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I am currently looking for a good quality version of the complete 911 Citizens Watch Inquiry which took place, I believe, on Sept. 9, 2004 that has the whole Indira Singh statement including the complete Q&A afterwards.

Can anyone help with an accurate torrent file as the torrents out there are very incomplete and the Google video is cut and very grainy. Thank you.

If you have other videos, audios and actual text that I am unaware of, I would welcome that with open arms as well. Archive.org has yielded nothing of use thus far when she mentions her full statements are posted on a certain website that no longer exists. Cheers!


--- Quote from: Initiated on August 06, 2009, 09:47:02 PM ---I am currently looking for a good quality version of the complete 911 Citizens Watch Inquiry which took place, I believe, on Sept. 9, 2004 that has the whole Indira Singh statement including the complete Q&A afterwards.

Can anyone help with an accurate torrent file as the torrents out there are very incomplete and the Google video is cut and very grainy. Thank you.

If you have other videos, audios and actual text that I am unaware of, I would welcome that with open arms as well. Archive.org has yielded nothing of use thus far when she mentions her full statements are posted on a certain website that no longer exists. Cheers!

--- End quote ---

PM me and I will hook you up with some higher quality vids.

Clyde Stormont
United States

Dr. Clyde Stormont was the founder and a noted authority on horse blood typing. His research created the foundation for blood typing research, and he developed a method for establishing parentage verification that guarantees the integrity of horse breed studbooks. Inducted December 1990.

As a geneticist, Dr. Clyde Stormont worked to identify the genetic markers in the blood of animals which allow the verification of parentage, and is known as the founder of horse blood typing. Dr. Stormont was also the primary developer of equine blood typing. His research revolutionized the identification of racehorses and was adopted by The Jockey Club in the late 1970s, guaranteeing the integrity of the studbooks and protecting breeders, owners and the sporting public. Shortly thereafter, other breed associations adopted blood typing programs to ensure the integrity of their registries.

Dr. Stormont was born in 1916 in Viola, Wisconsin. He earned a B.S. degree in zoology in 1938 and a Ph.D. degree in genetics at the University of Wisconsin in 1947. (His doctoral work on blood groups in cattle was a research landmark.) He was an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin and a Fulbright-Hayes Fellow in New Zealand before joining the faculty at the newly-formed School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis, in 1950. Between that time and his retirement in 1982, Dr. Stormont conducted genetic research on several species in addition to horses. He established and was both chairman and director of Stormont Laboratories, Inc., Woodland, California.

In addition to his work on parentage verification blood typing, Dr. Stormont and his colleagues pinpointed the blood group markings responsible for hemolytic disease in newborn foals, and they devised a reliable test to identify mares at risk of producing such foals.

Dr. Stormont won many awards for his work, including the Louis Pasteur Medallion from the Pasteur Institute in Paris for his contributions to knowledge of animal blood groups, a Scripps Fellowship from the Zoological Society of San Diego, and the Director’s Award from the Arabian Horse Registry of America for “valuable contribution to the horse industry through the development of equine blood typing.” Dr. Stormont’s many professional affiliations included: American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Association of Immunologists, American Society of Human Genetics, American Bison Association, Genetics Society of America, Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, and the U.S. Animal Health Association.

Dulce, New Mexico. What's the Deal?
This file is what I have ripped off, for Fair Use, from wherever I could find writings about the doings in Dulce, New Mexico.

This is what information is available on-line about Dulce Facility, what is believed to be true. It starts off and the reading begins with specifics about the on-going conduct of war- profiteering (called "defense contracting") in the military- industrial complex itself.

Further, there is no more recent information than Bill Cooper's, "Behold a Pale Horse." Nothing further has been released into the public domain; however, this multi-manuscript goes deeper than even Bill Cooper's went, speaking of multi-dimensional inter- space wars.

ACCOUNT NUMBER ONE -- where we pick up the story

"The Washington man is MICHAEL RICONOSCIUTO who is now waiting for a trial in a Washington jail on conspiracy to sell drugs charges, charges which Riconosciuto claims are manufactured. Indeed, the charge made against Riconosciuto were made one week after Riconosciuto authored and signed an affidavit describing his role in modifying the pirated [PROMIS] software.

