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Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
« on: July 10, 2008, 10:09:03 pm »
Dorothy is looking for a place where there is no trouble which is a place “over the rainbow.” To escape pain, alters go over the rainbow. (This is a.k.a. in Alice In Wonderland Programming as “going through the looking glass” 

Judy Garland, she was an MK slave and the first to sing the ''over the rainbow'' song. holding a mirror (looking glass).
another example how the symbolism fits the research.

Over the rainbow in Oz is for the Monarch slave to be in a trance, and into a certain area of the programming. To be fluctuating at both ends as an observer and not a participant or to go to the other extreme and become a participant. The theme song of the movie goes, “Somewhere over the Rainbow...there’s a land where the dreams that you dare to dream really come true.” These lyrics are a method to hypnotically confuse the brain to perceive that the “over the Rainbow experience” (which is usually horrible abuse) is a “dream”. The dissociative mind is only too happy to call the trauma a dream, which is lived as a reality for a moment, but is nevertheless recorded by the mind as a fantasy. The term for this is cryptoamnesia, which means the process where the proper functioning of memory is hypnotically messed up. The slave’s internal world becomes “reality” and the external real world becomes the Land of Oz which is perceived as make-believe.

anyone interested in Cobain's death should see some of the bizarre projects Cobain was associated with prior to his death, and some of the CIA people he was directly involved with.

Cobain did the musical background for a William Burroughs-narrated tape, an audio excerpt from that author's book titled 'Exterminator'
(odd elements of bisexuality , heroin addiction, cannibalism and murder involved).

Cobain wanted Burroughs, a known homosexual activist, to cameo in his 'Heart Shaped Box' video,

author, beatnik, and CIA killer William Burroughs

and wrote in his journals that he wanted Burroughs to simulate a sexual assault on him. The plan was to depict Burroughs raping Cobain from behind and dying on top of him, and orgasming his life energy into Cobain , complete with medical footage of semen flowing through the interior of a pen*s. Burroughs declined the offer. Cobain considered Burroughs a sort of protege, a fellow bisexual/heroin addict/writer.
Here is the link proving it:

It sounds like Cobain was attempting to involve Burroughs in the simulation of some sort of sex magick ritual. Ancient tribes have been known to perform rituals with the dying elders submitting to be ritually killed, and eaten, so that their life force may be passed on and live on in those who carry on afterward.

It has been said that Cobain was into the occult. Cobain likely had knowledge of real life sex magick or enochian rituals.

Burroughs is a noted occultist (OTO):

check out this video on Burroughs bizarre life as a mind controlled assassin for the CIA:

Here is some background on Burroughs , a video biography (featuring some interesting information re: Burrough's activities in murdering his wife, as an assassin for the CIA, and his weapons collection, homosexuality, drug addiction, being sent at 15 to a masonic Los Alamos training camp etc.:

Cobain may have been killed in some sort of ritual, either voluntarily or involuntarily.

Courtney Love making satanic hand sign

Anyone interested in Cobain cannot miss seeing 'My Own Private Idaho' starring River Phoenix. It was made by Gus Van Sant , who was very close to the circle of people that Cobain was surrounded by all his life.
Van Sant lives in Portland, which is closely to the whole west coast Seattle scene.

I think 'My Own Private Idaho was loosely based on the type of life that
Cobain led prior to becoming successful in music.
The main character Mike, played by River Phoenix, is a homeless young Seattle drug addict who prostitutes himself to men to feed his drug habit. I have read that Cobain was himself a homeless drug addict who slept under a bridge and at the library , and hung around pickup spots (prostitution) to feed his drug habit. This was in the years before he became a successful musician.
Another interesting fact is that the main character suffered from narcolepsy, a condition in which sufferers of this disease pass out and fall into a sleeping state when under stress. Cobain was also narcoleptic .
The character in My Own Private Idaho is victimized by a brutal father and was from a broken home, and suffers 'blackout periods' where he does not know what happened.

It is also known that Cobain dabbled in the occult.

My Own Private Idaho was made by gay activist film maker Gus Van Sant, (WRITTEN AND DIRECTED) who also directed 'Last Days' , starring Michael Pitt, and loosely based on Cobain's last weeks of life.

Kurt Cobain and River Phoenix both were personal friends of Michael Stipe, another prominent gay rights advocate, and both Cobain and Phoenix died the same year.

 Cobain and River Phoenix knew each other, and after the death of River Phoenix, Cobain dedicated a song to him at one of his concerts. Phoenix and Cobain died within six months of each other, both dead of heroin overdose.

My guess is that if Cobain saw 'My Own Private Idaho' when it came out in late October 1991, or later, it would have had a major personal impact on his psyche.

narcolepsy is a known trait of MKultra or Monarch projects

interesting but possibly useless tidbit:
Nirvana's hit record 'Never Mind' has an infant immersed in water on the cover, and MKUltra is known to begin conditioning subjects from infancy, with torture techniques that are known to include water boarding.
The main character in the movie My Own Private Idaho, Mike , is revealed to have been in a mental institution at the age of one, with his mentally unbalanced
mother. This would mean that Mike would have been situated perfectly to undergo mind control programming during infancy at the institute.

here is a clip of the beginning of My Own Private Idaho.
Notice one of the earliest scenes place in Seattle, before the story moves on to Idaho:

the entire movie is there, in 11 ten minute pieces:

Check out River Phoenix's childhood being raised by the Children of God hippie cult:
Like Cobain, Phoenix was raised with a mission to be an entertainer from early age (like so many of them , from Judy Garland to Jon Benet Ramsey to Britney Spears, etc. etc. That's what the Mickey Mouse Club is all about , after all)

check out the trailer for the film 'Last Days' , based on the final
days of Kurt Cobain's life, and written and directed by Gus Van
Sant , the same guy who made My Own Private Idaho:
If you watch 'Last Days' you will see Cobain going into the same narcoleptic sleep that Phoenix does in 'My Own Private Idaho', and both films were written and directed by Gus Van Sant.

