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Extra ENERGY in 9/11 buildings: Tell the Teacher


Extra ENERGY in 9/11 buildings: Tell the Teacher

High school teacher-level Physics calculations show Gravity ACTION on 9/11 Towers was 0.1 KiloTons of TNT-equivalent ENERGY, and then debris and dust erupted over 8.5 KiloTons of 'TNT' ENERGY in REACTION.

No spin, FACT:
0.1 KT ACTION not equal 8.5 KT REACTION

Who dunnit?

When the top chunk of Mt. St. Helens turned into a cloud of dust, thrown on the landscape, then TV and newspapers said the mountain expended the energy equivalent of 30,000 K Tons of TNT, (a Kilo Ton, or 'KT,' is 1000 tons, and TNT is energetic 'dynamite' force). I talked with the editor of the local newspaper recently, and he remembered publishing such a number back then.

How did they know that number? Were there conflicting opinions? Did TV and newspapers give 'equal time' for disagreement -- back then, May 18, 1980, the Fairness Doctrine still regulated broadcasting to air all sides, or arguable points of view, of any debateable issue -- was it 40,000 KT of TNT equivalent energy? Or 10,000 KT?

No, that's just silly talk. Certainly it was 30,000 KT, no argument, no debate. The number is not an 'opinion,' it's a calculation of a fact. Like an Example problem, perhaps in Physics homework. Multiply the massive weight of the rock times how far it flew against gravity's energy forcing it down to the ground; and so, weight times distance times gravity, is the energy number ... presto, the math is done, easy as pie.

The same calculation makes a fact that 8.5 KT of energy force expanded the dust cloud of pulverized concrete which came out of each Twin Tower on 9/11 and spread across Manhattan's buildings and streets an inch thick, or more.

Eight-point-five Kilo Tons, or 8.5 KT of expended energy, is the number which TV and newspapers do NOT say, because it's censored, prohibited, since there's a mystery about where that energy came from. Since zero-point-one Kilo Tons, or 0.1 KT, is all the energy that gravity had, forcing down on each building.

Gravity smacking the floors together, one-by-one flattening them like pancakes, all told, 110 floors pushed down into a stack on ground level, where gravity can't push any farther -- multiplying all the weight that came down the distance to the ground, and the fact is: 0.1 KT of TNT-equivalent energy was expended. That's all there possibly was. 0.1 KiloTons of TNT-equivalent energy. If a Tower weighed twice as much, there was 0.2 KT of energy in it. If it weighed twice as much being twice as tall, then 0.4 KT of energy was in it, at all times, stored there by the laborious work invested in building it, making it stand about 30 years against gravity pushing it down.

Whether the building is on fire or not, it weighs the same and stands as tall, until gravity -- not fire -- starts into action.

Same as if you have a book on the table, and you push it off the edge so it drops on a weight scale. When it hits the scale, it scores the same (energy) force of gravity pushing its fall, every time, whether or not the book is on fire. Instead of a book, if you use a balloon full of water, the force measured when it falls down on the scale is the same, every time, whether the water is liquid or solid ice. And, if you know how tall the table is, and you know the weight of the book or water balloon, you can calculate the pounds of force the scale is going to show under the falling object -- and have that answer before you push the weight off the table! It's not an "opinion," it's a calculation, in the facts of the matter.

Each 9/11 dust cloud measured 8.5 KT of (energy) force spreading out of the building. But only 0.1 KT of gravity pushed each building, straight down. Such 'Action-NOT equal-Reaction' was as if you dropped a 1 Ton book off the table and the scale measured 85 Tons hit it. The mystery of where the extra energy force came from, measured on 9/11, is an unsolved mystery.

The 9/11 Commission did not solve the mystery. Heck, the 9/11 Commission did not even Report the mystery, of 8.5 KT of TNT energy measured in the dust cloud expanding out of each Tower. Gagged silent Commissioners, like TV and newspapers. Was it only 8 KT, or 5 KT, of energy throwing the dust? The 9/11 Commissioners got paid taxpayer money to do the math, to calculate the Physics homework problem. Then they cashed our check and never did the math calculation. That's public fraud.

