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Who are the members of the New World Order?
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Alex siad that some day these guys are going to go to trial.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
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In order of importance:

Rothschild family

Warburg family

Schiff family

Oppenheimer family

Royal Family of England

Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family

Rockefellar family

Morgan family

Harriman family

Carnegie family

Rothschild is by far the most influential, holding approximately half of all the worlds wealth. That family is directly responsible for founding most of the other families or helping them get up off their feet.

The Rothschild philosophy:

1) Law is force in disguise. Right lies in force ("Might makes Right")  The right to rule lies in force.

2) Political freedom is an idea, not a fact. In order to usurp political power, all that is necessary is to preach 'liberalism,' and the electorates will give up more and more power to the conspirators.

3) Money is all powerful. Governments are insignificant compared to money. Since governments control the money, that control must be removed from governments, and put in the hands of the conspirators.

4) Any and all means to achieve the goal of world domination by the conspirators is justified.

5) The size, scope, and power of the conspirators' resources must remain hidden.

6) Alcohol, drugs, and moral corruption shall be used to weaken the will of the people.

7) Wars should be instigated and orchestrated so that both sides would be in their debt (in other words, the conspirators would gain profit and power, no matter who "won" the wars!).

8 Propaganda and control of information should be used to influence opinion.

9) Pre-planned and artificially manipulated financial panics and depression should be used to tame the people, and weaken governments, so as to ultimately form a one-world government, with the conspirators as the rulers.

The "Rothschild Formula" for NWO as Edward Griffin, author of Creature From Jekyll Island, puts it:

1) War is the ultimate discipline to any government. Survival from war becomes primary - everything else is secondary.

2) All that is necessary to insure government indebtedness (to the international banking conspiracy) is war - or the threat of war.

3) To create such a situation, it is necessary to pit two countries (or segments of one country) of equal force against one another - or to create them (the two opposing countries or segments of one country) if they do not already exist. ("Pit one side against the other, and finance both sides - so that the bankers win, no matter which side actually "wins.").

4) The ultimate obstacle to this formula is a country that is not willing to finance war through debt. When this occurs, it becomes necessary to encourage internal political conflict and/or infiltrate the government.

5) No one nation can be permitted to gain military dominance, because this would lead to a lack of conflict for power, and may lead to peace!

P.S. owners of the Federal Reserve:

1) Rothschild Banks of London and Berlin

2) Lazard Brothers Bank of Paris

3) Israel Moses Sieff Bank of Italy

4) Warburg Batiks of Hamburg and Amsterdam

5) Lehman Brothers Bank of New York

6) Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York

7) Chase Manhattan Bank of New York (controlled by the Rockefellers)

8 Goldman Sachs Bank of New York

Eternal Vigilance is the Cost of Freedom

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
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George W. Bush
Bill Clinton
George H.W. Bush
Jimmy Carter
Gerald Ford
Richard Nixon
Dwight Eisenhower
Herbert Hoover
Dick Cheney (Vice-President)
Al Gore (Vice-President)

Warren Christopher
Robert Blackwill, Nat. Security Council – CFR Membership List, B
Lee Aspin (Deceased)
Frank H. T. Rhodes, Bd. Of Directors -- CFR
James B. Holderman, Bd. Of Directors -- CFR
D. Allen Bromley, Bd. Of Directors -- CFR
Colin L. Powell
Lori Murray, Arms Cont. & Disarm. Agency -- CFR
Lawrence Scheinman, Arms Cont. & Disarm. Agency -- CFR
Bruce Babbitt
Henry Cisneros
George Stephanopoulos, Director, Communications -- CFR
Willian J. Crowe, Chief Foreign Intelligence Advisory Bd. -- CFR
Nancy Soderberg, Staff Director, National Secuity Council -- CFR
Samuel R. Berger, Deputy Advisor, National Security -- CFR
W. Bowman Cutter, Deputy Assistant, National Economic Council -- CFR
Donna Shalala
Alice Rivlin, Deputy Director -- CFR
Roger Altman
Michael Nacht, Arms Cont. & Disarm. Agency -- CFR
William R. Graham, Jr., Science Advisor to President & Director -- CFR
Seth Hurwitz, White House, Advisory Committee -- CFR
Robert R. Glauber
James H. Billington, Librarian, Chmn. Trust Fund Board -- CFR
Ruth Ann Stewart, Asst. Librarian National Programs -- CFR
David C. Mulford
Mark Penn
Thomas Graham, Jr., General Council -- CFR Membership List
William Schneier, Chmn., General Advisory Council -- CFR
Richard Burt, Negotiator On Strategic Defense Arms -- CFR
David Smith, Negotiator, Defense & Space -- CFR
Robert M. Bestani
Condoleezza Rice
J. French Hill
John M. Niehuss

Strobe Talbott (Special Advisor For CIS) -- CFR Membership List
Thomas R. Pickering (Russia) -- CFR
Morton I. Abramowitz (Turkey) -- CFR
Michael H. Armacost (Japan) -- CFR
Shirly Temple Black (Czechoslovakia) -- CFR Membership List
Julia Chang Bloch (Nepal) -- CFR
Henry E. Catto, Jr. (Great Britain) -- CFR
Frances Cook (Camaroon) -- CFR
Edward P. Djerejian (Syria) -- CFR
Geoge E. Moose (Senegal) -- CFR
John D. Negroponte (Mexico) -- CFR Membership List
Edward N. Ney (Canada) -- CFR
Robert B. Oakley (Pakistan) -- CFR
Robert H. Pelletreau, Jr. (Tunisia) -- CFR
Christopher H. Phillips (Brunei) -- CFR
Nicholas Platt (Phillipines) -- CFR
James W. Spain (Maldives & Sri Lanka) -- CFR
Terence A. Todman (Argentina) -- CFR
Frank G. Wisner II (Egypt) -- CFR
Warren Zimmerman (Yugoslavia) -- CFR
Madeleine Albright, UN Amabassador -- CFR
Clifton Wharton, Jr., Deputy Sec. -- CFR
Lynn Davis, Under Sec. for International Security Affairs -- CFR, TC
Brandon H. Grove, Dir. of Foreign Service Institute -- CFR Membership List
H. Allen Holms, Asst. Sec., Bureau Of Politico-Military Affairs -- CFR
John H. Kelly, Asst. Sec., Near East-South Asian Affairs -- CFR
Alexander F. Watson, Deputy Rep., United Nations -- CFR
Jonathan Moore, UN Mission -- CFR
Joseph Verner Reed, Chief of Protocol -- CFR
Dennis B. Ross, Director, Policy Planning Staff -- CFR
Edward Perkins, Dir. of Personnel -- CFR
Abraham David Sofaer, Legal Advisor -- CFR
Peter Tanoff, Under Sec. for Political Affairs -- CFR, TC
Brian Atwood, Under Sec. For Management -- CFR
Joan E. Spero, Under Sec. Eco. & Ag. Affairs -- CFR
George E. Moose, Asst. Sec. African Affairs -- CFR
Winston Lord, Asst. Sec., East Asian & Pacific Affairs -- CFR, TC
Stephen A. Oxman, Asst. Sec., European Affairs -- CFR
Timothy E. Wirth, Counselor – CFR

