VDARE.COM gives Ron Paul front page coverage

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VDARE.COM gives Ron Paul front page coverage
« on: September 13, 2007, 11:42:58 AM »
Ron Paul: “I Believe In National Sovereignty”.
Peter Brimelow writes: Congressman Ron Paul was small, bent, and serious to the point of humorlessness when we met with him in an office building foyer in New Hampshire last month. We asked him if he was enjoying himself and he looked at us as if he thought we’d gone mad. But lots of Americans, including many VDARE.COM readers, are enjoying Paul’s campaign for the GOP presidential nomination, not least because it raises real philosophical issues, notably the relationship between libertarianism and immigration. On the evidence of this interview, Paul is a paleolibertarian in the www.lewrockwell.com  mode. He accepts the need for an institutional framework for liberty, notably the nation-state. He is intensely critical of illegal immigration and birthright citizenship. He is much less focused on legal immigration (although obviously intrigued by the idea of guestworkers) and not at all on the H1-b visa issue, although many of his supporters are software engineers. We also discussed gold and exchange rates because, after years laboring in the vineyard of financial journalism, I felt like it.

VDARE.COM does not endorse political candidates. Any other presidential candidate wishing to discuss philosophy with us is welcome to get in touch.
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