Heck, the 9/11 Commission never even reported anything about the third(!) skyscraper, turned into an expanding dust cloud on 9/11, (billowing out of the so-called Building 7 of the World Trade Center), nevermind not calculating the energy spread of Building 7's fall. The 9/11 Commissioners took our money, that our Congress gave them, and turned in a blank homework assignment. Nor did our missing Congress ever ask to see the missing math, either. TV and newspapers are now censored, and prohibited from telling the unsolved mystery number.

TV and newspapers have the factual calculation of the explosive-equivalent energy number, certainly -- the same place they got it from for Mt. St. Helens.

What TV and newspapers don't have, and what Congress doesn't have, and what the American taxpayers who paid for it don't have, is the answer to: What happened on 9/11?

The answer is sure NOT that a plane hit the building, it caught fire, and fell down, just as sure as 1 KT is NOT equal to 85 KT.

The mystery remains unsolved. What happened? And the 9/11 Commissioners committed fraud, which is a crime, cashing the check from Congress but then never producing the goods they were required to deliver on contract.

What happened on 9/11?, when 8.5 KiloTons of (energy) force came out of each Tower where gravity put only 0.1 KiloTons of (energy) force in each heavy tall building ... fire or no fire, because gravity makes buildings fall down, fire is innocent, weighs nothing, doesn't count.. Unless it exploded.

But how could (energetic) explosives get into the three skyscrapers, (particularly Building 7 where FBI and CIA offices were)? Was there a World Trade Center security guard watching? Did building Security keep records? Who owned the building Security Company? Oh, wait, that's not a mystery, that's in the public record of the business: Securacom, and its part-owner, on the board of directors is President Bush's brother, Marvin Bush.

At least, the 9/11 Commissioners can be charged with the crime of contract fraud, and perp-walked into Court, to do the math and answer to a judge. What happened on 9/11? Not crashing airplanes, since the buildings withstood that, (and Building 7 never got hit at all, yet it turned into dust). When we step back from the many non-counting details, shoved in our face for attention -- what floor the plane hit, which floor fell first, who went in to rescue people, how strong were the stairs, when did the fires burn out -- and mindfully look at the Big Picture from the point of view of a helicopter circling the scene, we calculate ALL of the parts ADDED UP in the whole building shebang, gave gravity force 0.1 KT of push-down energy, and we see gravity did it, and then we see recorded measurement shows that more than 85-times-too-much energy erupted a cloud up, in reaction to gravity's Big Push action.

Maybe Political Science can calculate how many more times the force of Law was broken erupting out of the 9/11 Commission pushing fraud on Congress. I can't calculate the political, I can calculate the physical sciences. The fact of the matter is 9/11 physics continues being an unsolved mystery problem.

I asked my friend, the editor, if his newspaper is going to publish the mystery I reported to him. He said 'the Democrats in Congress' should have first reported it to be published, before they got their anthrax letters from the CIA's germ warfare lab, and now he didn't want his newspaper to get an anthrax letter. So America's unsolved mystery goes on, unreported, as TV and newspapers are censored from saying.

What happened on 9/11?

[Answers in the back of the book, as usual, are here at this website: TinyURL.com/2p8kep There, the calculation math is done for all to see and check for errors, including 9/11 Commissioners, and Congress, and TV and newspaper people. That website uses KWH units, or Kilo Watt Hours, like your electric bill, to calculate total 9/11 energies. Gravity Action on each Tower was about 140,000 KWH, and then over 10,000,000 KWH of energy erupted in Reaction. Above, my version calculates in terms of Kilo Tons of TNT-equivalent energy, which uses this translation:
1 KWH = 3.6 Mega Joules, (3,600,000 J.),
1000 KWH = 3.6 Giga Joules, (3,600,000,000 J.)
1 Ton TNT force = 4.185 GigaJoules, (4,185,000,000 J.),
and those two (1000 KWH and 1 Ton TNT) multiplied times 1000 to get to Kilo Tons leads to
1,000,000 KWH = 3600 GigaJ.
1000 Ton TNT = 1 KT = 4185 GigaJ.