Cobain compared himself to Frances Farmer, who was in and out of mental institutions, another possible 'project'.

Farmer with Tyrone Power in Son of Fury (1942).

Here is a link to information on how Seattle-born actress Frances Farmer was allegedly abused by the psychiatric community, electroshocked, and even raped on military bases:

A lot of this information had been dismissed, even ridiculed, as hyperbole and exaggeration at the time that it emerged, but in light of what is now
publicly known to have happened with MKUltra , Monarch, etc. is really not as far-fetched now as it must have seemed back then, when virtually nothing was known about this type of secret activity.

It sounds almost like they attempted to turn her into a multiple.

Oddly enough, Farmer once worked at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, another massive gothic rail hotel similar to the one that Cobain was staying at in Banff when given the lyrics. In fact it is part of the same Fairmont chain of hotels.

Here is a picture of Cobain meeting with homosexual author William Burroughs at his lakeside cottage residence just outside of Lawrence, Kansas in October 1993:

This is a photo that Burroughs snapped of Cobain using the cottage toilet. ( Burroughs sent Cobain this photo on Cobain's 27th birthday:

this just gets weirder and weirder the more I look at it.

-Cobain met his idol, author William S. Burroughs, six months before his (Cobain's ) death in April 1994

-Burroughs was famous for having 'accidentally' shot his wife Joan, fatally, in the forehead, at a party in Mexico, (for which he was never imprisoned) in 1951

-In the year 2000, Cobain's widow Courtney Love played the part of Burrough's murdered wife Joan in a film called 'Beat' , starring Kiefer Sutherland, which was a biographical film about
William S. Burroughs:

-the 1991 David Cronenberg film Naked Lunch ( ) which was written by David Cronenberg , loosely reflects events in the life of author Burroughs as he wrote the novel Naked Lunch. The main character, writer Bill Lee, works as an 'exterminator' who 'kills bugs with drugs', is himself a drug addict working for the CIA, spies on drug operations in foreign countries, suffers hallucinations, and answers to a 'controller'.

Here is an example of the kind of metaphors, (what could be termed 'CIA metaphors') embedded in 'Naked Lunch':

In this scene, Peter Weller, (playing the part of William S. Burroughs) is forced to 'prove his credentials' before being allowed entry into the country of 'Annexia'.

So he shoots his wife in the head. At which point , he is told 'Welcome to Annexia'

It is, imo, a metaphor for how hard-core criminal/satanic secret societies demand that people make incredible personal sacrifices to prove their utter devotion and commitment to the group before being allowed to join:

In this case, William S. Burroughs, who is famous for having 'accidentally' shot his wife in the head, is depicted as actually having carried out the act as a means to gain entry to another secret level or realm of the network.

I have been finding a very close association between director Gus Van Sant and William S. Burroughs.
Van Sant did at least four projects involving William Burroughs, including a music CD, two short films,
and a motion picture:

Elvis Of Letters (1985) Music: William S. Burroughs,Gus Van Sant

The Discipline of DE (197 Gus Van Sant (9 min, 16 mm black and white, adaptation of William S. Burroughs' short story, narrated by Ken Shapiro)

Thanksgiving Prayer (1991) Gus Van Sant (2 min, 35 mm color, written by and starring William S. Burroughs)

Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993) Gus Van Sant (feature length film, features a diverse cast [Keanu Reeves, Roseanne Barr, Uma Thurman, Rain Phoenix, and k.d. lang], with cameos by William S. Burroughs and Heather Graham,

Some more interesting tidbits here:

Gus Van Sant wrote and directed 'Last Days' , a film about the final hours of Kurt Cobain.
Van Sant's 'My Own Private Idaho' features a 'Brokeback Mountain' style campfire scene between Keanu Reaves and River Phoenix
River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain died within six months of each other, both of a heroin overdose.
Gus Van Sant wrote and directed 'Even Cowgirls Get the Blues', a lesbian version of Brokeback Mountain.
Heath Ledger starred as a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain.
Peter Weller played the part of William S. Burroughs in 'Naked Lunch'
Peter Weller starred opposite Heath Ledger in 'The Order' .
Heath Ledger died, like Cobain , in his late twenties, alone, involving a drug overdose.

Everything I find out about Gus Van Sant leads to more connections to
this CIA activity.
He is now going to be directing a new film out next year called
'The Electric KoolAid Acid Test',

The book/movie based on a real event, and is all about a CIA-sponsored group called the 'The Merry Pranksters' who toured America in the mid-sixties, methodically distributing marijuana, amphetamines, and LSD.

Names connected to this group include Kesey, Kerouac, Ginsberg, Hunter Thompson, and even William Burroughs , who appeared at a Kesey organized hippy poetry festival in the mid-seventies.

Courtney Love making satanic hand sign

Cobain worshipped homosexual, drug addict author William Burroughs, who at one point visited Rome, and then lived at a house in Tangiers which was used as a child prostitution brothel , prostituting male Moroccan children to visiting male tourists.
The film 'My Own Private Idaho' depicts a Seattle 16 year old gay-male prostitute who has been living on the streets since he was twelve, is narcoleptic, suffers blackouts of missing time, and is transported around the world (including Rome). The boy's 'specialty' is apparently a propensity for passing out whenever he is told to disrobe for his customers. (could be some embedded mind control program, in that the act of disrobing under those circumstances is an embedded 'trigger', that makes him pass out or shift into his 'alter' state)

. The film 'My Own Private Idaho' appears to be showcasing the fruits of the labors of the CIA in some bizarre fashion.
Mike accusing his handler of selling his body for sex 'while he is asleep'.
Cobain is said to have once worked as a gay prostitute to feed his heroin habit, and toured Europe (including Rome) promoting a minor record before becoming famous with his second album. Cobain was also said to be narcoleptic, which has led to speculation that 'My Own Private Idaho' was a film depicting the exact sort of specimen that Cobain was prior to gaining fame as a musician.

