Who should Trump Fire next? (the BIGGEST sack of s**t award goes to . . .)

Author Topic: Who should Trump Fire next? (the BIGGEST sack of s**t award goes to . . .)  (Read 558 times)

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Priebus, the Mooch . . . maybe Sessions?  or how about Ajit Pai?  I can think of some others but unless you want your internet to look like cable tv http://news.alokatech.com/net-neutrality/ read on


Ajit is as dangerous to our Republic as the clumsy JarJar Binks was to the Galactic Republic a long time ago, far far away . . . I am glad there is a movement to oust Sessions (to end the war on drugs) but unless we want forums and the internet to be 100 percent fake news there needs to be an urgent press for the free press.  I am not sure if Mr Pai is ignorant or willfully destructive - but, I do think Trump could be persuaded to fire him. 

If you are thinking of the free market argument to get rid of net neutrality then please understand that if there was an actual free market I could make the same argument; however, there is not currently and in our current state Net Neutrality is needed to preserve the bits of free market we have left against un-competitive monopolies who do not want a free market of ideas (the free internet) - take a look at some of the record already regarding net neutrality violations : https://www.dailydot.com/layer8/net-neutrality-violations-history/

Ajit wants to take us back even before the dark ages to Plato's cave - this cannot stand in a free republic - it is like trying to deny the printing press a few hundred years ago - if you are passionate about the internet then I hope Info Wars does a full on campaign on this A hole - comment if you agree.