by the elite on this very topic of how to bring us through this stage, which they knew they would bring us to a long time ago.


Alan Watt on "National Intel Report" with John Stadtmiller - July 20, 2007 - (mp3)

Alan:  Really where we've been in history and how we're seeing history in the making for the next phase of it, and that history doesn't happen as you bungle down through time but really is planned in advance. The big agendas are always planned way ahead of time by big think tanks that work for a global elite, and how the push is on now for the whole New World Order. It's a complete world order. The old world order, as they use to talk about, was the Soviet versus the Allied, U.S., Britain side during the Cold War. This is the New World Order for the whole world and it's to do with a completely new way of living if they get their way. A way of living where most people will be pretty well dead in a sense in that they won't be able to think at all, they'll be brain chipped. They'll be lobotomized. They'll be purpose-made for their work tasks. This is the glorious future that we're being told is all in store for us, but meanwhile the elite must standardize the rest of the world under the one system to pull it off.  That's why the war is going on in the Middle East right now.

Alan:  There are more waking up. Again, they wakeup to a primary level the first step really when they notice things changing in their immediate vicinity -- their immediate lives, things which are affecting them personally. We see it in Europe where you've got to show your ID card to get on a bus or to get on a subway or even in a taxi. They even have it in comedy shows in Europe such as in Holland where mom will say to the child, "Don’t leave home without your card because you'll need it for the policeman."  So it's getting propagated through fiction and non-fiction that the card is normal and being monitored everywhere is normal. So that's spooking some people but what's scary is the amount of people in countries in Europe that were occupied in different wars by people who wore black clothing and machines guns were carried in the streets accepting it now and many of them were alive during World War II are still alive today and witnessing it. It's the older ones that are seeing it.

John:  Yes. The older generation. I've said this before. Alan, if we do not make the change and make it now and start the awareness process to the point where it really becomes a detriment and a real slow down for the globalists, because this country is the linchpin. I mean they didn't necessarily go after Canada and they didn't necessarily go after Mexico. They turned the full brunt of their efforts on the United States to drive it into the ground because as many people see this is that the United States is the linchpin. They drive this country down they have their New World Order.

Alan:  You can go back into the books of The Royal Institute of International Affairs and CFR from the 1930s.  I have them all, including the minutes of their meetings and all the speeches that were made and by whom. You'll find that they said that the upcoming war against Germany (this in the 1937 one), the upcoming war with Germany we must all unite to save Russia. At that time up until then the Soviet Union was suppose to be the arch enemy of capitalism and yet here the top capitalists saying they must defend and save the Soviet Union. See, they were in on the bigger picture. They knew down the road at the end of the century they'd amalgamate the two systems as all part of the dialectic process.

John:  I was just going to use that term. It's the Hegelian Dialectic of the thesis antithesis synthesis where they create the problem and then demonstrate to you how bad it is and then they come up with their solutions to fix the problem, which they started in the first place.

Alan:  That's right. Then they went on to say that after this war (World War II) that the U.S. would takeover as the policemen of the world, of a time where it would go forward, appear to be successful and fall back again, and then go forward a couple of times just as Rome did, and then fall back into the ground. Then China would takeover as the policemen of the world. This is in the 1930s this was all talked about.

Alan:  … H.G. Wells in his book and he was an official propagandist paid by the British Crown that wrote a book called or a chapter called the "Open Conspiracy."  He said, "the public will never realize that all the information concerning this agenda has been made available to them. He said, nothing really is secret it's just that it's not widely publicized."

Roger:   I wanted to -- you know, those shows that I had mentioned if Mr. Watt was familiar with those things and then just a couple. I'll be real quick. One is just more or less like a mainstream conspiracy theory, but I just thought it was an observation that may be true or not, but Georgia Guidestones being in Georgia, it seems strange their a close proximity to Ted Turner himself who is based in Atlanta.  I wonder if maybe he is R.C. Christian or if R.C. Christian was one of his provocateurs or agents. One final question if Mr. Watt can answer the question about predictive programming. One thing I don't understand about predictive programming is for instance I look at Steven Spielberg as someone who fits the profile of a propagandist for the New World Order. He covers a lot of these futuristic types of themes with Minority Report.

John:  Roger, I don't know if Alan's able to keep up with this. I'm barely able to keep up with what you're bringing up.

Roger:  As far as the predictive programming I was just wondering if he could answer the question as far as -- it's seems a lot of these movies they present the themes of the future and technological tyranny. However, there's always a hero who is fighting against so it almost seems like a cautionary tale and I'm wondering if -- it just seems out of character for a propagandist to have a sympathetic character like that and I was wondering if he can comment on that.

John:  Okay.

Alan:  The first part really was to do with the indoctrination of the young through cartoons followed up by movies as they get older and that came out of Tavistock Institute in England that Huxley and others and Bertrand Russell were members of. It was to do with scientific experimentation on the human mind right down to even inserting wires in the brains of humans and controlling them remotely. This was all done back in the '30s, '40s and '50s and it's interesting to read their books because Bertrand Russell was given authority to create special experimental schools where he could try some of these techniques on British school children under the auspices of the Crown. He was given a Crown Charter or a license to try them in the 1920s and he said he would try and promote sexual conduct between male and female before they had reached puberty to see if they could eventually destroy the bonding process or the need for a mate as they grew up. All these experiments were tried by people like Lord Bertrand Russell many years ago, but he also talked about predictive programming. He said that eventually anyone would be able to convince anyone else of anything if the proper techniques of science are used upon them. He said if we can get children in kindergarten and teach them a different set of rules; a different set of morals et cetera we can literally eradicate any input given by the parents when they're taken home that night because the scientific indoctrination will overcome it. That was to be augmented by children's stories and with cartoons and the use of the visual media.

John:  We also saw the United Nations making the strong moves here with the UN rights of the child. Here in this country, you're responsible for your children at least until the age of 18 but they tried to circumvent that and undercut the American family and hierarchy of that family which is the basis of any working culture is the family.

Alan:  That's also what Russell said. He said that -- at one time you see the elite thought they'd have to take the children away from the parents at birth. That was the British objective eventually to create a Plato's Republic and he said but now it's more economical to have the parents pay for them, raise them because we shall control and own their mind.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt - Blurb: "EYE-BEAM (IBM) and the New Global Competitive Citizen - Cyborgism to Silence Sentience" July 26, 2007 - (mp3)

   "This program [The Corporate Service Corps, part of the IBM Global Citizens Portfolio] will provide leadership development for IBMers exposing participants to the 21 century context for business - diverse cultures, policy and environment and societal expectations."
Alan:  You see they have their own bureaucratize lingo (language) for these marketing characters, these creeps. They really are psychopaths. There's no doubt about that. The people who are marketing will admit that to you in fact, because their whole idea is to con and fool you and I, to get you to do something for a corporation. That's what marketing is all about.

   "IBM will team with non-governmental organizations…"

Alan:  That's the new democracies, the new Soviet.

   "…to place small groups of employees from different countries and business units together, outside of the office structure. They will build relationships…"

Alan:  I'm sure they will.

   "…and work on some of the world’s toughest problems, such as enhancing global economic opportunity and access to education resources. The Corporate Service Corp will be global from the outset…"

Alan:  There you are. It's already a done deal. …

That's from "IBM Plan Ties Training and Accounts" by Steve Lohr. I guess it's folklore perhaps. New York Times, July 25, 2007. There you go. It's all about the new global society with the new Nomads you see. The new Nomads to be drawn from the crème de la crème of all countries and they will be serving the world state with a higher pay and benefits and lower fringe benefits, and they'll also get off with certain factions of legal things, depending upon the sexual preferences and age groups because that's always been the way. However, technically they'll have no real homes. They'll go from one to the next as they go across the world to the global cities, the international cities, but they'll have it much better than the peasantry back home. We’re stuck where we are in this wonderful global society because no country will take you in if they don't have a purpose for you to fill.

There's hardly a day goes by that we don't get hit with half a dozen articles on “upgrading our memory.” You'll find the universities that have the grants for this upgrading investigation are all getting grants as well from Homeland Security. They could to be related I wonder as they try to find ways to put nanotechnology into your brain-box. They have a campus to say it needs upgrading, and we shall get upgraded like computers to adapt and survive a predetermined goal.  I'd hardly say that altering ourselves into cyborgs was an intention of mine or my parents or anybody before me. However, it certainly is someone's intention because we've been hit with this predictive programming, mainly through science fiction, which all get their marching orders from The Futurist Society funded by the big foundations to get us to think of the possibilities and the wonder of having all this fantastic wire technology all through our bodies. That's why all the superheroes are part cyborg that have little brain chips. In fact, ultimately all you would need for a head is a pin. You won't need this big head to carry that brain around. They could do it all from the chip the size of a pin; and then, of course, they would actually alter every single part of you to suit a particular purpose.

If they wanted some kind of bureaucrat that can be mobile, they can give him a pinhead. It's not much different from today. They do have a lot of space up there that they're not using. Therefore, you have a pinhead on legs and hands that can go and adapt to keyboards. Things like that or a fish-man that would have a pinhead and have frog’s legs to repair the oil-rigs. He can be a deep-sea diver. Very efficient, plus you could make it so that you'd no longer need a part to entertain themselves – an imaginative part. They don't want imagination in that kind of perfect worker, you want just a perfect worker who can go into a box at night like Seven of Nine; and in fact they could put him in the same box as Seven of Nine and you wouldn't have a single thought as to what to do.  Boy, that's hell isn't it?

You see that's the world that they're planning for everyone, but as always, they must have us all going along chomping the grass, walking forward very slowly, never noticing up that we're ending up in a different field entirely. That's how the process goes step by step by step. It's difficult to move the big herd suddenly and quickly from here over to there, but it's very easy especially when you have patience, all the time in the world to plan things inter-generationally to get them to go from here to there, until they end up being modified on the way and they're eating tree bark instead of grass without noticing. That's called efficiency and good planning.  Someone would get rewarded for that with medals and knighthoods and stuff. That's how the real world works. The sheep must be the last to know, preferably not to know at all.

In times gone by, we used to talk about 'being had' when we'd fallen for the con that did what was expected by using the logic that we have and working our way through a con. A con works because the victim must be presented with a certain amount of information.  The con-man knows that by the logic of that victim, they will arrive at a certain conclusion and make a decision, which will be the right decision if everything were real on the up-and-up, will actually be the wrong decision for the victim.  They don't realize that until the end of the con and they find they've lost everything. That's how the con works. The con-man demands upon knowing the psychology and logic process of the victim, and that's how the whole world works. Same way.

Our reality is marketed to us and indoctrinated to us, mainly by repetition and by people we're trained to believe.  We've been taught to divert something that seemed to be a tribal thing, which was to respect the shaman or the priest, and they simply diverted it to the new one with the white coat on, the scientist or the expert; and everyone buckles under to the expert and believes what they say. Never dawns on them that there's an agenda under foot and you have a slippery slope. Never dawns on you, it's so slick and easy, until you don't think for yourself anymore. There's experts out there to do all your thinking for you. That's what you've been trained to believe. …

The managed society is only a stepping-stone to the next part and next part and the next part, which might take two or three generations. By two or three generations, it's only about 15 years now because they don’t need a lifetime as they used to. They're talking about in the indoctrination process and how they can speed up the changes. They can really do it year by year now for every person born in one year, and the next year and the next year, they're all trained a little differently into the agenda. It's called "scientific indoctrination" according to Bertrand Russell and Beria of the old NKVD and Comintern. “Nothing new under the sun” as they say. …

It is true that in past times societies have had to adapt quickly to tremendous changes and environments. The whole history for instance of Africa or the Middle East is one comprised of adaptation or die, but these processes took such a long period of time as things alter that there's no great sudden change which affected society so greatly as today. Today we live in a planned society. It's the planning of our society which causes the great conflicts because it's run according to man. Man tossed out all of his deities at the top a long time ago and replaced them with his own intellect and science. You might add cunning because those at the top generally are psychopathic of all cultures – the ones who get to the very top.

Out of this comes advanced planning and management. The world is a managed society. According to timetables, all business is formulated too. They stick to their timetables including the alteration of other countries which are radically different from the conglomerate bunch already in the big western side. Therefore, they expect conflict. They expect resistance. They expect a bit of chaos as Mr. Rockefeller said, "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs."  What he meant was the dysfunctional system and the chaos that would ensue between peoples and families as they went through drastic changes from one system to the next. That's how human deities do things. At least the old deities were pretty quiet. Once in a while, you'd have someone who would claim that the deity had spoken to them. It took a long, long time, sometimes centuries to pass the word around and have it discussed and thought about, and occasionally acted upon in personal lives or their societal lives.

However, today it's almost instant. It's planned and the dates of introduction of every part of the system are planned ahead and made; and they stick to the dates, including wars. Wars that they have to come up and get them over with. They plan this like a long-range business plan. They also plan all the propaganda to be used and perhaps even the incidence that will start those wars, all as I say to achieve a greater end and the noble lie, as they call it at the top, is worth it. Noble-like, being it's for a good cause. You simple people just wouldn't understand it. You're just children. We the intellectual ones understand it and therefore have to lie to you as parents might lie to children about grandma dying. This becomes the natural thing for them to do once it's been done once or twice.

[A]ll of this which I've just discussed has been talked about in big think tanks long ago before they gave you effective contraception. Before even the Industrial Era was over in the west, it was all planned; and all the omelets and broken shells were planned too, has been well unfortunate, but we must move forward for this progress. To fill all of the side effects that come out of this gaping hole that we have, this emptiness within us, they've decided to simply take away the problem, which was the part of the brain where you can think about it.

That's typical of surgery, in a sense. You don't need this anymore. That's an appendage left over from when you were an ape a long time ago. We'll just whip it out. You won't need it. They want to improve you. Make you more improved like the six or seven million dollar man. Now it's a few billion, I guess. Maybe it's cheaper now with nanotechnology and you won't have these problems. You'll be an efficient machine. You can't be a human anymore because we've destroyed human values while we make you a machine; and that's the psychology of the technocrats who help run this system and advise their superiors, the dominant minority. That's what all of this is about as we gorge ourselves on entertainment which just programs us for the next step and the next step, through various subtle insertions and some not so subtle, but they don't fill the void in people.

Some are aware of this. Some are totally aware of it when it's mentioned or verbalized to them, because they find it difficult to put into words, but that's part of the problems today.  It won't last too long because they're telling us now what the next step is going to be, and the next step and the next step and the next step. It's rather boring really, to an end where you just simply won't be happy because happiness and unhappiness will be obsolete terms. You won't have those abilities anymore. You'll just be a good robot.

The dominant minority, as they keep telling us in their own publications, will not have all this tinkering because they have to keep all the survival capabilities intact and steer planet earth for all the things to come; but you won't need all of that because the state will be making all your decisions for you. Now remember, that means ALL your decisions from birth to grave for you, while a robot you see doesn't need to make decisions. It can give preplanned choices of logic when it comes to what it's programmed to do, but it won't have this dilemma of making human decisions because humans need much more to fill our head space with. We have imaginations. We have creative abilities but we have longings as well and drives, drives which unfortunately, according to the elite, get in the way of our efficiency, especially when they destroyed the natural outcome of those drives. That's why they planned the whole society ahead and all this warmongering right now is just for part of the process to bring the rest of the world under the same system. That's how they deem it at the top, is efficiency. Everything must be efficient and all costs and lives and slaughtering, mayhem, crying, funerals and weeping. It's just broken eggs and omelets again. Tough. That's how it's rationalized.

That's the world we live in – not pleasant, not nice. We must find a new way if we're going to survive with our intellect intact, but not the way the elite expect us to oppose them, because they expect us to oppose them as primitives and hit them head-on in traditional fashion. That's what they expect. We must find another way which they haven't planned. We’ve got to find it through what's inside of us, knowing in full knowledge that the majority won't back you up on it because they're quite happy throwing all the garbage into that vast hole in their heads and their hearts, of buying and consuming and throwing away. They're happy doing that as long as they can keep throwing the garbage in. It kind of makes them feel less hungry, but it won't satisfy them, but they're happy at that you see. It's all they know.

For those who do know much more, we must find a new way and this new way can have nothing based on the old way. It can have nothing based on this dog-eat-dog, buy, sell, consume, produce system which is completely unnatural and will end up with our own destruction; because once you have destroyed the mind and the memory of individualism, there's nothing left. When consciousness goes, there's nothing there. You're reduced to a programmed insect and they think that's the ideal worker to come. A programmed insect, programmed during gestation to carry out specific tasks sufficiently. That's what they say is the goal. Wow. Who would want that?

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt - Blurb: "Medieval Feudal Collective to Capitalist Monopolist. The Dilemma of Individualism in Stormy Seas." July 27, 2007 - (mp3)

If we can't get over the basic one (the smaller version), how on earth could you think you could possibly overcome the larger version of nations and peoples warring with each other for dominance? That's why in ancient times they always had the symbols of the fascia and the symbols of a supposed archenemy. One represented the dominant elite and the power structure and the money structure, the commercial structure. The other one represented supposedly the people together, united, working for themselves, the dialectic process, the opposites. However, when another one becomes dominant it's a horror show for everyone involved, including those on the same side eventually. That again is human nature.

When emotions are stifled, you lack spontaneity in life and that's what we see around us. We see expected norms, the smiling grin which other species of animals have as well. It's a sign of no threat basically, or appeasement or ready to appease. We’ve been taught to go back to simple animalistic traits rather than express ourselves. To be an emotional person has become synonymous with being unsound or unbalanced. This weakens the individual. It flattens the personality. It flattens the conversations within people. Therefore, they're left to trivia—acceptable trivia which doesn't threaten anyone. However, if emotions are suppressed, like anything which is suppressed, it will come out in other ways. It comes out in our societies in a thousand ways; and that's why you have all these cheap and gaudy sentimental songs, which express things which people crave and they cannot express in their real lives.  The whole industry goes overboard with it to the -nth degree and the same with movies. The wish fulfillment of that which is starved as expressed in movie form in intense, condensed ways because people are emotionally starved in their personal lives. Not just to receive emotion but to give it out.  It's taboo.  The more scientific the culture becomes, the more taboo this dominant need of the elite to suppress these emotions in the people becomes as well. We're becoming the Borg, you see.

They have the scientists involved, historians, the philosophers and they foresee a time when they will be unable to manage their tidy world and they’re to bring down the populations drastically; and they gave these captains of industry that have been here for a long time. These same captains that destroyed the old system. The same descendants of them have decided to bring us into the next system, where all of the problems of society will be taken care of, because they plan to eradicate the problem of individualism and sentient thought within the masses. That is utopia for them—absence of all opposition to their agenda; and it's a cruel agenda because science must be cruel. It's its nature when it’s given itself the status of all powerful religion you'll always have incredible cruelty, because eventually they demand laws passed on everything that they facet or what they see is their system, this intellectual elite.

No matter how crazy the law is, or crazy their theory is for passing the law, it's done anyway.  We saw this to an extent within the Soviet Union with various laws that were passed there that seemed absolutely ludicrous. Yet now, the same laws are being passed here by the same totalitarian mindset. Totalitarian mindsets don't really care what flag they wear above their heads. It doesn't matter really to them as long as it's a huge group thing of the dominant minority at the top and they're all in agreement.

Psychiatry was used for a good purpose at the beginning, at least to de-mythologize a lot of the taboos and the restraints that created problems within people that manifested into various kinds of neurosis. Then, as always, when they get power and they become more acceptable, they start to become dogmatic and they themselves become conformists. The pioneers are gone and those who take over are conformists. They're not creative people within themselves. Those who take over will always conform and they will then dis-label people as infantile or neurotic and stick them on people with a label who don't conform with conventional pattern of what they claim is a normal individual.

