Pedophile pimp Larry King sang 'No Fire' at Cremation of Care ritual?

Author Topic: Pedophile pimp Larry King sang 'No Fire' at Cremation of Care ritual?  (Read 4055 times)

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check this out:
if you go to 1:34:25, you can hear Larry King, the famous negro D.C. pedophile pimp in Conspiracy of Silence, singing at Bohemian Grove. It is the exact same voice that opens singing the anthem at the Republican National Convention in the 'Conspiracy of Silence' video.

I emailed this to Ted Gunderson to see if he could find someone to do a forensic digital voice analysis of both tapes to confirn that they are the same person singing, but there was no reply.

If anyone knows how to contact Michael Ruppert, maybe he could help with this.

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Re: Pedophile pimp Larry King sang 'No Fire' at Cremation of Care ritual?
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So this Larry King pimp essentially worked for the rich people who paid for his services, and those people were politically connected at the highest
levels. This kind of sheds a whole new light on how things actually work vis a vis pimps and child prostitutes in general. Everyone seems to think
these rasta and rapper pimps spring from nowhere. What if that were not the case at all? I think there is a very good chance that these street
pimps have some 'help' from outside sources, perhaps covert intelligence sources, in setting up their operations and staying out of jail.
The CIA needs a market for their drugs. Sumner Redstone, aka king of sleaze Murray Rothstein (his real name) owns MTV and Showcase,
but also happened to work for the OSS/CIA

MTV is to the ganga (drug pusher) and pimping community what FOX news is to the military-industrial complex.
There is a concerted globalist effort to destroy the 'ethnocentrism' of traditional America, and in so doing also destroy its identity, culture, and racial makeup.
Their obvious aim is to break down the racial and cultural barriers of conservatives, for they see this breakdown and degradation as the key to destoying America's
will for political sovereignty. If they can destroy America's identity and will for self-preservation, it brings them one step closer to the global governance that they feel is their divine right.

The booze and drug culture has played a central role in this effort.

If you truly want to put an end to the ghetto-chic pimping and drug- pushing plaguing America, you will have to look for help beyond your local city hall or police department.
Look instead to combat the agenda of secret societies like the CIA and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) and the Bilderbergs.
It is the allegedly respectable upper-crust of society who are at root of these problems.