Howard L. Berman (D-CA) -- CFR Membership List
Thomas S. Foley (D-WA) -- CFR
Sam Gejdenson (D-CT) -- CFR
Richard A. Gephardt (D-MO) -- CFR
Newton L. Gingrich (R-GA) -- CFR
Lee H. Hamilton (D-IN) -- TC
Amory Houghton, Jr. (R-NY) -- CFR
Nancy Lee Johnson (R-CT) -- CFR
Jim Leach (R-IA) -- TC
John Lewis (D-GA) -- CFR
Robert T. Matsui (D-CA) -- CFR
Dave K. Mccurdy (D-OK) -- CFR
Eleanor Homes Norton (D-DC) -- CFR Membership List
Thomas El Petri (R-WI) -- CFR
Charles B. Rangel (D-NY) -- TC
Carlos A. Romero-Barcelo (D-PR) -- CFR
Patricia Schroeder (D-CO) -- CFR
Peter Smith (R-VT) -- CFR
Olympia J. Snow (R-ME) -- CFR
John M. Spratt (D-SC) -- CFR
Louis Stokes (D-OH) – CFR
David L. Boren (D-OK) -- CFR
William Bradley (D-NJ) -- CFR
John H. Chafee (R-RI) -- CFR, TC
William S. Cohen (R-ME) -- CFR, TC
Christopher J. Dodd (D-CT) -- CFR
Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) -- TC
Bob Graham (D-FL) -- CFR
Joseph I. Lieberman (D-CT) -- CFR Membership List
George J. MiTChell (D-ME) -- CFR
Claiborne Pell (D-RI) -- CFR
Larry Pressler (R-SD) -- CFR
Charles S. Robb (D-VA) -- CFR, TC
John D. Rockefeller, IV (D-WV) -- CFR, TC
William Roth, Jr. (R-DE) -- CFR, TC

Sandra Day O'Connor, Assoc. Justice, U.S. Supreme Court -- CFR Membership List
Steve G. Breyer, Chief Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit, Boston -- CFR
Ruth B. Ginsburg, U.S. Court Of Appeals, Wash., DC Circuit -- CFR
Laurence H. Silberman, U.S. Court of Appeals, Wash., DC Circuit – CFR

Chase Manhattan Corp.:
Thomas G. Labrecque, Chairman & CEO – CFR Membership List, TC
Robert R. Douglass, Vice Chairman -- CFR Membership List
Willard C. BuTCher, Dir. -- CFR
Richard W. Lyman, Dir. -- CFR
Joan Ganz Cooney, Dir. -- CFR
David T. Mclaughlin, Dir. -- CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Henry B. Schacht, Dir. -- CFR
Chemical Bank:
Walter V. Shipley, Chairman -- CFR
Robert J. Callander, President -- CFR
William C. Pierce, Executive Officer -- CFR
Randolph W. Bromery, Dir. -- CFR
Charles W. Duncan, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
George V. Grune, Dir. -- CFR
Helen L. Kaplan, Dir. -- CFR
Lawrence G. Rawl, Dir. -- CFR
Michael I. Sovern, Dir. -- CFR
Richard D. Wood, Dir. -- CFR
John S. Reed. Chairman -- CFR
William R. Rhodes, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Richard S. Braddock, President -- CFR
John M. DeuTCh, Dir. -- CFR
Clifton C. Garvin, Jr., Dir -- CFR
C. Peter Mccolough, Dir. -- CFR
Rozanne L. Ridgeway, Dir. -- CFR
Franklin A. Thomas, Dir. -- CFR
First City Bancorp, Texas:
A. Robert Abboud, CEO -- CFR
Morgan Guaranty:
Lewis T. Preston, Chairman -- CFR
Bankers Trust New York Corporation:
Charles S. Stanford, Jr., Chairman -- CFR
Alfred Brittain III, Dir. -- CFR
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr., Dir -- CFR
Richard L. Gelb, Dir. -- CFR
Patricia Carry Stewart, Dir. -- CFR
First National Bank of Chicago:
Barry F. Sullivan -- TC
Manufacturers Hanover Directors:
Cyrus Vance -- CFR
G. Robert Durham -- CFR
George B. Munroe -- CFR
Marina V. N. Whitman -- CFR, TC
Charles J. Pilliod, Jr. -- CFR
Bank America:
Andrew F. Brimmer, Dir. -- CFR
Ignazio E. Lozano, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Ruben F. Mettler, Dir. -- CFR
Securities & Exchange Commission:
Michael D. Mann, Dir. International Affairs -- CFR