How can you use standardization on people when we're all supposedly different?  What is normal?

Normal is conformist.  If we take the normal people of the communist era in a Soviet Russia, they're different from the normal people of the post-Soviet Russia. Culture is given to the people and stamped and approved from above, in all ages and periods. It's the same in the western world, exactly the same in the western world. A dominant minority approves and makes sure that you get your downloading through movies and television of an ideal of your world, which doesn’t exist, and you're supposed to conform to that ideal. All fiction to do with your home, the police and law, the legal system and even health and hospital dramas are all propaganda to give you a false impression of what they're all really about, so that you will conform and obey.

Beginning with day one at school, you're taught to conform. Original thinking is taboo. It isn't until certain people with certain qualities useful to the dominant minority show their special abilities that they're pulled out of the mainstream schooling, often bypassing university and brought up to a higher position and given knowledge not even given to professors at universities. They’re brought into the weapons industry, to the sciences that are really beyond in physics or weaponry, for advanced flying craft, for viral and bacterial warfare purposes, and all the things that we're not suppose to know about; because psychically we’d collapse if we knew how horrible was the machinery piled above our heads and held by a small dominant minority.

There are three levels of science. Professorship down is for the mainstream, including the professor. He doesn't know either. Some of them do catch on later in life as they move in the circles, but the brighter ones, the ones who have qualities. Not necessarily better people by human standards, but in fact, generally they're not. They often have psychopathic traits. They're pulled out of college or university where they're spotted, bypassed and put up there to work in the real sciences; because the dominant minority have gone so far into preparation of maintaining themselves for what they hope is forever, but they cannot ever divulge to the public this Sword of Damocles which they hold over our heads.

Many people will love complete and utter dictatorial socialism because they can't handle individuality. They want to remain Peter Pan's forever in perpetual childhood and play. Only a fool would do that because if you don't grow up, you won't know the real world and you won't know the nasty monsters above you, all their plans to manipulate you or do worse things. Children aren't told the truth; and the choice to not know the truth is that. It's a choice. When you see the eyes glaze over when you're telling something of importance to someone for their own survival sake and the sake of others, they're making the choice right there to be a Peter Pan or to risk knowing, which means you risk acting on it. It also risks discarding all the comfort zones, albeit fake as they are, the society has given them to believe in.


Alan Watt on "Investigative Journal" with Greg Szymanski - July 31, 2007 - (mp3 - Hour 1, Hour 2)

Greg: … Our type of free thinking ideas, no matter where they go, won't be seen in this world maybe in another 30 to 40 to 50 years. What do you think?

Alan:  In that time they planned to have everyone brain chipped so people won't be able to think at all; and I'm not kidding about that. They've actually done testing on this. This is the big push now making people think it's a natural progression from the computer to the little Blueberry that they have, the little machine to the cell phone and then to the brain chip. People are getting indoctrinated that this is a natural evolution. However, once that brain chip is installed—and they've had world meetings on this at big universities like Loyola University in Louisiana, the World Science Meetings. The chip is ready to go. It does interface with your neurons, your nervous system. It will be able to transmit to your brain and transmit from your brain to central regionalized computers. This is ready to go. All they have to do now is convince the public to accept it and they're doing that through movies and fiction. The youngsters, it's already through their cartoons. They think it's going to be a wonderful idea, but what they're not telling you is once you take this chip and they flick the main switch and the real purpose kicks on, you will no longer be you. What they said at Loyola was – In fact, you'll be unable to even perceive yourself as a distinct separate individual. …

Judy: … The agenda that you're describing was obviously crafted a long time ago and it seems to be going along according to plan, even thought there seems to be a whole industry that has sprung up around these events such as taking on the New World Order and 9/11 truth, which to me just seem more like confusion than anything else, unfortunately. Now I think that you basically answered my question, because from what I've been hearing, it looks as if we're in the final chapter of the USA and there's no hope for people like me who's a useless eater; and unless the answer is spiritual and that's probably what my question has evolved into.

Alan:  It does. Ultimately it isn’t how much you know about this and how much you understand about it, ultimately it comes down to life itself, the purpose of life for everyone; and is there something beyond it that we have to fulfill ourselves on a different path, as opposed to where governments have decided they're going to take us.  It is obvious to me it's only a spiritual type shift would shift us out of this dialectic of government and us opposing the government in traditional methods, which they're well aware of and very used to. We have to go on a different path, and in the past there has been spiritual movements that have always shifted gear for the people into much higher things which ultimately end up with different ways of living. We do need a different way of living, but we don't need the elite's planned agenda. We can't go on the way we are, where it's dog-eat-dog in a psychopathic culture and success depends upon how many people you can destroy on your way up to the top, and there's people going homeless on the street or can't afford operations. There's nothing humane in this system. This is an inhumane system. So from a spiritual point of view, and spiritual is such a dirty word. It's been stamped into the mud by the New Age movement and everyone else so many times it's almost like love. Love means nothing anymore either, and so we have to go beyond that and find out what that other part of humanity is. What is a true spiritual connection between you and some creator and those around you as well?  How do you manifest it?  We certainly can't manifest it in a monied greed corrupted system of dog-eat-dog and very clever con-men and psychopaths getting to the top and feeding off us all. We've got to change this system into a new way.

Judy:  Do you think there's any truth, any validity to what people are saying about as we enter the Age of Aquarius we're going to be in a different frequency. We're going to have our "junk DNA" activated and so there's going to be almost like that 100 monkey syndrome where people are going to start reaching a critical mass in consciousness or do you think that that's just wishful thinking of the New Age?

Alan:  The whole New Age movement unfortunately was led from the Masonic groups from the beginning and they've kept them running in circles. They've kept them in denial. In fact, they teach them don't look at the negative things, and because of that, they're the most ignorant of all of what's actually happening. They're taught not to look at the bad sides of daily life. Just look at the positive things; and it's a very me-orientated type new religion. As far as Aquarius goes, you have to understand the higher significance of Aquarius. Aquarius comes really through the Roman legends from the Greek legends, where Aquarius was actually a beautiful young boy that was raped by Zeus, a homosexual rape; and the water that he carries is not just from the sea where he was raped, but it also means the pool of life, the gene pool. When that gene pool is emptied out, you'll have a new type of man in the Age of Aquarius, which is neither quite male nor female. That's what it stands for.

Judy:  So we can go either way at this point. Sometimes it just seems so hopeless and especially if they chip us.  I'm a believer in the soul. I can't prove it but I think I can prove it and it sounds as if once we're chipped we will be soulless. Our thoughts will not be our own. It sounds like we're just doomed.

Alan:  That's the problem. Put it this way: What we know about the brain itself is one thing. The best neurosurgeon cannot tell you what the mind is. We know when the brain gets damaged certain parts of the mechanisms fail to work properly like a machine, but we still don't know what the mind is. Is that what your soul is? Soul used to be the activating principle that drove you towards higher things called spirit. That's what it meant. The brain chip is going to stop interfacing or have the possibility of going beyond the natural to something greater. It's a form of stopping you getting it; so, yes, you'll be “fixed.” Basically fixed in the world and be unable to even have higher critical thinking on any topic that's not programmed into you by the elite themselves.

Judy:  Then what happens to the mind, since it appears that the whole world is mind?

Alan:  At the Loyola meeting the professor from Japan who'd been working on this brain chip, which is ready to go, said that think of it more like the hive rather than individuals. You'll have a hive mentality where you'll hear whispers of instructions going to those around you and whispers of their thoughts going to you back to the main computer. That's exactly what you've been watching on Star Trek with the Borg. That's what the Borg is all about and the Borg are all one. In the New Age movement you hear the mantra that we're all one. Sure, for the New Agers that all of them are going to get their chance. They'll all be one. It's just that they won’t retain their individuality to do anything with it.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt on the Alex Jones Show - August 2, 2007 - (mp3)

The Ottawa Citizen on Wednesday, May 8th, 2007 published a little report on the eugenics program. It was first printed in the Daily Telegraph and the reporter was Roland Hancock.

It says from London:

   "Embryos are to be screened for a cosmetic defect for the first time in a British clinic leading to warnings of a slippery slope towards the creation of designer children. Doctors have been given permission to create a baby free from a genetic disorder which would have caused the child to have a severe squint. The Bridge Centre--

Alan:  I like the term 'bridge.' They love building bridges.

   "The Bridge Centre family clinic, in London, has been licensed to treat a businessman and his wife to create the baby. Both the businessman and his father suffer from the condition, which causes the eyes only to look downwards or sideways. Critics have said that the permission is another step on the road to creating only perfect-looking babies in the laboratory."

Alan:  Now listen to this part.

   "The licence was granted by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority"--

Alan:  Did you know there was one? Did you know that every country has got one now?

   "A Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (an official authority) to Prof Gedis Grudzinskas, who believes the landmark ruling marks a shift away from granting licences only for life-threatening conditions. "We will increasingly see the use of embryo screening for severe cosmetic conditions," he said. He added that he would seek to screen for any genetic factor at all that would cause a family severe distress."

Alan:  Now that's wide open for legal interpretation.

   "When asked if he would screen embryos for factors like hair colour, he said: 'If there is a cosmetic aspect to an individual case I would assess it on its merits.' [Hair colour] can be a cause of bullying which can lead to suicide."

Alan:  Now can you see they can reinterpret anything immediately?  That's a lawyer obviously speaking as a PR spokesman for the clinic.

   "With the agreement of the HFEA, I would do it. If a parent suffered from asthma, and it was possible to detect the genetic factor for this, I would do it. 'It all depends on the family's distress,' he said."

Alan:  This is what we're looking at. They start off always with the intention for the public to go back to sleep and say we're going to help the sick, whether it's a brain chip for quadriplegic or whatever, they give you the poor soul that you can help. Someone in distress you see. We know that the big agenda is ultimately to create a whole new species almost of humans. “The great leap forward” as they couch it in their own phraseology. The great leap forward is to improve the types for more efficient work in this new efficient society that is to come out of this 100 years war we've all heard about and we're actually in.

One thing about psychopaths is that once you study them down through history, they're very predictable because they are creatures of instinct. They always end up doing the same things over and over. In fact, one of the traits of a psychopath is that they cannot learn by experience. They'll keep doing the same things over and over and generally the psychopaths build themselves up to a big club and eventually try and annihilate all the people who'd become terrified of them below, if there's too many of them; and the same thing is going on today. They want their beautiful utopia where they can be free of all worry of the public rising against them because the public are always being robbed blind. What is called government today is nothing more than a huge Mafioso.

Alan:  This has been on the go for 50 years, mainly through the science fiction writers who take their orders for their stories from The Futurist Society. That's the big one. That's the one that gives us predictive programming from Tavistock. They fund these guys to write them novels and make it sound very exciting.

Alex:  That's how it works. Then they get the awards. They get the publishing deals. That's actually come out in the news, again, guiding everything. Star Trek with the UN symbol. All of it, ladies and gentlemen, all mass programming, unbelievable. We are facing the greatest threat to humanity ever. We've got to pray that the spirit of the Lord be with us against this evil, because that's the only thing that can prevail.

Alex:  Folks, you're living in the middle of a nightmare science fiction movie for real. Believe me, I wish it wasn’t true. There's very few of us that actually have a great knowledge of what's going on; and I'll tell you I've learned more every month now than I knew in the previous year. Alan, how do we get out of this nightmare? How do we turn this thing around? How do we stand up and expose the trans-humanists and show people what this real agenda is?

Alan:  What they're going for really, as you probably know, they're going for the youngsters. They always bypass the older generation because they're always looking towards the future, and it's the youngsters who already are watching the cartoons with their heroes with brain chips and all this kind of thing with special powers. People have to start to communicate with the young.

Alex:   I agree. Very quickly, interface with the young.  How the schools have been turned into prisons. Thumb scanning to get lunches. Go ahead.

Alan:  They've got to start this, because if they don't it's game over. It's the up-and-coming young ones that are really targets for the biggest changes.

Alex:  Cameras are now in thousands of school bathrooms. I mean that's 1984. They're learning to go to the bathroom with a camera.

Alan:  They're training them for adulthood actually. They're training them for adulthood in a totally controlled society where everyone is watched 24 hours a day. That's why they start them off at school with this, to get them used to the idea, so they think there's nothing wrong with it when they grow up.

Alex:  We need to create a counter-youth, which is really done organically, but to consciously go in.  If you can explain to the youth—those who haven't been ruined by mercury and other toxins—how they're being manipulated, then they can see it; and can't the enemies propaganda then work against them?

Alan:  Oh absolutely. I mean that's the wondrous thing about what I'm doing here. I do get so much feedback from the young who stop beating their own heads against the walls, and blaming themselves for not making it in the system—the system that's drastically changing.

Alex:  That's the number one thing. Now we are on the same page. Folks, you don't have to make a bunch of money. You are adequate. You're not inadequate. Stop trying to be cool. All of that is scientifically crafted to destroy you. Go ahead, Alan.

Alan:  Once they start putting the pieces together, or at least you're helping them to do it, everything suddenly becomes clear. The younger they are, actually the faster they can grab ahold of all of this and understand it when it's presented to them in the right fashion and they become active. They become active and then they start telling their friends, and they've got more chance waking their friends up in the young generation than the older ones have, actually.


August 3, 2007 Alan Watt Blurb - "Psychopathic Psychopomps and Their Quest for Civilian Submission" - (mp3)

Individuality, as I said before, is a fairly recent phenomenon; and prior to the Industrial Age, it was a rare person who could break through into individual freedom of thought even. They had the limitation of knowledge. They had massive indoctrination of religion and that was all they knew. That's what became their reality for them. Very simplistic religions of do's and don'ts and obey government regardless of how bad government was. We are steamrolling into the next phase, the crucial phase of where, as I say, the velvet glove is off the fist of the Knight Commander and they plan to scare the wits out of everyone and have them submit as good trembling peasantry should when faced with their betters. Those who are superior by their own declarations and by their own proof of being successful, in the Darwinist socialist terms of acquiring vast amounts of wealth through cunning and skill and holding on to it through generations.  They have passed, as far as they are concerned, all the tests necessary by the laws of nature to dominate you and everyone and everything on the planet, right down to numbering and chipping everything as the old book says, the Revelations—the revealing of a plan, very, very old indeed.

The association of marketing strategies and linear thought is what brings you to the acceptance of technological advances, which become your masters, which you think are natural evolutions – from the computer to your little Blueberry to your cell phone to a brain chip. It must be inevitable, surely, and then what's wrong with that? It's to help the sick. That means we're all sick in their eyes and we shall all be cured of the sickness of the potential of being an individual with individual rights. That's what it's all about.

They've already trained children to accept this. They'll think it's quite natural, a natural evolution. The parents have been dumbed-down so much they can't tell them.  All mammals in nature look towards a parent to warn them of that which is dangerous. If the parent doesn't know, the child won't think twice about something that it's actually dangerous to them. They have separated the communication between the generations. They have separated the genders. They have them battling teach other. Now they have sub-groups of genders battling each other. Divide and conquer. Divide and conquer. Supply the leaders to every little group and sub-group and then bring them together in NGOs, which is a new form of democracy, the Soviet form. That's what the Soviet system meant: rule by councils – unelected councils but approved councils; and after all, if they want to save little marsupial in Australia or some little frog in the field, “they'll just have to take your land away,” so you can't interfere with that. It's for the “greater good,” don't you know? …

Now is the time to speak out. Now is the time reach out to those who are younger, because the buck has been passed by enough generations to the next generations to collect a debt; and you can't do that to anyone. The reason we're in the mess we're in is because previous generations were bribed by pensions and plastic cards to enjoy themselves so they keep their mouths shut and their heads down.  That's why we are now at this stage and we're in the mess we're in, and you can't pass that buck on to the next generation. They don’t have the skills, the knowledge, and they've had the hardest attack on them through Ritalin and inoculations to affect their brain. We have to do it for them. We must do it for them and ourselves, and that's what human spirit is all about.

For those who understand what I am talking about, I hope you will take the information which will be written up for transcripts and you can pass them out. In addition, I hope that people will send donations to keep me going and I'll try and expand what I do, because we can't pussyfoot around now at this critical time in history. The one thing I do say is this is an exciting time to live, because previous generations in the previous centuries could only speculate about this period that we're now in. We don't have to speculate. We see it around us. We're living it now. This is the pivotal point for the past, present and future.


Alan Watt on "Outside The Box" with Alex Ansary - August 4, 2007 - (mp3)

Alex:  Alan, let me ask you a question. Let me just ask it now instead of at the end of the program. Do you see a clear-cut solution to this? I'm familiar with how you feel about all this.  My feelings are pretty much the same.  People ask me all the time about solutions and I haven’t articulated ways in where people collectively are changing things. I see things getting worse. I think humanity is going to learn a big lesson through what's going to happen. I mean that's my personal philosophy. It may not be yours, but we have to learn a lesson about giving our power over to the elite and giving over our liberty for security. However, I'm wondering if it can even be stopped? That’s basically what I'm saying.

Alan:  It would be stopped if there was enough people with the will to do it.

Alex:  Is there enough people with the will to do it?

Alan:  I think it doesn't take a lot of people to say the right things at the right time in a certain way, which can penetrate through all the disinformation. It just takes a few to do it at the same time basically. When you tell a truth that cannot be denied – even a person who's been drugged, doped and inoculated, it’s going penetrate the recesses of their brain.  What you're fighting for here is the right of individualism and the ability to retain conscious sentient thought.  The elite are not kidding when they talk about brain chipping the whole population. That's to be their utopia when we cannot think for ourselves at all.  We've got to realize this war didn't start with World War I, II or III. This war has been going on for centuries and centuries, and they've been attacking every generation in every country with inoculations, attacking the brain to lower the IQ, to destroy that part of the brain that makes you an individual and gives you your higher critical survival and thinking purposes – your centers in the brain. They've been destroying it on purpose; and yes, people are getting sicker because they have cancer genes and so on injected into them at the age of two, under phony inoculations.  We've been under war – it's been on us our whole lives long, and our parents too. We're dealing with monsters at the top and we better start exposing them fast, and I mean stop pointing the fingers across the seas; because, believe you me, they're sitting right up there in the thrones in your own countries across the planet.

Alan:  Yes. Again, there's a lot of information published on these techniques by the Tavistock Institute, which started up in World War I really as a form of psychological warfare program using media and fictional dramas to see how it would affect the public. How they could indoctrinate the public through entertainment primarily. When you're being entertained, the sensor part of your brain is down; your shield is down. Your firewall is down; and so you don't really question information that's coming in you. You think it's just for pleasure, and that's when most of the indoctrination does come through. It's called predictive programming and it's a very fine art now. It's well understood. It works very well; and yes, in a psychopathic culture where you have psychopaths at the top, inbred psychopaths, families of them, dynasties of them, they also give you a psychopathic culture for the public to follow.  That's what we're seeing as a manifestation of their culture from the top down. This is not a grass roots culture we live in at all. It's all authorized from the top, including all the violence and as you say the torture, the inhumane treatment.  This all began a long time ago starting with the dehumanization of humankind through abortion. Once you've accepted abortion—which was the killing, really, of babies—then we'd already knocked one pillar down from that which held us up as sacred human beings. That's what was believed at one time that everybody technically was sacred, and that's why there were such stringent laws against killing people.