Now listen to this bizarre reading by Burroughs , who always wrote semi-autobiographically , speaking of stealing a bag of severed limbs to feed his heroin habit (with , bizarrely, a heroin-addicted Kurt Cobain providing the background music. Cobain arranged to do this project with Burroughs, and later traveled to meet with Burroughs at his cottage) :

First, it is as yet no certainty for me that Burroughs was CIA. I think it likely that he was. He says that he was almost recruited, and says that someone scuttled it for him, but who knows what the truth is ? Put it this way, if he had worked as a killer for the CIA, would he be eager to piss off the CIA by broadcasting that to the world?
Of course not. He would issue a denial of any relation to the CIA, if he knew what was good for him.

anyone interested in this should see his biography film on Google video:

it shows him posing with his weapons collection.
He always said "write what you know about" and openly admits that most of his work is semi-autobiographical, so when he starts writing doing heroin about a bag containing severed brown legs, it does get interesting.
He lived in Mexico, South America, Morrocco

from Wikipedia:
When he found Rome and Ansen’s company dreary, inspired by Paul Bowles' fiction, he decided to head for Tangier, Morocco.[13] In a home owned by a known procurer of homosexual prostitutes for visiting American and English men, he rented a room and began to write a large body of text that he personally referred to as Interzone[14]. Burroughs lived in Tangier for several months, before returning to the United States where he suffered several personal indignities- Ginsberg was in California and refused to see him, A. A. Wyn, the publisher of Junkie, was not forthcoming with his royalties and his parents were threatening to cut off his allowance. All signs pointed him back to Tangier, a place where his parents would have to continue the support and one where drugs were freely available. He left in November 1954 and spent the next four years there working on the fiction that would later become Naked Lunch, as well as attempting to write commercial articles about Tangier. He sent these writings to Ginsberg, his literary agent for Junkie, but none were published until 1989 when Interzone, a collection of short stories, was published. Under the strong influence of a marijuana confection known as majoun and a German-made opioid called Eukodol (oxycodone), Burroughs settled in to write. Eventually, Ginsberg and Kerouac, who had traveled to Tangier in 1957, helped Burroughs edit these episodes into Naked Lunch.[15]
another interesting fact is that Burroughs often forgot having written some of the material, the drug-addled writings got so biographical and so bizarre at points that it prompted some alarm among Kerouac and Ginsberg:
"Bill, what's all this stuff about boys being hung in limestone caves?"

Another interesting film to watch is David Cronenburg's Naked Lunch,
which is written by Cronenberg and not based directly on Burrough's book of that name, but a story about the main character who is a composite assembled by Cronenberg of William Burrough's various characters.
The main character is someone who talks of being on 'assignment' by his handlers, and travels on missions to different foreign locations, and in contact with dark skinned homosexual boy prostitutes. It also, grotesquely, mentions illicit trafficking in something called 'the real black meat', which is depicted as dead black bugs. In fact the main character is at one an exterminator who kills 'bugs' with
by spraying them with an overdose of addictive chemicals.

So here's this guy with a weapons collection who travels around the world with a heroin habit who writes stories about being under the control of handlers, a gay heroin addict, working as an 'exterminator' of 'black bugs' who seem to love the white powder
he sprays them with, and bags of severed legs etc.
Then I hear that Cobain did the background music for one of Burrough's
audio readings and it gets even weirder. I find out that Burroughs murdered his wife 'by accident' , shooting her in the head. I find out that Cobain worked
as homosexual teen prostitute to feed his heroin habit at one time before becoming successful in music and was later obsessed with William Burroughs.
Then I find out that after the heroin addicted Cobain was found shot in the head, with many speculating that his wife Courtney Love had motive to have him killed,Courtney goes on to a career as an actress, and to play the part of Burrough's murdered (shot in the head) wife Joan in the film 'Beat' which was based on the life of William Burroughs.

It has been said that Jeffrey Dahmer may have been MKUltra, some sort of MKUltra experiment gone wrong, or the fall guy for a group
of people who were involved. (anyone remember the story of how the police let Dahmer go when they caught him abusing a bleeding boy?
Ever wonder what type of hand signals or code words may have gotten Dahmer out of that situation? Or maybe they ran his name, and found
his file flagged with some sort of 'hands off' designation?)
Kay Griggs has said in interviews that she thinks Jeffrey Dahmer was connected to CIA black ops.

Jeffrey Dahmer preyed on young male heroin addicted prostitutes, many of them of black or foreign descent, and severed their limbs, etc.
I do think it would have been interesting to hear what William Burroughs thought of the Jeffery Dahmer situation. (I was not saying that I thought his audio story was based on Dahmer. I meant that Burroughs seemed to have prior knowledge of similar situations, so it would have been interesting to hear what he had to say about it.)

some interesting details of Burroughs' life:

- at 15 he was sent to a Masonic training camp known as 'ranch school'.
- he was a known member of the occult order the OTO

Also, I would not necessarily use the term 'CIA agent' in reference to Burroughs. The phrase that I used was "Burroughs was CIA",
ie: an asset , possibly an MKUltra mind controlled assassin who did not even officially work as a CIA agent, but was nonetheless an asset performing work for the agency under various 'alters'.
His writings seem to suggest involvement with alter egos, missing time,
violence, and narcotics .

This could also explain why someone high up ensured that Burroughs got away with fatally shooting his own wife in the head.

It is a common mafia tactic to demand proof that a commissioned hit has been carried out, in the form of a hand or finger provided from the corpse of the victim.

I would recommend that anyone who watches Naked Lunch watch it with an eye for metaphor.
The film could be a metaphor for what William Burroughs true life was.
It could be that he worked as an assassin for the CIA exterminating 'bugs' (bothersome targets, security risks, people who knew too much etc.), and that there is a sideline to this profession in selling the actual body parts of one's targets on some human flesh market.

