FBI fears "cybergeddon" but won't investigate the cyberterrorists (BAH, Mitre)

Author Topic: FBI fears "cybergeddon" but won't investigate the cyberterrorists (BAH, Mitre)  (Read 1045 times)

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 CYBER attacks pose the greatest threat to the United States after nuclear war and weapons of mass destruction - and they are increasingly hard to prevent, FBI experts say.
Shawn Henry, assistant director of the FBI's cyber division, told a conference in New York that computer attacks pose the biggest risk "from a national security perspective, other than a weapon of mass destruction or a bomb in one of our major cities".

"Other than a nuclear device or some other type of destructive weapon, the threat to our infrastructure, the threat to our intelligence, the threat to our computer network is the most critical threat we face," he added.

US experts warn of "cybergeddon", in which an advanced economy - where almost everything of importance is linked to or controlled by computers - falls prey to hackers, with catastrophic results.
Michael Balboni, deputy secretary for public safety in New York state, described "a huge threat out there" against everything from banking institutions to municipal water systems and dams.

Mr Henry said terrorist groups aim for an online 9/11, "inflicting the same kind of damage on our country, on all our countries, on all our networks, as they did in 2001 by flying planes into buildings".

A web attack of that scale has not yet happened in the US but computer hacking - once something of a sport for brilliant delinquents - is rapidly evolving around the world as a weapon of war.

Russian hackers allegedly mounted huge assaults on internet networks in Estonia and Georgia last year, while Palestinian sympathisers have orchestrated attacks against hundreds of Israeli websites in the past few days.

Evan Kohlmann, an investigator with Global Terror Alert, based in Washington, said websites and social networking tools already allow underground Islamist leaders and militant organisations to recruit and communicate in safety worldwide.

Jihadist websites can be destroyed, but "you knock one out and another pops up the next day".

More efforts are being made to infiltrate the sites and disrupt the clandestine networks, Mr Kohlmann said.

In response, young militants are learning how to code software, or they are getting help from freelance experts, including those in Russia, who may well have nothing to do with Islamist causes.

"Right now, we're at the cusp of this," Mr Kohlmann said.

Financial cyber criminals, who use the internet to steal identities, siphon billions of dollars, and sometimes paralyse businesses, are also becoming more sophisticated.

"It used to be we'd chase people around, literally carrying duffel bags of cash," said Donald Codling, the FBI's cyber unit liaison with the Department of Homeland Security.

"Nowadays the guy can use his SIM chip and he can move money all over the world and his confederates can withdraw that money from an ATM in a currency of his or her choice. It's extraordinarily difficult for us to catch them."

Mr Codling, like other cyber crime fighters, expressed grudging admiration for the skills of his foes, who he said are highly motivated and often a step ahead.

"We're seeing that the folks on the cutting edge of this tend to be the bad guys. There's a financial reason for them to be good at this," he said.
"Free societies are not meant to be safe, they are meant to be free. Quit being a victim and learn to defend yourself."

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Re: FBI concerned about 'cybergeddon'
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The FBI is "worried"?

Then why is the FBI and DoD actively trying to create cyber terror on public networks while protecting their NWO private networks?

Here is Anti-Illuminati's call:


//transcript begins approximately 1:16 into the 3/2/2009 broadcast//

AJ:  Let’s go to your phone calls right now.  Anti Illuminati in Nevada.  You’re on the air Anti Illuminati.

AI:  Good morning Alex.

AJ:  Hi.

AI:  I respectfully would ask you to give me the floor here.  I’ve got a lot of really important things to talk about.

AJ:  Well I gotta let other callers…hold on, hold on.  I gotta let other callers get on as well, so you got 2 minutes.  Go ahead.

AI:  In 3 days there’s gonna be the Warfighter’s Vision 2009 at the Ronald Reagan Building.  Lt. Gen. Steven Blum of Northern Command is gonna be there.  They’re having a cyber security conference.  NORTHCOM’s gonna be involved with “cyber security”. 

On 3/11, five years after the Madrid train black ops, Maj. Gen. Chip Long of Joint Task Force Civil Support along with Col Steven Hearn, both of Northern Command, are gonna be at Domestic Defense ‘09 at the same place.  You can figure that out.  This is all on your website. 

Lesser known.  On April 22nd, there’s gonna be the Spring Intelligence Symposium, Defense Intelligence Analysis Center, at the DIAC , Bolling Air Force Base, Washington.  Above top secret meeting.  It’s gonna consist of people like former SECDEF, William Perry and Gen Michael Hayden, again, with cyber security. 

Some of their sponsors?  None other than CACI and SAIC.  You’re gonna have CACI torture goon squads in the United States running cyber security, folks.  OK?  They don’t need an introduction if you know who these guys are.  Some of their exhibitors, BIT systems, CSS, ManTech International, all these guys are gonna be involved with the fusion centers. 

I wanna call out something right now.  I know who’s carrying out…I know that you guys listening that are in intelligence…I know who’s carrying out this false flag cyber crap that you guys are pulling.  It’s Booz Allen Hamilton and MITRE Corporation.  Both of your organizations are criminal terrorist organizations.  And you’re under the AFCA, which is the Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association as well as the NCOIC, which is the Network Center Operations Industry Consortium. 

