Diversity Is Over by Bret Stevens

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Diversity Is Over by Bret Stevens
« on: December 25, 2016, 02:14:19 PM »
Diversity Is Over


The upheaval of 2016 showed us a clear pattern: the ideals of the past seven decades, finally put into practice, ended in such disaster that people have thrown out those ideas entirely.

Globalism is dead. Political correctness is dead. And the vanguard of both, diversity, is also over. It proved to be a complete failure when despite electing an African-descended president, America experienced more racial antagonism not less, and Europe was overrun by violent, perverse and resentful “refugees” who made it clear by their behavior that this was an invasion, not an errand of mercy.

The important meme to spread is that DIVERSITY IS OVER. We tried it, it failed, and instead of blaming specific groups — Jews, Africans, Jersey Islanders — we have come to realize that the policy of diversity itself is bad. History now proclaims: multiple groups cannot coexist in the same society without destroying that society.

As a result, people are orienting themselves toward the post-diversity future. In this future, first we balkanize. Each group has its own space. As that ends as it inevitably does, with vast inequities between them, people will become more receptive to repatriation with reparation as the most compassionate alternative.

On the plus side, we are entering an age when things will make sense again. Each population will have its own nation. There will not be protected groups whose bad behavior is excused, and designated saps who are presumed to be always wrong and therefore perpetually on the hook to pay for the others. Designating one group as victims means that if the other group has anything worth taking, it will be taken unless they retreat from society entirely, which is what European-descended people have done in increasing degree for the past seven decades