Once you start killing babies, you dehumanize yourself. Once you accept that, the next part was the abortion industry and the baby parts. Now you have the whole worldwide business in body parts, which is nothing but cannibalism. We are living through a horrible time right now, and people have been indoctrinated thinking it is all quite natural and we're evolving along some path towards something better.  However, if you look at it from a distance – stand back and look at it, we're going towards a horror show and we don't have that will left anymore to stand up for life itself; and that really is what the battle is all about. It's a standing up for life. Each and everybody's life across the planet and their right to have that individual mind that goes with it.

Alex:  Well thank you. We'll try to keep you updated on the microchips. Go ahead Alan.

Alan:  Now they're actually coming out now in the science magazines talking about the implantable brain microchip. It's already here. It's ready to go.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt on "National Intel Report" with John Stadtmiller - August 8, 2007 (Alan Stands in for John, 2 hours) - (mp3)

Recently, someone in Thailand sent me some of the teaching aids that they're getting over there now, and it's a cartoon figure of robots. Their teacher being the main robot and when the class starts it says “now we'll all become robots” and they talk in a robotic language using almost robotic terminology.  This is the sort of thing your children watch when you baby-sit them with the television. They're being programmed for a world of cyborgism: part human, part machine, a world where they will no longer truly be human. They call it trans-humanism, "the Great Leap Forward" is the term they couched it with as early as the 1700’s. Everyone else thought this is an evolution, some sort of spontaneous evolution; but no, they knew back in the 1700’s it would be done through scientific means and they'd create new types of humans to serve a world system better, more efficiently.

This individuality idea of growing up and using skills that you had or perfecting skills were just too untidy and unpredictable, and the boys at the top want a very predictable world. That's why they have to have all data on every single individual on the planet from birth to death. That's what all this is about today – all this terrorism nonsense, this reign of terror that's been put over the entire planet. A reign of terror well discussed. You should read the books about it from the French Revolution and you should read the books about the reign of terror from the communist point, because they always follow up a takeover and the creation of a huge change in society with a reign of terror over the people. That's what we're living through today, as they stir it up and train us all to passive and submissive subjects on the roads or going onto aircraft where they do body cavity searches. Nothing is more humiliating than that; and that's to train you that you are nothing at all and to accept it passively and be humiliated.

In some of the big cities they see all of this increased security. They see men with machine guns in London and black outfits and black uniforms. In some countries they already are asking for ID for your children. You must take it out with them all times, and this is becoming the normal. This is the stuff that Adolph Hitler wanted to bring in. This is the type of stuff the Stalin's had. You couldn't eventually move out of your own area for a visit to someone, even a relative, without permission eventually; and that will come here too. It's all part of the technique and strategy; and why change the formula when it worked so well in the past and will work again?

This is to train us all that we are nothing, basically, to psychologically defeat the people through acquiescence to superior forces, superior minds and the very powerful people above them. The military, police et cetera and all these various arms of government they have today. The arms of government that guys like Carl Jung said would bring a hell on earth; and that's what we're seeing coming into view. It's a hell on earth, and this hell will last if the big boys get their way and we accept it, until they bring in their utopia. A utopia where no one will be born unless they need you to be born to serve them. This has been written in their own books at the top.

The brain chip is well on its way. I've got the documentation from Loyola University. I had to search for it. I have the full, unabridged edition from 2001, and then next year and the next year's edition of the world's science meetings to do with this brain chip. The first one was headed off by Newt Gingrich of all people. These guys don't fade away, just carry on in the background. He opened up that meeting at Loyola University in Louisiana talking about who was funding this great meeting of scientists, and it happened to be the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The reason it's the Chamber of Commerce using your tax money is because you see you're all slaves, basically. You're owned. You are property and that's why you paid for this huge meeting.  At the meeting, they talked about this chip being ready to go, to be implanted in people. The regional computers they said were already set-up, super computers, big Cray machines and they could program millions of people in each region quite easily and quickly.

The only problem they had and have at the moment is getting the people gradually to accept the inevitability of it. They didn't think they'd have much trouble with the children, because they were going to pay producers, movie-writers, novel-writers and science-fiction-writers lots of money to put this in the books and movies to make it sound exciting to the youth, who really are becoming excited. They want to be part-cyborgs now. They've been brought up with it on their cartoons. They want to have super powers and super strength and nobody will bully them. What they're not being told though, is that once this chip is inserted and you all have it – yeah, you might have a few good times before they pull the actual switch, and when they pull that switch – you will no longer be you. You'll be whatever you're programmed to be. You could be a plumber one day and an electrician the next, if need be, and that's what’s called efficiency and utopia.

The people who realize this, of course, are the media themselves and those in the entertainment and the culture creation business, because when this happens (it's not too far off) they will no longer be needed, and they know as well. Or it didn't dawn on them that they'll also be chipped, because they will become "useless eaters" as Lord Bertrand coined the term.  This system that's coming in does not want useless eaters. They made that very, very plain. They've been going on about depopulating a good portion of the world for some time now in many of the books from the top, discussed at big universities, big ivy league universities and openly even by people like David Suzuki who does nature shows for the World Wildlife Fund, where Prince Phillip is the head.

What are we looking at here?

We're looking at a well-laid plan which spans a long period of time. That's why it works so well. Most of us, because we have a short life span and we rush through it, we're kept very busy rushing through it trying to survive. It's hard for us to imagine that people can actually plan three, four, five, six generations down the road and still pull it off.  That's exactly why it does work and always has worked in the past.


Alan Watt on "Revolution Radio" with Mike Swenson - August 9, 2007 - (mp3)

Mike:  Now, Alan, in my experience as a researcher, independent journalist and talk show host, I've heard people say “maybe a one world government, one religion, one bank et cetera would be a good thing.” What would you say to those who think that globalization, New World Order et cetera would be a good thing?

Alan:  People who want it probably will be happy when they don’t have to think at all, because this whole New World Order is to eventually contain everyone in the planet and make them unable to think for themselves as individuals. They'll take the pain away of being an individual, for those who find it very burdensome; and the brain chip has been discussed at world-class meetings of scientists, which the U.S. funded in fact, these global meetings at Loyola University to do with the chipping of the brains. They say it's all ready to go. All they have to do now is convince the public of the necessity to take it, and once that happens, there'll be no more you or me. We’ll just be us, a new us, US; and so, yes, for those who find the burden of thinking for themselves too much, they'll all be one in this wonderful robotic Borg type society.

Mike:  Exactly, and I've always answered that with – I guess it wouldn't be so bad if you weren't having a bunch of tyrants and just sociopaths trying to organize a one world religion, one world government, bank and all that stuff and globalization I guess you could characterize that as. The problem is we have evil sociopaths trying to put this thing together. That's the fear factor in all of this.

Alan:  It really is.  In this system if you notice the ones who get to the top really get there by any and all means possible, by clawing their way over other people to get up to the top; and that's called success in this system. It's purpose-made for the psychopath to get to the top, and that's why you've had thousands of years in a monied system of the same types getting up to the top and gaining power and having wars and slaughtering all over the place. It hasn't changed and it won't change until a different system comes in; and the only thing is we've never been given a chance to think about any other system that could possibly exist. The one we're born into we're trained to believe is the only one that is natural, simply because it does exist.  Lenin, who worked for the big bankers, who was trained by the bankers to set off the Hegelian Dialectic of capitalism versus communism, knowing all the time they'd eventually merge the two together.  Lenin himself said that the public must never realize there are many, many paths society could go down. They must be taught to believe the one they're in is the natural one and that happened.

Mike:  I hear this argument “I don't care if they tap me or chip me and I'm not doing anything wrong. Why should I care?”  That's just the first step of total domination of your entire life and your entire future for your kids and grand kids; and it's going to take a revolution, but more people have to care. More people have to turn off that damn TV. Turn off the ridiculous celebrity news and focus on what's really going on, because if we don't, they're going to pull the rug right from under us without us even seeing what's coming.

Alan:  Yes. That's what they hope to do and we've got to stand up against this fear – this fear mongering, this overreaction, this massive global overreaction. We never even had this in the Cold War remember. In fact it wasn't even as bad as this during World War II; and suddenly we all have to get ID cards with active chips in them, and every purchase we make is to be monitored, and so this is stuff that Nero would drool over. He could only imagine in his dreams the kind of stuff that's going on; and so it's really a battle for will, for individualism that's at stake here.  They've said at the top that their war is on the individual. They want to eradicate individuality on this planet, and only then, when everyone is perfectly predictable will they feel safe at the top.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt on "National Intel Report" with John Stadtmiller (Alan Stands in for 2 hours for John) - August 10, 2007 - (mp3)

I can remember when Nick Begich was on the Wendy Mesley show on television in Canada, and for some reason (I haven't asked him yet), he had all of these little handheld gizmos about the size of a television remote. He told Wendy to stand 20 feet away and then pointed at her head and he asked her what she heard. She heard music in the middle of her head. He said, "this equipment was used by the CIA in the 1950’s. It’s obsolete." Now what size do you think that equipment would be today?  You can bet your bottom dollar that was a solid-state circuitry – micro-circuitry, and this is before the public had even been given the transistor for the transistor radio. They were way ahead of what the public were told they are; and that's the same today. Whatever the science magazines tell you they're actually working on was done on a higher level a long time ago; and that's why it's called RE-SEARCH. The searching is done already. You have RE-SEARCH, and yet the controllers above the CIA have even higher weaponry because they wouldn't give it to their workers. They keep that for themselves, just in case.

We are living in a time when the old allegory of Eden is coming true, because Eden was really an allegory of a perfection of nature; and if nature wasn't good enough and you leave Eden, then there's only one direction out of it and that path leads to exactly where it must always lead; and that's where we are today. It must always lead to man trying to become God and man trying to conquer nature because it wasn’t good enough for him. That's even in the Masonic literature, that they're there to perfect all that which was left imperfect, not just the basic human being himself.

Therefore, you'll have an elite who will always use all of these secret sciences because knowledge is power, and if you want to maintain power, you never share all of it with the public.  The most powerful sciences you have you never share with the public. One day that will be used on the public to bring us to our knees or annihilation, one or the other. If we're brought to our knees, it will still be a form of annihilation.  The Borg of the Star Trek series that came out of NASA, by the way, because Gene Roddenberry was a member of NASA. He was told to write predictive programming around what their findings were at NASA; and so pretty well everything that is to come you saw in the Star Trek series. A predictable society where everyone, everyone is chipped. Chipped in the brain and controlled by central computers, just like the Borg because when they can predict what everyone is doing they will feel safe at the top.

Psychopaths, you understand, because of all their dirty deeds fear exposure. They're terrified of exposure. It's the one thing they fear the most and they fear the public. They become paranoid about the general public. They hate in fact the general public. They’ve always wanted to dominate them completely. In the past they've used religions and rewritten every holy book in every land to make the people obedient to the government of whatever type it was or is, but it's never enough. There's always that little possibility that someone will try to obey their god rather than the king and if that happens the king might be overthrown. They've work very, very hard to bring us to this new level where science will control all of us.

Now all they have to do – according to their own writings and what they've released from the World Science meetings – all they have to do now is convince us, the people, to accept it.   I've no doubt this will be marketed to us by the big spokespeople that people worship on stage, like Dr. Phil or Oprah or others in other countries, the same types. It will be promoted. It's a wonderful for finding your children, not getting lost or even making a cell-phone call from inside your own skull. Something that DARPA's already done, basically, according to their own literature. With a paraplegic, they tried a brain chip. He can now email people on a 70 percent success basis just by thinking about it. That's how they'll sell this whole idea.  The public have been conditioned step-by-step from television to the computer, to the little Blueberry handheld gizmo and the iPods, to the cell phone.  It's really a training exercise into getting you to accept the next logical step, which is a chip in your brain, which you'll be told will do all of the previous things; but, in fact, it will be there simply to control you completely.

At Loyola University they said that once everyone is chipped there'll be no society as we thought of it before. There'll be no ability to think as an individual person. He said think of it more like the hive (and this a professor from Japan). He says think of it more like the beehive. You'll hear the buzzing of thoughts coming from the central computers that are programming the people, and the programs coming back from the people to the computers. Everyone will share this buzzing sound in their head. That is their utopia that they're talking about; and to be honest, it's a bit of a nightmare. I don't think I should be too happy about the prospect of it. I don't think any of us should be too happy at the prospect of this and we better start speaking out now before they bring it out.

They’re already conditioning children on a massive, massive scale and they said they would to this at the Loyola University meeting at Louisiana in the first one about 2001.  I have them on my site under the archives. You should check into them and they said they'd promote this. This will be promoted they said through novels, through cartoons where the superheroes will have the chips and all these powers. It will be in movies et cetera.  These guys never once talked about politics. They knew better. They worked for the elite.


Alan Watt on "The Midnight Rider Radio" with Mike Chambers - August 13-14, 2007 - (mp3)

Mike:  But the fact that they say 80 percent of the people don't think for themselves, I think that that's probably fairly accurate.

Alan:  It is accurate but then again we look into the conditioning that we have, and this is a scientific process of conditioning that we've been in since the basically the beginning – especially the television era. Massive indoctrination even through cartoons when you realize that cartoons themselves are conditioning that child from an age of two years ago to experiences he will notice in the future and accept and adopt. It's called predictive programming, and then once you're into the school system it's further reinforced. Stalin said the same thing. He says the first people you must pay very well are the educators because they will condition the minds so that the public will perceive the way that we want them to perceive, and that's very true. It's a scientific process.

Mike:  It's working well. I mean the dumbing down of the children here in the United States just from generation to generation is incredible. I can go to a kid, if you find one standing outside, you could ask them for directions and they can't tell you where things are around them in their own neighborhood. I mean it's literally amazing.

Alan:  They have no interest of it. That's the other part. They have no interest in their surroundings or people, but you put them in front of a computer and they act swiftly and precisely. It's quite interesting to see that they're already being programmed towards the next step and we know what the next step is because they've published what the next step is, and that's interfacing with computers.

Mike:  Right. My wife and I took our kids out of town over the weekend and we spent three days in a little one-bedroom cabin, kind of stuck out in the woods. We weren't very far from civilization but there was no television other than a VCR with a few movies, but mostly movies they're not interested in, and there was no x-box, no video games, no internet and the kids were literally going stir crazy for at least two days. On the third day they discovered outside, that it's not all that hard to create your own adventure and your own fun, and last night we left this morning came back. By the time we called them in last night at 10 o'clock they were out traipsing around in the dark with a $2 flashlight having a ball and it was just them discovering that hey I can do this. I can have fun doing this.

Alan:  Yes. They can start to use their imagination rather than have it all laid on for them. That's just it. You see everything today is laid on for you. You come home from work even as an adult. You turn on that television tube and you zonk out and you're programmed. You don't participate in anything. In fact, people don't even talk to each other very much any more in the same families. However, children have to use their imagination because that's how they work out not just problems in life but that's how they work out who they are individually and they gain confidence by doing so and exploring.

Mike:  Oh most certainly. You had mentioned that you had gotten into the adult reference library as a child. By the time I was seven or eight, I was going through encyclopedias like you couldn't believe. I mean I was just hungry for any type of knowledge I could find, but today to try and get one to buy a book – you know to read a book or anything – I mean I went out and bought my son, who's 11, a number of classics, Tom Sawyer, Robinson Crusoe, things like that, thinking they would just really trip his trigger. He had no interest in them. They weren't on a video.

Alan:  What's happened, too, you see they've done tests on all of this stuff, but the cartoons, if you watch the cartoon, there's no still in that cartoon still scene for more than two and a half to three seconds and this is intentional. It's to decrease the attention span. If you look away, the child will miss part of what happens next. You have to be so attentive to make them – it puts them in a hypnotic state because of the fast action, fast movements, but when they grow up their mind is still going at that speed and they cannot sit still for a minute and actually read something and think and this is the side effect of being brought up with television.

Mike:  Right and I know for me, Alan, that the effect of having a book in my hand I retain the information better with a book in my hand than I do actually physically going through information on a computer. If I've got the book in my hand I'm going to retain it much better than having it on a screen for some reason.

Alan:  Most people have said the same thing. It's because of the flicker rate which you don't consciously see but subconsciously you do, and so you’re in a semi-hypnotic state. They're not retaining. It's not going deep.

Mike:  Well that makes total sense, so I'm hypnotized most the time throughout the day.

Alan:  Most of us are, yes.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt on "Truth Hertz Radio" with Charles Giuliani (Alan Stands in for 2 hours for Charles) - August 16, 2007 - (mp3)

We are programmed from birth to view the world in a certain way. We're programmed to believe that every single thing that just happens to just spontaneously come out in our lifetime is just part of a quirk, an evolutionary process.  You go from the transistor to the solid state circuitry to nanotechnology as a natural progression, never dreaming you had all of that a long, long time ago when they were still giving you tubes in old fashioned radio sets. High sciences are kept from the public, and the trick is to condition you to believe that yes, you are part of the great experiment. You're living through it and you're living through sudden discoveries and all these sudden discoveries just happen to go linear wise to an end, which is to you being brain chipped down the road. Not only brain chipped, but actually wanting to be so, because, after all, the responsibility of having all these cards to carry around with you and all these things to remember and having bills come in is just too much of a nuisance. You don't have enough time to play.

Once it's all done automatically for you, when you can call someone for a little while (and it will be for just a little while) by thinking about them by cell phone in your head, then how convenient that will be. We will sell our souls for convenience willingly, at least most will, and the next step will be the brain chip. It will seem so logical to them they will go for it.

Now I'm not imagining this. I'm not drawing rabbits out of a hat here. I'm talking about published information from top sources. It's all over the place. It's in magazines. It's in different well-known talk shows on TV and so on and the science shows. That's the agenda. They were using prisoners in Sweden back in the '70’s and interfacing them (these are “voluntary” prisoners, of course) interfacing them with computers. This is old stuff. Children are being exposed to cartoons and have been for years now, which make them want to be like their superheroes. Super powers and have chips in their heads so they can communicate with each other through will.  If that were a real world you see we're looking at – if it's a real world that truly was just, then it wouldn't seem so bad being coupled with these sciences used for our own benefits. However, you see it's never been a world where we exist for our own benefit. It's been a world run by a dominant minority as far back and even before the days of Plato, who wrote about it in his time. They called them "The Guardians."  Today, they're called the "dominant minority."

They plan to get us to want all these things, but what they're not telling you is once everyone's got the chip, then the real purpose kicks in and you become the Borg. The Borg from the Star Trek series. The gene of the Red Berry. You know Gene Roddenberry was a member of NASA. He was a member of the Futurist Society. All sci-fi writers (the big ones) are promoted to be stars, are given stories or at least basic lines to write stories around.  It's called predictive programming and the trick is to make it very exciting and make the children or the young people want what is ever in the story; and therefore, when it happens to come along in your lifetime, the actual events happen and the real things come along in science, you think it's a natural progression. This was written about 100 years ago by various members of the Tavistock Institute how to put into a person's mind the wanting, the desirability of things to come – things that were already planned to come. It's the ability to change perceptions without using critical thinking in the process, because critical thinking is drummed out of us at school. That's part of what schooling is all about. They don't want reasoning because if you sit back and reason too much you'll see through the whole scam and you'll see how we're trained step by step like laboratory rats to this final destination they have all planned for us.

The utopia for the elite is to be a planned society, a society where no one will be born unless they can serve the world system and if there's a place for them to serve in. They want it based on economics and efficiency – no useless eaters, no unfit. If you want to know where the whole eugenics program comes from, go back again into the nobilities especially of the Middle Ages in Europe where they talked openly about their good breeding versus the bad.

