Tactical Voting For Me

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Tactical Voting For Me
« on: May 06, 2017, 08:34:57 AM »
Last Thursday I had to vote for a Mayor for Bristol (My local area) and a couple of other surrounding counties (this vote was not for the Mayor of Bristol we already have one) .It boiled down to who was pro Brexit for me and who had a chance of winning ,therefore my first choice was Conservative and my secound choice was UKIP ,the other candidates were not Brexit friendly . The Conservative did win just on a secound count and choice of candidate . I will  vote Conservative in are up coming June general election because I want to see the wishes of us Brexit voters carried out as best as possible . I accept that in the short time UKIP will suffer , but its a price worth paying imho. In a lot of ways Nigel Farage is correct in saying that UKIP has achieved what it was formed to do .