Could this be what Dahmer truly was? Another Burroughs, who killed heroin junkies, 'projects', child prostitutes, drug mules, etc., for the CIA to shut them up once they had outlived their usefulness?

re: My Own Private Idaho

I think this is a veiled story about a mind controlled project, the main character 'Mike'. Mike was a narcoleptic who experiences missing time, frequently blacking out, and is constantly moved around by a handler/handlers.
(narcolepsy is said to be common among mind controlled people)

In the movie, the life story of Mike fits the model for a mind control victim. He is a homeless teen aged male prostitute suffering from drug addiction and mental problems. It emerges that Mike's birth was the product of an incestuous relationship between Mike's brother and Mike's mother. Mike's mother was jailed for murdering a crooked card dealer who had dared rip off the mob/CIA casino that he had worked for in Reno. Mike was an infant at the time of the murder, and his mother was sent to a psychiatric facility, and Mike actually lived at the psychiatric hospital with her. Assuming she had spent a number of years at the institution undergoing 'treatment' for having committed murder, it would mean that Mike spent his entire early childhood in a psychiatric institute.

So Mike may have been the victim of experiments and procedures from infancy, and completely transformed due to having spent his early life in a psychiatric institution where handlers would have had regular access to him.
It also emerges that Mike's handler, Scott, is none other than the son of the powerful masonic mayor of Portland. Scott moves Mike from one prostitution/crime/drugs scenario to another , regularly traveling with him, with Mike suffering narcoleptic 'blackouts' and missing time throughout the film. Mike also at one point states that he has been with his handler for four years. In the film, the character Mike is roughly sixteen or seventeen years old, which means that Mike has been travelling around with Scott, being prostituted and blacking out since he was twelve or thirteen years old.

I can only speculate here, but what emerges is a picture of a mind-controlled slave who is being used alternately as a child prostitute, possibly an international drug courier, and a street thug who participates in gang muggings. Watch the film.

Gus Van Sant may have written this film with full knowledge of CIA operations, and full knowledge of mind control and how it relates to child prostitution, drug operations, street gangs etc. The alarming thing to me is that the film would have been made to appeal to the 'in crowd' , the people who 'got it' would have loved it, but the general public would have been confused by what they were looking at. What alarms me is that people like Gus Van Sant and his subculture of financial backers and promoters etc. brazenly make films about this sort of thing, knowing that there are huge numbers of 'insiders' who will understand it, while the general public has not a fraction of a clue what they are really watching. It begs the question: how many people secretly know about this stuff? If major films can be done to appeal to large numbers of people , then there may be a hell of a lot of people capable of 'reading between the lines' in enjoying such films.


Why do strange cryptic little films like 'My Own Private Idaho' reach 'cult status' , when virtually no one normal can figure out what the hell is going on?


The term 'cult status' is a hell of a lot more descriptive than you think.

Bill Clinton admits to MKultra mind control experiments:

picture of William Burroughs with Kurt Cobain

the true story behind the lyrics to Smells Like Teen Spirit:

nirvana is just another case of where the symbolism fits the research.

This is the cover of a later-released compilation album of Nirvana's hits, called 'Over the Rainbow'.
It has a sort of Alice in Wonderland/Little Red Riding Hood look to it , and of course the 'Wizard of Oz' title to it.
From what I have read both those films figure prominently in Monarch programming of children.

Some of the grotesque features/details are an Alice in Wonderland type animal, a half-fox,
half- mosquito/preying mantis type creature, frolicking with toddlers. One of the toddlers is introducing
the creature to the blonde female toddler, who has a prosthetic
limb. (implication being that the creature has already consumed part of the girl, and she is being
reintroduced to it again?) Or are the children embracing a familiar friend?
Also note that the boy is depicted as lower-class, unkept hair, wearing rags, and the little girl is
prim and proper, with matching dress and bow, golden socks matching neatly kept hair, etc.
The price she paid was one of her hands?
the creature is a reference to the line 'A mosquito, my libido' ?

"Over the rainbow" is MKUltra-speak for being in a state of dissociation, the
key goal of the programming and how the alters are created.

The butterfly is, I suppose, a nod to Monarch.

The "insect fox" may be a reference to multiple personalities.

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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2008, 10:13:37 pm »
Look at the symbology in all the
masonic gay movement's stuff:

mind control rainbows and masonic triangles/pyramids

Massive gay dances regularly held at Masonic Temple in Toronto:

this article appeared in NOW Toronto magazine, the same gayzine that celebrated the deaths of Martin Kruze and Kenneth Au Yeung in the Maple Leaf Gardens scandal:

Those of us who have known Rae since the early days when he was the volunteer who did the food at those GCDC [Gay Community Dance Committee] dances -- those salacious Saturday-night extravaganzas at the Masonic Temple -- know what fun he can be. He's a promiscuous gossip (my stomach sank when I saw a tidbit I thought was mine show up in the Globe). And he has everyone sized up and is ready to pick them off.

GCDC, the Gay Community Dance Committee, had first lit up the 519 Church Street Community Centre but soon moved to the Concert Hall, a huge former Masonic temple. Its dances eventually attracted up to 2,000 revellers -- breaking that record set by 1978's "Biggest Gay Dance in the History of Toronto" -- and raking in up to $10,000 each time, split among groups who sent volunteers.
By the early 1980s gay people in Toronto had built one of the most organized, politically sophisticated communities anywhere. It had achieved, as George Hislop would later put it, "institutional completeness."

Ten year olds invited to VH1/MTV/MuchMusic dances chaperoned by North Island Masonic Lodge


Friday March 9th Port McNeill Community Hall Grades 5/6/7 6-8pm – Cost $10 Grades 8-12 8:30 to Midnight Cost $15 Sponsored & Chaperoned by: North Island Masonic Lodge Funds raised will go to Community Projects &Scholarships

the Much Music Video cable channel studio (Canada's cable equivalent of MTV/VH1) is in a Toronto building which is an active masonic hall.