(Note: It is interesting what connections we can find here. Michael Riconosciuto was a Wackenhut-CIA employee who told researcher Michael Lindemann that he had attempted to get a whole helicopter full of documents and evidence detailing illegal biogenetic activities and non-Congressionally sanctioned projects involving 'illegal Aliens' out of the Nevada Test Site. The chopper was blown out of the sky, killing all five personnel on board. Michael's father happened to be Marshall Riconosciuto, a fascist and a supporter of Adolph Hitler who was a very close friend of Fred L. Crisman. Crisman was involved in the Maurey Island 'UFO' sighting incident in 1947 near Tacoma, Washington, which researcher Anthony Kimory believes involved the test-flight of hybrid CIA - PROJECT PAPERCLIP - NAZI aerial disks.

There are several sources which claim that by the early 1940's the Nazi's had succeeded in test-flying wingless lenticular craft powered by rotary devices, rocket power, and DONUT CONFIGURATION jet turbine engines -- rather than cylindrical -- with the cabin stabilized by gyro, the compressors rotating in one direction and the expansion chambers and vectored exhausts rotating in the opposite direction.

In fact, the movie, "THE BATTLE OF THE BULGE" correctly implies that this, one of the largest military battles during World War II between American and German forces, was an attempt by the Germans to buy time and prolong the war just a little while longer, for within a few more months the Germans would have been mass-producing jet fighters, bombers and other super-weapons that would have been invincible to turbo-prop fleets of the Allies.

With the Allied invasion of Germany just before mass-production began, many of the prototypes and plans of the Nazi military machine were captured. However most of the most sophisticated prototypes, plans and even scientists mysteriously turned up missing following the war.

We will reserve further discussion on this subject until later in this volume. After the war had ended several of the Nazi scientists who WERE captured -- and who had helped to develop the revolutionary aircraft -- were recruited by the CIA as a result of a secret deal that had been made between Allen Dulles, a member of the Bavarian Illuminati; and Nazi S.S. General Reinhard Gehlen, a member of the Bavarian Thule Society.

The deep connections between the Bavarian Illuminati which sponsored the CIA and the Bavarian Thule society which sponsored the Nazis allowed for the upper covert-ops levels of the CIA to be manned by nothing less than the core of the Nazi S.S. itself, with the help of fascist sympathizers and fifth column double-agents working within American intelligence, although some leading Nazis were 'sacrificed' to the Nuremberg trials to appease the Allies and establish the illusion that Europe had been de-Nazified.

Fred L. Crisman incidentally was a 'witness' to the Maurey Island event and had helped two Army G-2 agents acquire 'slag samples' which fell from one of the six DONUT-SHAPED ships observed. On their way to deliver the samples to Wright-Patterson AFB in Ohio, their plane crashed and both G-2 agents were killed. Some people at the time insisted that the plane had been sabotaged. Two of the reporters who investigated the incident lost their lives, and Kenneth Arnold who investigated the incident after being commissioned by AMAZING STORIES editor Ray Palmer claimed that his conversations with a high Air Force official concerning the subject were electronically monitored.

Also, strange government agents in dark suits were seen in the area. Shortly after his investigation Kenneth Arnold, during an air-search for a crashed plane over Mt. Rainier, saw 9 crescent-shaped discs which he called 'flying saucers'. The news media publicized the incident and the term stuck and became a media catch word ever since. Also around this same time -- 1947 -- Arnold escaped a near-fatal crash when his airplane mysteriously lost power.

The connections do not end here. Fred L. Crisman was a close friend to Clay Shaw, whom Louisiana District Attorney James Garrison -- see the movie 'JFK' -- accused of being the CIA-Mafia go-between in the John F. Kennedy murder. Garrison arrested Shaw in an effort to charge him and the CIA with the JFK assassination; however only a few days before the hearing Garrison's star witness David Ferry was killed and Garrison's remaining evidence was not enough to bring about a conviction.

Fred Crisman was the first man Clay Shaw called when he heard that Garrison intended to implicate him. Garrison also believed that Clay Shaw himself was involved with PROJECT PAPERCLIP, the secret operation to bring Nazi war criminals into the United States by the hundreds -- some say thousands -- and give them immunity and new identities in such institutions as U.S. Intelligence, the Military-Industrial complex, Space agencies, and various Rockefeller-connected oil cartels such as ARCO, STANDARD [EXXON], ZAPATA [owned by Geo H W Bush], etc., corporations that were supported by Bavarian-based secret-society lodges, corpora- tions actually selling oil to the Nazi's during World War II and had helped keep the Nazi "war machine" operating.

According to Garrison, Crisman worked as a middle-man between the fascist policy makers and the lower echelons of the Military- Industrial Complex. "Oh what a tangled web..." These American mega- bankers and traitors to freedom had supported the Nazis in an effort to initiate a Bavarian-backed "New World Order" under cover of the "Third Reich".

