Animal rights group HSUS pushes pro-GMO propaganda.

Author Topic: Animal rights group HSUS pushes pro-GMO propaganda.  (Read 1465 times)

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Animal rights group HSUS pushes pro-GMO propaganda.
« on: July 17, 2016, 02:31:36 PM »

    Soy Margarine. The vegetarian alternative to butter doesn’t have the cholesterol found in its animal product counterparts.

This is laughable for a couple reasons:

1. “Soy margarine” is made with partially hydrogenated soybean oil, which is a form of trans fat. Trans fats have been proven to be so detrimental to health that they were recently banned by the FDA. According to Wikipedia, trans fat has been shown to consistently be associated, in an intake-dependent way, with risk of coronary heart disease, the worldwide leading cause of death
2. HSUS pushes the claim that cholesterol causes heart disease. What they don’t want you to know is that 75% of the cholesterol in your bloodstream is actually produced by your liver, and the remaining 25% comes from dietary sources.

In addition, the PDF article which I linked to above also advocates the consumption of known sources of MSG (nutritional yeast, textured vegetable protein) and foods which may be derived from genetically modified soy (tofu, tempeh, soy cheese, soy margarine, soy milk).

Nowhere in the PDF does HSUS advocate seeking out non-GMO foods. In fact, in the “Shopping Suggestions” section, HSUS advocates the purchase of vegetarian foods made by phony “organic” companies which are owned by huge corporations which donated to the campaigns to defeat GMO labelling laws such as Prop 37 (California) and I-522 (State of Washington).

Some of the phony organic companies endorsed by HSUS include:

* Lightlife (owned by ConAgra which donated $1,176,700 to defeat Prop 37)
* Morningstar Farms and Gardenburger (owned by Kellogg’s which donated $790,700 to defeat Prop 37)
* White Wave and Silk (both of which at the time were owned by Dean Foods which donated $253,950 to defeat Prop 37)

The animal rights movement is just a covert Monsanto psyop.