Can there be any mystery left as to what is happening to all those abducted children that go missing each year?
Here is an explanation that I think should be obvious to many at this stage:

the vans are grabbing kids and transporting them overseas to
orphanages, where they are undergoing 'rainbow' trauma conditioning, and a substantial part of it is gay programming, gender- dissociative stuff. This is why the rainbow symbology is so prominent.
My guess is that these symbols are also implanted in the minds tens of thousands of trauma-conditioned children as some sort of key-word, key-symbol trigger or device.

Why is Judy Garland such a popular gay icon?

The gay and lesbian magazine The Advocate calls Judy Garland "an Elvis for homosexuals." In more closeted times, gays used the term "friend of Dorothy" to refer to themselves in mixed company, in homage to Garland's role as Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. Today, Garland isn't as well known among the younger gay generation, but she still holds a special place in the hearts of many.

Judy Garland was hugely popular among gays during her lifetime. Her concerts were major gay meeting places, and in her later years, she made money singing at gay piano bars. Garland's father was gay, as were her studio-executive mentor and two of her five husbands. She had many gay friends and went to parties where she joked that she was the only woman present. But her appeal was based on more than her own acceptance of gays.

Both onscreen and off, Garland projected a unique combination of vulnerability and strength. She sang of intense loneliness, followed by songs describing delirious love. She had legendary stage fright but declared her greatest happiness came from performing. These conflicts mirrored the lives of oppressed, closeted gay men in the 1950s and 1960s. They identified with the paradox and duplicity in Garland's life. Severe laws and prejudice against homosexuality forced gays to lead double lives and hide their true selves.

As Dorothy, Judy Garland portrayed a misunderstood kid from a small town who has an amazing adventure in a Technicolor world. The central message of The Wizard of Oz is that you will find what you're looking for inside yourself. That message resonated with gays of the era who yearned to come out into a colorful world and live what was inside of them.

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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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More evidence of gay monarch programming:

note his red shoes like dorothy in the wizard of Oz with her ruby slippers.

Monarch slaves are taught to “follow the yellow brick road.” No matter what fearful things lie ahead, the Monarch slave must follow the Yellow Brick Road which is set out before them by their master. For some slaves used as track stars, their Yellow Brick Road was the track they had to run. The Yellow Brick Road is the runway in which alters were trained to fly off from to exit their internal world and take the body. The Yellow Brick Road also pertains to the assignment that an alter is given. To follow the Yellow Brick Road is to go down the road that has been assigned by command. The Yellow Brick Road programming is placed into the child’s mind via the Yellow Brick Road of the Wizard of Oz story. Remember the key words, “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

'Pride People' from Boston gay parade


Monarch (butterfly) /rainbow  symbology:

Someone Saved My Life Tonight
Music by elton john
Lyrics by bernie taupin
Available on the album captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy

And someone saved my life tonight sugar bear
You almost had your hooks in me didnt you dear
You nearly had me roped and tied
Altar-bound, hypnotized
Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
Youre a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
Fly away, high away, bye bye

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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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TRUE LOVE 2- The Wizard of OZ by *dronio
(note the 'electro-munchkins' t-shirtand the Oz license plate)

and then this comic from 'othersiderainbow'[/color]



Queerfocus: gay news,views and gossip in the land of OZ

“The Wizard of Oz” is to be remade with Dorothy as a sexy action heroine.
The new film produced by Todd McFarlane will have a screenplay by Oscar-nominated Josh Olson,
whose credits include “A History of Violence,” and will be based on the alternative series “Twisted Land of Oz”
written by Dion Bozman.

Todd McFarlane and History of Violence writer Josh Olson have revealed plans for a new film take on
The Wizard of Oz based on McFarlane's horror versions of the toys (above).
This will allow the toymaker to make new toys based on the movie based on the toys.
The two went on to say Dorothy would actually be nothing at all like the hyper-sexualized bondage
toy but be more of a bad-ass like Ripley in Alien, and the whole thing will have a "2007 wow factor"
that will try to get the Lord of the Rings audience. If that means armies of thousands of Muchkins versus
 hordes of flying monkeys, I might just forgive the fact that
McFarlane is still releasing Spawn toys for some reason. Honestly, who is buying these?

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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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There are hidden messages in the entertainment we've been naively exposed to all these years. The writers and actors seem to be under the control of sinister forces.

Take for example the "WHO" album "Tommy" that was made into a movie in the 70s. It turns out that the main character - the deaf, dumb and blind kid - was sexually abused - and that's what the words to the music are all about.

ommy's creator, Peter Townshend, believes he himself was sexually abused and that TOMMY was an expression of his unconscious trauma. He suspects that internet pornography is fueling an epidemic of sexual abuse of children. In his quest for proof he visited child-porn websites and then subsequently got arrested when the police raided the viewers. This in spite of the fact that he'd alerted the authorities as to what he was doing. Below is the original article. The top are related and follow-up articles as the case proceeds.

Who's Pete Townshend, shown on the set of his rock opera Tommy in 1993, says he paid to view online child pornography as research for his autobiography. He said he believes he was sexually abused as a child.

Uncle Ernie, a pedophile played by Keith Moon in the rock opera Tommy, spent time "fiddling about, fiddling about." In the rock opera Tommy, the deaf, dumb and blind kid escapes into the world of pinball wizardry after he is molested by his Uncle Ernie. The pivotal scene is described in the song Fiddle About, which has Uncle Ernie singing lines like "Your mother left me here to mind you, Now I'm doing what I want to, Fiddling about, Fiddling about," and "Down with the bedclothes, Up with the nightshirt, Fiddle about, Fiddle about." That sequence, in one of Pete Townshend's most popular works may come to be seen as more significant now that a bizarre investigation is unfolding into why the rock star visited Web sites featuring child pornography.