Read the book, NONE DARE CALL IT CONSPIRACY, by the late Gary Allen for more on the Rockefeller connection, and also the various works by Dr. Antony Sutton. (--Branton)

"The affidavit also claimed that he [Michael Riconosciuto], had been contacted by phone and threatened by PETER VIDENIEKS -- a Justice Department employee and Customs official who Riconosciuto alleged had intelligence ties -- as to the possible consequences of his going public with certain information.

"According to Riconosciuto, Videnieks was a frequent visitor to the Cabazon Indian reservation near Palm Springs and visited with tribal manager, John P. Nichols. Nichols was in essence Riconosciuto's boss in a number of enterprises conducted on reservation land and the PROMIS modification was just one of these projects.

According to Riconosciuto in an interview with T.C. conducted from jail, the PROMIS software was modified to install a backdoor access for use by American intelligence services. The software was then sold to 88 different countries as a sort of 'Trojan horse' package enabling us to access their intelligence systems. According to Riconosciuto these countries included Iraq and Libya.

"Correspondence between Nichols and other companies, if authentic, indicates that Riconosciuto's claims of his expertise in the area of electronics and armaments appear to be true. Marshall Riconoscuito, Michael's father, is a reputed former business partner of Richard Nixon.

"According to Riconosciuto, the fuzzy status of reservation land as 'sovereign' allowed elements of the CIA and organized crime to conduct business uniquely.

"Among the projects worked on during this time were joint projects with WACKENHUT, a company loaded with former CIA and NSA personnel and business ventures with the Saudi Arabian royal family and other unusual projects.

"A joint venture with Southern California Edison will soon be generating power for bio-mass drawn from local waste outlets. Biological warfare projects were investigated with Stormont Labs looking into the creation of 'pathogenic viruses' and enhanced fuel-air explosive weapons [were] created and tested in league with Meridian Arms at the NEVADA TESTING RANGE which matched the explosive power of nuclear devices.

"These enhanced weapons gained their power from polarizing the molecules in the gas cloud by modification of the electric field, a technology developed from exploring Thomas Townsend Brown's suppressed work, a knowledge which Riconosciuto claims he gained from working at LEAR in Reno, Nevada.

"Riconosciuto is said to have worked on the enhanced fuel-air explosive weapons with Gerald Bull of Space Research Corporation. Bull, now deceased, later became an arms advisor to Saddam Hussein. It is said that HUSSEIN POSSESSES THE FAE TECHNOLOGY.

"In July, Anson Ng, a reporter for the Financial Times of London was shot and killed in Guatemala. He had reportedly been trying to interview an American there named Jimmy Hughes, a one-time director of security for the Cabazon Indian Reservation secret projects.

"In April, a Philadelphia attorney named Dennis Eisman was found dead, killed by a single bullet in his chest. According to a former federal official who worked with Eisman, the attorney was found dead in the parking lot where he had been due to meet with a woman who had crucial evidence to share substantiating Riconosciuto's claims. Both Eisman's and Ng's deaths were declared suicides by authorities.

"Fred Alvarez, a Cabazon tribal leader who was in vocal opposi- tion to the developments on the reservation, was found shot to death WITH two friends in 1981. Their murder remains unsolved.

"The leader of the House, Thomas Foley, announced last month that a formal inquiry will be initiated into the Inslaw case. Foley appointed Senator Terry Sanford as co-chairman of the joint congressional panel. Prior to his election, Senator Sanford was the attorney REPRESENTING Earl Brian in his 1985 takeover bid for United Press International and was instrumental in appointing Earl Brian, a medical doctor, to the board of Duke Medical School, of which Sanford is President.

"However, despite repeated requests from journalists to produce photographs showing Riconosciuto together with Brian, and requests to produce his passport showing his alleged trip to Iran, he has not yet done so. Also,Riconosciuto failed to be able to describe Peter Videnieks to CNN's Moneyline program, claiming a medical condition prevented him from remembering clearly. This led one former intelligence operative to speculate that we may be witness- ng a very sophisticated intelligence operation being played out in public.

"ormer F.B.I. Special Agent Ted Gunderson speaks FOR Riconosciuto's credibility. Gunderson, who lives in Manhattan Beach, has worked with Riconosciuto for many years in his capacity as private investigator. Together, according to Gunderson, they were respon- ible for thwarting a terrorist operation during the Los Angeles Olympics. According to Gunderson, Riconosciuto was well known in certain circles as a genius in almost all sciences.

