Help Req As California USA Gov Climate Offices Put On Notice Re: Geoengineering

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Obviously, you will need to modify the letter to your representative to that shown, as it was written before the climate conference was held in Paris.

Public Help Needed As California USA Government Climate Offices Are Put On Notice About Geoengineering

Good Morning Friends,

This week I am visiting California USA Congressional DC offices to serve papers to our “elected civil servants,” as part of an action in collaboration with The Coalition Against Geoengineering, Global March Against Chemrails and Geoengineering, and other determined groups to Stop Geoengineering!! Please Join Our Call To Action today and the next few weeks from your phone or computer! We are meeting to discuss Geoengineering in relation to the COP21 climate change agenda. This is a critical time for our activism. I will be delivering government / military documents, CA rain test data, and related materials. It’s vital to strongly urge our policy makers to say NO to the COP21 Climate Agreement based on the fact that it sets the framework to strip them of their powers to legislate.

Call Toll Free 1-866-220-0044. Will you please take a moment to make a toll-free call 1-866-220-0044 and / or send a letter to your California Rep?


This is a timely opportunity to have a greater impact in bringing this urgent issue to the attention of our policy makers.Please see attached letters below from Michael J. Murphy to Activists and another letter for you to send to our Reps. I will be visiting offices of other states later in the week and next week.We can really get the word into these offices everyday.

Thank you for the vital work that you are doing to raise awareness to stop Geoengineering!!! :) WE ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!!

– Jolie Diane.

“Fellow Activists, This is a very important and time sensitive call to action related to geoengineering. As you know, countries around the world are expected to sign the Paris Climate Agreement this December. This agreement, if passed, will allow an unelected body, the UN/ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to micro manage our lives by massive taxation and other oppressive means without our input or the input of our legislators. It will circumvent constitutions, national sovereignty and laws that protect individual freedoms around the world. Even more troubling, the agreement will provide a framework to approve and legalize geoengineering without the input of the public or legislators in countries around the world.
Discussion of climate issues has focused on CO2 and ignored ongoing geoengineering programs that are a major cause of our changing climate. Because of this, it makes all climate models at best flawed and at worst fraudulent when developed by those who are aware of these clandestine programs. Even legislators concerned about global warming are not aware of the threat presented by the Paris Climate Agreement that will strip them of their power and ability to have legislative authority in their respective districts and regions. This removal of power will undoubtedly limit the way we live and our ability in the future to live in constitutional republics and democratic societies.
It is essential that we reach out to our legislators and educate them of the planned agenda to strip them of their power, authority and ability to govern in a free society. It is also essential that geoengineering be stopped and all climate talks, mandates and legislation be stopped before it is too late. The following is a letter that we drafted and request that you send it to your local, state and federal legislators.” – Michael J. Murphy


Phone and email contacts here for staff specific to the climate.


