Report: Mueller Said Trump Not a Criminal Target

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Report: Mueller Said Trump Not a Criminal Target
« on: April 04, 2018, 10:46:22 PM »

While an indictment may not be imminent now, it could be after an interview is conducted.

According to a report Wednesday night published by The Washington Post, three sources familiar with the discussions between the Special Counselís Office and President Donald Trumpís attorneys revealed the president is not a criminal target.

While the president is not a criminal target, which means an indictment is likely, he still remains a subject of the investigation. This could still be a significant development, as it means the special counselóbased on the evidence in hand to-dateódoes not have any reason to believe the president committed a crime.

If that holds through to the end, it will likely end any Democratic Party hopes of impeachment. But, it could be an elaborate ruse in Muellerís continued effort to get the president to sit down for an interview in which the special counsel and his investigators will attempt some form of entrapment.

The WaPo report states:

ďMuellerís description of the presidentís status has sparked friction within Trumpís inner circle as his advisers have debated his legal standing. The president and some of his allies seized on the special counselís words as an assurance that Trumpís risk of criminal jeopardy is low. Other advisers, however, noted that subjects of investigations can easily become indicted targets ó and expressed concern that the special prosecutor was baiting Trump into an interview that could put the president in greater legal peril.Ē

The report also notes that Mueller told the presidentís lawyers that he is preparing a ďreport on the presidentís conduct while in office.Ē The focus of that report will likely be on alleged obstruction of justice, which the report says could be used as leverage to get the president to sit down for the entrapment/interview.

It would seem itís only a matter of time before the president sits down with Mueller and his investigators.

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