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Gangstalking victim hired me as her lawyer today

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Constitutional Patriot:
Without disclosing too many details in order to protect the attorney-client privilege, a nice old woman who has dual citizenship (US and an Eastern European country) came into my office today and produced evidence of how she has been gang-stalked over the last 6 months by what she believes is either a group of Russian individuals tied into the Russian mob or US federal officials.  She had license plate numbers, vehicle descriptions, etc.

Her husband recently retired from working for a major US Defense Dept. contractor.

She was shaking the entire time and obviously distraught about the whole thing.  I took her case for free and am in the process of running the license plates and working with private investigators to find out who these folks are.  Her experience fits the profile of gang-stalking.  She has been harassed on the roads, at work, and at home.

good lord, keep us posted, this sounds very interesting.

Constitutional Patriot:
Should also be mentioned...she happens to work for a very high profile, publicly-traded investment banking company.

Looks like she needs some mace, a taser, and perhaps a bodyguard?

very intersting. I've always found gangstalking to be creepy and very scary...keep us posted if you can


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