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Electromagnetic pulse. Disables any electrical system within the blast radius.

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Electromagnetic pulse. Disables any electrical system within the blast radius. It's the only weapon we have against the machines. -Trinity (The Matrix)

Basically an EMP is nothing but a capacitor which is discharged through a Tesla coil. It's good to use a big tesla coil, thus the cap will not destroy it when discharged. A Tesla coil is a simple radio transmitter which uses a spark gap rather than a tube, crystal, or transistor to pulse the power. the distance of the spark gap and the voltage of the input determines the frequency the coil will run at. When a cap is discharged, the voltage starts high, and drops, so the frequency will drop as well. Anything which can be fried by a Tesla coil can be fried by an EMP.

Any spark ignited engine can be disabled by a Tesla coil which is tuned to it's ignition (Tesla) coil. Ever wonder why military uses all diesels? HOWEVER, If the car is old (has points) It should still run when the tesla coil is turned off (but it's alternator might not work)

If anyone decides to build a coil, read up on it first, and only run it inside of a Faraday cage (and use a scanner to make sure that when it comes on, you won't accidentally jam somebody's radio signals.

There is a Texas company called EE-Store which has made super-capacitors by electro-plating, thus making a massive number of layers in a small volume of space. They are planned for electric cars, but a chain of ten of these would power an EMP to be reckoned with.

In the event of a siege on an EMP owner's home (by whomever), A method of defense would be to use a scanner to determine what frequency they are communicating on, adjust the spark gap, and let loose. Just knowing that "this family is not going to cower in their basement" may cause an assault to be called off.

A Tesla coil can also be used as a make shift radio transmitter. There are different ways to achieve this, if you google "singing Tesla coil" you will see this is already being worked on, mostly by using huge transistors. Not the best solution. I would try attaching the ground of the spark gap to a tweeter speaker, and attach this to a high speed photocell and hitch that to a long piece of optical fiber which goes to an led hooked to a sound card, or to a TOSLINK output (PS3). This could come in handy even to coordinate with local government in the event of a (real) emergency.

If somebody has built a cannon, perhaps that could be turned into a generator suitable for powering an EMP. Simply wrap coils of wire around your cannon (the more the merrier), and make a magnetic cannon ball out of the most powerful magnets you can find. That will make a high speed generator which might generate enough power, fast enough to run an EMP, rather than buying 1/4 ton of capacitors :)
Beware, the coils will slow the magnet down, be sure your cannon is built to withstand extreme pressure (and don't stand near for the tests.)

Who ever said fighting the NWO couldn't be fun :-D

You might want to get out your old 69 chev pickup should plan to power any of these things up because that is all you will be driving for a while.

Quis Ut Deus:

--- Quote from: X9ballX on October 31, 2008, 06:26:32 PM ---lol right lol anyways how do we make one and how do we sheild our equipment from it

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You can make a mini EMP out of the flash circuit from a camera.. just replace the flash bulb with an inductor (coil of wire). This type of mini EMP should be strong enough to disable RF-ID tags. Of course.. the larger the capacitor and inductor are, the stronger and larger the EMP field is.

The best protection from EMP for electronics and vehicles, is to disconnect the item from its power source.

EMP attack threat raised in Congress

Here's an old guy talking about EMPs.

If you want your car to be EMP proof, you want a diesel engine with no electronic controls. As far as I know, the Cummins 4bt meets these criteria. http://www.4btswaps.com/forum/index.php has lots of info on getting these workhorses. They are 4 cylinder, but their weight matches a v8. I think they can be bolted to a Chevy transmission. Even with a points vehicle, (I think) a correctly tuned Tesla coil can make the spark plugs never STOP firing until it's turned off.

The flash camera EMP is also known as an RFID zapper, and instructions for building are available here https://events.ccc.de/congress/2005/static/r/f/i/RFID-Zapper(EN)_77f3.html  Thanks to Richard Stallman for the link (stallman.org)

This is a simple EMP design without any set frequency. A better design is a full Tesla Coil. Here is a wiring diagram for a basic Tesla coil http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Tesla_coil_4.svg (rest in peace Nicola)
Instead of the high voltage transformer and AC mains, the 2 leads which go to the HV capacitor should be connected to the capacitor bank or cannon generator.

To defend your own equipment against EMP attack, the best thing to do is keep it in a metal cabinet (gun cabinet or safe) with a small hole for wires, and when you expect an emp attack, unhitch the wires, and ground all prongs on computer plug to metal cabinet frame. For smaller situations, just unhook all plugs, and put all electronic devices in a metal trashcan with a lid, and put it in the cellar (watch out for moisture though.)

Watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ff_AXVlo9U video of a "singing Tesla coil" it is a 40Khz AM radio transmitter which is so powerful that it sends out sparks which make the broadcast audible. One of Tesla's experiments could be heard miles away, imagine AJ being played over that.


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