I'm going through just some of the hard facts we have to face if we're going to break free of all the illusions and come out of the matrix, because unless we do it's game over. People live in Orwellian double-think today more so than ever before. They hear the bad news, they see the symptoms in the newspapers and through the media they hear them and yet look outside and the sun is maybe still shining, therefore they can't comprehend, they're in a click mode stuck between two opposing ideas and then they live in hope too. Hope that just something will make all the bad parts in life, all the really nasty things happen after they’re dead and then they won't have to put up with it. That's for the next generation’s problem to cope with and that's what’s happened down through the last 150 years or so. Every generation has seen this coming on and gradually passes it on to the next generation. “It's your baby, tough luck. I'm retiring or dying. I'll be gone but you'll take the brunt of it.”  You can't pass this buck any further because this is the last sentient generation who can do anything about it.

The chipping program is going along fast. The ID chip that's in your ID card that's to be issued is an active chip that will follow you. You will be followed wherever you go by the same technology that follows cell phones all through cities and in the country and so on; and that itself is obsolete because it's just training you to the next step, which is the brain chip itself. It's a step-by-step simple animal training program that they’ve used in laboratories over and over for hundreds of years, same techniques. Once you accept one thing it's easy to accept the next step, very easy especially when it's promoted from the top and from the top television shows and so on and the famous people on stage.

This is coming down the pike. As I say, once it really has taken off, then the real function one day will kick in, because it's been discussed at world science meetings held in the U.S and in other countries.  However, in the U.S., if you look into at Loyola University you'll find three meetings I think have been held there so far on brain chipping and the necessity to do so. The fact that it's all ready to go and the speeches given about how it would be promoted to the public, mainly through fiction, cartoons and novels and they make it very exciting and how regional computers are already setup to handle billions of people. What they mean by that is to program millions and billions of people into doing new tasks. You could do a new task everyday simply by your programming. That's already to go. We're living in what you thought was science fiction. It’s all here. Just slightly hidden from you and we're dealing again with people who worked for hundreds and hundreds of years intergenerationally, a hard concept for the average individual to understand.

Most men have very short term planning in their lives. Women are better for long term planning but men want something done quickly and fast so they can sit back and appreciate it and built it. It's hard for us to realize that people can plan for generations in the future, yet going back into the old secret societies that pre-existed the Rosicrucian's, you'll see even in the stonemasons it would take five, six or seven generations of stonemasons to complete a cathedral. Most people wouldn't want to work at something which they wouldn't see completed in their lifetime, but that was tradition back then. However, it also meant that there were generations of superior and architects and priests and bishops and archbishops all in charge of these projects, never stopping the same project.

You'd think in times of famine and war they would divert money elsewhere but they didn't. They made sure those projects went on unabated through all types of crisis, and that's still going on today, same thing. It's amazing where they have so little money for the public to use on social programs, but when a war comes up, my goodness there's uncountless billions of dollars just appear and are thrown all over the place to all their friends at the top. The biggest business today is this Homeland Security business with high tech equipment and think tanks; and anyone can start up a little think tank and claim money for it and they'll give you grants for it, if you're connected that is to the right people.

We're dealing with the true eugenicists at the top, the real Natzis behind the Natzis – and there were real Natzis behind them, because the old secret society that ran England was still running the other side of Germany. You'll find the big names of the Rockefellers, the Baxter Laboratories that gave you good inoculations, and all the big GM and Ford and big foundations all funded a new company, an umbrella company, a shell company called I.G. Farben and brought Hitler and his war machine into being. This all came up at the Nuremberg trials when the I.G. Farben group based in New York sent hundreds of lawyers over there to make sure and payoff all the lawyers who were doing the inquiries into not asking about I.G. Farben. It's all published. Look at the book called "The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben" and it's the biggest names, the biggest international corporations that still run your lives today. The same corporations that are now in complete cahoots with each other to bring about this universal ID card and brain chipping; and they're completely interconnected with the CIA, MI6, Mossad and so on, because you see the top branches of those organizations were integrated during World War II. They're not separate at all. Therefore, it’s not just the British bunch. It's not just the CIA bunch. It's not just the bunch in Israel. You see they're all in it together as good crooks should be. That's how the mafia always operated, after they fight each other they have a big meeting and then they divide up different parts of the territory, and then they have a form of peace between them. It's much easier that way. It's better profits and that is the global system we live in today.

[T]he fashions that you go through, the fads that you go through, even the major television series that fascinate you are all put out there to program you to leave you really with no thoughts of your own.  If you were your own navigator, you wouldn't be watching the television at all. You'd be thinking for yourself and analyzing everything for yourself. However, why bother when it's so easy to sit back and let the professionals do it all for you. Download it right into your brain for you.  If the governments mandated back in the 1950’s that everyone had to have a free television, you'd be very suspicious. It was much easier to make us want a television set. That way we had no suspicions at all.  It’s the same with the computer, because really they should have given us all this for free – free televisions, free computers, because they're all there to indoctrinate us and pass our time, to steer our thinking, to guide our thinking into particular avenues of thought. All that becomes perception and your perception becomes your reality, so much so that you'll probably fight people to keep it, thinking it's your perceptions. It's your reality.

It's even worse now that they have women in the military, because at least at one time women sort of balanced out men or the aggression within men. You needed the other counterpart, the balance to bring you down to earth at times and show you other things in the world apart from domination and dominating or killing or stealing or plundering. You need the other balance to bring you down. However, when the women become like the men we're really in trouble. Really in trouble because all compassion goes out the window. That's where we are today. We’re in a world that's becoming more like robots and will become more like robots as they give us android parts and interfaces into the new system – a hellish world.

I often wonder when I look at insects and ants and the scurrying insects around outside, why is it that man who has the ability to think beyond all of these things. We're not just creatures of instinct. We have the ability to decide on things. Something that other creatures don't have and yet we seem to be trying to emulate the ants and the insects. We want to be born without the ability to think, be programmed for our tasks from birth, so we've come all this way to emulate an insect and the public think it's going to be a great thing. There's a really good magic act by the Wizard of Oz.

The burden of individuality, it is true, is too much for a lot of people, not all, but a lot of people. They can't handle the responsibility of decision making for themselves. They don't want to.  That's why Bill Cooper talked about this years ago when he had his program on the radio, when he said that many people will love socialism; and he was referring to this new scientific socialism where the experts will guide your whole life for you. That is true. A lot of people will love socialism. They're already quite content not knowing of all those agencies above them. They know they're there but they don't know what they're really for. They want to believe it's to help them if they ever need help, because this way they have more time to play undisturbed and to devour their downloading from television and games and so on.

The problem really in this world for the sentient thinkers, there's too few of them really. They're shunned by society. They have a hard time communicating to those that just want to play and buy and consume, even though the end is coming near of all this buying and consuming – the elite have told us this. They've planned it that way. I tell people like that to try and find others of the same ilk, because these are the times when you need companionship to bolster yourself through the times ahead. We are going to go through incredible times. We can see the preparations being made for them and they have been made for them for quite a few years. They know there's bad times ahead at the top, as they try and hold on to this and try us like animals, but more harshly than before. They know there's going to be sporadic outbreaks. They know there's going to be backlashes, generally uncoordinated and sporadic, but they've been prepared for them for some time to come.

Where do we want to go? Do we exist simply as economic organisms serving a greater whole or a greater elite?  Should we individuals here find our purpose for ourselves?  If we did, would others leave you alone?  Because the problem in humanity at all strata is that groups tend to want everyone else to be the same. Everyone wants to be “one.” The New Agers want to be “one.” They'll get their wish when they get the brain chip, because they'll all be hooked into the same central computer.

However, even outside of the chip, most people want everyone to look and be and dress and behave the same way and say all the same things. It's a battle of the collective against the individual in the final analysis, something that isn't really discussed much on any shows that I've heard. Can people tolerate differences? Can people tolerate the individual? Is there even a little there amongst 20 percent of them to be individuals?  Time will tell. I think, if we're lucky, there are a few individuals coming forward today and popping their heads up above the trenches, who've enough care about human kind and the past and all those who've gone before and all those who are still to come; and they're risking it all. Perhaps it's time you're involved yourself and find at least one or two other people you can discuss things with. That's all you have to do is discuss things with and reason out the meanings yourselves of the purpose of this life we're living; and remember, everything you take as real and normal is simply because you're born into it and they all exist as such. It doesn't mean it's normal. It's what you're used to.

We must find a new way, very quickly, but we also must point the fingers at these psychopaths at the top, and all their lackeys, that are so cocksure of pulling the greatest coup off on the planet's history and having their own way. We have to stand up now and be counted and lose the fear for all those to come, their generations to come. We must do it now.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt on "Truth Hertz Radio" with Charles Giuliani (Alan Stands in for 2 hours for Charles) - August 17, 2007 - (mp3)

H.G. Wells … was a propagandist for the British elite. H.G. Wells was always given little realities to write stories around to get the public excited to go along with certain course, in fact, and to get them used to certain ideas. It’s very important to give even animals familiarity of an object or a person before you approach them. The longer you do it, the easier it is to eventually approach them. They accept you as being part of the environment. It's called "predictive programming."

Hi folks. Alan Watt filling in for Charles Giuliani, going through some of the low level matrix for those who are just waking up and becoming terrified, just like coming out of a dream into a nightmare. That's how I refer to it when you realize the real world that you're living in suddenly becomes very unfamiliar to you, with all its customs, its trends and even the conversations of those around you, you realize they're talking robots just parroting what they've heard on the news. This is exactly what Zbigniew Brzezinski talked about in his book "Between Two Ages".  He said, "Shortly, the public will be unable to reason or think for themselves. They'll only be able to parrot the information they've been given on the previous night's news" and that's where we are with most people.
Therefore, when you wake up you do realize that see the aliens are here. You're one of them. You become an alien within your land. You become alienated to those around you, who probably think you've gone sick or crazy when you start babbling on about a New World Order, when how could it possibly be something like that? The media would have told us all, wouldn't they? That's how they reason. They have no reason at all, even when their own world is changing and they're all getting ready for ID cards and they're getting stopped in their vehicles and searched and all the rest of it, they take this progression as somehow being normal, simply because everyone else accepts it.

[T]hat was the first great predicting programming method, Revelations. The revealing is not a prophecy. It's a revealing and it wasn't written by the apostles. It was written by the mystery religion itself. That's why Christians are fighting each other over it today over the meanings. They don't really understand the esoteric at all. It's a business plan, a long-range business plan which they knew they could pull off. They put into it all the traditional methods of plague, famine, warfare et cetera that they'd used all down through the thousands of years prior to them being alive; and the mark of the beast is nothing new, because in ancient times they tried to give everyone an ID plate at one time. Even the slaves had it. You'd have half a plate. It was broken. It was pottery with an insignia, a mark on it and you couldn't leave the boundaries of that city without that half mark, and everybody was matched with your masters. The other half it made a perfect fit and they knew who you were.  The mark is very, very old, you see.

In the Kabbalah, of course, www is one of the meanings of 666 or the mark, so is holy, holy, holy if you want to know the name of the particular beast they're talking about.

You should start celebrating the fact that you're different, because not too many people really can wakeup and not too many people can break through the different levels into a higher understanding. They can't break past the initial panic of the sky is falling everyday. You have to get through that and start to firm yourself up in order to become functional and active, and able as a microcosm to change the macrocosm around you, and it can be done. Try not to get lost, as I say, in all the compartments – all the other programs made for you to fall into. Some of them are very exciting. They'll keep you running around the universe for years and they're pretty heavy on your wallet as well, but they won't give you any answers, except going back to the old standard one of just take psychedelic drugs and get alternate realities and follow some guru. That won't get you anywhere except a bit frazzled in the old cerebrum, which is your brain box.

There's lots of professional authors put out to trap you into these side issues, which become harmless, that makes you harmless in fact to the actual system and to the agenda. As I say, the thing is you can't understand initially how this could have happened without your knowledge. It's very simple you see. No one told you. Your parents didn't tell you. Your teachers never told you because they didn't know, either. They were just as conditioned as the ones before them; therefore, it didn't dawn on you that everything that as happening was planned that way and debated in very high think tanks and meetings before you were even born. That's why you look for the supernatural influence in all of this. That's why you look for aliens to have caused it all.  It's so strange that either in religion, which brings you around to the fact there's nothing you can do about it because God's planned it, or the predictive programming of “the aliens made you as an inferior species. Nothing you can do about it.”

It's amazing how they all end up at the same point. There's nothing you can do about it. Is that by coincidence I wonder? The fact is you have a mind of your own. You have the ability to go beyond the normal human, if you so desire, but it does take the losing of the initial fear. It does take the breaking down the barriers, and you do it by looking at yourself first of all, before you start looking at other people in order to get compassion for other people. Some people have been in this battle a long time and become disgusted with the general public who simply don't want to listen; and I say it's not that they don't want to listen. The fact is most of them have been so indoctrinated and so damaged they're unable to understand you. They're completely unable. Therefore, you must use your time sparingly and go after those who are asking the questions.

This is the meaning that's been used for thousands of years – thousands and thousands of years behind the dead and raising the dead. The dead must try to walk themselves. It's only then you can help them. The ones who remain dead have to bury the dead. That's what that meant, long before Christianity picked it up. It's the same in all ages and just as true today. The amount of energy you will expel on one person can be tremendous when you're trying to bring them up to speed, and you can’t allow yourself to be completely drained by them. Neither can you allow yourself to be sidetracked into their particular theme or hobby of is it the UFOs? Is it the aliens? Is it the walking reptiles? Did the Queen Mother really eat someone a ceremony and drink the blood and all that kind of stuff, you see? You can't allow yourself to be drained by it because we're trying not to take on this New World Order crew head-on, because you don't resist evil. You use it like Judo. You use their impetus to throw them off course. They expect you to hit them head on with equal force. That's why they're all prepared for it. That's why they've been building up armies of internal multi-jurisdictional taskforces or police for years in preparation for all of this.

The ancients used to say that all you had to do was train one generation into a new belief system and that will become their reality, because the parents then of the next generation would teach the next generation that it was always normal. It doesn't matter how bizarre it happened to be. Nothing has changed in that direction, except the standardization of world education has become much easier; and, of course, with that one-eyed monster of the television set in your house blinking away all day, it's much easier to give you propaganda directly into your home especially when it's done through fiction. It's far more effective. It doesn’t dawn on us we're being programmed.

However, that's what it's all about, predictive programming getting you used to ideas. It's called “possibility thinking” so that you will experience them come to life in reality and think it must be a natural progression, never dawning that no, that was the point in the first place to get you to accept by gradual indoctrination. If you had all the facts on anything, you might freak out in fact. That's why you're not really given any facts. You're kept like children. Actually, we're kept like mushrooms. We're fed a lot of feces and kept in the dark. That's how simple it is. Be careful, as I say, when you're waking up, not to go on the wild goose chase into all the other predictive programming methods out there. As I say, “God's in control and God's planned it and how can you fight God?” In fact, if you fight anything you're fighting God. There's a double-think for you. You're neutralized before you begin in a   la-la-land of click, click mode like a robot, or you're looking for some fortune teller to tell you your future as long, as you are safe and are going to be okay and you'll breathe a sigh of relief. That's what you're looking for; and even if you pay a fortune to do so, you'll still never really be sure, so you go to the next guru to the next guru and spend your life chasing gurus; and that's how people generally react. They want security because they have been brought up in a form of socialism. Socialism is perpetual childhood.

We have to find each other, those who have woken up, and start being active within our own personal spheres and realizing that no one is powerless in this struggle; and that might mean becoming alienated from your own family and your friends and even your husband or your wife. That's the risk you take. However, if you go into seeking the truth, be prepared for profound changes within your life, because once you open Pandora's Box you can't close it again. Once you've seen what comes out of Pandora's Box you can't forget it. It's imprinted in your mind forever. … I'm not here to paint a pretty picture or to tell you that you're going to save that which is familiar to you, not in the least, because that which is familiar to you, as I keep telling you, was given to you. Every generation is given their own reality according to how it serves the system, and they often fight and die for it, never realizing that it was never their's to begin with. Whatever you fight for, you must go within yourself to decide first what's important to you, and what's real to you, and what would benefit others in the long run. This is a long-term battle we want to get over and done with. That's our nature. You've got to realize it's been going on for thousands of years and you've got to start slowly. However, once a snowball is gathering speed it becomes rather gigantic as it's rolling down the hill, and that will happen eventually. We have to keep plodding on through all the plethora out there of disinformation and impending gloom and doom to reach the other side, which hopefully will be much brighter than this one.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN: "Sentience in the Balance - Treasure or Trash? - Your Choice." - August 20, 2007 - (mp3)

Before the break, I was talking about the genetic research and why it was a must-be for those at the top, because they know that it's hard to keep control of a world population if you don't have complete information on every individual. Every individual must be completely predictable for total control. The ID cards that have been dished out worldwide, the active ID cards will become your credit cards too, your bank cards. Eventually, it will be your sole bank card. That's been admitted to in England and it's the same card worldwide that’s being used.

However, that's only a stepping-stone towards ultimately altering the people themselves – enhancing them. They use these lovely terms like "enhancing" people by removing defective genes and putting in superior one. Purpose-made people as Plato talked about 2,300 years ago. It's coming to pass. That's the next step and we are in the balance. The world is in the balance. Everyone on the planet is in the balance to hang on either to humanity as it's been or to go along with it.  Judging from what we see around us and society, over 90 percent of the public will go along with whatever they're guided to go along to by the elite. … We live in a fairly tale world in a sense. We're taught to be perpetual children and not to think for ourselves. Most don't. That's the sad truth. They only think about information that's downloaded into them through education and through television, magazines, science shows and all the rest of it, even though the science shows are meant to keep you in the past, because everything we're given at this level is actually obsolete and was a long time ago.

The computer itself was only given to the public as a training mechanism to train the public into smaller and smaller computers, and the cell phone combined, ultimately, and the next step is the brain chip. That's how you lead a horse to water, you see, only this time they'll allow you to drink for yourself. They won't make you drink.

Talking about some of the things that have lead up to where we are today and where we're going. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where we're going because they're telling us where we're going. You see it in magazines now to do with the genetic engineering of the ideal person. Ideal Design is another meaning of ID. We're just too inefficient the way we are today, especially when there's a possibility, slim though it may be that we might wake up individually and do something about it. That's why the rush is on to terrify everyone into more submission and allow themselves to take a chip down the road.

These chips, by the way, are ready and at Loyola University in Louisiana they did have World Science meetings there. One of the first ones was started off by Newt Gingrich who gave the opening speech, and it was paid for by the American Department of Commerce. The reason it was paid for by the U.S. Department of Commerce is because you’re all owned, you see. That's why they sponsored the world event. The top scientists in the bioengineering were all there and technology and they said they have it ready to go. All we have to do is to convince the public to take it.

Now how do you convince the public to take it?

You go mainly for the young. The young have nothing to compare any past with, therefore, you make it sound exciting like the superheroes in the cartoons and that's why they're in the cartoons. The children want those particular powers; and like every other thing that's gone before them, it's always a big lie. There's an ulterior reason for it, because once you take this particular chip and everyone has it, on goes the main switch and you will no longer be you.

If you terrify the public enough, in any society for any length of time, you can make them take anything for relief. During the '50’s, '60’s, '70’s, '80’s and into the '90’s it's tranquilizers they dished out by the bucket full, by the tons actually. In 1970’s, they found that Valium and related drugs were being taken by over 60 to 70 percent of the female population of Britain because the tides were changing so drastically and the stress was becoming so high. They offered all this stuff to keep them nice and happy.

The new method will be more efficient since everyone will have their own little program running, but it won't be your program. It's designed for you by others. A state of oblivion and it's hard to believe, for me, people would rather take that to escape the terror of conscious thought as they see it, rather than face things as they really are. However, you know many, many people will succumb and take anything that's offered that promises them relief, because, to them, being an individual is too heavy a burden.