District: Rep Contact #

1 LaMalfa, Doug KevinEastman 202-225-3076

2. Huffman, Jared Logan Ferree 202-225-5161

3. Garamendi, John Garrett Durst 202-225-1880

4. McClintock, Tom Steven Koncar, J.D. 202-225-2511

5 Thompson, Mike Allison Colden 202-225-3311

6 Matsui, Doris O. Jonathan Gilbert 202 225 7163

7. Bera, Ami Kelvin Lum 202-225-5716

8. Cook, Paul Tim Itnyre 202 225 5861

`9 McNerney, Jerry 202- 225 1947

10 Denham, Jeff Chris White 202 225 4540

11 DeSaulnier, Mark Emlyn Struthers 202 225-2095

12 Pelosi, Nancy Kenneth DeGraff 202 225 0100

13 Lee, Barbara Emma Mehrabi 202 225 2661

14. Speier, Jackie Miriam C. Goldstein 202 225 3531

15 Swalwell, Eric Andrew Ginsburg 202 225-5065

16. Costa, Jim J Scott Petersen 202 225 3341

17. Honda, Mike Laurie Chong 202 225- 2631

18. Eshoo, Anna G. 202-225-8104

19. Lofgren, Zoe Angela Ebiner 202-225-3072

20. Farr, Sam Troy Phillips & Ana Sorrentino 202 225 2861

21. Valadao, David Andrew Renteria 202 225 4695

22. Nunes, Devin Rocco DiCicco 202 225 2523

23. McCarthy, Kevin Kyle Lombardi 202 225 2915

24. Capps, Lois Eliot Crafton 202 225 3601

25. Knight, Steve Brandon Eden 202 225 1956

26. Brownley, Julia Jean Fundakowski 202 225 5811

27. Chu, Judy Sonali Desai 202 225 5464

28. Schiff, Adam Courtney Fogwell 202 225 4176

29. Cárdenas, Tony Miguel A. Franco 202 225 6131

30. Sherman, Brad Lauren Wolman 202 225 5911

31. Aguilar, Pete Stephanie Cuevas 202 225 3201

32. Napolitano, Grace Joseph Ciccone 202 225 5256

33. Lieu, Ted Megan Price 202 225 3976

34. Becerra, Xavier Johanna Montiel 202 225 6235

35. Torres, Norma Benjamin Ward 202 225 6161

36. Ruiz, Raul Ross Arnett 202 225 5330

37. Bass, Karen Chris Randle 202 225 7084

38. Sánchez, Linda Andrew Noh 202 225 6676

39. Royce, Ed Blair Alexis Rotert 202 225 4111

40. Roybal-Allard, Lucille Adam Sachs 202 225 1766

41. Takano, Mark Claire Viall 202 225 2305

42. Calvert, Ken Ian Foley 202 225 1986

43. Waters, Maxine Kathleen Sengstock 202 225 2201

44. Hahn, Janice Amanda Truong 202 225 8220

45. Walters, Mimi Yvette Wissmann 202 225 5611

46. Sanchez, Loretta Lorenzo Rubalcava 202 225 2965

47. Lowenthal, Alan Rachel Gentile 202 225 7924
Devin Helfrich

48. Rohrabacher, Dana Jeff Vanderslice 202 225 2415

49. Issa Darrell Chelsea Cuellar 202 225 3906

50. Hunter, Duncan Tim Carlton 202 225 5672

51. Vargas, Juan Aaron Allen 202 225 8045

52. Peters, Scott K.C. Jaski 202 225 0508

53. Davis, Susan Matt Weiner 202 225 2040


Exposing Climate Gate Letter To Legislators.Please cut and past any of the material in this letter and send it to your local Legislators


Dear Legislator,

I am writing with a sense of urgency prior to the climate change meetings in Paris this December. The climate agreement will, if passed, circumvent constitutions and state laws around the world. It will also allow an unelected body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), to micro manage our lives by massive taxation and other oppressive means without our input or the input by you and other legislators. Essentially, this plan will allow taxation without representation and remove your ability to represent your constituents on many important issues.

Activists from around the world concerned about contamination from geoengineering programs have collected and tested rain samples which contain the exact same ingredients listed in many geoengineering models and named in patents designed to disperse these ingredients for geoengineering purposes. Data collected and reviewed by scientists proves the reality of ongoing geoengineering programs. While currently not legal, the spraying and HAARP activities are ongoing. Geoengineers themselves admit that these programs are “untested and dangerous” and could cause unintended consequences including drought, floods, and other extreme weather. These are exactly the outcomes of geoengineering programs that we are now experiencing.

While contrary to popular media reports, even though there is no consensus in the scientific community, the IPCC and other powerful organizations have chosen to identify CO2 as the primary cause, if not the only cause, of future dire disruptions in our climate.

Geoengineering programs are designed to change our planet’s temperature and manipulate our weather. To date, no climate models include the ongoing geoengineering activity that according to research, is changing our climate and is therefore a major factor in climate change. Because this enormous factor is missing, it makes all climate models flawed and, in some cases, fraudulent when developed by individuals who are aware of ongoing geoengineering programs.

According to a growing number of scientists and other researchers, geoengineering has been impacting our planet for decades. Patents for weather technology go back to the 1940s. In 1978, the United States became a party to an international treaty banning the use of weather modification for hostile purposes, but the Air Force and other military agencies have continued research and development. These technologies have been described as “experimental,” but they have been and are in use both by governments and corporations with no oversight and with devastating effects. The Paris Climate Agreement threatens to legitimize and legalize the very activity that has and is the cause of our changing climate.

Stopping geoengineering is the first step to understanding the climate change issue. As the IPCC itself stated in 2007, “we should recognize that we are dealing with a coupled nonlinear chaotic system, and therefore that the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible.” Until the planet is functioning at a natural base level, computer generated projections and all current climate models are flawed and make it impossible to determine if the planet is warming or cooling. Because of this, it is not legal to move forward with the planned taxation and other transfers of power that are based on these flawed models.

And so, we are demanding you, our representative, to take a firm stand and say no to all climate talks, agreements and have all current mandates rescinded until geoengineering is stopped. This will enable an objective and accurate reading of the temperature of our planet and will allow policy, in relation to climate, to remain in the hands of you, our elected officials.

Thank you for your support in representing the people of your district.


(Add your name here)






   Take Action Today Register Your Event  #GMACAG  –

paris  climate conference 2015C

November 30 2015  To December 11 2015  – A Global Call To Action For Two Weeks. An Information Social Media, Email, Phone calls, News Blitz that will target many global Governments, United Nations Agencies, Traditional Media and other officials involved in the Geoengineering cover up.Event Page is here

To be persuasive, we must be believable,
To be believable, we must be credible,
To be credible, we must be truthful.
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Michael Murphy advised today that he hopes people continue to call this week, as  we are in a critical time for taking legal and legislative action.  Thank-you.  :)
To be persuasive, we must be believable,
To be believable, we must be credible,
To be credible, we must be truthful.
- Edward R. Murrow