Admiral Boorda - suicide - 9/11 precursor

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Admiral Boorda - suicide - 9/11 precursor
« on: December 24, 2008, 01:45:37 am »
Just a thought on how do you get the "right" people in the military on-board for a "pearl Harbor" event?

13-6-2008 @ 02:47 PM by Anonymous ATS 

Prior to becoming CNO, Boorda was CINCSOUTH, and thus had oversight responsibilty for operations involving the Balkans, to include enforcement of the 'no-fly' zone, and also the UN/NATO arms embargo. However, LOTS of weapons, ammunition, etc, etc. actually did flow into Bosnia for the benefit of the Bosinan Muslims, and Boorda was chief coordinator for that. This was in violation of all treaties, etc, and the only person that could have ordered or 'encouraged' such activity was President Clinton.

In return for these efforts, Boorda was 'rewarded' with the position of CNO. This operation was designed to improve the US position as a 'honest broker' in the Middle East, esp. as regards the Arab-Israeli conflict, which had been an ongoing policy strategy for about 30 years (but up until then, of only limited success). However, Boorda didn't cover his tracks very well, and there were a number of investigators that were on the trail that could only lead to him, and ultimately back to the White House (both NATO, and news reporters). And this occurring during an election year (1996), was considered an intolerable threat to the Administration. To deal with this, a bogus 'investigation' was created regarding a couple 'V' devices on medals from Vietnam service that allegedly Boorda was not authorized to wear. Of course, every serviceman knows exactly what he or she is authorized to wear, and everyone else knows it too (every serviceman has an official photo in full uniform with all medals and appurtenances that must remain current, and is included with all promotion board paperwork for review by the board. Trust me, the Board reviews these photos and everything else very carefully each and every time!)! After the 'suicide' it was revealed that in fact, Boorda was authorized to wear those medals, and certainly he would have been well-aware of that fact, and this was confirmed by his former commanding officer as well. However, two years later, a subsequent inquiry into his paperwork and request for correction by one of Boorda's sons resulted in a suddenly quite different result (read:

The day of his 'suicide,' Boorda was visited by 'Navy Officials' including Rear Adm. Kendell Pease (special head of Public Affairs for the Navy) in the hour before his death, and subsequently, Boorda supposedly shot himself in the chest (which is an awkward way to shoot yourself, as against simply putting a gun to your head or mouth; try it and see with a toy gun) after writing two suicide notes. The gun was a .38 owned by his son-in-law, but how the pistol came into his possession is a mystery. The autopsy has never been released, nor have the contents of the two 'suicide notes,' and the paperwork and records involving his medal awards have subsequently been altered significantly. The late Admiral Boorda has a number of sons and son-in-laws now in service, and not surprisingly, no further inquiries from the Boorda family have been launched into the matter.

This is all I can reveal on this matter at present, and all this information is already in the public domain.

Admiral's Suicide Notes Will Be Kept Private
Admiral Boorda, the Navy's highest-ranking officer, shot himself in the chest outside his Washington home on May 16, 1996....


Let's look at the "replacements":

First was the quick climber JJohnson:

His first Flag Officer assignment was as Assistant Chief of Naval Personnel for Distribution in the Bureau of Naval Personnel. In October 1992, he reported as Commander, Carrier Group EIGHT/Commander, USS Theodore RooseveltTemplate:WP Ships USS instances Battle Group. In July 1994, he was assigned as Commander, SECOND Fleet/Commander, Striking Fleet Atlantic/Commander, Joint Task Force 120.

In March 1996, he reported for duty as the 28th Vice Chief of Naval Operations in Washington, D.C.

Just in time to be in position for the big job....

In August 1996, ADM Johnson became the 26th Chief of Naval Operations, and served until July 21, 2000. He is expected to play a large role in the future of General Dynamics, a defense company.

He "retired" into Corporate Directors job at General Dynamic's.....

JJ was replaced by V Clark.... Just in time for Bush ans 9/11

Admiral Clark became the 27th Chief of Naval Operations on July 21, 2000, relieving Admiral Jay L. Johnson. In 2001, Clark was considered to be on the "short list" of choices for Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; the eventual pick was Air Force Gen Richard Myers [1]

A devout Christian, Admiral Clark currently serves as Distinguished Professor of Leadership at Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

He retired 22 July 2005,
He currently sits on the board of directors of Raytheon and SRI International.

So JJ was there for the prep and VC was there for the operations and aftermath (afgan,Iraq...)


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Re: Admiral Boorda - suicide - 9/11 precursor
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bump for memorial day