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN: "Puppet Masters and the Race Blame Game" - August 24, 2007 - (mp3)

Most people when they wake up panic and they're looking for some sort of safety really. They're panicking when everything they thought was normal is really not normal at all, including who they previously were before they wake up. They were going through the emotions of being human in a conditioned response form the way we've all been trained – trained by the system from birth. A training which was discussed back in the 1920’s at huge think tanks sponsored by the U.S. and England under the guidance of The Royal Institute for International Affairs on the coming future society and how it should be formed and shaped.

This same institute in the 1960’s formed another committee to do with culture creation, and MI6 and the CIA ran what you think of as your culture. The music industry, the art industry, drama, fashion et cetera and guided us to where we are today, coupled with science and technology, which was to make us think it was a natural development towards a specific ending, a road that was on its own. There could be no other road you could go down. It was a natural evolution. That's why they gave us the computer and then of course the handheld gizmo coupled with the cell phone, which leads us to the next step – the brain chip, which was the purpose and the end of the road that they planned in the first place. That's how they get to their particular endings. They give us a beginning and let us follow along thinking it's all for our entertainment and fun, until people now can hardly write on a letter. They can't even imagine that people only 40 years ago and less, 30 years ago or 20 in stores did their inventory with pencil and paper and wrote out receipts and so on. It's unthinkable. They think the world would collapse tomorrow if the computers went down; and that's of course the big lie.

Our reality is fabricated and it's marketed to us from a thousand sources. A thousand sources really all come back to the same capstone, because they are prime marketing companies and think tanks which decide what all the other ones will market right into your head.  It’s old stuff.

Jacques Ellul, excellent philosopher and sociologist, describes this in his various works that all fiction as marketed is actually in reality propaganda. We have been studied like rats in a laboratory for thousands of years. How do you get the public to stare at a stage for a few hours? You give them very beautiful people. You give them idealistically visible people with perfect features that people would all like to be or that partners would love to have. You write in a story of romance, love, deception, death, murder, all these things and then you wrap it around the real story, which is to elevate particular professions above you which you then obey. Simple as that. Go into the video stores, look at all the drama sections and look at the guys on the front of the covers with the big gun and the blonde hair hanging over his shoulder. That's all you really need to know. Same stuff, they never change it when it works. It's a good formula.

We find the same in all other types of fictional work, but science fiction is the best predictive programming because the World Futurist Society brings in the big authors that you know are the ones who are coming up and to be made famous.  They tell them to write a story around this topic or that topic to make the idea familiar with you, then they bring it into reality and you think it's natural.


Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN: "Royalty, Life-Rafts, Religions and Repertoires versus Another, Better Way" - August 27, 2007 - (mp3)

Alan Watt back with Cutting Through the Matrix, just describing how we are altered by alternations within our environment. I used to wonder when I was small why there were so many branches of psychology so heavily financed. Why governments and big institutions would be financing them because the whole purpose of government is to maintain power over people. That's when the light goes on. You realize that's the very purpose of it. They have to understand how we all tick and one of the main areas of alteration of large groups of people is to introduce things into their environment like the television. The television stops society acting the way it had before when people talked and conversed and went for walks and met their neighbors and chatted more about what concerned them.

It literally silenced the family and then indoctrinated them too. That was the purpose of giving us a television. I would never been given out there if it wasn't for that purpose. If it was a free agent to begin with and people put on whatever programming they wanted to, we would have gone off in different directions and maybe they'd have lost control. Therefore, they made sure we had the particular type of indoctrination programming. That's why they call it programs, from television such as detective shows and law and enforcement and lawyers and hospitals. All the main agencies which eventually were decided to take over the parts of your life under authorities – these health authorities, these law authorities and enforcement agencies. That was all propaganda because all fiction is actually propaganda.

Alan:  It's going to crash down regardless. See that's what I'm trying to tell people. Here's the thing. All the old paradigms are gone. We have repertories. This is what they call it in behaviorism in psychology. We have repertories of behavior in our minds and in our memory banks, and when an environment changes and the system changes, we automatically go through these repertories for something in the past that fitted and we grab it hoping that's going to save us and this time we don't have one. That's just it; and because the public have been kept in the dark about what's really happening in such an incredibly immense fashion – this generation has been totally kept in the dark as the big movements around them were happening. The real purpose of integration and not just integration, that's not the end of it. You can't bury your head in the sand and say I don't want to hear this. If you don't want to hear it, switch on something that's familiar that gives you comfort, and that's what most of them do, but for those who can come through this and who will come through this, they will have to face it squarely and understand what's coming down the pike and start to make ripples around them in their own environment. This is already happening with a lot of the teachings I've given out. There are people meeting all over this world discussing these topics for the first time openly and actually asking questions for the first time. Rather than have someone in a fancy frock giving them the answers according to a book, they're actually asking questions for themselves and discussing it, and that's how you start movements off that alter the course of the world, because we can't keep this system as it is. It's not ours anyway. We're helpless in it. If one man gets up at the head of the Federal Reserve and tells you your dollar is worth diddly-squat one day, which can happen, how much power or how much does your holy book save you there? It won't save you.

Mike:  That will probably happen kind of quite soon in fact.

Alan:  Yes. What we must do is not react the way that they expect us all to react, because people are going to be faced with two choices. That's to do exactly as they're told as they're herded along into the big cities where they're run by authorities from birth to death, or to start turning around and doing something they haven’t tried for thousands of years – and that's helping each other.

Mike:  I guess – I mean could it all sort of be boiled down to the pure form of Christianity, you know when you say to help each other?

Alan:  Do you realize how scared people are today?

Mike:  Without the religious aspect?

Alan:  Yes. I mean there's no choice here. We literally have no choice because the big boys have planned what they say is the future and they have all the techniques ready to make it happen. If the public can't turn around and help each other right off the bat when this all comes down, then they will do as they're told like robots. They will go off into the camps as they're told. They will be separated from their own children. That's already been discussed if you look at some of the high priority papers that have been published, and so we're looking at an absolute hell which is part of the next millennium for the global control, and we have the choice of going along with them where we have supposedly safety or security but no freedom.

Mike:  If you had to make a guess is it more likely to be a gradual process or will it be sort of a catalyst in the near future that really pushes things?

Alan:  The catalyst is already here now. This stuff is being discussed and it really is taking off fast and that's all it has to do. It's not a matter of me saying what must happen. I leave that to other people. However, I can always point the way.

Mike:  I mean there's talk of possibly like another 9/11 type event in the near future.

Alan:  I have no doubt they'll bring something on.

Mike:  In the near future?

Alan:  Yes. Probably that or I imagine it's more like to be plagues because they've discussed this. They've conditioned us through television it's going to happen and it will be the ideal way to corral people into the new habitat areas or the overcrowded cities. … People who are terrified of their own lives, once you understand what's really happening and look at it, as I say, squarely in the face, your terror gradually subsides. We're all going to die one day, hopefully not all at the same time. However, the way it's been in the past, they have one here and there down through the years. That's the natural way. When you get over your fear of death – an immediate death, which is what the elite are always pushing, immediate annihilation, you start to reason for yourself and start thinking things through, because it's your quality of life and how far you can go with life that matters ultimately. Living life in fear and panic is not living at all. That's not living at all. That's the walking dead and that's what this abusive system has given us. It's a system based on abuse. We’re kept on edge from birth right through schooling, right through the competitive market of employment and what they call success or failure, or marriages and all the other stuff that falls apart because all the old institution has been under attack by those who ruled it and gave it to us in the first place. They're bringing down the old structure as they build the new. They will not allow both to co-exist together; and people have to, as I say, stop looking in their repertories for what worked before.

Those things which worked before only worked in their own sphere in their own time. Each age has a new paradigm and you have to adapt to a new one. You've got to find it first and make it work and this time it has to be from yourselves and not from those that you bow down to. You've got to stop bowing down to these creeps at the top. It's about time, isn't it? It's time we got up off our knees and stopped admiring these people that strut around arrogantly and pretend to know a lot more than we do.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt has many dozens of free mp3s up on his website, but there are also 3 books, 2 DVDs (one of which can be downloaded for free, or you can watch it on Google Video) and 2 CDs for sale.

Having bought all of that, I can recommend all of it to others.

Also, you can donate to Alan Watt if you appreciate what he is doing, as well all the dozens of mp3s he has made available, for free.

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MUST SEE. microchip. electrodes effects on animal brains. video
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Thanks to In-Formation.

lets talk about this.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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The microchipping thing is quite an interesting topic. It is true that the Maddie McCann case gets more publicity than any case of its kind I have seen.

If children were to be chipped as a form of protection, say in the arm, it would be easy enough for a cruel abductor to cut it out - horrific thought. It would have to be planted in such a way that only professional surgery could allow it to be removed.

When the kids we have now who are thumb scanning for library books and meals at school grow up, it won't seem too strange to have a microchip. Yeah 30 years hence, this will be in full swing - I'll be an old man then so it won't matter too much to me - my life will be nearing its end.

For future generations -  :'(
Ive had enough of reading things by neurotic,
psychotic, pigheaded politicians, all I want is the truth, just gimme some truth.

(John Lennon)

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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When the kids we have now who are thumb scanning for library books and meals at school grow up, it won't seem too strange to have a microchip. Yeah 30 years hence, this will be in full swing - I'll be an old man then so it won't matter too much to me - my life will be nearing its end.

For future generations -  :'(
That's seems like quite a selfish way of looking at it.  It suggests that you don't care about future generations, or for previous generations who fought and died for our freedom.

It is our duty to confront this thing and not just leave it to future generations, who are being conditioned to accept it as we speak.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt on "Feet to the Fire" with James Jancik - August 19, 2007 - mp3

Alan:  Even if people don’t do this [look for a new way, an alternative to the psychopathic anti-human system we are in now] and they carry on as they think is normal, even though ‘normal’ is changing by the day now, most people are going to perish anyway because the elite really mean it when they talk about their 21st century agenda – Agenda 21 – with vast population reductions, moving the people into these new habitat areas (which really are just the overcrowded cities) and starting to bring down the population rapidly.  They mean what they say.  And you’ll find that from the United Nations, Agenda 21, people should look through it.  These guys are not kidding.  So we have no option anyway you see.  Either do something and figure out a new way, which is not their way, or sit back, pretend everything is fine and allow ourselves to be chopped off one by one.

As I say the other choice is no choice at all – the one which they say you can keep what you have, you can keep this system.  As I say, this is not our system and never was our system.  It’s a psychopathic system run by those at the top – very rich people, very rich families, a few thousand of them.  And they run basically the whole world because they own the entire resources of the whole planet, and they look upon us as a resource as well, only now we’re becoming burdensome in an age of technology and robots.  They don’t need so many people any more, and they plan to kill us off.  They’ve written about it in their own books at the top.

They’re pretty confident now that they’ve got it all in the bag because they spent such a long long time in preparation for this.  They were writing about this global society at the beginning of the 1800s, and all the problems they could encounter.  Different authors were employed to be front men for the Royal Institute of International Affairs, like HG Wells, and they talked about the global society to come, which they call a utopia - which for the elite it will be a utopia when they have everyone brain-chipped, and brain dead basically.  So this is nothing new; they’ve prepared for this for a long long time.

And everything in their system goes in threes, so you have World War I, II - this is World War III we’re in right now.  And this war, Rumsfeld summed it up; and we must listen to these little phrases they use- they really mean them.  They’re high high occultic Masonic phrases they use.  But Rumsfeld said “this war might take 100 years”.  And you look into history and you see the previous wars that were 100-year wars, even though the first one really was 115 years.  But they love these repetitions of previous times and bringing it back to life again.  The 100-years war is to change all of society; men, women, children, everything.  The whole way of marriage is going out the window, the whole way of living is to go out the window and you’ve literally to come into an Aldous Huxley, a real Huxlian Brave New World – that’s their goal – where we will serve them happily as slaves, and be unable to even think consciously as an individual, separate person.

This was discussed at their major global meetings, sponsored by the US Department of Commerce and held in Loyola University in Louisiana.  They had the top scientists there from biotech companies and they said that the new society will be chipped – they have the chip ready to go.  He said it’s only a matter now of conditioning the public of the necessity of taking it, and making them want it, because the super-computers are set up regionally already to handle vast populations of programming.  And they said they’ll be no more individualism.  It will be impossible to even perceive of yourself as a distinct separate individual when this chip is implanted.  They said they would use novels, cartoons, movies to promote it to the young to make them want it and lo and behold, since that meeting we’ve had a whole slew of the very things they’re talking about come to pass, and the youngsters actually want this chip – they think we’ll have superpowers.  That’s how you condition the vast herds of people.  Everything in our life that we think is natural in the culture is actually given to us and marketed into our heads.  There’s nothing natural in this system at all.

James:  That’s where the mutants come in with the X-Men and so on.

Alan:  Yes, that’s right.

James:  Actually I never thought about that with the mutants of it, that they could be like them by using this kind of thing.  And you notice a lot of these people, it used to be that they looked at rock bands and what have you as heroes, but now we’re getting more into the biological, chemical, political war-type heroes people want to emulate.

Alan:  Lord Bertrand Russell was one of the big players in this very system.  He worked for Tavistock Institute, as did Huxley and many others who wrote about the coming system, and they did lots of experiments on patients that were brought in.  And they put wires in their heads back in the 1930s and ‘40s and ‘50s and tried to stimulate them and see if they could turn them into robots in fact.  But Bertrand Russell said, after studying and having access to archives written by very high professors – archives that are kept fairly secret from the general public, on human behaviour.  He said:  “there is no nonsense so arrant that it cannot be made the creed [or the belief] of the vast majority by adequate government action.”  That’s exactly what he said, his very words.  And it’s like Adam Weishaupt, he said “oh foolish man, what can you not be made to believe?”

These are sciences.  These are sciences which are taught to very few people, kept in archives as opposed to public libraries, and the leaders get their lackeys to work for them and they get access to these archives, and they sit in think-tanks and literally plan the future.  They plan what fashions you’re going to have 5 or 10 years from now, what kind of music you’re going to have, what affect it will have on the psyche of the young.  So this is how it’s all planned and always has been planned this way.  Plato said that nothing can be allowed to occur in the grass roots, culture-wise, because it would have unforeseen rippling effects, therefore all culture must be authorised from the top down.  That’s music, fashion and drama especially, and Plato went into detail on those particular sciences.

James:  I mean we’re hoping for a saviour, it seems to be the in-bred thing but gosh, is it possible that one might show up?

Alan:  A saviour?

James:  I mean is it an outside chance, is it possible?

Alan:  For a saviour?

James:  Yeah.

Alan:  For a saviour there’s an outside chance, because everyone can be their own saviour if they really try, because everyone has been given a choice and has been given a choice their whole life, as to where this society is going.  Most don’t take up the challenge, they let it pass them by and let others do it for them.  No-one can really ever say “I didn’t know what was happening”, they can’t really ever, ever really say that.  No-one on this planet can say that.  So you know, you are your own saviour.  You are your own champion.  It’s a matter of accepting the challenge, accepting the responsibility – to yourself as well – and being true to yourself before you can be true to others.

James:  I got an email coming in here from someone. …  He also by the way recommends buying your books and CDs; the two Reality Check DVDs are extremely informative.  The question is “can you talk a little bit more about the brain chip, the mechanics, how does it work in your brain, what effect will it have on people to be connected to regional computers, how far back in time in the beginnings of the development of the microchip does this agenda go?

Alan:  OK.  They have it ready to go.  I have copies of the ones they’re talking about – I have the actual photographs and the blueprints of it from the company that makes them, and they are ready to go, they’ve been tried and tested.  And they’re active little chips, which can be activated by even the heat from own body, converts it into an electrical energy, so it’s an active chip.

Now as far as how far back do they go, back in the 1950s we know now that they did have solid-state, actually micro-circuitry – the type that we are using right now and we’re told is the latest thing.  So back in the days of the tunes for television and radios, before you even got the transistor radio they already had micro-circuitry; the solid-state circuitry that we see in computers and wristwatches and so on.  The CIA were using hi-tech weapons back in the ‘50s that they could slip in their pockets.  They could put thoughts right into your brain and this was shown on national television in Canada by Nick Begich, who does the HAARP monitoring, and he demonstrated it to the host Wendy Mesler on her show.  He made her stand 20 feet away, pointed it at the back of her head and she heard music right in the centre of her head.  And as he said, it could have just as easily have been words or something else he put into her head if he’d wanted to.  The only thing he didn’t answer is how come he had all of this equipment.

James:  [laughs] Yeah, I was just going to ask that.

Alan:  Yeah, I mean you can’t buy this stuff at the Army Surplus store, and I’m always a bit wary because they give us our heroes with a very good start you know.  So they had this technology a long time ago.  There are 3 levels of science on the go at all times.  At the bottom level, what the public are fed is called research.  That means to search again - that’s because the searching has already been done on a higher level.  And there’s a higher level above that because the true controllers will never even share their hi-tech weaponry with their military class at the top.  They always make sure they have the higher stuff.

But back in the 1960s a new phenomenon occurred in psychiatry, where schizophrenics used to come in with traditional types of hallucinations and delusions, mainly to do with religion or hearing voices and that type of thing, but generally it had a religious content in it.  Suddenly, very very suddenly hospitals were getting people coming in who claimed they had chips in their spine, and they called them chips, or ‘mini-computers’, and they said that big computers were controlling them.  This is before even the term ‘computer’ was popular in the public mind.  And it turned out when you followed a lot of these people up, who claimed they were being controlled remotely from a distance, they had all been ex-military, and often had minor operations while in the military, where they were put under general anaesthetic, so I’d imagine that’s when these chips were implanted in them.  So they were testing them back on individuals back in the ‘60s, who hadn’t a clue that they were the guinea pigs.

James:  Well now, with this chip aspect of it, is it 100% like if they get it in you it’s over type of thing?

Alan:   Yeah.  Yeah.

James:  So all they have to do is just stick it in food or what have you and people ingest it and have it just cling on to maybe your oesophagus or something and that’s it.

Alan:   Well that’s one type; that can be done.  We saw this in a movie called Fortress in fact, but an underground prison – where a lot of the major ones now are being built, underground – where they make you swallow something that attaches itself to your stomach and you can cause pain, inflict pain and do things like that.  However, the one that they’re going to give to the public is to be inserted in the back of the skull, just like The Matrix, plugged in.  Well that’s where it’s to be inserted, and here’s the odd thing from the company that I’ve got the blueprints from: above your head there will be a ring, like a halo, that you can wear on your head.  It will be a form of antenna, which will amplify the signal, and it just happens to be that Arthur C Clarke, who got the Nobel Prize for predicting that satellites would one day be round the world and in communication with each other etc. (only because he was in the in-crowd), who wrote 2001 and 2010 back in the 1960s, meaning that the new world order would kick off in 2001 and be all complete by 2010.  But in his latest book, 3001, he just happens to mention this little chip with the ring on the head in his novel, by coincidence.  These guys don’t dream these things up; they’re given this information and they write it into a fictional form.  And that’s called “predictive programming”, to make us think that it’s a natural evolution when it actually appears.  You get the idea first and then it seems quite natural when it comes into reality.

So the chip is ready to go, it will be implanted in the back of the skull, and now they’re pushing for the next step already.  I’m sure that’s ready to go as well eventually, which will be the nanotechnology.  I don’t think the nanotechnology is quite perfected yet, to be predictable.

James:  Because actually by following through its logical conclusion the movie The Matrix would be like old technology, old sloppy big technology compared to what’s coming down the pike.