So thereby, I took each 1,000,000 KWH in the website calculations, as 6/7 (six sevenths, as 3600 / 4200 GJ) of 1 KT of energy; which results in 10,000,000 KWH = 8.5 KT and 140,000 KWH = 0.120 KT ... and I rounded 0.12 KT down to 0.1 KT, but you can round it up to 0.2 KT, if you prefer, or even 0.5 KT and still have ten times more dust cloud mystery above what energy gravity could possibly put in it.
As far as that goes, the 8.5 KT of energy reaction, (10,000,000 KWH) from each Tower, uses rounded-down measurements, for conservative estimation -- explained at the website: TinyURL.com/2p8kep -- so 8.5 KT is the least of it, and actual 9/11 energy released could possibly be ten times greater, 85 KT of TNT equivalent, or more.

Furthermore, the value cited for Mt. St. Helens being a "30,000 KT" eruption, is the number I recall and I did not look it up in old newspapers. TV and newspapers in 1980, definitely did issue some number, but in the use of it here only to make the point that a calculation CAN number the quantity of energy in a dust cloud, the firgured Mt. St. Helens number is arbitrary. However, my recall usually is accurate in such details, should anyone care to check to verify.]

So no one knows. An unsolved mystery. The airplanes did NOT do it.. Who dunnit? What happened on 9/11?

by digital programmer turned thought specialist, sorta: rocket surgeon.

Where did all the extra energy come from that fateful 911 day?

Check this out.

Cancer cluster 2007 around ground zero is resurrecting the nightmare.

From the article.

"1) The concrete pulverized into fine dust, 70…300 micron particles (just this could take more energy than the total gravitational energy available). See Gehue plates 6  and 7

2) Very energetic – hot – dust after the explosions. (Demolition charges would produce white clouds of dust, which would not move much, and a gravity-driven collapse would produce much less and more coarse dust.)

3) Brown shades of color seen in the air – these are produced by nuclear reactions of a thermonuclear device. The reactions use (gamma radiation caused by free neutrons, N2, O2, H2O > nitrid acid, NO2, NO3). These clouds soon get their usual white color after some minutes as the heat and fast movement of the clouds cease becoming ordinary clouds with some water.

Note: many of the pictures taken regarding the WTC Towers and the clouds seem to have been developed too blue, killing shades of brown. (This may have been an attempt to suppress the evidence.) Also there was supposed to be 200 000+ gallons of water on the roof of each tower – this water was spilled into stairwells etc, but was later all converted into water vapour reducing the brown color.

4) Superheated steel objects, disintegrating into steel vapour. Molten ponds of steel were found in the elevator shafts. There were lots of burned cars in the parking areas of the towers. The fire department did not announce until 12/19/2001 that the fires under the WTC rubble have been distinguished (more than 3 months after the incident). For more, see (Gehue plate

http://pubs.usgs.gov/of/2001/ofr-01-0429/thermal.r09.htmlof the WTC 9/16/2001 (NASA /US Geological Survey). Despite of fire department having cooled the rubble, aluminium would still be melting in some sites 5 days after the incident.

5) Elevated values of tritium in this area, but not elsewhere in New York. The University of California found elevated values on 9/13/2001 and 9/21/2001 within bounds of the WTC. They found them harmless for health. In pure hydrogen bomb isotopes of hydrogen are fused (D + T > n + a + 17.6 MeV).

