Hillary to be Permanently Silenced by the Globalists

Author Topic: Hillary to be Permanently Silenced by the Globalists  (Read 1051 times)

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Hillary to be Permanently Silenced by the Globalists
« on: November 11, 2016, 08:36:46 PM »
Hillary to be Permanently Silenced by the Globalists


an interesting read IMO...&.well written

Hillary Clinton will never see the inside of an American courtroom. She will see justice from another source, an ominous source, according to informants to speaking with the CSS.

Let’s take a globalist perspective of the present situation in the aftermath of the 2016 race for the White House. The criminal elite do not want Donald Trump’s populist movement to progress any further. To do so, would advance the cause of nationalism over the sovereignty busting globalism which is the end game of the New World Order. However, it would be a case of high risk poker to assassinate Trump as it would put tens of millions into the street and the risk having an uprising that cannot easily be squelched would become real. A military coup might even result.

And what about Hillary Clinton? How does she fit into this?

Every day that Clinton campaigned, the New World Order was exposed for all to see. She became a living liability. This is why there is no challenge to the election results by Clinton. Michigan, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania and Arizona’s vote were held up as leverage to seek a non-prosecutory agreement for Hillary Clinton. Why? Because if she was put on trial the world see how the globalists operate.

This is why Podesta came out late on election night and in effect said we will hold up the election for weeks and “there are a lot of votes to count”. It was after that speech by Podesta, that an agreement was reached.

Is Clinton Slated to Die?

Hillary Clinton nor Obama will be prosecuted.  In exchange, Trump gets the Presidency and the NWO can deal with the Clinton’s on their own terms and this is why there was no legal challenge to the election. The Clinton’s are the biggest liability that the NWO face. They know where all the bodies are buried. The Clinton’s may never see justice in an American courtroom. However, justice is waiting for the Clintons, in New World Order style . It is an old mafia rule, if you expose the syndicate, you pay for it with your life.

The Clinton’s Strike a Deal

Do you ever wonder why the Clinton Foundation stole $2 billion dollars in relief funds as exposed by Gary Heavin? That $2 billion is now in Qatar and Qatar has no extradition agreement with the U.S.

No doubt the Clinton’s have promised to keep quiet and maintain a low profile. Will it be enough to ensure their silence in exchange for their safety? Let me just say, I would not want to be on a plane with either Clinton.

The Globalists Have Made a Losing Bet

I think we can all agree that Hillary Clinton was the establishment candidate. And her candidacy has blown up in the face of the her puppet masters. And what do professional gamblers do when a bet goes this bad? They simply fold their cards and wait for the next hand to be dealt. This appears to have been the case with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. As I have previously written, her continued candidacy is a liability for the globalists.

In a very bizarre turn of events, the very liberal, left-wing Huffington Post published an  “obituary” for Hillary’s campaign listing nine very valid reasons why Clinton would not be elected to the White House. The media, piece by piece, began to run from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They were clearly preparing for the death of Clinton’s Presidential campaign and a Trump victory.

Who could ever forget the broadcast most of watched on WABC TV News report on Hillary Clinton’s death, which is listed below. It aired on 9/11 not long after Clinton collapsed at the 9/11 commemoration.

Hillary Clinton Is DEAD - Channel 7 WABC New York News LIVE Report

by Dave Hodges
Hillary Clinton- Rest in Peace

God Bless Donald Trump