The Who's emblematic lead guitarist and songwriter, who has been caught up in a massive British investigation into online pedophilia, maintains he bought child porn from one of the Web sites as research for his autobiography. "I believe I was sexually abused between the ages of five and six-and-a-half when in the care of my maternal grandmother who was mentally ill at the time," he said in a statement responding to the scandal that has erupted. "I cannot remember clearly what happened, but my creative work tends to throw up nasty shadows -- particularly in Tommy."

Elton John in Tommy

Clip from movie Tommy:

The Who- Fiddle About

Michael Jackson played the scarecrow in the Wizard of OZ based
musical 'The Wiz' in 1978.
Michael Jackson began exhibiting dissociative behavior from the time of this movie onward.

9interesting to note that both Pete Townshend (from Tommy) and Michael Jackson (from The Wiz) have both been involved in very public pedophile trials)

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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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another Monarch project?

Gay Pride male - Butterfly Diva I

[size=18]can you say Mkultra?[/size]


Bunker searched in Jersey child abuse probe

By Jerome Taylor
Thursday, 10 July 2008

The investigation into child abuse at a former children's home on the island of Jersey took a further grim turn yesterday as forensic officers began searching a former Nazi war bunker less than a mile from the home.

Police yesterday said at least six victims of abuse had come forward alleging "serious sexual crimes" were carried out against them in the bunker which was built and used by German artillery when the island was under Nazi occupation during the Second World War.

For more than four months now specialist officers have been conducting a painstaking forensic excavation of the cellars of the nearby Haut de la Garenne children's home where numerous former residents say they were repeatedly drugged, beaten and raped over a period of more than 40 years.
Deputy Chief Officer Lenny Harper, who is leading the investigation, told reporters outside the bunker yesterday: "The allegation is that residents from Haut de la Garenne were taken to the bunker by members of staff and abused there. We are talking about six witness statements to us concerning the bunker. Six different witnesses and different incidents."
The investigation on the island is one of the largest child abuse cases in British history. Excavations at the children's home have unearthed a number of disturbing finds that police say corroborate what victims have said took place in the cellars below. Victims described the cellar as a punishment and rape chamber where children often spent days on end in complete darkness shackled to a bath filled with cold water. Forensic searches have uncovered the concrete bath, flecked with traces of blood, and a message scrawled into the wall above saying "I've been bad for years and years". A set of shackles has also been found.
Police first began excavating the home in February after receiving intelligence that human remains may have been buried on site. An initial find of what was thought to be a child's skull later turned out to be a piece of coconut or wood but subsequent excavations have uncovered 65 children's teeth and a number of human bone fragments. Further examination of the bones revealed that some had been cut or burned leading the police to treat Haut de la Garenne as a possible homicide crime scene.
Although no bodies have been found, police do believe human remains are in the cellar.
"We have a dead child or dead children in that cellar," said Lenny Harper yesterday. "We do not know how they got there or how they died, but we do know in that cellar we have a dead child."
The bunker, meanwhile, lies underneath an historic nineteenth century Martello watchtower just over half a mile to the east of Haut de la Garenne. Both the bunker and tower are currently owned by the Jersey National Trust.
During the Second World War German occupying forces built bunkers across the island to protect from any counter invasion from allied forces. The bunker near Haut de la Garenne was constructed by an artillery regiment who fortified the tower and dug a series of three bunkers. The largest contained eight rooms and was used as a telephone exchange whilst the others were used as sleeping quarters and contained two rooms each.
Police said they were not expecting to have to excavate the bunkers adding that a finger tip search would only take a few days. The number of victims who say they were abused at Haut de la Garenne now stands at 97 whilst 109 people have been named as being involved in offences connected to the investigation. Police said yesterday that 18 have been identified as priority suspects. Police also announced David Warcup, deputy chief constable of Northumbria will shortly replace Deputy Chief Officer Harper who is due to retire within weeks.


Jersey abuse inquiry: suspected milk teeth total reaches 48

    * Joe Jackson
    * Thursday June 19, 2008
    * Article history

The basement of the former children's home in Saint-Martin, Jersey, where the police forensic team's excavation work has been taking place. Photograph: Alain Jocard/PA

Investigators searching the Haut de la Garenne former children's home in Jersey have found a another 21 suspected milk teeth in the past week, police said today.
The latest discoveries, made in cellar areas beneath the building, bring the total number of teeth unearthed at the site to 48 since investigators began excavating the grounds at the former care home in February after allegations of child abuse spanning three decades.
A Jersey police spokeswomen confirmed officers believe the teeth belonged to children.
"Although detailed testing has yet to take place, early indications are that most if not all the teeth found are milk teeth," she said.
More than half of the 48 samples so far discovered at Haut de la Garenne have been sent to the UK for examination, with the remainder still in Jersey.
Investigators are continuing to examine areas of the former children's home, carrying out a "detailed sieving process" for further evidence of human remains.
More than 30 bone fragments have been found at the site, with tests showing some have been cut while others have been burnt.
A former policeman, the fourth person to be arrested in connection with the case, was released from custody without charge last week.
Meanwhile, three other people have appeared in court in connection with the probe.
An independent group set up to monitor the inquiry this week set up a Post Office box address and email to help people make contact easily.
Police have received more than 100 allegations of abuse at the island's former children's home between the early 1960s and 1986, after starting an investigation in November last year.
Suspected parts of a child's body were discovered at Haut de la Garenne in February as officers acted on information from hundreds of callers.
Officers later discounted the remains as non-human, but soon found other remains in the cellars of the former care home.
Specialist detectives from the UK mainland joined the inquiry as further grim discoveries were made, including "punishment rooms" in the basement of the building.
States of Jersey senators have agreed to hold a full public enquiry into child abuse on the island once the criminal investigation had been completed.
Built on a Jersey hilltop in 1867, Haut de la Garenne was first a school and then an orphanage before becoming one of Jersey's childcare homes.
It still housed up to 60 young people with special needs when it closed in 1986, reopening in 2004 as the island's first youth hostel.
It has also been used as the setting of a police station in the BBC detective television series Bergerac.

