Obama's Two Mothers

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Obama's Two Mothers
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Obama's Two Mothers

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Meet Bernadine Dohrn & Stanley Ann Dunham

No one has yet explained how a doped out recluse of a person at Columbia University in New York transformed into community organizer over night.
The reason this is such an important part of Barack Obama's life is his writings have disappeared at Columbia and this was the start of the meteoric rise of Obama.

Some hint it was Bill Ayers with Bernadine Dohrn who visited Columbia after their stint of terrorists with the Weather Underground and some hints might be it was Stanley Ann Dunham arriving in New York telling her son he had to become something to make the world better.
That though like the centaur Obama is, is probably the answer as he is indeed Hillary Clinton's village and not parents who raise the abandoned child so it is not one Marxist but all the fellow travelers who made the sum of the unwhole Obama.

Chicago as much as New York just does not have a common bond with a white/black kid from Hawaii. Sure his mother wanted to attend college in Chicago, but that fixation would prevail upon Obama in visiting there with his mother when he was 11.
It always begs the question of why Chicago for a little girl of Kansas and then the Seattle, why Chicago?

The above photos have a great deal in common which are the two women who would be Barack Obama's Chicago mother figures. Bernadine Dohrn is the Chicago mother Obama found there and Stanley Ann Dunham is the mother who abandoned him and instilled the message of Chicago in him.
Chicago would be reinforced by the pervert communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis who was tied to the Chicago socialite circles by his white wife. Chicago would be a link to the Weather Underground as members of it were said to originate from Seattle and be contemporaries for the leftist culture Stanley Ann Dunham was raised in.

Perhaps in the bisexuality of Davis, linked to his artistic comrades who fled to New York where Columbia is located that bisexual Barack would simply find himself moving into circles of fellow travelers who would find each other.
If you go to Bob Jones University you meet people who go to the NRA. If you go to Columbia, you meet people who blow up people from Chicago and are rewarded for it.

I have stated early on that Barack Obama is an asset of the leftist intelligence network in the United States. Ayers who father was Thomas Ayers was a billionaire energy tycoon of the Chicago syndicate.
Thomas Ayers served on the board of General Dynamics. I know GD in that hey day period and you just did not get involved on a board there unless you were a whisper away from the intelligence apparatus of the United States. GD was the fascist dream of Franklin Roosevelt along with most of the other military industrial complex which Dwight Eisenhower warned America about.
In irony, the things which built Bill Ayers to the 9 11 murderers were the same prosperity of their connected successful parents.

No one has connected the dots on Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground in his entire predatory association on it's recruits all mimic the type of Manchurian Candidate work the CIA was developing of that period and was cropping up in Cuba, North Korea, Russia and communist China.
Charlie Manson would preach the helter skelter revolution of murdering white people and blaming it on blacks to start the race war in California. Bill Ayers would preach it with Bernadine Dohrn to praising Manson in connecting with their Black Panther "brothers" in a spark which was never lit, but was coming close to "change we can believe in".

Ayers would "join" the Weather Underground with Dohrn as their Chicago radicals. In this they found, Ted Gold, an original red diaper baby of the communist Jews who would turn right on defense policy and be slurred as "neocons" by those on the left they had abandoned.

Ted Gold would the original fire bomber group of a judge.

Terry Robbins would be the instigator of the militant Kent State uprising which the world remembers ended in a massacre eventually.

and Diana Oughton who would be Bill Ayers, girlfriend, at the time would be the troubled self loathing American hating woman who Ayers would leave in a Greenwhich townhouse with 5 terrorists building bombs to murder US Soldiers at a Columbia University get together.

This part needs to be examined very closely as Ayers and Dohrn, the leaders of the Weather Underground were not even at the townhouse. Remember that part to ponder.

What was at the townhouse were two 50 pound cases of dynamite which had been purchased from New England Explosives Corporation. In the basement, the terrorists were assembling in 12 inch lead pipes dynamite packed in them to murder US Soldiers.
We know this because police would find 4 unexploded pipe bombs of this nature, four boxes containing 57 sticks of dynamite, 30 blasting caps, and some old alarm clocks with pre drilled for the attaching of detonation wires.

It is vital that one realizes what occurred in that basement as Ayers has suggested that his girlfriend detonated the bomb on purpose to save lives of US Soldiers as it was suggested a heated argument had arisen in which Kathy Boudin, another terrorist, wanted to put nails in the bombs to make them shrapnel anti personnel grenades.
Do not buy Ayers or whoever else like Kathy Boudin who was in the house, but survived, explanation because of the following.

Diana Oughton was found in the house when the bomb blew up. The two surviving women upstairs ran for their lives. So much for the comrades who live together die together.

What was found of Diana Oughton was her torso blown through the upstairs floor. There were bits and pieces of her in the basement. The coroner stated she was either holding the bomb or standing a few feet from it.

Now return to all the unexploded dynamite in that basement. Considering the massive damage from that blast, that dynamite did not go off nor did the blasting caps.
It is ludicrous knowing the damage a 12 inch metal pipe bomb packed with dynamite that an argument would be going on about making it more deadly with shrapnel. Diana Oughton would know completely that 5 bombs of that size in a library would kill everyone in it due to the concussion alone. One does not need shrapnel as explosive force any artillery expert will tell you is what knocks the life out of people literally.