Alan Greenspan, ChairmaN – CFR Membership List, TC
E. Gerald Corrigan, V. Chmn./Pres. NY Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR
Richard N. Cooper, Chmn. Boston Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR
Sam Y. Cross, Manager, Foreign Open Market Acct. -- CFR
Robert F. Erburu, Chmn. San Francisco Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR
Robert P. Forrestal, Pres. Atlanta Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR
Bobby R. Inman, Chmn., Dallas Fed. Res. Bank -- CFR, TC
Robert H. Knight, Esq. -- CFR
Steven Muller -- CFR
John R. Opel -- CFR
Anthony M. Solomon -- CFR, TC
Edwin M. Truman, Staff Dir. International Finance -- CFR
Cyrus R. Vance -- CFR
Paul Volcker -- CFR, TC
Laurence A. Tisch, CEO -- CFR Membership List
Roswell Gilpatric -- CFR
James Houghton -- CFR, TC
Henry Schacht -- CFR, TC
Dan Rather -- CFR
Richard Hottelet -- CFR
Frank Stanton -- CFR
John F. Welch, CEO -- CFR
Jane Pfeiffer -- CFR
Lester Crystal -- CFR, TC
R.W. Sonnenfeidt -- CFR, TC
John Petty -- CFR
David Brinkley -- CFR
John Chancellor -- CFR
Marvin Kalb -- CFR
Irving R. Levine -- CFR
Herbert Schlosser -- CFR
Peter G. Peterson -- CFR
John Sawhill -- CFR
Thomas S. Murphy, CEO -- CFR
Barbara Walters -- CFR
John Connor -- CFR
Diane Sawyer -- CFR
John Scall -- CFR
Public Broadcast Service:
Robert Mcneil -- CFR
Jim Lehrer -- CFR
C. Hunter-Gault -- CFR
Hodding Carter III -- CFR
Daniel Schorr -- CFR
Associated Press:
Stanley Swinton -- CFR
Harold Anderson -- CFR
Katharine Graham -- CFR, TC
Michael Posner -- CFR
Baltimore Sun:
Henry Trewhitt -- CFR
Washington Times:
Arnaud De Borchgrave -- CFR
Children's TV Workshop (Sesame Street):
Joan Ganz Cooney, Pres. -- CFR
Cable News Network:
W. Thomas Johnson, Pres. -- TC
Daniel Schorr -- CFR
U.S. News & World Report:
David Gergen -- TC
New York Times Co.:
Richard Gelb -- CFR
William Scranton -- CFR, TC
John F. Akers, Dir. -- CFR
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
George B. Munroe, Dir. -- CFR
Donald M. Stewart, Dir. -- CFR
Cyrus R. Vance, Dir. -- CFR
A.M. Rosenthal -- CFR
Seymour Topping -- CFR
James Greenfield -- CFR
Max Frankel -- CFR
Jack Rosenthal -- CFR
John Oakes -- CFR
Harrison Salisbury -- CFR
H.L. Smith -- CFR
Steven Rattner -- CFR
Richard Burt -- CFR
Flora Lewis -- CFR
Time, Inc.:
Ralph Davidson -- CFR
Donal M. Wilson -- CFR
Henry Grunwald -- CFR
Alexander Heard -- CFR
Sol Linowitz -- CFR
Thomas Watson, Jr. -- CFR
Strobe Talbott -- CFR
Newsweek/Washington Post:
Katharine Graham -- CFR
N. Deb. Katzenbach -- CFR
Robert Christopher -- CFR
Osborne Elliot -- CFR
Phillip Geyelin -- CFR
Murry Marder -- CFR
Maynard Parker -- CFR
George Will -- CFR, TC
Robert Kaiser -- CFR
Meg Greenfield -- CFR
Walter Pincus -- CFR
Murray Gart -- CFR
Peter Osnos -- CFR
Don Oberdorfer -- CFR
Dow Jones & Co (Wall Street Journal):
Richard Wood -- CFR
Robert Bartley -- CFR, TC
Karen House -- CFR
National Review:
Wm. F. Buckley, Jr. -- CFR
Readers Digest:
George V. Grune, CEO -- CFR
William G. Bowen, Dir. -- CFR
Syndicated Columnists
Geogia Anne Geyer -- CFR
Ben J. Wattenberg – CFR

Department Of Defense:
Les Aspin, Secretary of Defense -- CFR Membership List
Frank G. Wisnerll, Under Secretary for Policy -- CFR
Henry S. Rowen, Asst. Sec., International Security Affairs -- CFR
Judy Ann Miller, Dep. Asst. Sec. Nuclear Forces & Arms Control -- CFR
W. Bruce Weinrod, Dep. Asst. Sec., Europe & NATO -- CFR
Adm. Seymour Weiss, Chairman, Defense Policy Board -- CFR
Charles M. Herzfeld, Dir. Defense Research & Engineering -- CFR
Andrew W. Marshall, Dir., Net Assessment -- CFR
Michael P. W. Stone, Secretary of the Army -- CFR
Donald B. Rice, Secretary of the Air Force -- CFR
Franklin C. Miller, Dep. Asst. Sec. Nuclear Forces & Arms Control -- CFR
Allied Supreme Commanders:
1949-52 Eisenhower -- CFR Membership List
1952-53 Ridgeway -- CFR
1953-56 Gruenther -- CFR
1956-63 Norstad -- CFR
1963-69 Lemnitzer -- CFR
1969-74 Goodpaster -- CFR
1974-79 Haig -- CFR
1979-87 Rogers -- CFR, TC
Superintendents of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point:
1960-63 Westmoreland -- CFR Membership List
1963-66 Lampert -- CFR
1966-68 Bennett -- CFR
1970-74 Knowlton -- CFR
1974-77 Berry -- CFR
1977-81 Goodpaster -- CFR
CFR Military Fellows, 1991:
Col. William M. Drennan, Jr., USAF -- CFR
Col. Wallace C. Gregson, USMC -- CFR
Col. Jack B. Wood, USA -- CFR
CFR Military Fellows, 1992:
Col. David M. Mize, USMC -- CFR Membership List
Col. John P. Rose, USA -- CFR
Joint Chiefs of Staff:
Gen. Colin L. Powell, Chairman -- CFR
Gen. Carl E. Vuono, Army -- CFR
Gen. John T. Chain, Co Sac -- CFR
Gen. Merril A. Mcpeak, Co Pac AF -- CFR
Lt. Gen. George L. Butler, Dir. Strategic Plans & Policy -- CFR
Lt. Gen. Charles T. Boyd, Com. Air Univ. -- CFR
Lt. Gen. Bradley C. Hosmer, AF Inspector General -- CFR
Secretaries of Defense:
1957-59 Mcelroy -- CFR Membership List
1959-61 Gates -- CFR
1961-68 McNamara -- CFR, TC
1969-73 Laird -- CFR
1973-75 Richardson -- CFR, TC
1975-77 Rumsfeld -- CFR
1977-80 Brown -- CFR, TC
1980-88 Weinberger -- CFR, TC
1988- Carlucci -- CFR
1988- Cheney -- CFR
Additional Military:
Mg R.C. Bowman -- CFR Membership List
Bg F. Brown -- CFR
Lt Col W. Clark -- CFR
Adm Wm. Crowe -- CFR
Col P. M. Dawkins -- CFR
V. Adm. Thor Hanson -- CFR
Col W. Hauser -- CFR
Maj R. Kimmitt -- CFR
Gen W. Knowlton -- CFR
V. Adm J. Lee -- CFR
Col D. Mead -- CFR
Mg Jack Merritt -- CFR
Gen E. Meyer -- CFR
Col Wm. E. Odom -- CFR
Col L. Olvey -- CFR
Col Geo. K. Osborn -- CFR
Mg J. Pustay -- CFR
Lg E.L. Rowny -- CFR
Capt Gary Sick -- CFR
Mg De Witt Smith -- CFR
Bg Perry Smith -- CFR
Ltg Wm. Y. Smith -- CFR
Col W. Taylor -- CFR
Adm S. Turner -- CFR
Mg J. Welch -- CFR
Gen J. Wickham – CFR