Alan:  It is, in fact even when they made the movie it was old because Sweden was the first country that publicly announced, even though Britain had been doing this in Tavistock, and Huxley talked about it in the 1960s , but Sweden admitted in the 1970s that they were using certain prisoners to interface the brain with the computer with wires etc. and what we would now call “the old-fashioned way”. So yeah, even that was old stuff really, yeah.

James:  So what I guess I am thinking about is with this new technology it seems like it is already over and yet I don’t sense that.  I mean as much as the odds are against it I still think something and we talked about part of it before, but when it comes to this technology, what could we possibly do to resist it other than try to avoid having it stuck in us, which seems to be just a matter of time?

Alan:  It’s a matter of time, but remember it’s like the old song to Satan, you know “Time Is On My Side”.  That’s how these guys run – they run inter-generationally.  We think in short-term, they think in generations.  And when you realise that no-one could have predicted amongst the general populace that we’d all be sitting playing with computers right now, or using the cell phones.  Some people can’t even do without the cell phones, they have it strapped to their ear everywhere they go – they’re ready for the brain chip in fact, they’ve been trained and they’re ready for it.

The thing is these characters literally can introduce this and make the children – it’s the youngsters they’re after, they’re aiming all their movies and their superheroes with brain chips and so on, at the young to make them actually want it.  And they’ll come into it thinking it’s as natural as the computer is to the previous generation.  They’ll actually want it.  It isn’t until enough have it that they’ll flick the main switch and the real purpose kicks in, and there’s no more you.  What they said at Loyola was “think of it more like the hive”.  That’s the actual words from the top Japanese scientist from Japan that they brought over.  He said it’ll be more like the hive, you’ll have no quietness in your mind, you’ll hear whispering of voices to and from the computer to others around you.  Yeah.

James:  Well on that aspect with the pulse devices and all that, is it possible there might be some kind of – I think of the movie, speaking of HG Wells, War of the Worlds, where they have the virus that is kind of a small little insignificant thing to us which kills the invaders, could that not be in a way something that could happen – a small simple device which could render the chip ineffective or something like that?

Alan:  It’s possible, however this chip literally will be constantly sending signals back and forth to central computers and will inform them if there’s anything aberrant in its signals or any other signals interfering with it.  These characters at the top are so far ahead in all of this, they think all of these things out in advance.

James:  Yeah, well that’s true.  I mean I’m thinking of these things and just about everything I think of they’re going to be thinking of, other than the discarding of power.  I have a question coming in about Ray Kurzweil promoting cybernetic enhancement.

Alan:  Oh yeah.

James:  Can you comment on that?

Alan:  Yeah, it’s all over a lot of magazines now, they’re pushing this.  You see we’ve already been conditioned towards the idea, even through the Star Trek series and many other things we’ve seen and forgotten, but your subconscious never forgets.  And with the Star Trek series, eventually they had the space station at the very end Babylon something they called it, Babylon 5 or something, and in that series the doctor on the station was the most intelligent person and he was genetically enhanced, where they removed what they call defective genes or problem genes, and replaced them with superior genes to make him perfect.  You also see it, we’ve already had conditioning in movies like Gattaca – a future where there’s two classes of society; those who still mate in the ordinary way and give birth in the ordinary way and become second class citizens, and those who get all the best jobs and have respect because they’re superior, they’re genetically enhanced.  This has already been pushed through magazines and novels and drama etc. to make people, to get them accustomed to the idea, so they’ll slip into the transformation.

You see most people don’t live their life, they float through their lives.  Ideas that they have and opinions they hold are induced opinions, they’re marketed into their minds for them.  People floated through the whole transfer of technology, and the factories, to China back in the late ‘80s getting right through the ‘90s.  Most people didn’t even notice it happening.  They didn’t even notice it happening, now it’s all normal that everything’s made in China.  But the average person doesn’t even reflect on how come, what made it happen, they don’t realise that 60 or 70 years in preparation and negotiations had to be done to make that happen.  So most people don’t live their lives, they are technically unconscious – they drift through their lives like creatures of instinct.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN: "Navigating the Nightmare from Somnambulism to Sentience - Truth and Consequences" - Sept. 14, 2007 - mp3

We are in a system that didn't just evolve, anymore than the future is going to evolve. We have science fiction writers coming out belonging to the Futurist Society, where they're given basically information on high technology that's kept secret from the public and probably won't be released for 40 or 50 years, so they write stories around these particular topics. Exciting stories with the intent to get the young especially to look forward to these particular types of changes. The changes, however, are always for an ulterior purpose. It's for simply more control. Never in the history of a dominant minority ruling over a majority, have a minority given their power away to anyone else. It doesn't happen. It doesn't happen in life. Never has happened. They always use experts. In the old days it was high priests and historians. Now it's experts and they have been running our lives since before most of us were born.

World War II came along. The Council on Foreign Relations and The Royal Institute of International Affairs, which is both, one in the same thing, the American branch and the British branch, had their meeting in Australia in the 1937-38 global meeting. They talked about this coming war and how they would have to save the Soviet Union at all costs, which was rather strange because the Soviet Union with communism was supposed to be an arch-enemy that promised through all of its writings to destroy all the old systems including monarchy. But here they are, saying that they would defend the Soviet Union at all costs. In the same book, from the minutes of their meetings, they said that it would be very fortunate if Japan were to attack the United States and that would bring the U.S. into this coming war, which they knew Britain would begin before the U.S.; and we think it all just happened spontaneously out of the blue. Nothing happens out of the blue.

We're living, as I say, a script and these guys know what they want. They get the problem going to cause it. They know what the reaction will be, and out of it comes their outcome, which we all accept as some natural formula of just coincidence. If they want to disarm the public, they'll have the school shootings. They'll have strange lone gunmen that all use the same pattern, the same formula and go berserk and have no memory of it afterwards, or guys like Timothy McVeigh who was in Special Forces in the U.S. who ends up blowing up the Oklahoma City Building, supposedly, we're told, with basically a bomb made out of fertilizer. It was very strange that all of the bomb-proof pillars in that building that were made to be bomb-proof and take much higher impacts from higher explosives all came down as well. McVeigh also mentioned that he had a chip implant in his butt, and that is not laughable at all because there's been soldiers coming out since the 1960’s complaining about the same thing. Sure enough, they have removed some implants from troops in Britain who were being tested, unknown to themselves, when they were implanted during minor operations while in the military. Simple things like abscess and so on in the spine and they found they were getting little chip implants.

We are guinea pigs. The whole world basically is one vast laboratory and we're experimented on constantly, without our knowledge and consent; and to Joe Public, all that matters is that he or she can survive, play themselves, enjoy themselves and get through life. Keep their heads down and have a fairly easy – that's what Joe Public wants, and that's what the elite at the top know because they understand human behavior to the maximum.

Todd:  Hi, Alan, just had a couple of quick questions for you. When exactly do you see the Amero being forced on us? What do you think the timeline is for when the biochip is going to be enforced and mandatory?

Alan:  The biochip, it's already been enforced for the last 10 or 12 years in the Special Forces in Europe. I know that because I've read books written by some of the guys that have just left the Special Forces and they admit they had them implanted under the eyebrow, one of their eyebrows.

Todd:  Involuntarily?

Alan:  Yes. They're expanding it within other regiments as well, and have been for a while.  However, the chip is to be gradually sold to the public: the idea of that you need it, you need this chip and how convenient it will be.  That's how they're going to try and sell it initially and then, once maybe 40 percent have accepted it, they'll simply make it impossible to live without it. You won't get into a store – you’ll walk into a store and alarms will go off and you're not authorized to be there. The same thing with airports, you'll walk right past the queue. They've just announced for instance that the next step is to give you the ID card and special fingerprinting and all the rest of it within the active chip on the ID card, you'll be able to walk to the head of the line without any hassle. They simply make it easier for you to walk into the mousetrap, and that's how they hope to eventually sell the chip. I have the actual chip to be implanted. It's to go into the back of the head. I got it from a guy within the company from Germany that's making them. The U.S. has ordered millions of them and it's ready to go. It's an active chip.

Todd:  They've already been ordered and are being shipped over?

Alan:  Yes.

Todd:  Wow. Can I ask you a quick question about passports?  I just recently got my U.S. Passport and it does have an RFID chip in it. Do you think it would be safe to say that it's trackable by GPS satellite?

Alan:  Yes it is trackable by the satellites. That's why they've been throwing them up all over cities. People think it's just for the cell phone. No. These guys always have a good reason and a real reason. It's to eventually track everyone who must carry that with them at all times. You'll also find once it's issued next year they'll start arresting who are in back alleys or somewhere – it will be in the papers how suspicious characters and the hard time that they had when they were caught, even though they were innocent, and that's going to start terrifying the public to carry it with them at all times. Then they'll go even further. “So and so didn't have it. It was lost or stolen,” and bingo, it will be on Oprah or Dr. Phil. You can get this one implanted. That's a step-by-step process we're all being trained.

CJ:  I have a quick question. I fly internationally out of JFK in New York and I am concerned about this chip business because I'm a strong born-again spirit-filled Christian and I intend to fly for a lot more years, but I don't really want to have one of these things.

Alan:  I don't know if you heard my last talk last week on the French airlines, they're bringing in the chipped ID cards with the fingerprints and all your data on an active chip and they're going to ask certain passengers to try it, but with all staff it was going to be mandatory to carry it with them. They're working towards it.

CJ:  But not implanted?

Alan:  No. However, because that's the format, it makes perfect logical sense that they'll make it mandatory; the chip itself, the implant will be mandatory. Perfect sense because then they'll say, “it's so safe because all the staff are cleared. They can't get through without having the chip and we know who it is,” so it makes perfect sense that's who they would use it upon first.

CJ:  Oh lovely. Do you think they'll be anyway to get around that, like religious discrimination or whatever?

Alan:  No. This is again a mandate – it's a mandate. In Canada we had shows in the '90’s on Wendy Mesler when she went on about the ID card. This is before 2001; years before it and she went to the top manufacturers of these particular cards that everyone is to have. They tried to get in, you see, in the 1990’s and very few people heard about it. She talked to the top man and she says, "why do you think people will take this particular card with a microchip?"  He said, "They will be given no option."

CJ:  Really?

Alan:  In other words, if you want to live in this society and exist and earn money you're going to be forced to do it. It's as simple as that.

CJ:  I do remember at one point we were literally "forced" to have our fingerprints taken by the FBI in order to continue employment, and two of our aircraft went down on 9/11.

Alan:  Do they make you take iris scans yet there?

CJ:  No.

Alan:  Because that's to come as well, and this card: that's the first step towards this. The card will be in a couple of years until we’re familiar with it, and then they'll come out with the chip. The card also has your DNA coding in it. It has your medical history. It has your voice print embedded in it too. Everything about you is in that particular card, and this has been admitted by the manufacturers. There'll be no exceptions for this one. They'll waive any exceptions under national security and passenger security.

CJ:  Well very interesting.

Alan:  It's decision time coming up, isn't it?

CJ:  Yes sir it absolutely is.

Alan:  Yes. Well we've got to be strong now and start vocalizing what we think right now before it gets any worse.

CJ:  We absolutely do. I used to live behind the Iron Curtain in the shadow of the Berlin Wall. For three years my ex-husband was in the diplomatic service. We spent a lot of time in East Berlin and we saw up close, in your face what a police state looks like.

Alan:  It's here, it's coming; and I'll talk to you again.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
« Reply #56 on: November 27, 2007, 09:25:21 PM »
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on WTPRN: " Robo-Roaches and New Age Coaches (Motto: Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, See No Evil) = State of Denial " - Nov. 15, 2007 - mp3

Hour 2

Also look into parallelnormal and his [Mark Baard’s] other link on his site there, to do with scientists preparing the mind-reading device (November 15th, 2007 - and in here it’s got “Screaming to be heard: Boston University claims its mind-reading device can get inside the heads of paralyzed patients”.  Now they always use the poor misfortunate ones to bring the horror shows down on the public because these people have no time for those who don’t produce any more.  But it’s a great thing, the public can’t get past that part – it’s like attacking mum’s apple pie – they’re trying to help people.  So they always use that to push their chips and all the rest of it that they want to insert in your brain.

And it says here: “New Scientist magazine, cited by the Beeb [that’s the BBC] in this report (link and excerpt, below), often exaggerates the nature of scientific findings and discoveries.

That’s why I am just a bit dubious of the claim that electrodes implanted in the brain of a speechless man are unlocking his thoughts, and relaying them to a voice synthesizer.

But if the scientists at Boston University can indeed guess the guy’s thoughts accurately 80 percent of the time, that would be impressive.

Once they make this technology wireless, calling our thoughts our own might prove to be impossible.”

To be honest with you I think they’re already there because Nick Begich showed on television in Canada – on the Wendy Mesler show on CBC television a few years ago – devices the CIA were using back in the 1950s that were now obsolete, and you could put this little thing in your pocket like a remote TV control.  You could even put it in your top shirt pocket they were so small, which must mean they were solid-state by the way, long before we even heard of transistors, which were the middle ground before solid-state.  And he demonstrated to the interviewer Wendy Mesler that you put a sound, he played music in the middle of her head, that’s what she heard, from a distance – so it worked on line of sight, probably any line of sight.  And he could just as easily have put words in her head as well.  So this is old technology.

But this is the bottom level at University, thinking they’re just discovering it – and that’s why it’s called re-search.  When they call it research it means that the searching has already been done, because there are three levels of science existing at all times: one from professorship down for the public and even the professor thinks he knows all there is to know, but there’s a level above him and they’re drafted up into MI6 and higher categories within the CIA.  And there’s an even higher group above them that keeps highly advanced scientific devices – including these things that people think are flying saucers, they’ve had that for years.  The BBC did a documentary on Area 51 in the 1970s and you could see these things coming out of an air force base where they make them, and test them, and they keep all this stuff quiet from the public.  And they create the UFO movement to distract you from what they’re actually doing – it must be from outside the world because we can’t do that, we don’t have that technology, and everybody wants to fall for it because it’s so amazing.  We love to be amazed, just like religions have done in the past, when Elijah went off into space, and Jesus went up through the roof and all that, and disappeared up into the sky.  So they do the same kind of things today with UFOs and they get movements started and actually fund them.  You know the Rockefeller Foundation is the biggest funder to all these UFO movements and their leaders.  I know that for a fact because I know a person who works in the centre for Rockefeller Foundation, and all she does is sign cheques all day long to all these different organisations.

So that’s how the world is run including our thoughts and our fantasies, and our hobbies even, and things which make us go “ooh” and “aah”.  That’s how it’s done.  So here you are, the Boston University and parallelnormal has come out with their lower version of they’re just working on it, even though you find in a recent article, put out by DARPA – DARPA remember is all to do with, acts as an NSA department, National Security department – they had already claimed they’ve put a chip in a paralysed man’s head, which allowed to do emails which I think were 80% accurate, most of the time.

And that’s the world we’re living in – we’re living in deception, and categories of science which are kept from the public because all that the public is ever told about is technically obsolete.  As I say, the BBC did a documentary on Area 51 in the ‘70s.  Others have made their own documentaries there, and you always see these craft coming out of underground hangars and going up into the sky and doing all kinds of odd things, much faster than jet aircraft can do, stopping on a dime and going the opposite way even.  And that’s supposed to be unknown to the public.  They roll out the latest stealth bomber and say “this is the best we’ve got, honestly”.  And they also use bombs like cluster bombs and all the damage that they do, which is phenomenal, but they don’t even need that any more.  In fact look into the HAARP technology, weather warfare.  The weather warfare treaty at the United Nations, signed in the 1970s, they said it made all other weaponry obsolete – weather warfare.  Now they signed that because they already had that stuff and it already worked.  It could knock out entire nations, or continents if they want to, just with the HAARP alone.  It made all the bombs they could ever make completely obsolete.

So there are 3 categories of science always coexisting, and unknown to each other.  That’s how it works.  And the only ones who really know are the guys at the top who have the very advanced scientific equipment.  So that’s the world we live in; a world of deception where everything that’s put on the bookshelves is to keep you in a matrix – a matrix where you’ll never imagine what they can actually do, in reality, but you’ll think that you do.  That’s why we’ll argue with people and say “we don’t have that technology.  We could never do that.  They’re just working on that now.”  Well look at the books by people like Rutherford, who was one of the greatest mathematicians who ever lived.  He was the one that the Royal Institute sent in to Egypt to do all the correct measurements for the pyramids and so on.  He wrote a biography and he mentioned in the 1920s that he was working at that time, in the 1920s, on genetics.  Now why would you have a mathematician working with genetics if you hadn’t found the genes yet?  Because the public were told that they didn’t find all that until Watson came up with the double-helix and all the rest of it, much much later on.  They keep the truth from the public because knowledge is power, and when it comes to anything to do with weaponry, or anything that could change humanity, you keep it secret from the public.  You don’t tell them what’s really going on.  Very very simple.

Now we’ve already had almost 60 years of very very good science-fiction movies, and television has been the greatest tool for indoctrination ever to be invented – Bertrand Russell himself praised it to high heavens.  And all of the Star Trek series that you found for instance, and the early Star Trek series – that hooked every child, they were very very good, well done – really were all about a future society, done in allegorical form in space, that’s what it was all about.  And they gave you little human dramas.  They always give you a human drama as you swallowed the bait; the bait being the human drama, and along with the bait you take the poison – the poison being here’s new ways of looking at life and people and everything else, even the system that you live in.  And it’s prepared your mind to come into a much bigger system, the multicultural society that was to come.  And the whole point of the Starship Enterprise, now remember “God Bless Us On This Enterprise” as it says, in the United States, enterprise is to do with commerce and business.  It’s also a plan, a big big plan – you enter for the prize, the prize being the world.  And the Starship Enterprise had many many missions to go, meeting all these different alien races that represented foreign countries.  And you’ll find that all those who accepted the trading missions and became partners and accepted all the rules, and laws and regulations, and became similar to the Earth system, were good guys.  Anyone who didn’t accept it were all nasty and had horrible faces – they were all ugly little characters, and so they were the bad guys, and they were primitive.  And that’s what they were really showing you, to do with the upcoming world system they were bringing in.  You’ll find that today; all the countries that haven’t come under this global system, haven’t thrown off the shackles of their own particular religion and so on, are all backward type people that you can’t trust.  They’re all shifty, and primitive, and therefore they’re bad guys.  And that’s why we sit back here and watch people getting blown up across the world and it doesn’t affect us.  We’ve become disassociated from the rest of humanity through massive conditioning all our lives, life-long conditioning.

At one time they reserved that only for the military, who does get more indoctrination into the dehumanising of an enemy – you always dehumanise an enemy before you let the troops loose on them.  That’s why they go in there and behave very brutally, much more than the stuff that you’ll see on NBC, and you also do the same thing now on the population.  The population today do not react as they did in times gone by.  In times gone by when people were being hit hard across the other side of the world you still had empathy for them because again, that’s a survival mechanism.  If you had no empathy for others, ultimately you were on your own – no-one would come to your aid – and so that’s why you naturally care about others.  People today have been dehumanised to such an extent they seldom have empathy for each other, and that’s a sad sad thing to say but it’s so true.  We have been cut off, divided and conquered, divided and conquered all the way down to the family unit until people can’t get along any more.  We live in little boxes playing with the silly little screen of a computer, which is actually programming you – you think it’s a tool to help you but it’s not, it’s there to program you.  It tells you what to do, and you obey, every step of the way.  You’re being programmed all along.