All of you are criminal terrorists.  And, you Generals that I mentioned, you are enemies of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  And you need to be arrested, and you need to be tried for treason immediately.  Get the hell out of my country!  If you think that I will submit to you, or the American people are going to submit to you.  You have been illegally set up. 

Gen Eberhart was with Dick Cheney.  You carried out 9/11 because you wanted to set up, you wanted to springboard enterprise architecture, development within the Federal Aviation Administration.  I’ve got your own documents.  I’ve posted documents that you people don’t even realize…I’m not talking to your listeners.  I’m talking to the new world order.  I’ve got military documents from the Air Force that says that //sounds like “Hussein Eberman”// was involved with…was developing Ptech and it was gonna be used for military experimentation for C(4)ISR development.  OK? 

All you, all of you top brass that are gonna be engaging in this fake, non-existent, cyber terror that’s gonna be staged by Booz Allen Hamilton and all this.  It’s ridiculous.  And I wanna mention one other thing.  There’s another reason why cyber security is a total fraud. OK?  NORTHCOM as well as every other one of their allies in the new world order.  They’re immune to cyber attacks. 

Do you know why?  Because they have something called a TechGuard PoliWall filter.  // http://www.techguardsecurity.com/docs/poliwall_data.pdf //  It’s a $7500 transparent network bridge appliance that uses artificial intelligence Neuro-Net devices that heuristically analyzes incoming traffic.  And they…there’s a symposium that they had where they did simulated attacks from China.  And they were able to successfully defeat everything. 

The new world order systems are immune to attack.  Even the ones that are on the regular grid…irrespective…they have their own separate systems.  But they’re already immune to stuff.  The only ones that aren’t immune are the one’s that they carry false flags out on so that they can sell that as an excuse.  “Well, you need more security because, well, you know, the system needs to be changed ‘cause you need to get onto our enslavement system.’  It’s //crosstalk//

AJ:  Yeah.  Well, let me stop you there.  About 95 percent of what you’re saying I’ve documented for myself and it’s on record.  The remote control, the planes, the data, their internal systems, their generations of cyber security.  Five generations ahead of what’s public.  That’s all on record.  When you mentioned that particular firm, I don’t know a lot about them, but I do know about the defense contractors you listed.  You have posted a lot of stuff on the prisonplanet dot com forum, haven’t you?

AI:  //inaudible//

AJ:  OK.  Well tell folks because people need to go read all the claims you’ve made and decide whether they’re accurate for themselves, especially the computer security people, hackers, and other folks like that.  Why don’t you give people the name of the pages up on the prisonplanet dot com forum.

AI:  OK.  All the stuff I’m talking about is real easy to get to.  You just go to the general…you just click on General, and then there’s a section that says PhD Investigative Reports.  Everything is within that section.

AJ:  PhD Investigative Reports…

AI:  Yep.

AJ:  … prisonplanet dot com forum.  Google that.  And, ah, folks can go in and read your information.  So specifically, ‘cause a lot of what you’re saying I’ve already checked out and confirmed for myself.  Some of it I couldn’t just because I’m not that tech savvy.  I’m just going off of what other tech publications have admitted and what the government’s admitted.  What specifically do you do?  How did you learn about all this stuff?

AI:  I just have a computer background and I’m…I guess I’m talented with analyzing information.  I wanna mention one other thing.  It’s very important.  Before you let me go, please.  The guy who was the head of…the Director of Department of Defense of Architecture and Interoperability in 2002, his name was John Osterholz, Department of Defense.  He is the chair of the technical council for the NCOIC, which is the Network Center Operations Center. 

He was one of the guys that in Indira Singh gave the report about Ptech to that …that didn’t do anything…that knew what it was about because he was part of the…he was collaborating with the inside job. And he tried to claim that Al-Qaeda had network center capability in 2003.  Yeah, right.  Al-Qaeda had it but, let’s see, Ptech didn’t have it and the National Reconnaisance didn’t have it.  Right Mr. Osterholz?  You criminal terrorist.

AJ:  Alright.  Well I don’t know about that individual.  Thank you for the call.  We’ll be right back.

//end transcript//
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: FBI concerned about 'cybergeddon'
« Reply #2 on: March 05, 2009, 04:01:42 PM »
ALl of Anti-Illuminati'e well researched articles exposing the planned false flag FBI cyber attack:


Booz Allen Hamilton and Mitre are (right now) perfecting the cyber attacks.  They love causing destruction and then blaming it on "cyber threats".
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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  • All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man.
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All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Found at SiliconValleyWatcher (August 7, 2008):

i9-11: US Government Ready with a "Patriot Act" for the Internet

Lawrence Lessig, a Stanford university law professor, claims that the US government has prepared a type of Patriot Act that is in place and ready for Congress should a major security event occur, a 9-11 type event. And just like the Patriot Act contains all sorts of new restrictions, there is concern that this I-Patriot Act will have many restrictions and laws that may limit the way the Internet is used...

Lessig: "I had dinner once with Richard Clark at the table and I said 'is there an equivalent to the Patriot Act -- an iPatriot Act -- just sitting waiting for some substantial event just waiting for them to come have the excuse for radically changing the way the Internet works?' And he said, 'Of course there is' -- and I swear this is what he said, and quote -- 'and Vint Cerf is not going to like it very much.'"


Watch here at around 1:35

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