Exxon Corporation
Lawrence G. Rawl, Chairman -- CFR Membership List
Lee R. Raymond, President -- CFR, TC
Jack G. Clarke, Sr., Vice President -- CFR
Randolph W. Bromery, Dir. -- CFR
D. Wayne Calloway, Dir. -- CFR
Alfred C. Decrane,Jr., Chairman -- CFR Membership List
John Brademas, Dir. -- CFR, TC
Willard C. BuTCher, Dir. -- CFR
William J. Crowe, Jr., Dir. -- CFR, TC
John K. Mckinley, Dir. -- CFR
Thomas S. Murphy, Dir. -- CFR
Atlantic Richfield-Arco:
Hannah H. Gray, Dir. -- CFR
Donal M. Kendall,Dir. -- CFR, TC
Henry Wendt, Dir. -- TC
Shell Oil Co.:
Frank H. Richardson, CEO -- CFR Membership List
Rand V. Araskog, Dir. -- CFR, TC
Mobil Corp.:
Allan E. Murray, Chairman & President – CFR Membership List, TC
Lewis M. Branscomb, Dir. -- CFR
Samuel C. Johnson, Dir. -- TC
Helene L. Kaplan, Dir. -- CFR
Charles S. Sanford, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Tenneco, Inc.:
James L. Ketelsen, Chairman -- CFR
W. Michael Blumenthal, Dir. -- CFR
Joseph J. Sisco, Dir. – CFR
General Motors Corp.:
Marina V.N. Whitman, VP – CFR Membership List, TC
Anne L. Armstrong, Dir. -- CFR
Marvin L. Goldberger, Dir. -- CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Dennis Weatherstone, Dir. -- CFR
Leon H. Sullivan, Dir. -- CFR
Thomas H. Wyman, Dir. -- CFR
Ford Motor Company:
Clifton R. Wharton, Dir. -- CFR
Roberto C. Goizueta, Dir. -- CFR
GE/NBC Corp.:
John F. Welch, Jr. Chairman -- CFR Membership List
David C. Jones -- CFR
Lewis T. Preston -- CFR
Frank H.T. Rhodes -- CFR
Walter B. Wriston -- CFR
Deere & Co:
Hans W. Becherer, Chairman/CEO -- CFR
John F. Akers, Chairman -- CFR Membership List
C. Michael Armstrong, Sr. VP -- CFR
William S. Norman, Executive VP -- CFR
Robert E. Allen, Chairman & CEO -- CFR Membership List
Randall L. Tobias, Vice Chairman -- CFR
Louis V. Gerstner, Dir. -- CFR
Juanita M. Kreps, Dir. -- CFR
Donald F. Mchenry, Dir. -- CFR
Henry B. Schacht, Dir. -- CFR
Michael I. Sovern, Dir. -- CFR
Franklin A. Thamas, Dir. -- CFR
Rawleigh Warner, Jr., Dir. -- CFR
Thomas H. Wyman, Dir. -- CFR
Chrysler Corp.:
Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Dir. -- CFR Membership List
Peter A. Magowan, Dir. -- CFR
American Express Co.:
James D. Robinson,Ceo -- CFR Membership List
Joan Edelman Spero -- TC
Anne L. Armstrong -- CFR
William G. Bowen -- CFR
Charles W. Duncan, Jr. -- CFR
Richard M. Furlaud -- CFR
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr. -- CFR, TC
Henry A. Kissinger -- CFR, TC
Frank P. Popoff -- CFR
Robert V. Roosa -- CFR
Joseph H. Williams – CFR
Richard D. Wood, CEO, Eli Lily & Co -- CFR
Richard M. Furlaud, CEO, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co -- CFR
Frank Peter Popoff, CEO, Dow Chemical Co. -- CFR
Charles Peter McColough, Chmn Ex. Comm, Xerox -- CFR
Rozanne L. Ridgewar, Dir., 3M, RJR Nabisco, Union Carbide -- CFR
Ruben F. Mettler, Former CEO, TRW, Inc. -- CFR
Henry B. Schacht, CEO, Cummins Engines -- CFR
Edmund T. Pratt, Jr., CEO, Pfizer, Inc. -- CFR
Rand V. Araskog, CEO, ITT Corp. -- CFR, TC
W. Michael Blumenthal, Chairman, Unisys Corp. -- CFR
Joseph John Sisco, Dir., Geico, Raytheon, Gillette -- CFR
J.Fred Bucy, Former Pres, CEO, Texas Instruments -- CFR
Paul A. Allaire, Chairman, CEO, Xerox Corp. -- TC
Dwayne O. Andreas, Chairman, CEO, Archer Midland Daniels -- TC
James E. Burke, Chairman, CEO Em., Johnson & Johnson -- TC
D. Wayne Calloway, Chairman, CEO, Pepsico -- TC
Frank C. Carlucci, Vice Chmn., The Carlyle Group -- TC
Lynn E. Davis, VP, Dir., Rand Corp -- TC
Stephen Friedman, Sr., VP, Co-Chairman, Goldman, Sachs -- TC
Louis V. Gerstner, Jr., Chairman, CEO, RJR Nabisco -- TC
Joseph T. Gorman, Chairman, Pres, CEO, TRW Inc. -- TC
Maurice R. Greenberg, Chairman, CEO, American International Group -- TC
Robert D. Hass, Chairman, CEO, Levi Strauss -- TC
David J. Hennigar, Chairman, Crownx, Vice Chairman, Crown Life -- TC
Robert D. Hormats, Vice Chairman, Goldman Sachs Int. -- TC
James R. Houghton, Chairman, CEO, Corning Inc. -- TC
Donald R. Keough, President, CEO, The Coca Cola Co. -- TC
Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Assoc. -- TC
Whitney Macmillan, Chairman, CEO, Cargill, Inc. -- TC
Robert S. McNamara, Former President, The World Bank -- TC
William D. Ruckershaus, Chairman, CEO, Browning-Ferris Ind. -- TC
David Stockman, Gen Partner, The Blackstone Group -- CFR
Henry Wendt, Chmn, Smith Kline Beecham – TC