"The so-called drug operation broken up in Washington State was an electro-hydrodynamic mining operation, claimed Gunderson, using Townsend Brown technology. A videotape viewed by this journalist revealed metallic powders and apparent processes unrelated to drug manufacture. Indeed, a government analysis of soil samples revealed the absence of drug contamination, but a high concentration of barium. Barium is often found in high voltage related work.

"Unsubstantiated information from an intelligence source claims that the current situation is THE VISIBLE EFFECT OF A WAR CURRENTLY GOING ON IN THE INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY between a group centered in the CIA called AQUARIUS [around a powerful center known as MJ-12] and a group known as COM-12 centered around Naval Intelligence. COM-12 is reputedly trying to sustain a rearguard action to sustain and preserve constitutional government and is deliberately LEAKING INFORMATION damaging to the former group."

In the same publication, same issue, there appeared a follow-up article just following the one given above. Written by Thomas Zed, the article, titled, "WACKENHUT'S CONNECTION WITH THE BLACK PROJECT WORLD" stated: "The Wackenhut company has a very close connection to the world of BLACK BUDGET PROJECTS. Besides being connected with the Cabazon venture mentioned in this issue it is also responsible, according to jailed computer consultant Michael Riconosciuto, FOR THE SECRET PROJECTS BEING UNDERTAKEN IN DULCE, NEW MEXICO, where the JICARILLA INDIAN RESERVATION IS BEING SIMILARLY USED.

"After sending two of my colleagues there recently AND RECEIVING CONFIRMATION THAT THERE WAS A TOP SECRET MILITARY TYPE INSTALLATION, I decided to call the newspaper office and make an educated bluff. I identified myself as a freelance reporter from Los Angeles -- and told the newspaper that I was doing a story on the Cabazon reserva- tion biological warfare projects that had been undertaken there on behalf of the CIA. I told her that I had heard that there were similar things being done in Dulce and would like to know what was going on.

"The official I spoke to BECAME FRIGHTENED and said, 'I can't talk to you about that! It would be very unprofessional of me to talk to you about that. You'll have to speak to the President of the tribe.' She then hung up. "I have yet to call back and ask the President of the tribe, but will report on that in the next issue.

"Wackenhut is also responsible for security of a lot of UNDERGROUND FACILITIES in California and Nevada, including the notorious S-4 or AREA 51 in Nevada where Townsend Brown flying disk technology [written about in a T.C. recent issue] has been flying and developing for decades.

"A recent helicopter crash at the area, where two pilots and three security guards from Wackenhut flying in a Messerschmit BO-105 helicopter were killed was not at all accidental, claimed Riconosciuto, who said that the individuals aboard the helicopter were traveling with sensitive documents. Groups are now investigating Riconosciuto's claims..."


The REAL genius of Mike Riconosciuto

Michael has been spearheading some amazing technology which opens up an entire new area for energy resources, as well as communication technology which will propel the computer industry far beyond where it is now. The following article offers a glimpse into this fascinating new area of research.


Electrostatic Cooling-Science Fact or Fiction?

In an attempt to describe my technical work in the context of my criminal case I have met with a lot of criticism. At times the criticism has turned to outright ridicule. I have been accused of everything from making wild claims to not knowing my physics.

My work in heat transfer has many significant uses in military, industrial, and communications applications. A point that I had made to the science editor of DerSpeigel Magazine during a interview was that the F-111 plane built by General Dynamics was in service because of technology that I was attempting to describe as part of the basis for some of my work. The science editor and his researchers claimed that they had never heard of any of these concepts, and could not locate the references that I claimed existed.

Finally, in September of 1998 I received a partial copy of the DESIGN NEWS article on the wing pin cooling and the POPULAR SCIENCE article on electrostatic cooling that review the heat transfer technology that I had been attempting to describe. What is significant in these articles is that: <1> the electrical power used to cool the wing pin is an extremely low amount. So much so that there appears to be a SECOND LAW violation. <2> the determination that an "electric wind" is responsible for the instantaneous electrostatic cooling fails to account for the speed and the amount of the observed heat flow in the wing pin welding process and other demonstrations. <3> the article on the wing pin understates the importance of the electrostatic cooling process in the production of the F-111 wing pins. The early versions of the F-111 were grounded because of a series of crashes attributed to the structural failure of conventional methods using clamp cooling bars and periodic shutdowns to cool the pins during the welding process.

