Will Ferrell and George Bush/Dave Rothschild connection in the '70s (True?)

Author Topic: Will Ferrell and George Bush/Dave Rothschild connection in the '70s (True?)  (Read 54059 times)

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You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush
Reviewed By: David Finkle Feb 6, 2009  New York

If you keep in mind that our recently retired head of state was president of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity at Yale University -- which is generally considered the inspiration for the film Animal House -- and if you also keep in mind that Will Ferrell has made a specialty in his movies of playing adult men suffering from seriously arrested development, then you'll have a good idea of what's in store at You're Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush, now at the Cort Theatre under Adam McKay's smooth direction.

As a result, theatergoers who relish this kind of somewhat juvenile yukfest will likely laugh out loud through most of the gag-filled text as Ferrell flawlessly showcases the Bush mimicry he first honed on Saturday Night Live. Other audience members, however, may find much of the material in the 80-minute show as unnecessarily vulgar -- even bordering-on-the-obscene -- instead of hilarious.

As Bush -- who arrives in an unusual fashion onto Eugene Lee's star-spangled set -- recounts his family history and his past eight years in office, he recalls such nostalgic moments as Dick Cheney behaving with sexual abandon in the White House basement; a dray-horse-like Barbara Bush rescuing her hubby and the male Bush siblings from a gone-awry abandoned-mine excursion in Texas; Dubya's seemingly homosexual tryst with old buddy Dave Rothschild in the 1970s; not to mention a visit from a raunchily gyrating Condoleezza Rice (played by Pia Glenn, part of the show's little-used four-member supporting troupe).

Furthermore, the affable comic -- aided by video designers Lisa Cuscuna and Chris Cronin -- also has the unembarrassed George flash an up-close-and-personal snapshot of what he claims are his private parts. Towards show's end, Ferrell also has patrons shout out their names and occupations so that, Bush-like, he can give them instant nicknames, a bit that's almost sure to guarantee chuckles.

Indeed, even those audience members who are not Ferrell's biggest fans (myself included) may nevertheless end up appreciating the enterprise on a deeper level -- as a masterful character study that accumulates power the longer Ferrell portrays "W" as the affable gladhander and backslapper he's always appeared to be.

Smartly, Ferrell as taken an image of Bush that many Americans have indelibly etched in their currently spinning heads and expanded it into something grandly surreal and deeply frightening in its insistence on one man's impenetrable state of denial. What we see on the stage is a fellow totally and unshakably confident about his misguided and ultimately destructive leadership and decision-making. When the fictional Bush concludes the show by saying "You're Welcome America," he means it.


The stand up does not paint a good picture for the mass murdering skull and bonesman.  It does not go into all the details that we are aware of, but it was much more reality based than that BS W movie.  But does anyone know more about the Dave Rothschild stuff in the 1970's?  The shit is only funny if there is a bit of truth in it and who drops the "Rothschild" bomb on a multi-million person audience unless there is something to back it up?

Does anyone know more about this?
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Its sickening to know that truth is always stranger than fiction.

Whats next a comedy about burning children alive in a gay orgy so that the "leaders" who happen to have trigger buttons to nuclear and biological Armageddon can sooth their "cares".

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From another review of the show:
During his years at Yale, he earned the nickname "Gin & Tonic" presumably for his perfect mix of rapier like wit and the wisdom of a much older man. He also laid to rest the "controversy" over his supposed absence from his stint in the Air National Guard, and while there isn't any "documentation" of his whereabouts during those lost years, Bush confessed that his time was spent sharing a cabin in Vermont with his mostly-platonic bro Dave Rothschild.

I think it was just Ferrell being silly, there doesn't seem to be anything else in t'interwizzle

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I think that the American Jokes on "Look how strange sexual behaviors others have" shouldn't be the issue.
America has become a country where the president is a the biggest cocaine drugs dealer buddies with the Wall Street white washing laundries but nobody gives AF!
But when you caught in what I consider to be a very private matter a president gets in trouble????

This is like Alice in Wonderland upside down land cause it should be exactly the opposite!

The president should be convicted for the dealing and left alone for the private matters doesn't anyone want that?

Maybe the sense of humor says something about the growing phase each state or country is in?

Germans like jokes about shit so they are still in their anal phase.

Brits find it funny to see man dressed up like women? So, they are still in the phase of getting to learn about the other sexes say like 9 year olds so way past the anal phase.

But to make a taboo out of ones very private sex live but don't care about what really the focus should be on is  about "people killing other people" is cynical to observe to say the least.
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Matrixcutter just uploaded this to his Youtube Channel.

No wonder I didn't laugh, it's Will Ferrell.

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I saw it a while back and there was a guy in the audience named Dave Rothchild which was kind of funny. He looked like he was just making up a name when he said it but who knows?