University Professors:
Graham Allison, Prof. Of Gov., Harvard Univ. -- TC
Zbigniew Brzezinski, Prof., Johns Hopkins -- TC
Gerald L. Curtis, Prof. Poli Sci, Columbia Univ. -- TC
Martin S. Feldstein, Prof. Econ, Harvard Univ. -- TC
Richard N. Gardner, Prof. Law, Columbia Univ. -- TC
Joseph S. Nye, Jr., Prof. Int'l Affairs, Harvard Univ. -- TC
Robert D. Putnam, Prof. Politics, Havard Univ. -- TC
Henry Rosovsky, Prof. Harvard Univ. -- TC
Geoge P. Shultz, Hon. Fellow, Stanford Univ. -- TC
Lester C. Thorow, Dean, Sloan School if Mgmt., MIT -- TC
Paul Volcker, Prof. Int'l Econ., Princeton Univ -- TC
College & University Presidents:
Robert H. Edwards, Bowdoin College -- CFR
Vartan Gregorian, Brown University -- CFR
Hanna Holbom Gray, University of Chicago -- CFR
Joseph S. Murphy, City Univ. of NY -- CFR
Michael I. Sovern, Columbia Univ. -- CFR
Andrew J. Nathan, Columbia Univ. -- CFR
Everette Dennis, Jr., Columbia Univ. -- CFR
Harriet Zuckerman, Columbia Univ. -- CFR
Frank H.T. Rhodes, Cornell University -- CFR
Kurt Gottfried, Cornell University – CFR
Carl Edward Sagan, Cornell University -- CFR
James T. Laney, Emory University -- CFR
Rev. Joseph A. O'Hare, Fordham Univ. -- CFR
Thomas Ehrlich, Indiana Univ. -- CFR
Steven Muller, Johns Hopkins Univ. -- CFR
Alice S. Iichman, Sarah Lawrence College -- CFR
Edward T. Foote, II, University Of Miami -- CFR
S. Frederick Starr, Oberlin College -- CFR, TC
Joseph Duffey, Chans., Univ. Of Mass. -- CFR
John M. DeuTCh, Institute Professor, MIT -- CFR, TC
Lester C. Thurow, Dean, Sloan Sch., MIT -- CFR
Bernard Harleston, City College of NY -- CFR
John Brademus, New York University -- CFR, TC
Wesley W. Posvar, University of Pittsburg -- CFR
Harold T. Shapiro, Princeton University -- CFR
Charles W. Duncan, Jr., Chmn, Rice University -- CFR
Dennis O'Brien, Univ. Of Rochester -- CFR
David Baltimore, Rockefeller University -- CFR
Donald Dennedy, Stanford University -- CFR
Richard Wall Lyman, Pres. Em., Stanford -- CFR
Hans M. Mark, Chancellor, Univ. of Texas -- CFR
Robert H. Donaldson, Univ. of Tulsa -- CFR
Stephen J. Trachtenberg, George Washington Univ. -- CFR
William H. Danforth, Washington University, St. Louis -- CFR
John D. Wilson, Washington & Lee University -- CFR
Nannerl O. Keohane, Wellesley University – CFR

Madeleine K. Albright, Principal, The Albright Group LLC, Washington, DC; former U.S. Secretary of State
Graham Allison, Director, Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
G. Allen Andreas, Chairman and Chief Executive, Archer Daniels Midland Company, Decatur, IL
Michael H. Armacost, Shorenstein Distinguished Fellow, Asia/Pacific Research Center, Stanford University, Hillsborough, CA; former President, The Brookings Institution; former U.S. Ambassador to Japan; former U.S. Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs
Charlene Barshefsky, Senior International Partner, Wilmer, Cutler & Pickering, Washington, DC; former U.S. Trade Representative
Alan R. Batkin, Vice Chairman, Kissinger Associates, New York, NY
Doug Bereuter, President, The Asia Foundation, San Francisco, CA; former Member, U.S. House of Representatives
*C. Fred Bergsten, Director, Institute for International Economics, Washington, DC; former U.S. Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for International Affairs
Catherine Bertini, Professor of Public Administration, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs, Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY; former Under-Secretary-General for Management, United Nations
Dennis C. Blair, USN (Ret.), President and Chief Executive Officer, Institute for Defense Analyses, Alexandria, VA; former Commander in Chief, U.S. Pacific Command
Herminio Blanco Mendoza, Private Office of Herminio Blanco, Mexico City, NL; former Mexican Secretary of Commerce and Industrial Development
Geoffrey T. Boisi, Chairman & Senior Partner, Roundtable Investment Partners LLC, New York, NY; former Vice Chairman, JPMorgan Chase, New York, NY
Stephen W. Bosworth, Dean, Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford, MA; former U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Korea
David G. Bradley, Chairman, Atlantic Media Company, Washington, DC
Harold Brown, Counselor, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC; General Partner, Warburg Pincus & Company, New York, NY; former U.S. Secretary of Defense
*Zbigniew Brzezinski, Counselor, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, DC; Robert Osgood Professor of American Foreign Affairs, Paul Nitze School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University; former U.S. Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs

 From the Bilderberg 'Information' pamphlet - available free from the Bilderberg Office in Leiden, Netherlands.
National totals of the 35 (34 men & 1 woman?) total steering group members:

USA 8*; Germany 4*; Great Britain 3*; Italy 3*; France 2; Switzerland 2*; Austria 1; Belgium 1; Canada 1; Denmark 1; Finland 1; Greece 1; Ireland 1; Netherlands 1; Norway 1; Portugal 1; Spain 1; Sweden 1; Turkey 1.

*One aspiring 'International citizen', Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, is Italian and one, Klaus Schwab, is Swiss (totals include 'inner circle' advisory group).
Members Advisory Group
Or 'inner circle'

Italy -  Giovanni Agnelli

Great Britain -  Eric Roll of Ipsden

USA -  David Rockefeller

Germany (D)-  Otto Wolff von Amerongen

 Steering Committee
The 31 national BB 'outer circle' Steering Group Representatives:

Great Britain - J. Martin Taylor
Chairman, WH Smith Group PLC;
International Advisor, Goldman Sachs International

Belguim - Etienne Davignon
Vice Chairman, Societe Generale de Belgique

Maja Banck-Polderman

USA    Allaire, Paul A. - Former Chairman and C.E.O., Xerox Corporation

P   Balsemao, Francisco Pinto - Chairman, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; former Prime Minister

I   Bernabe, Franco - Chairman, Franco Bernabe & C. S.p.A.