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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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JonBenet Ramsey may have died during her trauma-based programming and they posed the body
to look like a murder:

note the bondage style ropes still attached.
She was murdered Christmas Eve, which fits the reputed pattern of ritual trauma being inflicted
on repeated dates such as birthdays and holidays, so that the date will trigger memories repeatedly
in the victims.

American idol like big brother is used to give MK victims the appearance of being normal people who got selected because of their personality/talent and then came to fame through these shows.

video of Connie singing Over the Rainbow:

Connie Talbot (born 20 November 2000) is an English child singer from Streetly, Metropolitan Borough of Walsall, West Midlands. She rose to fame in 2007 when she reached the final of the television talent show Britain's Got Talent, where she lost to Paul Potts. Although it had originally seemed as though Talbot would sign with Sony BMG, the label pulled out of the deal due to her age.

Shortly afterwards, she signed with Rainbow Recording Company, and began production of her debut album, Over the Rainbow, which was released on 26 November 2007 in the UK. The album was rereleased 18 June 2008 with a new track listing, and the first single from the album, "Three Little Birds", was released 10 June 2008.

Despite being received negatively by critics, the album has sold over 250,000 copies worldwide and reached number one in three countries. Since the initial album release, Talbot has performed publicly and on television both in Europe and across Asia, where her music had been heard through YouTube. On top of her musical career, Talbot continues to attend primary school, and lives in Streetly with her family

Although auditioning for the television reality show Britain's Got Talent was originally a family day out, Talbot's confidence increased when Simon Cowell, whom she is said to have idolised,described her as "pure magic" and said that he would make her earn "£1 million-plus this year".[2] In June 2007 Talbot reached the final stage of the show singing The Wizard of Oz's "Over the Rainbow".[3] Talbot was joint favourite (along with Paul Potts) to emerge as the winner of the first series of Britain's Got Talent.[4][5] It was Potts who won as the result of a call-in vote on the night of the final.

Mind Control is often compared to/seen as ''magic'' and for an outsider it could be considered magic.

video of Connie singing Over the Rainbow:

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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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speaking of mind control, many people have documented evidence pointing to mind-control conditioning of school shooters such as the boys at Columbine and the shooter at Virginia Tech.

So, with that in mind, guess which movie director's name has cropped again in connection with mind control?

Gus Van Sant . His film 'Elephant' is a fictionalized account of the Columbine shootings,
perpetrated by two homosexual youths.

Watch the film here:

Gus Van Sant is unreal.
First he brought us the mind controlled gay child prostitutes of 'My Own
Private Idaho', then he did a film on mind control victim Kurt Cobain in
'Last Days'. Then he did 'Elephant' , showcasing the CIA's mind-controlled
assassins. His next project is 2009's upcoming Electric Koolaid Acid Test, a nostalgic
look back at the CIA's LSD distribution plan in the 1960's.

Could it be any more obvious that Gus Van Sant and his entire milieu
are CIA ?

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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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I found a post about Cathy O'Brien to be quite revealing in relation to something that I noted about 'My Own Private Idaho'.
She mentions a plan by the Illuminati to use their advanced technology to fool the world into thinking that earth has come into contact/communication with extraterrestrial 'gods' visiting the earth, so that they will be awed into total submission to the 'gods' , who are really just Illuminati who have concealed advanced technology for decades until ready to unveil it.

there is something similar in a scene in My Own Private Idaho, in a clip which I am posting here.

You will see in this following scene, Mike with his handler Scott and a gay German Illuminati type who is ostensibly paying Mike for sex (and whatever other uses they have for him)
It is an odd scene , in which you see the mind-controlled Mike being slowly hypnotized with light, dancing, and music, and his handler Scott egging him on by laughing and then hooting  and then finally jumping up and turning off the music when he notices that Mike has gone into a trance.

Scott jumps up after  he starts singing about 'being in space', either because he knows that the 'alter' trance is complete, or because he wants to prevent that part of the programmed regression from being completed.

So the German guy is essentially hypnotizing Mike into a trance and posing as a space alien.
here is the clip:

In another part, at the very end of this clip

you see Mike watching an episode of the Simpsons at a repeat customer's house , and the Simpsons episode happens to feature an alien abduction scene, right before Scott passes out as he is
being undressed by the customer.

So there are two references to alien abduction in this film.
Both of them happen to occur while Mike is in the hotel room of a gay client, and just prior to Mike's being seduced and passing out.

This film is, in my opinion, a detailed look at the machinations of the wealthy Illuminati/CIA subculture of prostitution, homosexuality, mind control, organized crime, etc.
For some reason, Gus Van Sant makes such a detailed portrait of it.

Clues that Mike is multiple-personality are throughout the film.
Twice at different times in the film he finds himself stranded on the same highway road, and  both times he says that he remembers walking on the same and  certain road, at some time in the past, but cannot remember the rest.
All he remembers is the road, and that he has been on the same road before.
 In one scene a friend of Scott's and Mike's addresses Mike as 'Mikey the Dyke' as though he knows him, and Mike just looks blank as though he has never seen the person before.
Then the friend tries to remind Mike  of who he is, by asking him if 'he had gotten into that Sinead O'Connor concert' the night before.
(the implication is that Mike has been with this friend the night before and tried to get into a rock concert) Mike looks blank and says he has never been to a concert in his life.

also there is talk of a  mind-blowing conspiracy to profit on the death of musicians in revealing that music industry titan David  Geffen signed both John Lennon and Kurt Cobain to his label just prior to their deaths and reaped millions
in profits on the subsequent publicity that  both records enjoyed.
Courtney Love signed with Geffen

River Phoenix was known to have been raised in a 'hippy commune'
the Children of God, and check this information on Courtney Love:

Early life

Courtney Michelle Harrison was born in San Francisco, California to a family of Irish and Jewish descent[3] . Love's biological family broke apart rapidly while she was still very young. During a child custody case following Love's parents' divorce, both her mother and one of her girlfriends presented letters to the court implying her father had given the child, then three years old, LSD.[4] Harrison denies this allegation[5] and has passed polygraph tests; however, these allegations led to full custody being awarded to Love's mother.