So in forensic terms, no one is going to be not wanting to hurt someone if they are using pipe bombs one of which blew up a townhouse.

Of course, the bomb was intentionally detonated, but if one examines this from a hypothetical of an intelligence operation, one sees the story planted by a surviving "member".
The leadership is not in the house.
The most radical of the elements are decapitated literally by their own bomb literally ending Charlie Manson helter skelter in the nic of time.

All of that sounds a great deal like Jamie Gorelick and her walls of separation which walled up a little too high when her leftist intelligence operatives lost the 9 11 terrorists they were planning on springing the trap on to literally humiliate George Bush and provide a Clinton coup.
You think the leftists do not have their own operatives. Who do you think Valerie Plame is?
Her job was to run surveillance on keeping the silence on the socialist French refining Niger uranium for Saddam Hussein.

Everything about this explosion in New York smacks of an intelligence operation wired to explode on the terrorists about to attack.

Who though ends up rewarded?

Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. They get off free for people dying and end up rewarded with wonderful indoctrination jobs on American campuses where Dohrn is affiliated with Columbia and Ayers is a hometown boy in Chicago.

Their adopted son is none other than Barack Hussein Obama while mother Dunham was busy working for globalist Ford Foundation via the United Nations European project in setting up the biggest coming economic rape of savings and loans on 3rd world types in Indonesia across the poverty stricken globe.

Mommy dearest is the detonator in all of this. Barack Obama just didn't happen to be in Pakistan with his Islamic buddy on school vacation. Stanley Ann Dunham is recorded as working in Pakistan for the world financiers when white Americans were not allowed near the place.

To make the concise point, just as Hillary Clinton is an asset who was working for the CIA money operations at Rose Law running the PROMIS software, Stanley Ann Dunham was setting up inroads via the United Nation's globalists for 3rd world control of assets.
Everything about these people leaves signs of intelligence assets and Barack Obama a doper one day, a communist organizer the next, his marriage to Michelle is right out of the Marxist infiltration manual, with no literary experience he becomes head of the Harvard writers and voila he in perfect step moves up the power ladder in strange book deals, strange books which definitely are written in a French Norman linguistics which point to Ayers writing them as Obama speaks in his Dunham old Anglo Saxon English with a nature speaking backwards in phrases which could only come from being in Indonesia, so the two vocabularies do not meet.

Or as Obama would put it, the meeting of the two vocabularies do not mirror each other.

Barack Obama is not only a blank chalk board with everyone writing on it. Barack Obama is an assembled soul of intelligence operatives.
I have noted and informed Newsbusters that Grandmother Dunham is being hidden away because she is the key to opening up the entire criminal banking scam in Hawaiian funds being transferred so the communist Chinese would be backed with Hawaiian school funds to get their trading place in the New York Stock Exchange all courtesy of Democrats.

This entire Obama sphere is one of physical terrorism and economic terrorism. The thug politics which some journalists have noted is but a Dohrn and Axelrod manifestation with Barack Obama taking his Malcolm X part.
The economic terrorism is played out in Asia, Hawaii, then comes home to New York in 2008 where the markets are attacked to scare people to vote for Barack Obama. As noted, these economic rapists backing Obama will crash the over 5 trillion dollar microfinance market Stanley Ann Dunham has set up as soon as Obama is in power to seize that pretty land prize.

It took a village of communists to create Barack Hussein Obama and the eerie thing is as you look at pictures of Bernadine Dohrn and Stanley Ann Dunham is they could be twin sisters. They were not sisters though. They were instead Obama's mothers who suckled him on the milk of revolution or change they believe in bring about Marxist Amerika from the fascism it is in now.

Andy Rooney of CBS once revealed his favorite teacher in college was a communist. That is the Ayers teachers who indoctrinated all of these reporters in the Letterman cocktail crowd. They won't investigate any of this as it is above their pay scale and it is about all of their friends, because they all know each other or know a friend who knows the principles in the cover ups.

That is the way it works and the only way this works is you sign on like Obama, because you are going in that direction of globalism so you get promoted and to protect that promotion you say the most asinine tingle down your leg comments..........

Never once caring no more than Barack Obama that a troubled woman like Diana Oughton was set up to eat a bomb just like those mentally handicapped people are used in jihad in Iraq. None of these comrades cares that people lost a great deal of their retirement in the stock collapse engineered for Obama and Barack Obama, David Letterman, Bill Ayers etc... all will get the long faces when the 3rd world is economically raped as not one of them is raising the issue that Obama's supporters are importing Mexican slave labor and Indian farmers are committing suicide from massive debt brought on them by Obama's benefactors in Europe behind most of this.

Barack Obama isn't running for President. Barack Obama is an international criminal enterprise

Terrorism, economic collapse and revolution. That is what installed Lenin. That is what installed Hitler and that is exactly the measures surrounding Barack Obama and what he embraces.

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