CDN   Black, Conrad M. - Chairman, Telegraph Group Limited

GB   Clarke, Kenneth - Member of Parliament, former Chancellor of the Exchequer

F   Collomb, Bertrand - Chairman and C.E.O., Lafarge

GR   David, George A. - Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A.

NL   Halberstadt, Victor - Professor of Public Economics, Leiden University

USA    Johnson, James A. - Vice Chairman, Perseus LLC

USA   Jordan, Jr., Vernon E. - Managing Director, Lazard Freres & Co. LLC

TR   Kiraq, Suna - Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Koq Holding A.S.

USA   Kissinger, Henry A. - Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.

D   Kopper, Hilmar - Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank A.G.

USA   Kravis, Marie-Josee - Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc

F   Levy-Lang, Andre - Former Chairman, Paribas

USA   Mathews, Jessica T. - President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

N   Myklebust, Egil - Chairman of the Board, Norsk Hydro ASA

D   Nass, Matthias - Deputy Editor, Die Zeit

FIN   Ollila, Jorma - Chairman of the Board and C.E.O., Nokia Corporation

INT   Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso - Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank

E   Rodriguez Inciarte, Matias - Executive Vice Chairman, BSCH

D   Schrempp, Jiirgen E. - Chairman of the Board of Management, DaimlerChrysler AG

INT   Schwab, Klaus - President, World Economic Forum

DK   Seidenfaden, Toger - Editor-in-Chief, Politiken

IRL   Sutherland, Peter D. - Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs International

CH   Vasella, Daniel L. - Chairman and C.E.O., Novartis AG

A   Vranitzky, Franz   - Former Federal Chanoellor

S   Wallenberg, Jacob - Chairman of the Board, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken

USA    Wolfensohn, James D. - President, The World Bank

Bilderberg Members

I - Agnelli, Giovanni

I - Agnelli, Umberto

GB - Airey, Terence

DK - Andersen, Tage

A - Androsch, Hannes

GR - Arliotis, Charles C.

USA - Ball, George W.

S - Barnevik, Percy

F - Baumgartner, Wilfrid S.

GB - Bennett, Frederic M.

USA - Bennett, Jack F.

INT - Bertram, Christoph

D - Bertram, Christoph

TR - Beyazit, Selahattin

TR - Birgi, Nuri

CH - Boveri, Walter E.

USA - Brady, Nicholas F.

GR - Carras, Costa

E - Carvajal Urquijo, Jaime

USA - Cary, Frank T.

GB - Cavendish-Bentinck, Victor F.W.

DK - Christiansen, Hakon

I - Cittadini Cesi, Gian G.

USA - Collado, Emilio

USA - Corzine, Jon S.

USA - Dam, Kenneth W.

USA - Dean, Arthur H.

DK - Deleuran, Aage

NL - Duisenberg, Willem F.

CDN - Duncan, James S.

USA - Finley, Murray H.

GB - Frame, Alistair

GB - Franks, Oliver

CDN - Frum, David

GB - Gaitskell, Hugh T.N.

USA - Gerstner, Louis V.

USA - Getchell, Charles

CDN - Griffin, Anthony G.S.

GB - Gubbins, Colin

S - Gustafsson, Sten

ICE - Hallgrimsson, Geir

USA - Hauge, Gabriel

N - Hauge, Jens

GB - Healey, Denis W.

USA - Heinz, Henry J.

D - Herrhausen, Alfred

N - Hoegh, Leif

N - Hoegh, Westye

USA - Holbrooke, Richard C.

A - lgler, Hans

FIN - lloniemi, Jaakko

A - Jankowitsch, Peter

B - Janssen, Daniel E.

NL - Karsten, C. Frits

GB - Knight, Andrew

I NT - Kohnstamm, Max

A - Kothbauer, Max

NL - Korteweg, Pieter

CH - Krauer, Alex

F - Ladreit de Lacharriere, Marc

B - Lambert, Leon J.G.

USA - Lord, Winston

S - Lundvall, Bjorn

CH - Lutolf, Franz J.

CDN - Macdonald, Donald S.

USA - MacLaury, Bruce K.

USA - Mathias, Charles McC.

GB - Maudling, Reginald

NL - Meynen, Johannes

USA - Mitchell, George J.

F - Montbrial, Thierry de

I - Monti, Mario

USA - Moyers, Bill D.

USA - Murphy, Robert D.

DK - Norlund, Nils

NL - Oort, Conrad J.

USA - Perkins, James A

GR - Pesmazoglu, John S.

I - Prodi, Romano

CH - Pury, David de

USA - Ridgway, Rozanne L.

USA - Rockefeller, David

USA - Rockefeller, Sharon Percy

GB - Roll of Ipsden, Eric

F - Rothschild, Edmond de

INT - Ruggiero, Renato

NL - Rijkens, Paul

GB - Sainsbury, John

I - Saraceno, Pasquale

F - Seilliere, Ernest-Antoine

USA - Sheinkman, Jack

I - Silvestri, Stefano

GB - Smith, John

B - Snoy et d'Oppuers, Jean C.

D - Sommer, Theo

USA - Stone, Shepard

GB - Taverne, Dick

USA - Taylor, Arthur R.

DK - Terkelsen, Terkel M.

N - Tidemand, Otto Grieg

I - Valetta, Vittorio

CH - Umbricht, Victor H.

S - Wallenberg, Marcus

N - Werring, Niels

USA - Whitehead, John C.

USA - Whitman, Marina von Neumann

USA - Williams, Joseph H.

USA - Williams, Lynn R.

D - Wischnewski, Hans-Jurgen

D - Wolff von Amerongen, Otto

USA - Wolfowitz, Paul

I - Zannoni, Paolo


To understand who controls the leadership of NATO, the world's biggest military operation and now the 'World Army', you only have to look at the connection of the NATO Secretary-Generals to the Bilderberg Group.

The earlier sec-gens do not appear to have been Bilderberg attendees, but if you know different, please let me know. These were Lord Ismay (1952-1957), Paul Henri Spaak (1957-1961), Dirk U. Stikker (1961-1964), and Manlio Brosio (1964-1971).

But from then on, the leader of NATO has become a Bilderberg appointment.