General Dynamics had explored every possible manufacturing technique for fabricating the wing pins in an effort to save the F-111 project. In desperation, as a last resort, General Dynamics allowed the electrostatic cooling to be demonstrated on a actual wing pin. General Dynamic scientists, engineers, and executives were astounded by the structural tests on the sample wing pin. <4> the POPULAR SCIENCE article does not go into any detail on the capability of the electrostatic cooling process to thermally stabilize high power laser components.

The PS article only makes a vague reference to "infrared optics". Neither of these articles make any mention of the capability of electrostatic cooling to control heat in *all* types of explosives, or the control of heat in electrical power fuses. Electrostatic cooling has enabled a whole new class of tactical explosive systems and high energy electric power systems.

The claims made for electrostatic cooling appear to be lifted from the pages of a science fiction story. I am using the F-111 project as a concrete, real world example of the capabilities of electrostatic cooling since the project would have more than likely been scrapped had it not been for the application of electrostatic cooling to the wing pin welding process.

Similar dramatic successes have been realized in the MIRACL, COIL, TEXS, and ETC weapons programs. None of these programs could be a workable reality without the application of proprietary electrostatic cooling techniques. The practical application of the underlying thermodynamic concepts of electrostatic cooling to ergodicity and entropyy in high performance data communications systems has only recently become apparent to the computer industry.

The thermodynamic concepts behind electrostatic cooling have a impact on the "transport properties" of the message entropy of data signals over large networks.

The analysis and understanding of the electrostatic cooling effect was accomplished by starting with a series of obvious experimental measurements in order to lead to the complex mathematical physics principles that were anything but obvious.

The initial analysis of the numbers for the operation of the wing pin welding process (less the 20 watts power to the electrostatic probes) would lead one to suspect a violation of the second law of thermodynamics is being claimed here. The control of such a large amount of thermal energy in and around the weld zone and throughout the bulk of the wing pin, with less than 20 watts of electrical power, is a very fantastic claim.

However, it is no less fantastic than the postulated explanation given by Dr.Kibler, the senior scientist for General Dynamics, attributing this phemenonal rate of heat transfer to a "electric wind".

Some experiments were conducted using a SCHLIEREN optical system and an infrared thermograph. A Schlieren optical system is capable of detecting regions or streaks in a transparent medium that have density and a refractive index differing from that of the bulk of the surrounding medium. This enables pressure and/or temperature gradients to be detected by photographing a beam of light propagating transversely through the medium. The Schlieren optical system displayed the thermal boundary layer present at the surface of the heated wing pin.

The Infrared thermograph displayed the overall thermal profile of the wing pin during the entire welding process. Application of the low power electrostatic field was clearly seen to instantaneously break up the thermal boundary layer that was present over the heated wing pin surface area.

The wing pin could be made to attain a new thermal equilibrium anywhere in a temperature range of a few degrees lower than initial conditions to over 500 degrees F lower, just outside the weld zone throughout the surrounding area. This new equilibrium was attained in a matter of mere seconds throughout the entire bulk of the wing pin.

The application of external chill bars and/or a "electric wind" is a surface phenomenon. Careful experimental analysis of the boundary layer thermal transfer effect confirmed that heat transfer was indeed substantially enhanced when the electrostatic field disrupted the boundary layer. The boundary layer was found to act as an effective thermal impedance to both radiative and convective thermal transfer from the surface of the wing pin.

The disruption of the thermal boundary layer by the electrostatic field yielded approximately a 4:1 increase in the rate of thermal transfer from the surface of the wing pin. I conducted an experiment on a batch of wing pins welded with chill bars. In this series of experiments I applied a film of electronic grade heat transfer compound to the wing pin surface/chill bar interface. This had the effect of inhibiting the thermal impedance presented by the thermal boundary layer.

The results in this series of experiments were nearly a 4:1 increase in total thermal transfer from the surface of the wing pin to the chill bars during the welding process. This comparable to the rate increase in surface heat flow found when the wing pins were welded in the presence of the electrostatic field, but without the bulk cooling effect and nearly instantaneous thermal re-equilibration properties of electrostatic cooling.

There was a major DOD/DARPA interest in the capability to a-thermalize the materials in high power laser optical components. This is the reason that most of my proof of principle research was conducted with laser grade optical materials <mirrors, quarter wave plates, laser rods, lenses, Brewster window materials, etc.>.

