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Robert Grodin
« on: December 29, 2008, 08:27:47 PM »
Hello, I am eagerly awaiting Alex Jones' take on The Kennedy Assassination with his movie "BLACK SUNSHINE", not sure about the title but it should be of a high calibre as previous Alex works. Anyway I have read over the years numerous Kennedy assassination books, was it the mafia, was it the C.I.A, was it cabal of rich oil men/bankers etc. I myself cannot say alone who it was but from listening to the show for the past year Alex has been hyping Robert Grodin a lot and his history to the case and being hired as a member of the House Select Committee on Assassinations and supposedly leaking the copy of the Zapruder film. I had not heard him mentoned in the past by any of the other Kennedy experts that Alex Jones has had on over the past four years having myself listened to a majority of interviews by Alex. So today having access to the internet I decided to look into Grodin and his history and background but do not seem to be getting much only some vague pseudonym of somebody else using the name BOB GRODIN. Bill Cooper's name came up in connection with Bob Grodin alot and I go to look it up in his book and there he is. Bill is debating about who had the footage of the film first, who betrayed who etc etc.. but then he goes in on Robert Grodin..I know people will immediately write this off as another Bill Cooper fanatic but read for yourself. I wrote up the paragraphs concerning Robert Grodin but I am sure if you own a copy or even you can download a copy look it up for yourself.

From Behold a Pale Horse page 217 through 218.
"... Robert Grodin then entered the picture. He publicly challenged me to appear and debate him. He claimed h=that he had a copy of the Zapruder Film showing Greer never took his hands off the wheel of the car. GRODIN IS AN ACTIVE SECRET GOVERNMENT AGENT WHOSE JOB IT IS TO CONFUSE THE PUBLIC AND PERPETUATE THE COVER UP.
 I called Bob Grodin and accepted his challenge. I invited him to appear with me at Beverley Hills High School and show his film. I would show my film. The audience would decide. He refused. He refused because he knows what i know, that the audience would boo him out of town. Grodin knows that Greer shot Kennedy because he is part of the cover-up.
  Bob Grodin is the same Bob Grodin who claims to be the worlds foremost independent photo-interpretation expert. Bob Grodin has NO photographic educating whatsoever. He has never worked in photography.  Bob Grodin has never been a photographic interpreter in his life. He has been lying to the public about hs credentials for all these years and no one has even checked; not even Congress checked his credentials when the hired him. Do you really think that was an accident? I HAVE A DEGREE IN PHOTOGRAPHY.
 Bob Grodin is the same Bob Grodin who was hired by the House Select Committee on Assassinations in 1976. He is the same Bob Grodin who blatantly lied to the committee and told them that the driver William Greer, never took his hands off the wheel. His job s to write books and confuse you. His job is to maintain the position that the government lied and confuse you. His job is also to prevent you from knowing the truth about who did kill the president. You cannot welcome the New World Order if you have faith in your government.You WILL have faith in your government if you learn that Greer killed Kennedy on orders of the Illuminati and that it had nothing to do with the legal, constitutional government. Did you know that the man who was in charge of the Secret Service at the time of the assassination became the man in charge of security for the Rockefeller family upon his retirement? Well now you know. You should also know that Bob Grodin is a friend of Leslie Watkins, and it is Bob Grodin's name that Watkins uses as the alias of the astronaut cited in Alternative 003. Did you know that when Ricky White made appearances on talk radio across the country to say that his father killed Kennedy, that Bob Grodin accompanied him? Did you know that every time a caller would ask Ricky White a question , Grodin answered for him. Do you really believe that is a coincidence? Ricky White's father did not kill Kennedy."

From Behold a Pale Horse page 220
"...When the segment aired, Lars Hansson was used as a standing, in my place. Hansson, the man who had been attacking me, stating that Greer had not fired at Kennedy, was now on TV stating that Greer killed Kennedy! The reason became obvious, as they had Bob Grodin on the next segment. Grodin ridiculed and debunked Hansson and the film. They had intended to do a hatchet job on me, but when I cancelled they could only attack the film only with Hansson taking my place. It had every earmark of an agency operaton. It didn't work.
 I discovered the next ploy when on radio Grodin stated that he would soon (finally) release a video of his so-called pristine copy of the Zapruder film overexposed to bring out detail in the shadows. OVEREXPOSURE WOULD COMPLETLEY WASH OUT GREER'S ARM AND THE GUN, WHICH ARE BOTH IN FULL SUNLIGHT AND HAVE THE EFFECT OF REDNDERING BOTH INVISIBLE TO THE VIEWER. I hope thethat people are not as stupid as Grodin thinks they are. I will debate anyone at any time as long as it's in front of of a live audience and nothing is edited. I have seen what a film editor can do to make people seem to say and do things that were never said or done."

So there it all is, myself I am not going to say yes Bill is right. Bill's original theory was that Kennedy found out about the ALIEN problem among things and wanted something done about it thus being killed. But Bill recanted his belief in aliens but never on his theory about the way Kennedy was killed...everyone look into Robert Grodin, google him and you will find close to nothing relevent about this man to date except his work with Kennedy and O.J. And look what happened with O.J..say no more.

If you have never seen WILLIAM COOPER JFK UNMASKED here it is:

Chapter 5 he tells you himself his feelings about Grodin, but he also tells you to not just believe him but do your own research.he also claimed blowfish toxin was used to make sure Kennedy would die..but make your own mind up Robert Grodin..disinfo..who knows.