Love then spent a troubled childhood with her mother as she wandered through three husbands and as many hippie communes in Oregon, and various schools including a boarding school in Nelson, New Zealand

So here we have quite the circle forming with River Phoenix and Courtney Love both being raised by hippie communes.  It is established that the Beatnik and Hippy movements were outgrowths of the CIA.
Now we have Gus Van Sant doing his next film about the CIA's creation
of LSD hippy cults.  (Electric Koolaid Acid Test due out in 2009)

Then we have CIA LSD/hippy cult the Manson Family doing the killing of Sharon Tate while inspired by the music of John Lennon, and suspected Manchurian candidate David Chapman
killing Lennon outside the Dakota,
and some speculation that hippy-cult-raised LSD child Courtney Love may have killed Cobain. 

Both of the murders (Lennon and Cobain) enriching widows who were themselves BOTH talentless, heroin-using aspiring musicians (Yoko Ono and Courtney Love) and enriching of course, DAvid Geffen himself.
interesting too that Cobain secretly collaborated with Courtney Love for her second record 'Live Through This', (writing much of the music and doing some background vocals) ,  which was released just four days after Cobain's
death and went double platinum on the publicity of Cobain's death.

So, just like John and Yoko collaborated together on an album (Double Fantasy) which made Lennon's widow Yoko Ono famous right after Lennon's death, Kurt and Courtney collaborated on 'Live Through This', which made Cobain's widow Courtney Love famous right after Cobain's death.

Doesn't David look just so crushed>:

Yoko Ono and David Geffen (right) emerge from Roosevelt Hospital just before midnight on December 8, 1980, moments after learning that John Lennon had died. From Nowhere Man: The Final Days of John Lennon. ©AP/Wide World Photos

and this revelation that David Geffen was f**king Cher while she was still
married to the eventually assassinated Congressman Sonny Bono:

Sonny Bono recognized that Cher's behavior had changed dramatically from the moment she had connected with David Geffen. By January 1974, relations between Sonny and Cher on the set at CBS reached an all-time low.

The rehearsals were painful for everyone. A skit in one of their final shows had Cher playing Mother Nature standing atop a mountain. Sonny played a seeker of truth, struggling to climb to the peak. "Mother Nature, what is the secret of life?" Sonny asked.

"Go f**k yourself," Cher snarled, not missing a beat.

Nobody laughed. "Can we try it again?" the director asked.

"Not without lawyers," Bono muttered.

Geffen coached Cher on the speech that would destroy Bono. She delivered it in Sonny's dressing room one night after a taping. Cher walked in and told her husband that she no longer wanted to do The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour. He had wanted her to sign a new contract with Cher Enterprises, but she had refused, and now she was walking out.

"What?" Bono gagged.

"I already gave notice to CBS," she said.

"We've got contracts," Bono said desperately. "I mean, you can't. We are signed to record deals, nightclubs."

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Re: Mkultra Monarch programming and the gay agenda
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check out this creepy Elton John video of his song 'Someone Saved my life Tonight'

The lyrics appear to be about a gay man who was almost
roped into marrying a domineering woman, but is rescued
by his 'sugar bear' gay lover from a suicidally depressing situation:

Music by elton john
Lyrics by bernie taupin
Available on the album captain fantastic and the brown dirt cowboy

When I think of those east end lights, muggy nights
The curtains drawn in the little room downstairs
Prima donna lord you really should have been there
Sitting like a princess perched in her electric chair
And its one more beer and I dont hear you anymore
Weve all gone crazy lately
My friends out there rolling round the basement floor

And someone saved my life tonight sugar bear
You almost had your hooks in me didnt you dear
You nearly had me roped and tied
Altar-bound, hypnotized
Sweet freedom whispered in my ear
Youre a butterfly
And butterflies are free to fly
Fly away, high away, bye bye

I never realised the passing hours of evening showers
A slip noose hanging in my darkest dreams
Im strangled by your haunted social scene
Just a pawn out-played by a dominating queen
Its four oclock in the morning
Damn it listen to me good
Im sleeping with myself tonight
Saved in time, thank God my musics still alive

And I would have walked head on into the deep end of the river
Clinging to your stocks and bonds
Paying your h.p. demands forever
Theyre coming in the morning with a truck to take me home
Someone saved my life tonight, someone saved my life tonight
Someone saved my life tonight, someone saved my life tonight
Someone saved my life tonight
So save your strength and run the field you play alone


but look at some of the imagery in the video,
the monarch 'butterfly' figure throughout accompanies
near-death trauma scenes from gasing to asphyxiation to drowning, freezing, and even electro-torture, with the same line repeatedly urging 'you're a butterfly, and butterflies are free to fly, fly away, high away, bye bye'

This sounds like another MKultra song like 'Somewhere OVer the Rainbow' to me.

And some of the grotesque scenes in the video are of the gay fiancee escaping from the wedding , leaving the bride
alone to vandalize the wedding cake and  then dancing with his 'sugarbear' lover ,
as she is electroshocked to death. Pretty bizarre stuff:

It sound like Monarch gay programming.

the song is from this record 'Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy:

look at Captain Fantastic leading his army of ghouls and  stomping on the family homestead 'fishbowl'
while denigrating the common family man as 'the brown dirt cowboy'.
It looks like Elton is Captaining an overwhelming onslaught of jews, blacks, gays and all nature and heavens
and demons destined to inevitably crush the family unit.[/b]