They are:

    * Joseph Luns (1971-1984) Bilderberg Group
    * Lord Carrington (1984-1988) Bilderberg Group, chairman 1991-1998).
    * Manfred Wörner (1988-1994) Bilderberg Group
    * Willy Claes (1994-1995) Bilderberg Group
    * Javier Solana (1995-1999) Bilderberg Group
    * Lord Robertson (1999- ) Bilderberg Group

How much easier it therefore becomes to instigate Bilderberg policy in the Gulf, Bosnia, Kosovo, etc., etc..

 Current Bilderberg Steering Group pamphlets listing steering group members are available free of charge  to bona fide researchers, as well as past attendance lists. All Bilderberg secetariat press enquiries should be directed to this office.
European Office (Location: Leiden University)
Maja Banck-Polderman (Executive Secretary)
PO Box 3017
2301 DA Leiden
The Netherlands
Phone +31 71 5280 521
Fax +31 71 5280 522
Old European office - no longer  believed to be in use:
Maja Banck-Polderman
Bilderberg Meetings
Amstel 216
1017 AJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Old phone no: +31 (20) 625 0252
Old Fax: +31 (20) 624 4299 (old fax number - may be out of date)

These were ex-directory phone numbers at The Old Bilderberg Towers, Amstel 216, from an anon. source: 626-8932, 626-8932, 624-1672 (phone of Victor Halberstaat?), 620-6278, 420-7075, 420-7400 (pretty def. Bilderberg phone), 620-9104. add +31 (20) to all if dialling from outside Amsterdam.

Another office reported at:
Bilderberger Group
1, Smidswater,
Den Haag,
Phone (070) 45 21 21

North America
Charles W. Muller
American Friends of Bilderbergs, Inc.
477 Madison Ave., 6th Floor
New York, NY 10022

Phone: +1 (212) 879 0545

Bilderberg Public Relations.
Charles W Muller or Ronnie Glattauer of
Murden & Co., Georgia, USA,

Phone: +1 (770) 945 8921

other builderburger’s

Source: Grattan Healey, Green Party adviser to Patricia McKenna MEP at the European Parliament.
Members Advisory Group *

Canada: Anthony GS Griffin, Company Director.

Germany: Otto Wolff von Amerongen, Chairman and CEO of Otto Wolff Industrieberatung und Beteiligungen GMBH.

International: Max Kohnstamm, Former Secretary General, Action Committee for Europe; Former President, Europe University Institute.

Italy: Giovanni Agnelli, Honorary Chairman, Fiat SpA.

Netherlands: Ernst H. van der Beugel, Emeritus Professor of International Relations, Leiden University; Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings for Europe and Canada.

United Kingdom: Lord Roll of Ipsden, Senior Adviser, SBC Warburg Dillon Read.

United States of America: William Bundy, Former Editor, Foreign Affairs;
David Rockefeller, Chairman, Chase Manhattan Bank International Advisory Committee.

* all former members of the Steering Committee
Steering Committee:

Chairman: Peter, Lord Carrington-Chairman of the Board, Christie's International plc; Former Secretary-General NATO.

Secretary-General: Victor Halberstadt-Professor of Public Economics, Leiden University, the Netherlands.

Treasurer: Pieter Korteweg-President and Chief Executive Officer, Robeco Group.
National Representatives

Austria: Franz Vranitzky, Former Federal Chancellor.

Belgium: Etienne Davignon-Chairman, Société Générale de Belgique; Former Vice Chairman of the Commission of the European Communities.

Canada: Conrad Black, Chairman, Telegraph Group Ltd; (2nd place vacant).

Denmark: Toger Seidenfaden, Editor-in-chief, Politiken.

Finland: Jorma Ollila, President and CEO, Nokia Corporation.

France: Bertrand Collomb, Chairman and Executive Officer, Lafarge; Andre Levy-Lang, Chairman, Banque Paribas.

Germany: Christoph Bertram, Diplomatic Correspondent, Die Zeit; Hilmar Kopper, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG; Matthias Nass, Managing Editor, Die Zeit.

Greece: George A David, Chairman, Hellenic Bottling Company SA.

Ireland: Peter D. Sutherland, Chairman and Managing Director, Goldman Sachs International; Former Director General, World Trade Organisation.

Italy: Umberto Agnelli, Chairman, Instituto Finanziaro Industriale (IFIL).

Italy/International: Renato Ruggiero, Director General, World Trade Organisation, Former Minister of Foreign Trade.

Norway: Westye Hoegh, Chairman of the Board, Leif Hoegh & Co ASA.

Portugal: Francisco Pinto Balsemao, Professor of Communication Science, New University of Lisbon; Chairman, Impresa SGPS; Former Prime Minister.

Spain: Jaime Carvajal Urquijo, Chairman and General Manager, Iberfomento.

Sweden: Percy Barnevik, Chairman, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.

Switzerland: David de Pury, Chairman, de Pury, Pictet, Turrettini & Co Ltd.

Turkey: Selahattin Beyazit, Director of Companies.

United Kingdom: Kenneth Clarke, Member of Parliament;
J. Martin Taylor, Group Chief Executive, Barclays PLC.

United States of America: Paul A. Allaire, Chairman, Xerox Corporation;
John S Corzine, Chairman and CEO, Goldman Sachs & Co;
Marie-Josee Drouin, Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute Inc;
Louis V. Gerstner, Chairman, IBM Corporation;
Richard C. Holbrooke, Former Assistant Secretary for European Affairs; Vice Chairman CS First Boston;
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr, Senior Partner, Akin, Gump, Strauss, Hauer & Field, (Attorneys-at-Law);
Henry A. Kissinger, Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc; Former Secretary of State;
Jack Sheinkman, Chairman of the Board, Amalgamated Bank;
Paul Wolfowitz, Dean, Nitze School of Advanced International Studies; Former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy;
Casimir A. Yost, Director, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University.

USA/International: James D. Wolfensohn, President, The World Bank;
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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #4 on: February 27, 2008, 02:00:21 pm »
 :D nice and its from this past year so you can add to it and build.
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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #5 on: February 27, 2008, 02:04:01 pm »
Who the members of the New World Order are? You will know them by their fruit. Families like the Rockefellers, the Gates family, the Bush family. It's not hard to prove these families are wicked. I don't know it they have people above them, I think so, but it's harder to prove who the people behind the scenes are. I'd say the European nobility and royalty, like the Rothschilds and the royal families of the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. There are other individuals in the New World Order ofcourse, like Kissinger, Brzezinski and Ted Turner but it's not hard to find out about these people and you probably already know about them. They don't hide their crimes, in fact, Brzezinski often brags about it because this'll improve their standing amongst these gangsters.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #6 on: February 27, 2008, 02:27:03 pm »
Will Banyan - The Proud Internationalist (The Globalist Vision of David Rockefeller)
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #7 on: February 27, 2008, 02:28:56 pm »
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately


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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #8 on: September 17, 2008, 09:04:46 am »
It is actualy much simpler than anyone thinks.