6) An EMP-type phenomenon blacked out cellular phones at the moment when the first (southern) tower started to 'fall down', at the exact moment when a small thermonuclear bomb was detonated. Even in electronic cameras and videos a strange afterglow was seen in the late phase of the 'collapse' of both of the towers. See Gehue plate 5

7) A wave of pressure was witnessed in the root of the tower at the moment when the so-called collapse was progressing just about two hundred meters and nothing had fallen down to earth. The blast wave turned over for example a photographer and a fireman close to the entrance, who was taking photos of the dust cloud. The burst of the dust cloud on the root of the tower was photographed as well. In the image at the left below is what probably was the explosion of WTC 6. The Customs building was deliberately exploded for some reason - it was not damaged because of the falling girders as they had not yet reached the roof of WTC 7 when the photo was taken. A couple of seconds later the clouds of the explosion were already partly above the roof of WTC 7, which was too energetical to be caused by usual blasting agents. This suggests it was the second hydrogen bomb in the WTC block. The first hydrogen bomb is discharging upwards (pulverized concrete) exactly in the picture, and the steel structures vaporized by the bomb are already falling down 100 meters (approx. 328 ft.) farther down. The mass of cloud, caused by vaporized steel, is seen in the center of the picture and even more clearly in the picture at the right.

 In the cellar, out of all the 47 ultra strong steel pillars, the steel was melted completely at the length of more than 20 meters (approx. 65 ft). Even cars were melted and burned in the cellar. The pillars were far too thick for thermite, which some have suggested. An explosion of a thermonuclear bomb explains the phenomenon well.

9) Steel columns and pillars were ejected in the surroundings of the building. In the beginning of the so-called collapse, exists no such energy exists that could throw steel pillars outwards from 60 to 175 meters (approx. from 170 to 574 ft.) from trunk. Not even cutting charges can do that. Instead, the blast wave from a nuclear bomb is capable to do that."

Can someone please update this post?  Weren't the speculated micro nukes replaced with actual evidence of nanotech engineered thermate?  Someone please revise this to reflect current vetted analysis of known facts.


This demolishes the official story that “no evidence” exists for explosive/pyrotechnic materials in the WTC buildings. 

THE LOADED GUN OF 9/11: Unexploded Nanothermite Found In WTC Dust

Hear Dr Steven Jones talk about what they found here:

Also refer:
9/11: Active Thermitic Material CONFIRMED!

Formally published in a peer-reviewed Chemical Physics journal, today:

    “Active Thermitic Material Discovered in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe” by Niels H. Harrit, Jeffrey Farrer, Steven E. Jones, Kevin R. Ryan, Frank M. Legge, Daniel Farnsworth, Gregg Roberts, James R. Gourley and Bradley R. Larsen

The paper ends with this sentence: “Based on these observations, we conclude that the red layer of the red/gray chips we have discovered in the WTC dust is active, unreacted thermitic material, incorporating nanotechnology, and is a highly energetic pyrotechnic or explosive material.”

In short, the paper explodes the official story that “no evidence” exists for explosive/pyrotechnic materials in the WTC buildings.

What is high-tech explosive/pyrotechnic material in large quantities doing in the WTC dust? Who made tons of this stuff and why? Why have government investigators refused to look for explosive residues in the WTC aftermath?

These are central questions raised by this scientific study.

The peer-review on this paper was grueling, with pages of comments by referees. The tough questions the reviewers raised led to months of further experiments. These studies added much to the paper, including observation and photographs of iron-aluminum rich spheres produced as the material is ignited in a Differential Scanning Calorimeter (see Figures 20, 25 and 26).

The nine authors undertook an in-depth study of unusual red-gray chips found in the dust generated during the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001. The article states: “The iron oxide and aluminum are intimately mixed in the red material. When ignited in a DSC device the chips exhibit large but narrow exotherms occurring at approximately 430 ˚C, far below the normal ignition temperature for conventional thermite. Numerous iron-rich spheres are clearly observed in the residue following the ignition of these peculiar red/gray chips. The red portion of these chips is found to be an unreacted thermitic material and highly energetic.” The images and data plots deserve careful attention.

A back-scattered electron (BSE) image featured in the newly published paper.

For the rest of this article, go to LATRUTH.Com here: http://latruth.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=675&Itemid=2

Now read the paper for yourself, and let your voice regarding these discoveries be heard!
http://www.bentham.org/open/tocpj/openaccess2.htm then click on “Active Thermitic Materials Discovered…”


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