Poison Minds = Clean Environment (Nickelodeon's global warming brainwashing)

Author Topic: Poison Minds = Clean Environment (Nickelodeon's global warming brainwashing)  (Read 1197 times)

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Author: Kevin Clarke
Published: February 19, 2009
I grew up with the notion that the three “R’s”, reading, writing, and arithmetic were the basis of the first years of a child learning.

Unfortunately that has all changed as political parties continue to buy up and control media outlets in attempt to push agenda on America.

The latest place it has really surfaced is by far the most disgusting and a firm reminder of the shameless nature of liberalism. The place you may not have noticed and would be revolted to see is Nickelodeon and Noggin networks for children under 8 years old.

We have all seen the blatant propaganda provided by the largest media outlets in America. Anyone denying that CNN, NBC, MSNBC, Time, Newsweek, the New York Times and most other press publications are nothing but liberal advertising outlets would be very blind.

We have also been recent witness to this agenda spilling over to Hollywood and any celebrity who has low self esteem.

NBC has given us some real gems lately like the series Heroes Season One plotline which seemed ripped from the brain of psychotic Rosie O’ Donnel. the short of it is that Season One of heroes was about a red tie clad senator who is to be president. The slick politician plots to cause an explosion in New York City and blame it on the “heroes” in attempt to rally the people behind him so he can empower his party. You can say it’s a stretch, but even it it was just an amazing coincidence did nobody notice the explosion in NYC plotline may be worth a second look?
“…out of the ashes humanity will find a common sense of hope …couched in a a unity sense of fear….and It is you your destiny Nathan as a leader to be the person who uses this event to rally a city, a nation, a world….!”

Read this….then consider that Obama named the CEO of General Electric to his staff. General Electric owns NBC, pays the paychecks of the writers who “NEVER NOTICED” this amazing coincidence plotline.

The same CEO gave us other recent “unbiased” environmental moments, not the least of which was when NBC decided to “save the polar bears” by having NBC’s Monday Night Football staff tell America to turn off their lights and use candles to help global warming. Keep in mind a promotion of this type on Monday Night Football no doubt needed the personal approval of the CEO, who is now on Obama’s staff.

All this while broadcasting a game being seen played under millions of watts of outdoor lighting. A game being which had a “turn off your lights message” can only be received through the electric TV’s that play this comical hypocritical message.

But all this aside, we should take a look at the disgusting “North Korea” style agenda being pumped at your children by the party ‘Komrades’ at Nickelodeon.