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Musicians and bands who are part of Illuminati???

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--- Quote from: ZoSo420G on March 02, 2008, 12:45:33 PM ---I have been noticing of late in my research and have been noticing certain band and musician who could or might be part of Illuminati although I dont have any real proof some suspicious ones

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I would venture to say that the people that make the artists' videos would be Illuminati influenced. Take for example three videos made by the great Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.




The thrash band Metallica who had a creative hand in their own video looks to be Illuminati. Some years ago, they won an MTV Best Hard Rock video award for their video Until It Sleeps. It turns out they lifted concepts and images from another musician whose video aired in Asia, and whose own video content seemed to question the Illuminati. Rather than kill the artist, he was ridiculed in Metallica's video which dealt with similar subject matter. As a bonus Metallica found material for their lack of creativity and bolstered their careers on the shoulders of another artist.




almost everyone on mtv and more.


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