And [Zbigniew] Brzezinski even wrote about the computer saying this would be given to the public shortly with a form of communication they’d never heard of before.  He says ‘they’ll think it’s for themselves, but in reality it will be to create a common form of culture across the world’.  Well, who do you think is making the culture?  Because you don’t decide what it is, you never did.  Culture, as Plato said, is begun at the top.  It comes from the top and it’s put down to the public below.  Anything that came up from the grass roots has to be eliminated because it would have unseen repercussions to the elite at the top, with their various plans.  Therefore, culture creation is part of big government’s job, and business, and always has been, always has been.  Even things that made you cry when you hear certain music played because it’s your national this or it’s national that, or whatever it happens to be, and the symbols.  It’s all reinforced – it’s given to you and then reinforced through repetition, just like Pavlovian training.  And people are completely unaware of this.  They respond to it but they’re unaware of why, and it’s Pavlovian training – that’s how we’re run, that’s how culture is run. … [ad break] And that song [Universal Soldier] is so true because, yes you have the psychopaths at the top who know how to manipulate tribal instincts, especially in young men.  Young men aren’t too bright, I’ve been there myself.  We run on hormones, and most young men want to be accepted by the tribe, the group, doing something that’s active and gets rewards and it gets the camaraderie of the group, where they’re part of something for the first time in their lives; more so since they all come from dysfunctional families in this modern day.  Almost all families are dysfunctional – they’ve been made intentionally so.

So like any person who wants to join a gang, they look for a tribal leader, and the gang man at the top, and they give them their all.  They do what they’re told and they’re also given awards by their own country.  Now most of these characters are generally from the lower classes, they have no power, they’re looked down upon in fact – a lot of them don’t work, or haven’t had a job or can’t get one – and suddenly putting a uniform on makes you all respectable and people treat you completely differently, and they feel special.  And once you enter the military that’s what they tell you right off the bat is “you’re special now, you don’t belong to ‘civvy street’, civilian street.  You’re special, you’re one of us, you’re part of the team.  You’re a brother.”  Big fraternity you see, and guys love fraternities, and societies with emblems.  And all the way from ancient Egypt they always started with the left foot forward – that’s why if you look at the stellars in Egypt you always see the left foot forward.  That’s the beginning of the march of the sun going, as we go round the sun – in those days they thought it was the other way round, but that’s the beginning of the march with the left foot forward, which happens in every military in the world.  The whole military is part of the high occultic system, and sol-dier is someone who dies for the sun, sol, the sun.  That’s what it’s for.

… (continued below)

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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John:  I’ve got a question regarding chipping technology and what not.  How do you foresee them playing that out, as far as the Hegelian dialectic?

Alan:  Well, I’ll tell you it’s quite easy to see where they’re going, step-by-step again [ad break] … We can see where it’s going with all this ID stuff.  Now in Europe they already have to show their ID in certain European countries to get in a taxicab, to go in a subway, get on a bus, and it’s become a way of life.  And of course we know, they’re going to give a big, there will be a whole stack of robberies eventually in the media about these cards being stolen, probably after we all get them here next year.  They’ll have a spate of robberies and false IDs and they’ll say “oh this can’t go on, it’s terrible,” and then they’ll bring forth someone, on a big show like Oprah, who knows, and they’ll show the benefits of the chip and how wonderful it will be, and how also it can interface with your nervous system.  They’ve already put this stuff out to the public in science magazines and it’ll become more mainstream and more out into the regular newspapers shortly, about the benefits of a brain chip and how you won’t need tranquilisation in these turbulent times, these stressful times, because it’s going to stimulate your own natural endorphins and so on to be released, and you’ll feel so much better, you’ll be placid all the time.

So if you stress the public enough and give them a lot of hype about stolen cards – and this card is meant eventually to be your one card that’ll do your banking or it’ll take the place of all the other cards that you have, that’s what it’s designed to do.  And that’s been discussed openly in the British newspapers even a couple of years ago.  It has the capacity for all of that and it will be used down the road for that.  But once that starts getting stolen and you can’t buy anything any more, everything’s plastic, then you’ll need some other method, and the chip will be the way to go.

And it’s also going to be pushed, NASA even had a documentary out a few years ago of how their particular astronauts are chipped to monitor their blood pressure and their heart rate and so on, and how safe you would be if you had this chip because it can actually contact the hospitals before you know yourself you’re coming down with a stroke or a heart attack.  And this is how they’ll sell the whole idea to the public, and all you have to do is to get a certain percentage of the public to accept it and the rest will be forced to go along with it – that’s called democracy.  “What’s wrong with you?  The rest have accepted this, what’s your problem?”  But it’s also to track you everywhere you go.  They’ve admitted the card, the forerunner of the chip, has the capacity to be tracked by cell-phone towers all throughout cities, and you know they’ve put out these little arranged antennas on the top buildings in all streets in the cities, so you’ll be tracked wherever you go.  This is a totally surveilled society – totally means totally surveilled.  That’s why they called it Total Information Network, not almost total but Total Information Network, and the only way to be absolutely certain is to have the thing implanted.

And that’s why they had the meetings at Loyola University in Louisiana over the last few years; they have the annual science meeting there.  Newt Gingrich was put in as the head spokesman that starts off these talks – and these guys never retire, they’re always given these kind of positions.  And they had the top scientists who worked with the chip as early as 2001, talking about the fact that it’s actually ready to go.  All they have to do now is convince the public to accept it, and they said this will be promoted, mainly through fiction –not all through fiction, but mainly through fiction – starting with cartoons to make the children actually think it’s a normal thing, and all their superheroes will have them and they’ll give them tremendous powers.  That’s how they’re going to get the idea into the young.  It will then go through various novels for adults and movies as well.  And sure enough after 2001 we had different movies come out, one with Robin Williams for instance, The Final Cut, where you had an implant, everyone has an implant put in their brain and your memory was duplicated, everything you’d seen or done in your entire life was in that chip, and they could show it to everyone after you were deceased.  They could show you what you saw, what you heard, what you said.  That’s how they’re doing it – they familiarise you with the idea and then through terror and fear they promote it as a good thing, and most people will accept it because science has been put up on the platform where religion used to be.  It is the new religion that’s taken over and that was all intentional.  People are conditioned now to believe anything the experts tell us.  So, does that answer how it will be done?

John:  Well I mean you always hear about the Verichip, Digital Angel down here in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  Do you think, and I know there are RFID chips in particular forms of identification, so do you think they would jump directly to cerebral implants, in the brain?

Alan:  This thing is all ready to go; they’ve had it for years.

John:  I’ve heard some of your past shows and you said you’d got one from someone in Germany.  I mean how would they do it, would they have to incorporate a large army of white coats, the doctors to do this?

Alan:  They always like to get the cooperation.  They love the cooperation of the public.  It’s the same with the flu thing.  That’s what the flu thing is also all about, all these flu shots, is to train the public to go for their shots voruntarily.  The sheep – it’s much easier to control sheep if they go the way that the shepherd wants them, and the media consent as well.  They acquiesce legally, to what they want us to do.

John:  I’ve noticed in the past, you know since we were talking about the inoculations, and it seems like for some reason this particular year everywhere it’s like “come get your flu shots, we got them at the convenience store and we got them here”.  And you almost get sick of that.  I’ve had flu shots twice and every time I’ve ever had them those were the most sickest I’ve ever got in my life.

Alan:  Yes.  But that’s part of the training.  It’s to get us all to go along to the white coats when we’re told to, thinking it’s going to be for our own benefit.  And sure enough they will give us as I say a spate of robberies of your ID card, and you’ll see distressing stories in the newspapers of poor souls that couldn’t feed themselves, or pay their rent for a month or were evicted because they didn’t have their card, and no-one wants that.  So through fear they’ll guide you along.  That’s how it’s done.

John:  Now as far as cerebral implant, would it be something painful, or would you have to go to medical school [to be able to implant them into people]?  I mean, if you have one, could you kind of elaborate on that?

Alan:  I don’t think they would even have to go to medical school to do it.  They might start off with nurses.  You’ll have somebody put your head back into a rest and it’ll just go in very simply and easily.  And I know for a fact it does have, as they said at the Loyola meeting, there’s a coating on it similar to protoplasm, and it’ll bind to the neuron structure, the nervous structure of your own body.  So you can’t just pull it out again – it would rip your nerves out too.

John:  What kind of size would you say that the cerebral brain implant is?

Alan:  It’s minute.  The one I’ve got here from the German company is probably about an eighth of an inch, and yet under magnification it’s like a little factory plant with even little coolers in it and everything, and little pipes in it and so on.  And it’s got these prods that stick up like fingers, lots of them – these are the things that interact with your nervous system and attach themselves to the neurons and the ganglia.

John:  How long have you had access to that particular technology? I’m just curious, I mean maybe it’s evolved since then.

Alan:  Oh I’m sure.  I’m sure they have many others, and that’s only one company with one type.  They could also give it snob appeal by the way.  That’s another thing, that’s how they’re selling other ideas – you give something snob appeal.  You get bronze categories, silver and gold, and platinum.  And they’re doing the same thing with the Baja Clubs, where they give you an implant in your arm for the teenagers to get into the club.

John:  I’ve seen that.  I think they have a place down here, I think in Miami they do that.  There’s one particular club.

Alan:  Yes, and the guy who’s the head of this whole chain of nightclubs, where all the young sexy women go, and that’s why the guys go – they’ll do anything to get near the young sexy women, that’s nature – and they pre-charge their little chip you see with your entrance fee, your club membership and every drink that you buy, just swipe this thing past your arm.  The guy in charge of it just happens to have left the NSA, where he worked most of his life.

John:  Oh-oh.

Alan:  That tells you who owns it right, yeah.

John:  No Such Agency.

Alan:  That’s it.  That’s it.

… [ad break]

Alan Watt back with Cutting Through The Matrix.  I’m just going through with the last caller, some of the techniques that will be used to get people to accept a brain chip.  They’ve already accepted their whole lives, needles being stuck into them so it’s no real big deal is it.  It’s the thought of going into the back of the head that’s the problem, and that’ll be no big deal too once some of your top superstars and the people you follow, the big people who give you your opinions come out and say that they’ve had it done, and it’s no big deal.  And how safe they feel because of it too.  But I think also they could push this with the advent of pandemics, and your whole medical history will be on this too of course, and you won’t be allowed into certain places if you haven’t had your inoculations, and that will be read automatically when you go near these censors.  So there’s so many ways they can force or coerce people into compliance, and that’s what law is you see.  Law is meant to use coercion first of all, the threat of something, followed by actual force if you don’t comply.  That’s what law is.  They prefer you going along and being coerced and acquiescing to the demands, rather than being forced to do it.  Because when people see people getting forced to do things, they get a little suspicious and might side with the poor unfortunate that’s being forced.  That’s how it happens. …

Antonio:  I just wanted to add a little bit onto what your previous caller was saying about the chips.  I would dare say that the chip itself probably wouldn’t even need to actually be implanted into your brain at all, that is, actually attach to a nerve in your hand, in your arm or anything like that, and to be used however by whoever decides that they want to control people.

Alan:  It’s possible.  You see they did tests again in the ‘60s, ‘70s onwards with military personnel (even in Britain) that went in for minor operations, and they tried it in the spine – that was the main area, again lots of nerve endings – and they’ve done their test.  They know it certainly would be efficient if they could implant it, just at the base of the skull at the back of the head, it would be more effective in a sense.  It’s right into the cortex area.  I’ve no doubt though, yeah they could possibly implant it elsewhere but they’re talking about using it in the head right now, and the one that was sent to me with all the diagrams and the blueprints and so on, has it placed in the back of the head – right where Neo had it done in The Matrix movie; that was also part of the programming of the movie.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Google founder dreams of Google implant in your brain
Body modification - or channel ploy?

By Andrew Orlowski in San Francisco
Wednesday 3rd March 2004 09:12 GMT

Mobile Device Management and Security Body modification is all the rage these days, as any parent with teenage children knows. Pack them off to the school disco, and the next thing you know, they've come back with a fabric of piercings and tattoos that only a supercomputer can decipher.

Our very own Kevin Warwick - or "Captain Cyborg", to regular readers - was just a middling tutor at a Midlands polytechnic before he caught a whiff of this peculiar zeitgest. For the past few years Warwick has staged a succession of publicity stunts in which he "augments" his human self with bits of machinery. His adolescent stunts have been pretty lame so far, but he has been successful in gathering an appreciative following in the international press.

The issue of augmentation, or fusion with technology, is a masturbatory fantasy that we encounter often, especially out here in California. The venerated Extropians are just one of many cults that dream of transcending mortality - and evading the messy social responsibilities to your brother or sister - by launching themselves into a cryogenically-assured future to which only they have the keys.

Enter Larry Page, who by cruel popular caricature is the friendly, goofy half of the partnership that created Google. In the manner of a Bond villain, the brilliant, cold and secretive Russian Sergey calls the shots, while the American nitwit Larry loafs around on colored cushions between Segway rides, and gets to "chill" with with Joi Ito. Lucky Larry!

(Parodies don't work unless they have at least a grain of truth, but we must point out that in real life, Sergey is not so nerveless as his parody suggests, nor Larry so stoopid. However Larry is mesmerized by stupid tech toys, perhaps fatally so, as we shall see.)

Leisure Suit Larry
For a brief and wonderful moment, Larry escaped his minders and 'fessed up his wildest desires to CNET.

"On the more exciting front, you can imagine your brain being augmented by Google. For example you think about something and your cell phone could whisper the answer into your ear," he burbled.

Yes, Larry, that's pretty exciting. But first things first. John Markoff in the New York Times recently unearthed the gem that Google is planning to create a "phone" that directs the user to Google's incomparable archive of weblog trackbacks and payola bracelet placements. Heads rolled at Google HQ after that revelation, although we ought to acquaint Google's remaining sentient executives with their kin from Nike who have also been planning an entry into the commodified phone business with such a similar caper. Neither Nike, nor Amazon has yet to launch such a product.

But commercial considerations aside, why is Google's co-founder so besotted by the idea? Is he genuinely such a cartoon simpleton, or does he simply think that his product is so amazing - and that we're so correspondingly gullible - that we would willingly submit to such a complicated medical operation to make it work. (And, alas, it still requires messy medical science to implant a Google chip in your brain). Can you imagine a car manufacturer touting such a pitch? Where, in the history of commerce, has the promise been so distant from the reality? Car buyers wouldn't stand for this ("just take our Ford implant, sir, and everything will work out...") and neither, we suggest, should you.

The "Internet" promised us so much when it was touted to us ten years ago. The world's body of knowledge would be at our fingertrips.

Now we're being told that we need body modification to make it work. Ten years ago we thought that all we needed was an ISP. Now, all we need is a brain surgeon!

Oh, dear.


Google. Who's looking at you?
It wants to know everything about you. It wants to be your best friend — or your Big Brother. Are your secrets safe with Google?
The Sunday Times
October 21, 2007

John Arlidge


[A]s it prepares to celebrate its 10th birthday, Google has developed serious engine trouble. A series of missteps have left it facing claims that it has gone from a benign project – creating the first free, open-all-hours global library – to the information society’s most determined Big Brother. It stands accused of plotting some sinister link between its computers and us: that it wants, somehow, to plug us into its giant mainframe – as imagined in The Matrix or Terminator.

The crisis began a few months ago when Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, popped up in London and made some extravagant remarks about the firm’s ambitions. He declared that the company’s goal was to collect as much personal data as it could on individual users so that it could improve the quality of its search results and even start making recommendations, like a trusted friend. “We are very early in the total information we have,” he said. “We cannot even answer the most basic question about you because we don’t know enough about you. The goal is to enable Google users to be able to ask questions such as ‘What shall I do tomorrow?’ and ‘What job shall I take?’ ”

His comments provoked a firestorm. Right-to-privacy campaigners howled that a machine that knows so much about us that it can tell us what to do would be the biggest-ever threat to personal privacy. No totalitarian regime, no Bond villain had dreamt up anything so creepy. “At what stage,” one critic asked, “did the company whose motto is ‘Don’t be evil’ evolve into the Evil Empire?”

What’s going on? Is Google trying to take over the world’s information and worm its way into our consciousness? When he said he could implant a Google chip in our brain, was Brin not joking, after all? Or have we all got the wrong end of the memory stick?

You only have to spend a few hours in the Googleplex, talking to Mayer and fellow Googleytes, to realise that, if anything, Schmidt was being conservative. Instead of worrying that they are going too far, Google’s top team talk, with poker faces, about a “300-year mission” that will eventually see almost everything – including, perhaps, one day you and me – linked to the web and searchable online.

Google’s techno-dream comes in three bytes. The first is loosely referred to as “universal search”. Scribbling frantically on a whiteboard, Mayer, Google’s head of search products and user experience, says the web is currently “very limited and primitive”. It consists mainly of words, images and some music, mostly created in the last few years. There is much, much more that could – and should – be online. At its simplest level, this includes every film, TV show, video or radio broadcast ever made; every book, academic paper, pamphlet, government document, map, chart and blog ever published in any language anywhere; and any piece of music ever recorded. Google is currently developing new software that will scan millions of new sources of information to give richer search results.

Mayer illustrates the idea by googling her hero, Apple’s founder, Steve Jobs, on her PC, which already uses an experimental version of universal search. The results include video news archives, the latest news on the iPhone, highlights of Jobs’s career, and up-do-date news stories. “You get six searches for the price of one,” she says in her curiously giggly voice.

So far, so uncontroversial – but there’s much more. Mayer and co argue that to be true to its mission statement of “organising all the world’s information and making it universally accessible and useful”, Google should be about more than searching for words, images and music; it should be about finding objects and, eventually, people. Any item that can be fitted with a radio-frequency identifier – an electronic tag called an RFID – can be linked to the internet over local or national WiFi networks. Retailers already use this technology for stocktaking, and fleet managers track buses and taxis this way. Why not, asks Mayer, “take the things you care about – your watch, your phone – stick little tags on them and watch for their receiving signals”? This is not a joke. “It would have been really useful to me yesterday when I lost my cellphone while it was out of power. It took me half an hour to find it had fallen behind a dresser.” And why not go one step further and tag your partner or your children, so that you can find out where they are whenever you want? Googleytes point out that we already do this with newborn babies and pets.

The second part of Google’s techno-dream is “personalised search”. Google has just launched iGoogle, a new turbocharged version of its regular search service. It allows Google to monitor our search and web-surfing history, so that it can find out who we are, how old we are, what job we do, whether we are married and have children, where we go on holiday, what we do in our spare time – anything, in fact, that it can glean from our web-surfing, which, since we do so much online these days, means pretty much everything. Google wants us to sign up for iGoogle on our PC, and also to install it, along with Gmail, Google Maps and Google Earth software, on our mobile phone, so that it knows not just who we are but where we are in the world, 24 hours a day, thanks to the satellite-positioning chips starting to be included in mobile phones. “Our goal is that you can, if you want, search for anything, anywhere, any time,” says Douglas Merrill, 37, Google’s chief information officer.

The final piece of the Google future is called “cloud computing”. Instead of using the internet to search for information that we then copy and use to work on documents stored on the hard drives of our computers, using the software on those computers, Google wants us to create all our documents online, to work on them online using Google’s web-based software, and to store them online on Google’s vast global network of servers. Google has recently launched its own web-based software programs – called Google Apps – that enable us to create password-protected word files and spreadsheets, edit them and store them online. These applications – along with Gmail, Calendar, Google’s online diary, Picasa, its picture-management and storage system, and Presentations, its online version of PowerPoint – mean Google will provide all our computing and storage needs, not on our PCs but, as Mayer puts it, “in the computational cloud”.

