MTA survelliance towers in ny; domestic surveillance

Author Topic: MTA survelliance towers in ny; domestic surveillance  (Read 446 times)

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MTA survelliance towers in ny; domestic surveillance
« on: September 28, 2017, 05:53:28 PM »

My comment (as 'With Wings'):
They look like microphones. Those bell looking structures seem to be for acoustic resonance, and they are pointed in various directions. The open grates likely house some kind of air quality sensors, along with acoustic. They could also contain thermal, or xray. The point is obviously to check all traffic, as bridges, and tunnels are good tactical choke points.

If anyone can get anymore design specs from closer photos (are those panel, aluminum or plastic?), and the angle of the those, some hi resolution photography, and drone flyovers would be perfect.

The are doing voice recognition at a minimum. With the cost of them I wouldn't doubt either xray tech, or thermal imaging as well.

Delaminating an adhesive (remove tape from a piece of glass) will result in xrays being emitted, if done in a vacuum. It's the same mechanism that allows wintergeen mints to glow, when crushed; in a vacuum xrays, in air; sparks. The mechanism is incredibly energy efficient, and is the most efficient method of producing xrays known. If anyone has some photographic film or a geiger counter lets see what type of energy those things are giving off...