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Allodial Title And Property Rights

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... a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are
by: Mary Elizabeth: Croft

Johnny Liberty - The Global Sovereign's Handbook
Manufacturer’s Statement Of Origin ORS 801.185
“Certificate of title” means a paper document issued by any jurisdiction specifically as evidence of vehicle ownership. A certificate of title is not necessarily the only evidence of vehicle ownership issued by a jurisdiction.
Notice the “For Official Government Use Only” sticker on the back of your new stickers from the State. Notice the words “VOID” in the watermark of your “Certificate of Title” in several places. Still don’t believe the State owns your vehicle?
Certificate of Title
1.   indicates “beneficial holder” as part of a trust relationship
2.   State is the trustee 3.   registration, license and insurance required by owner 4.   only an owner can license 5.   revoke State trusteeship over “vehicle” after clearing
yourself of adhesion contracts
To hold true or allodial title to automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, or as we call them, “place-travel devices,” requires a process of either securing the MSO, or revoking the State’s trusteeship over the motor vehicle and exporting it into the jurisdiction of the free republic.
This will not only purchase the vehicle, but also transfer the allodial title to you. You must pay for the vehicle with $21 silver with the balance in FRN’s.
Do not register the vehicle with the State. Leave the plates vacant, looking like a new car from a dealer (even if it’s an old klunker).
So here is a summary of the steps necessary to purchase a used conveyance, and revoking the State’s trusteeship over the motor vehicle and securing true title:
Buying a Used Car
1.   likely, you cannot get the MSO, because it’s been destroyed or microfilmed by the State, therefore you must revoke the States trusteeship over the motor vehicle
2. purchase it with a Bill of Sale including a Bill of Conveyance along with $21 silver and the balance in FRN’s to transfer allodial title
3.   return the “Certificate of Title,” registration and plates to the DMV
4.   dismantle, salvage or export to a foreign jurisdiction OR register it in a company or Trust organization
5.   travel by right freely in your private property OR lease the vehicle from a company or Trust organization.
If the “Certificate of Title” is presently in your name, you must notify the State of your allodial ownership via a Bill of Conveyance or the MSO if can locate it.
Revoke the State trusteeship over the “vehicle.”
You could also transfer the equitable interest of the automobile or truck into a Common law Trust and isolate your liabilities there. Go ahead and transfer the title into your name, or directly into a trust or foreign entity.


--- Quote from: freedom_commonsense on June 16, 2010, 10:57:58 PM ---Do you live in the state of Texas?

If so, you do have allodial title. If not, you don't.

--- End quote ---
I live in Buffalo NY but i find it bullshit that only texas allows allodial title. Everystate should allow it they do not own us or the things we own. we do.

Im getting my allodial title to my veichal no matter where i live. I just have this feeling that all states have it.


--- Quote from: Freeski on January 11, 2009, 07:47:58 PM ---According to Badnarik in his video series "Constitutional Class" (very great BTW), he talks about Allodial Title.
--- End quote ---

I reject the allodial title concept because, when taken to its logical conclusion, it results in the earth on which all must live yet which none produced being exclusively and unconditionally "owned" by a mere subset of the population -- the inevitable consequence of which is to infringe upon everyone else's "right" to himself and to the fruits of his labor, since one cannot even be a "self" in the first place unless one occupies a naturally-occurring geographic location on the globe.

In short, to "be" is to be -- "somewhere."

Thus, if you have no equal right of access to land (a "right" being, in Badnarik's very own words, "something you can do without asking for permission"), then by definition you have no equal right to live upon it.

That's the aristocratic definition of "freedom," not the classical liberal one.


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