The New World Order - original texts by the elite.

Author Topic: The New World Order - original texts by the elite.  (Read 1551 times)

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The New World Order - original texts by the elite.
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To understand the New World Order you need to read and understand the original texts written by the elite over the past several decades. (summarized here). The rest of the text deals with the alternative options available to humanity.

Ebook.   (Page 186)

Knowledge Driven Revolution

The Scientific Outlook
This series examines Bertrand Russell's 1931 book The Scientific Outlook. Bertrand Arthur William
Russell, 3rd Earl Russell (1872-1970) was a renowned British philosopher and mathematician who
was an adamant internationalist and worked extensively on the education of young children. This
included running an experimental school in the 1920's with his second wife Dora Black. He was the
founder of the Pugwash movement which used the spectre of Cold War nuclear annihilation to push
for world government. Among many other prizes, Russell was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature
in 1950 and UNESCO's (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) Kalinga
prize for the popularization of science in 1957.

Part 1 of this series examines science as power-thought and the use of scientific technique to
increase the power of an elite scientific minority over the unscientific masses. Part 2 examines the
composition of the society of experts who will use scientific technique to dominate the masses. At
the forefront of this society of experts is the expert "manipulator", whom Lenin is the archetype.
This society also aims to conceal its power and influence behind political veils like democracy. Part 3
explores the application of scientific technique to education with an emphasis on the distinction
between education for the "governing class" and "working class". Part 4 looks at the use of
education, the Press, radio and Hollywood as forms of propaganda. Part 5 examines the use of
behaviourism, psycho-analysis and physiological manipulation as applied to education. Part 6
examines the application of scientific technique to the reproduction of human beings including the
separate breeding techniques to be applied to the "governing class" compared with the "working
class". This also includes the creation of a "priestly class" within the ruling governing class. Part 7
explores the changes to freedom and equality in the scientific society.