Which political issue is more important than other issues at any given moment?

Author Topic: Which political issue is more important than other issues at any given moment?  (Read 294 times)

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Am I the only one who's noticed the sheep-like manner in which most people (regardless of party affiliation) passively allow the corporate-whore "news" media effectively dictate to them which political issues they focus their attention on -- and consequently which ones they ignore -- from one day to the next?
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It's similar to television. Americans have been conditioned to not think for themselves...to let something or someone else decide priorities. After being bombarded with media fluff and political reindeer games, is it any wonder that Americans that don't travel have zero concern for anything outside the borders? Or even outside of their local area? Foreign wars become sporting events where the fans can cavalierly spew “glass parking lot” without much thought.

This is intentional.

This is by design.

But! But, the internet has the potential to change that.
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  OK, if it`s not on CNN it isn`t  NEWS-............ CNN, main stream news addicts.
  Can I take a guess, it`s a 50-50...
  So many reasons for a selection Geo. Many folks won`t give a twit whats going on as long as their lifestyle is not effected, some litterally don`t give a sh**t, then there are the main stream media addicts with the mindset MSM is the word of the mountain, many are simply living in fear, and those wing nuts who would rebel against JC if he returned.
Geo it is a mixed bag, it is difficult for me to see masses of citizens cheering at a Bush fest, or those who cry for HRC loosing the election, those who could care less our regime invaded innocent nations and killed hundred of thousands based on false information,Iraq. I could go on but find it irritating to specify or attempt to recognize the many special rights nutters EtcEtc.
 We are nonconformist thinkers, be it a curse or blessing we want the truth, the window into reality is blinding.
 Many choose not to look,  the good news- due to sites as this and a few news agency`s the parasites have competition , I beleive it has opened many an eye.
 I read an article that refered to Trump haters as conspiracy theorists, if I remember right it was Hannity, fox news. It took me by suprise, the truth is I had a laugh at the irony of it.