Author Topic: Time for Trump to Buck Up  (Read 686 times)

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Time for Trump to Buck Up
« on: March 02, 2017, 05:20:09 pm »
Trump has been in office for over a month and has given his State of the Union and has fired his  best adviser and has let the Democrat guide his agenda. Allow the deep state to spy on him, pedophile circles have escape scrutiny and he has ignored the elephant in the room; markets are continued to be manipulated, chem trails are still be sprayed on the American people, Judges ruling over national security, ISIS still running wild in Syria, fake news is still receiving government funds, anti trust rampages by de-listing websites, like infowars and natural new, youtube, google, twitter continues the hypocrisy, NY Time has giant contracts with the CIA, the FBI withhold critical information on crimes against the state and children, the State Department is a do nothing organization collecting wage for undermining the government, the CDC continues it war against the people, Federal Reserve continue to steal from the people and support corrupt banks, 911 being an inside job has not been address as well of the many many crisis acting false flags being ignore and even being given credibility in his State of the Union speech, and I could go on and on about the many items, Rand Paul had an excellent replacement for Obama care, Hillary still is free, Obama has not been arrest for treason, WTF is Trump doing, it looks like nothing but eye wash, sorry his cabinet looks like insiders and shills, the White House is full of criminals and Trumps seems enamored by trivial rhetoric, I love Trump but I am getting pissed at him and that is only a few things!!!!   
What do you under-stand?