WHAT do the libs and backers want.

Author Topic: WHAT do the libs and backers want.  (Read 256 times)

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WHAT do the libs and backers want.
« on: June 17, 2017, 10:05:17 PM »
  Jihadists bombings, GOP`s shot,criminal rioting, MSM attacks, Trumps head cut off and called comedy, accusing Russia and implying Trump is a Manchurian candidate, Mueller prosecuting,  and on and on.
 That is a lot to take in, considering many of these sh**tbags are on the pad do you wonder what they want, many say it`s Trumps impeachment..OK, if they can, though I doubt it .They are Antagonizing us, *provoking.
  What would happen if the Trump/GOP citizenry did 1/10 of the BS these mutts have pulled off, could it be they would be delighted to see Trump defenders do the same, 3 guesses, what would be the end result.
   Seems as though they can do what so ever they care to, say anything no matter how gross, boldface lies are proven and swept under the rug.. If Trump supporters did but a fraction of what the sh**bag did they would fry Trump and every supporter GLOBALY.  Maby they want us to retaliate, DON`T, let them, they are exposing their insanity...The more Sh**t they pull  of will  become a forced recognition GP style.