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I'll quote the late great Bill Hicks, " He's a dick f**k him!"


Barr’s White House run delays molestation trial
Libertarian candidate can’t adequately defend DragonCon founder on child molestation charges

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr filed court papers last year decrying an “overwhelming sense of injustice” toward DragonCon founder Edward Kramer, who has been awaiting trial since 2000 on child molestation charges.

Now Barr is responsible for the latest delay in the case because he’s running for president

Barr, one of two defense attorneys representing Kramer, has asked a Gwinnett judge to postpone Kramer’s trial until after the Nov. 4 elections while he pursues the country’s highest office. The trial had been set to begin on July 21, court records show.

Barr did not return calls to his campaign office seeking comment on Wednesday morning.

Barr’s motion for a continuance said duties during the campaign “preclude him from being adequately prepared for and present during the defendant’s trial.” Prosecutors filed no objection. A judge agreed in July to reset the trial on or after Nov. 24.

Kramer is a science-fiction author who founded DragonCon, a sci-fi, fantasy and gaming convention that brings thousands of visitors to Atlanta every year. He has been accused of molesting three teenage boys, who are now adults.

Kramer has argued that multiple delays have violated his constitutional right to a speedy trial, however the Georgia Court of Appeals ruled last year that the delays were mostly his fault.

Edward E. Kramer
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Edward E. Kramer (born on March 20, 1961) is an American editor and author of numerous science fiction, fantasy, and horror works, and co-founder of the Dragon Con fan convention in Atlanta, Georgia. He lives in Duluth, Georgia.
Kramer is the editor of the anthologies Dark Love and Grails published by Roc Books; The Sandman: Book of Dreams (with Neil Gaiman) (HarperPrism); The Crow: Shattered Lives and Broken Dreams (with James O'Barr) (Random House); Free Space (Tor Books); Forbidden Acts (Avon Books); Elric: Tales of the White Wolf and Pawn of Chaos: Tales of the Eternal Champion (based on the works and characters of Michael Moorcock), Dante's Disciples, Tombs, and the Dark Destiny trilogy (White Wolf); and Strange Attraction: Turns of the Midnight Carnival Wheel (Bereshith Publishing), with many additional works both in print and in progress.

Kramer is a member of both the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America and Horror Writers Association (serving as both Vice-President and Trustee), and served on the board of the World Fantasy Convention and World Horror Society.[1] His credits include more than a dozen published works of fiction and non-fiction, and a decade of work as a music critic and photojournalist. He co-wrote and directed the digital feature Terror at Tate Manor, which debuted as a direct-to-Internet film.

His literary works have been nominated for the World Fantasy Award, the British Fantasy Award, and the International Horror Guild Award, and he is the recipient of the first Prometheus Special Award presented by the Libertarian Futurist Society, with co-editor Brad Linaweaver, for Free Space.

In 1987, he founded Dragon Con, North America's largest convention dedicated to science fiction, fantasy, comics, gaming, and the popular arts. He served as its chairman for fourteen years and oversaw its growth from 1,400 attendance in its inaugural year to over 20,000 in 2000.

He has also chaired the 1990 Atlanta Origins convention, the 1992 Georgia World Fantasy Convention[2] and the Nebula Awards Weekend, and both the Atlanta World Horror Convention and the North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) in 1995.[3] In 1999, he hosted the Atlanta World Horror Convention and Los Angeles's Bram Stoker Award Weekend.

Kramer, who was born in Brooklyn, New York, is a graduate of Emory College and the Emory University School of Medicine.[4]

While working on an anthology proposal based on Frank Herbert's Dune in 1997, Kramer fostered a literary partnership between writers Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.[5] He is credited as the "bridge" to their additions to the Dune universe in each volume of the first trilogy, Dune: House Atreides, Dune: House Harkonnen and Dune: House Corrino.

[edit] Criminal allegations & civil rights actions
In 2000, Kramer was arrested for an alleged domestic incident following an anonymous phone call; he was eventually charged with aggravated child molestation. Kramer has lived under house arrest at his home in Duluth since late 2000 while awaiting trial. No trial date has been set. A Federal Civil Rights Action was filed against the local county by Kramer in 2001. The National Center for Reason and Justice sponsors a defense fund on his behalf.

In May 2005, Kramer filed a motion asserting speedy trial rights, demanding the case go to trial; the motion was never heard. In November 2006, a follow-up motion demanding dismissal of charges for violation of civil rights, including speedy trial rights was denied, and is on appeal. Former Georgia Congressman and Intelligence official Bob Barr entered an Amicus curiae citing the Court to, "rebuke the entities responsible in the strongest language available... that this kind of illicit, illegal confluence of dilatory, patently constitutionally infirm behavior be ended and effectively condemned."

United Nations representative for Aguda, United States Holocaust Memorial Council, and Penn Law School Adjunct Professor Harry Reicher's Amicus to the Court, resolved: "Treatment such as that endured by Ed Kramer is not only unacceptable, but deeply antithetical, indeed offensive, to notions of justice that are deeply ingrained in the legal culture of United States, and that have suffused, and found their replication in, the post-World War II human rights movement."

End Wikipedia

Why would Bob Barr defend or even be tied up with someone like this? Seems kind of odd.......to me anyway.

f**k Bob Barr


Edward E. Kramer (author)

Looks innocent enough to me.



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