One of the first thoughts that struck me when experimenting with the wing pin welding process was that the bulk thermal transport effects appeared to violate JOULE'S law of heat flow. This prompted me to obtain a large slab of IR-TRAN-2 laser glass. For experimental purposes I had numerous thermocouples imbedded throughout the bulk of the glass slab. I placed this slab of glass on the surface of a laboratory type hot plate. The heating top of this hot plate was only one inch thick.

I had it drilled out to place numerous thermocouples throughout it's bulk. I also took the heating coil element from a kitchen type hot plate and mounted it in a custom case. This case had provisions for the use of both contact thermocouples and a view port on the underside for the thermograph. Both of the hot plates were powered through a isolation transformer, and the temperature regulated by a variac.

A series of experiments were conducted with different electrode configurations and grounding arrangements. It was determined experimentally that by "appropriate modulation" of the high voltage field that the electrostatic heat transfer effect could be enhanced by several orders of magnitude. The voltage and current inputs to the hot plate and the voltage and current supplied to the electrostatic cooling probes were monitored during all the experiments.

The uniformity of the bulk cooling effect was immediately confirmed by repeated experimental demonstrations.

Measurements of radiated and convected heat flow away from the glass slab did not come anywhere near accounting for the BTU loss required for the temperature drop of the slab. The total heat dissipation actually measured in the experimental set-ups could not be immediately reconciled with the SECOND LAW of thermodynamics, JOULE'S LAW and FOURIER'S theorems on heat flow, and the CONSERVATION laws of physics.

Additional theoretical work had to be performed.

Retired Admiral, Al Renkin, and myself demonstrated this heat transfer phenomenon to scientists from the various national laboratories. As amazed as they were, none of the scientists or engineers could accurately characterize the underlying physics of the experimentally observed phenomenon in our demonstrations. At this point the ONR (Office of Naval Research) proposed that the experimental set-up be changed.

Oscar Blomgren Jr. had succeeded in cooling spots on the filament of a long display case type lightbulb. I was asked if it were possible to cool the entire length of the filament simultaneously, to the same degree as the sections <spots> of the filament had been. The answer was yes.

Then ONR wanted to see the numbers on probe energy versus the electrical energy input and thermal and convective heat flow around the filament.

Vacuum and inert gas backfilled lightbulbs were used for this set of experiments. The experimental results were immediately classified and all hell broke out around our project. I suddenly had immense resources in money and personnel made available to our project through DARPA, ONR, and USAF PRAM PROJECT OFFICE.

This R&D continued for 3 years until it was disrupted by the murder of Paul Morasca. When I realized that Paul Morasca was terminated by the US Government, I folded up the project at Hercules, Cabazon, and Sonoma Engineering.

The research data and equipment from the entire project went into storage. I have effectively been on the run since I shelved the project in 1984.

My work on this project started with a heat transfer phenomenon that had been accidentaly discovered by Oscar Blomgren Jr. I succeeded in completely reconciling the observed experimental results with the apparent violations of the laws of physics. The work that I completed can be summarized as mathematical modeling and numerical simulation with application of the BOUNDARY VALUE PROBLEMS OF THERMODYNAMICS based on second order partial differential equations derived from elliptic functions. The mathematical principles and physical laws that cover this work are as follows: <1> the laws of thermodynamics. <2> the boundary value problems <1st-the DIRICHLET problem, 2nd-the NEUMANN problem, 3rd- ROBIN'S problem. <3> the equations of mathematical physics <the equations of LAPLACE, POISSON,and the wave equation>. <4> Maxwell's relations in thermodynamics <not to be confused with Maxwell's electromagnetic equations>.

The Maxwell relations in thermodynamics are based on Maxwell's cross-partial derivatives and lead to the HELM HOLTZ function and the GIBBS function.

My work succeeded in clarifying the physics of the observed heat transfer effects demonstrated by the use of electrostatic cooling. The discoveries that I made have been classified and improperly expropriated by agencies of the US government.

Michael James Riconosciuto

Below is the first page and the last page of a Non-Disclosure agreement signed by a representative of the US air Force. The agreement is for the "legal rights" to several of the technologies that Mike single-handedly conceived. Mike Riconosciuto is performing the type of work that book authors such as David Brin have written on -regarding the government and secret codes.

This subject deals with the illegal expropriations of Secret Technologies and government research into this subject. MAJOR mathematics and physics problems were explored and solved and a brilliant new theorem was discovered. Mike and his associates are still trying to publish this theorem in it's entirety however there are several "patent issues" at stake, and certain US government employees are trying to prevent this technology from "getting out" (being made public) or (de-classified by FORCE)


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