Google’s overall goal is to have a record of every e-mail we have ever written, every contact whose details we have recorded, every file we have created, every picture we have taken and saved, every appointment we have made, every website we have visited, every search query we have typed into its home page, every ad we have clicked on, and everything we have bought online. It wants to know and record where we have been and, thanks to our search history of airlines, car-hire firms and MapQuest, where we are going in the future and when.

This would not just make Google the largest, most powerful super-computer ever; it would make it the most powerful institution in history. Small wonder that the London-based human-rights group Privacy International has condemned its plans as “hostile to privacy”, and EU ministers called Google’s vision “Orwellian”. Even John Battelle, one of the net’s leading evangelists, who co-founded the technology bible Wired magazine, and wrote The Search, the definitive study of Google’s rise, now says: “I’ve found myself more and more wary of Google, out of some primal, lizard-brain fear of giving too much control of my data to one source.”

It all begs one key question: why? What makes a bunch of California geeks who are relaxed enough to spend their lives creating extraordinary products – and then give them away for nothing – suddenly want to take over the world, or at least its information?

To Googleytes, the most surprising thing about the row over its plans for the future is that anyone is surprised at all. Its founders have always envisaged a vast super-computer that connects everything and everyone. Ask Craig Silverstein. He knows because he was there at the beginning, when Brin and Page were graduate students messing about with algorithms at Stanford University, California, when they should have been out getting laid. Silverstein is a man for whom the word “geek” could have been invented. He is young – 34 – thin, has a beard and speaks softly. He does not like to travel more than once a year. He was Google’s first employee and, even though he is now worth £250m, he still turns up to work every day because he “likes solving complex software-engineering problems”. We meet in another anonymous meeting room with no windows. For a firm that expects us to tell it everything about ourselves, Google is remarkably coy about revealing the simplest information about itself – such as what its executives’ offices look like. Interviews in the executive suite are banned for fear that journalists might uncover its software secrets.

Over coffee, Silverstein, now director of technology, explains that, from the earliest days, Brin and Page envisaged a super-connected computer. “The vision of search has always been broader than has been portrayed in the press,” he says. “We would explain it every chance we got. I don’t think the press misunderstood it. It was just that they were focused on what the users were into at the time.” He recalls one example that shows that Brin and Page imagined that one day even the smallest “stuff” would be online. “When we were doing the first research, we used to eat in Whole Foods [an organic supermarket chain]. We talked about using search to find out what aisle the salt is on. Instead of having to look at the big signs at the top of each aisle, you could use a search engine to tell you where in the store everything is, and maybe graph it out for you.”

Brin and Page were obsessed with recording, categorising and indexing anything and everything, and then making it available to anyone with internet access because they genuinely believed – and still do – that it is a morally good thing to do. It may sound hopelessly hippie-ish and wildly hypocritical coming from a couple of guys worth £10 billion each, but Brin and Page insist they are not, and never have been, in it for the money. They see themselves as latter-day explorers, mapping human knowledge so that others can find trade routes in the new information economy.

“Google has been trying to democratise information to make it possible for everyone in the world to access the information they need to do the things they need to do,” Silverstein says. Belief in the value of information for its own sake was behind the firm’s highly controversial decision to cave in to demands from the Chinese government for censorship so as to break into the giant local market. Some information, Google reckoned, is better than none.

In spite of the growing public paranoia over its omnivorous intentions, Google is convinced that the more we find out about what it is up to, the more we will agree with it.


Google thinks that creating a free-to-use global library and global computer is “a good thing”. But it can only become a really useful library and computer if it knows more about the people that use it: you and me. If we trust it, it can do things for us we could never have imagined, things that Googleytes call “the magic stuff”.

Want every computer in the world to be “our” computer? Sign up for cloud computing. Lost our keys? Google will find them. Want to have an alfresco lunch? Use our Google-enabled phone to view images of our nearest Italian restaurant, check it has a terrace and book a table. Want to know how far our bus is from the bus stop or where the nearest taxi is? Look online. Worried that our child has safely reached school? Google him or her. Search and ye shall find.

The £100 billion question, therefore, is: will we feel comfortable putting our privacy on the line online? Or will fears that we will become slaves to the machine outweigh the desire for a connected future? In spite of the growing furore over privacy, the signs are that we might sign up. iGoogle personalised search is Google’s fastest-growing new product. It already accounts for one in five searches in America. The service has just been launched in Europe, and Google claims the take-up is strong.

Apple’s wildly popular iPhone already uses location-aware Google Maps, and online queues are forming for Google’s soon-to-be-launched suite of mobile-phone applications that will work on any handset. Some of America’s largest firms, including Procter & Gamble and L’Or, are already using cloud computing, in the first serious challenge to the dominance of Microsoft Office.

Polls show that, in spite of the recent furore, many web-users here and in the US do not care about privacy. According to a recent study by the Ponemon Institute, a US-based privacy think-tank, 68% of Americans believe that online privacy is important, but only 8% care enough about it to change their online behaviour. Above the din of chattering classes railing against “Googlezilla” can be heard the tip-tap of hundreds of millions of ordinary users willingly signing up to what they consider to be Google’s benign digital dictatorship. What’s another hunk of privacy lost if it makes life easier?

As I walk out of the Googleplex, I notice a new feature by the exit. It’s a giant 3-D computer-generated image of the globe which has giant red lasers shooting up into the sky. Each laser represents the number of Google search queries made at that point on the Earth’s surface. The higher the spikes, the greater the number of queries. It is supposed to be a celebration of what Google has achieved so far. But it also highlights how much of the world it has already conquered and reveals how much it soon hopes to colonise. It is the perfect metaphor for where that simple little search box we use every day has come from and what its vaulting ambitions are. It does not simply want to be a good search engine on the web: it wants to be the web.

Will it get there? In the end, it’s up to us. Google has only gone from being the most famous misspelling since “potatoe” to a verb recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary because you, me – in fact, almost all of us – use it. If we carry on logging on, it will carry on growing. And growing. If we don’t, it won’t. The choice – the click – is ours.

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Brain-computer interface for controlling Second Life avatars

Category: NeuroscienceTechnology
Posted on: October 12, 2007 8:50 AM, by Mo

Researchers from the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory at Keio University in Japan have developed a brain-computer interface that enables users to control the movements of Second Life avatars without moving a muscle.

The device consists of a headset containing electrodes which monitor electrical activity in the motor cortex, the region of the brain involved in planning, executing and controlling movements.

All a user has to do to control his/her avatar is imagine performing various movements. The activity monitored by the headpiece is read and plotted by an electroencephalogram, which relays it to a computer running a brain wave analysis algorithm that interprets the imagined movements. A keyboard emulator then translates the data into signals which can be used to control the movements of the user's on-screen avatar in real-time.

Below is a (link to a) film clip of the device in use.

Brain-computer interface for controlling Second Life avatars

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
« Reply #60 on: November 27, 2007, 09:29:30 PM »

Microchips and cancer

CASPIAN's new report, "Microchip-Induced Tumors in Laboratory Rodents and Dogs: A Review of the Literature 1990–2006," is a definitive review of research showing a causal link between implanted radio-frequency (RFID) microchip transponders and cancer in laboratory rodents and dogs. It was written in part to correct industry misstatements and misinformation circulating about the studies. (See bottom of this page for more.)

The report evaluates eleven articles previously published in toxicology and pathology journals. In six of the articles, between 0.8% and 10.2% of laboratory mice and rats developed malignant tumors around or adjacent to the microchips. Two additional articles reported microchip-related cancer in dogs. See Original Research Articles section below for details.

In almost all cases, the malignant tumors, typically sarcomas, arose at the site of the implants and grew to surround and fully encase the devices. These fast-growing, malignant tumors often led to the death of the afflicted animals. In many cases, the tumors metastasized or spread to other parts of the animals. The implants were unequivocally identified as the cause of the cancers.

The report reviews the relevant research and concludes with a series of recommendations for physicians, policy makers, pet owners, and researchers, including the following:

1) Further microchipping of humans should be immediately discontinued; (2) Implanted patients should be informed in writing of the research findings and offered a procedure for microchip removal, and (3) Policy makers should reverse all animal microchipping mandates.

Download the full report (52-page PDF)

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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"They prefer you going along and being coerced and acquiescing to the demands, rather than being forced to do it.  Because when people see people getting forced to do things, they get a little suspicious and might side with the poor unfortunate that’s being forced.  That’s how it happens. …"

This says a lot.  People wonder why they don't just get on with it.....Why the methodical implementation?

I just hope we continue to force their card so to speak.  People NEED to be suspicious!  Yoking yourself to any form of government via bio-metrics is a recipe for absolute tyranny!!!

Patriot X

(That should be obvious.  But unfortunately, people think freedom is food on the table and seeing their favorite movies while the powers that be tell you that you need to be "safe" from those of us who understand "real freedom".  And I am not speaking about the so-called "terrorists" they like to employ, arm, train, indoctrinate, and agent provocatuer.  They would have us surrender the freedom to think for ourselves, the freedom of belief (to draw conclusions), the freedom of "non-compliance" with every desire of those in charge, the freedom to correct the wrongs and fix the plight of oppressed people everywhere, even the freedom of your very "soul").
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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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The Brain Chip

Have you ever closed your eyes at some point and wished you could make something happen -- just by thinking it. Well science isn't quite there yet, but it's close.

A technology called BrainGate holds the promise that quadriplegics will be able to do things like surf the Web, write e-mails and play video games just with brainpower. It works with a microchip and electrodes; a tiny device implanted in the brain that transmits intention to a computer cursor.

BrainGate has already been tested on one person, and the Food and Drug Administration has given the company permission to test the technology on four more people. The success of the first trial has given hope to many, but also opens up a number of concerns about how the technology might be misused.

John Donoghue, head of the neuroscience department at Brown University and co-founder of Cyberkinetics

Miguel Nicoleli, professor in Duke University's neurobiology department.

Hosted by: Dick Gordon
Show Originally Aired: 6/28/2005
Download interview

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Surfing the Web with nothing but brainwaves
Kiss your keyboard goodbye: Soon we'll jack our brains directly into the Net - and that's just the beginning.

By Chris Taylor, Business 2.0 Magazine senior editor
July 24 2006: 11:33 AM EDT
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SAN FRANCISCO (Business 2.0 Magazine) - -- Two years ago, a quadriplegic man started playing video games using his brain as a controller. That may just sound like fun and games for the unfortunate, but really, it spells the beginning of a radical change in how we interact with computers - and business will never be the same.

Someday, keyboards and computer mice will be remembered only as medieval-style torture devices for the wrists. All work - emails, spreadsheets, and Google searches - will be performed by mind control.

If you think that's mind-blowing, try to wrap your head around the sensational research that's been done on the brain of one Matthew Nagle by scientists at Brown University and three other institutions, in collaboration with Foxborough, Mass.-based company Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems. The research was published for the first time last week in the British science journal Nature.

Nagle, a 26-year-old quadriplegic, was hooked up to a computer via an implant smaller than an aspirin that sits on top of his brain and reads electrical patterns. Using that technology, he learned how to move a cursor around a screen, play simple games, control a robotic arm, and even - couch potatoes, prepare to gasp in awe - turn his brain into a TV remote control. All while chatting amiably with the researchers. He even learned how to perform these tasks in less time than the average PC owner spends installing Microsoft (Charts) Windows.

Decoding the brain

Nagle was able to accomplish all this because the brain has been greatly demystified in laboratories over the last decade or so. Researchers unlocked the brain patterns for thoughts that represent letters of the alphabet as early as 1999.

Now, Cyberkinetics and a host of other companies are working on turning those discoveries into real products. Neurodevices - medical devices that compensate for damage to the brain, nerves, and spinal column - are a $3.4 billion business that grew 21 percent last year, according to NeuroInsights, a research and advisory company. There are currently some 300 companies working in the field.

But Cyberkinetics is trying to do more than just repair neural damage: It's working on an implantable chip that Nagle and patients in two other cities are using to control electronic devices with their minds. (Check out this demonstration video).

Already, the Brown researchers say, this kind of technology can enable a hooked-up human to write at 15 words a minute - half as fast as the average person writes by hand. Remember, though, that silicon-based technology typically doubles in capacity every two years.

So if improved hardware is all it takes to speed up the device, Cyberkinetics' chip could be able to process thoughts as fast as speech - 110 to 170 words per minute - by 2012. Imagine issuing commands to a computer as quickly as you could talk.

But who would want to get a brain implant if they haven't been struck by a drastic case of paralysis? Leaving aside the fact that there is a lucrative market for providing such profoundly life-enhancing products for millions of paralyzed patients, it may soon not even be necessary to stick a chip inside your skull to take advantage of this technology.

What a tale your thoughts could tell

Brain-reading technology is improving rapidly. Last year, Sony (Charts) took out a patent on a game system that beams data directly into the mind without implants. It uses a pulsed ultrasonic signal that induces sensory experiences such as smells, sounds and images.

And Niels Birbaumer, a neuroscientist at the University of Tuebingen in Germany, has developed a device that enables disabled people to communicate by reading their brain waves through the skin, also without implants.

Stu Wolf, one of the top scientists at Darpa, the Pentagon's scientific research agency which gave birth to the Internet, seriously believes we'll all be wearing computers in headbands within 20 years.

By that time, we'll have super fast, super tiny computers that make today's machines look like typewriters. The desktop will be dead, says Wolf, and the headband will dominate.

"We already know we can trigger neurons mechanically," he says. "You can interact directly with the brain without implanted electrodes. Then the next step is being able to think something and have it happen: Flying a plane, driving a car, operating household machinery."

Controlling devices with the mind is just the beginning. Next, Wolf believes, is what he calls "network-enabled telepathy" - instant thought transfer. In other words, your thoughts will flow from your brain over the network right into someone else's brain. If you think instant messaging is addictive, just wait for instant thinking.

The only issue, Wolf says, is making sure it's consensual; that's a problem likely to tax the minds of security experts.

But just think of the advantages. In the office of the future, the conference call, too, will be remembered as a medieval form of torture.


Google moves into virtual worlds

Five startups out to change the world

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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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Can there be any doubt we are in the last stages of the world as we know it?  The book of Revelation comes to mind. 
The mind/soul is the last frontier.  Everything else is ultimately interfaced (including the far reaches of outer space) via the human mind.  All experience must go through this interface.

Patriot X
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Re: The Microchip Agenda
« Reply #65 on: December 15, 2007, 04:11:39 PM »
Sad to say, but I think this evolution in neuroscience is going to trump basically everything we even attempt to discuss at this forum.  The technology is moving so fast.  But since I am not a neuroscientist, I cannot be sure how far they really are, what is "hype", what is "hoax", and what is genuine.  Guess I'll know when they start beaming thoughts into my head.

Perhaps they already are.

What a twighlight zone.... It is almost unbearable.

Patriot X  :(
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Re: The Microchip Agenda
« Reply #66 on: December 15, 2007, 04:19:14 PM »
Maybe this is all a lesson in "futility".  If there is no GOD, then there can be no viable solution. 

We are SOL.  Or perhaps we are just LOS"t".  Stuck looking at the forest through the trees as usual.

Patriot X
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Re: The Microchip Agenda
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"A picture of a rather fetching RFID chip manufactured by a company called Matrics, Inc ... a subsidiary of Carlyle Group.

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Let it loose; it will defend itself."

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RFID chips are so small now that you need a microscope
« Reply #68 on: January 24, 2008, 08:52:58 PM »
These RFID chips are so small now that you need a microscope or at least a powerful magnifying glass to see them.  And when Hillary gets in and brings in the foreign troops, Delta Force, SWAT, feds, military, and police for martial law, we're going to have to run.  As far as we can.  The problem is, though, that they can track us wherever we go.  These things are in your clothes, and since 2005 anything bought from Wal-Mart and probably many other super retail stores are chipped.  We have to figure out a way to DESTROY these RFID chips.  I know that you can microwave them, but that ruins whatever the chip is in.  There has to be a way to get rid of them safely.  I dont think water would work either because if they're in clothes, they're probably built to withstand washing machines and dryers.  If anyone knows how, please tell, because in the event of martial law we will probably all be killed, unless we can magically conjure up some larger firepower than they have.
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« Reply #69 on: January 24, 2008, 09:14:03 PM »
If I knew more about the engineering of the system, I would be able to say definately. EMP weaps are overkill, and sending things into an MRI gets expensive so...

Get something called a "Bulk Eraser".(You might want to field test one to see if this works first before dishing out good money.) They are made to erase 1.25 inch Beta broadcasting tapes, but should provide enough magnetism to torture the chips dead. Like I said, I don't have the specs, I'd appreciate more info from maybe an insider? ::)

"THE" chip will most likely be voulentary, and have a visual component to show compliance. Just be self reliant, best case scenario I can think of, and the stuff you were referring to is called "grey dust".
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« Reply #70 on: January 24, 2008, 09:15:46 PM »
ok ill lookj it up
Ray McBerry for Governor of Georgia in 2010!  Reclaim the sovereignty of the States!

Youtube Channel:

He has many informative videos advocating his candidacy.

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« Reply #71 on: January 24, 2008, 09:16:03 PM »
Not as much a problem till they are literally linked to commerce (buying and selling - must have the "implant" to purchase) and limiting travel.  Thus the actual intended purpose for this RFID technology will become apparent.  

Absolute Dicatatorial Control!!

Patriot X

So in essence, they could have already injected me or anyone else (for that matter) with any manner of nano-techology; technology that none of us are presently aware of, and until this is used for mind-control, commerce, and limiting travel, I am ALL FOR IT!  

Just kidding.  hehehe.   ;D
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« Reply #72 on: January 24, 2008, 09:19:08 PM »
i think you're talking about the chips that are the size of this @

but i think these chips are just passive chips
they only work when they receive signals
and have a signal distance of maybe 10-15 feet

i think these are too small to have a power supply
and therefore cannot send out signals
food shortages and/or near starvation
will be the tactic/strategy used by TPTB to get america's guns

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« Reply #73 on: January 24, 2008, 09:27:43 PM »
I think I would miss that in a bowl of grapenuts!

Patriot X  ;D
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« Reply #74 on: January 24, 2008, 09:30:26 PM »
lol, but serious did you guys read the exploding 20 dollar bill story in the prisonplanet big brother RFID archive?  It's insane
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« Reply #75 on: January 25, 2008, 09:04:21 AM »
I used to erase cassette tapes by holding them in front of the TV. This proposed system has a huge hole I feel. Surely we'll quickly come up with a small device to erase other people's chips which fits in our pocket. Walk through a crowd and its chaos. How can they stop this???

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« Reply #76 on: January 25, 2008, 09:30:00 AM »
There is a movie called "The Final Cut" with Robin Williams. People have implants and their entire lives are recorded. Everything they see. Williams character makes an "edit" of their memories for a nice memorial to play at the funeral after they die. The people who are resisting the chip have these crazy tattoos that block the chip from working. This might be another idea to experiment with.
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« Reply #77 on: January 25, 2008, 03:23:25 PM »
I used to erase cassette tapes by holding them in front of the TV.
It takes more than just magnetic effect to harm a chip, it has to be induced with enough current to fry the components :(

As for wide spread use, you would most likely fry anything else electronic, cells, calculators, pacemakers(baaad idea), as well as the mark. I still like the idea though, go past a chip repository and fry in one go ;D
If lightning were to strike nearby, yeah, that would definately do it. Know any spare lightning?
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« Reply #78 on: January 25, 2008, 04:09:47 PM »
Well this sucks because we wont be able to effectively resist in the event of martial law, unless we run around naked or something lol dont do that though
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« Reply #79 on: January 25, 2008, 04:25:04 PM »
Actually the size i'm referring to is this---(note the white blobs are grains of rice, the black dots are the chips):

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He has many informative videos advocating his candidacy.