(1) They pretend to have an unbroken line back to Egypt, patent nonsense. The concept that they have stolen credit from historical societies is demonstrable. That some of there members might have formed cross over between one secret society and another society is probable, but not a complete totaly unbrokenchain. They gain raw power when ever some one thinks that they have this amazing bloodline.

(2) In reality they come under the label 'Organised Crime'. They are simply a different layer of what we call 'The Mob', 'The Firm' and other variations of 'Mafia'. For instance 'The Dixie Mafia', 'Yakuza'... it is a long list. The point is they are all identified as organised criminal gangs.

(3) They have no Nationality. You dear reader no doubt have some kind of regional accent, and sense of belonging to a community where you grew up in your neighboughood. The enemy does not have such sentimental views of Nations or Peoples, the fact that one of the evil ones might be born Catholic, Shinto, or Judean has no relevance to the 'evil ones'. This is a reflection of how differently they think compared to normal people who belong to groups.

Now I realise that the above does not answer those desperate to prove its "The jews" or "The anything else" factions. But take a pause to think about it. No true Catholic, Jew or what ever could betray there own people if they gave a shit about there own people and had any sense of belonging.

Clearly our world made out of groups of humans loyal to there locality or nation or religion excludes them from membership of any of our groups, they infiltrate and betray every group they join for private personal gain and pleasure.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #9 on: September 28, 2008, 12:06:57 pm »
Principally Rothschild funded, aided by Rockefeller, orders passed via the Bilderberger gang to our various royalty and politicians who are paid via loan guarantees via the fed.

It is more sinister than you think.  Rockefellers' Monsanto 'Round-up' herbicide kills all vegetation except Monsanto patented plants genetically modified to resist Round-up.  They can monopolize food production.

Youtube 'Aaron Russo' and hear him tell of his conversations with Nick Rockefeller, saying that they want half of us eliminated, and Google 'plastic coffins'.

The present financial meltdown has been predictable and in preparation for years.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #10 on: October 04, 2008, 05:59:57 pm »
It is actualy much simpler than anyone thinks.

(1) They pretend to have an unbroken line back to Egypt, patent nonsense. The concept that they have stolen credit from historical societies is demonstrable. That some of there members might have formed cross over between one secret society and another society is probable, but not a complete totaly unbrokenchain. They gain raw power when ever some one thinks that they have this amazing bloodline.

(2) In reality they come under the label 'Organised Crime'. They are simply a different layer of what we call 'The Mob', 'The Firm' and other variations of 'Mafia'. For instance 'The Dixie Mafia', 'Yakuza'... it is a long list. The point is they are all identified as organised criminal gangs.

(3) They have no Nationality. You dear reader no doubt have some kind of regional accent, and sense of belonging to a community where you grew up in your neighboughood. The enemy does not have such sentimental views of Nations or Peoples, the fact that one of the evil ones might be born Catholic, Shinto, or Judean has no relevance to the 'evil ones'. This is a reflection of how differently they think compared to normal people who belong to groups.

Now I realise that the above does not answer those desperate to prove its "The jews" or "The anything else" factions. But take a pause to think about it. No true Catholic, Jew or what ever could betray there own people if they gave a shit about there own people and had any sense of belonging.

Clearly our world made out of groups of humans loyal to there locality or nation or religion excludes them from membership of any of our groups, they infiltrate and betray every group they join for private personal gain and pleasure.

Good work, the simple truth cuts through a lot of horse manuer.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #11 on: October 15, 2008, 06:38:00 am »
Good work, the simple truth cuts through a lot of horse manuer.

"ciffs notes" vs "a whole book"

there are a lota guests here recent, can lead to water but cant make you drink. there are lots of philosophy over who the nwo consists of. i dont think a one liner can encapsulate a explanation requested by the thread.
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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #12 on: October 17, 2008, 10:58:40 pm »
This is a good site. It links the various cast of character criminals together. Very interesting that that all link together and are always doing evil.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #13 on: November 09, 2008, 10:19:18 am »
When the depression hits Americans hard, it will be easy to rally the revolt against Rockefeller and disgorge him of his wealth.

Wipe out Rockefeller's fortune, put him at a McDonald's drive thru with a clown outfit, and our economic troubles are over.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #14 on: November 11, 2008, 06:35:42 pm »
Find out the whole answer :

check out "Eric Hufschmidt", "Benjamin Freedman" and "Texe Marrs" points of views :)

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #15 on: December 28, 2008, 08:26:51 am »

all psychopathic evil scum.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Oder
« Reply #16 on: December 30, 2008, 08:10:06 pm »

all psychopathic evil scum.

Yep. That's what we face.
"He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it. He who accepts evil without protesting against it is really cooperating with it." Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
« Reply #17 on: January 20, 2009, 07:38:38 am »

Timothy Geithner, treasury secretary
Lawrence Summers, director of the White House’s National Economic Council
Paul Volcker, chairman of the President’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board
Peter Orszag, director of the Office of Management and Budget
Mary Schapiro, chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission
Eric Holder, attorney general
Leon Panetta, director of the Central Intelligence Agency
Admiral Dennis C. Blair, director of National Intelligence
Janet Napolitano, secretary of Homeland Security
SECRETARY OF STATE: Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y.
DEFENSE SECRETARY: Robert Gates, a holdover from Bush administration.
NATIONAL SECURITY ADVISER: Retired Marine Gen. James Jones.


Ye Must Be Born Again!

True Salvation & the TRUE Gospel/Good News!

how to avoid censorship ;)

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
« Reply #18 on: January 29, 2009, 01:11:38 am »
The NEW WORLD ORDER'S 25 Tenets:

1) Men are inclined to evil rather than good.

2) Preach Liberalism.

3) Use ideals of freedom to bring about class wars.

4) Any and all means necessary should be used to reach their goals as they are justified.

5) Believe their rights lie in force.

6) The power of their resources must remain invisible until the very moment that they have gained the strength so that no group or force can undermine it.

7) Advocates a mob psychology to obtain control of the masses

8 ) Promotes the use of alcohol, drugs, moral corruption, and all forms of vice to systematically corrupt the youth of the nation.

9) Seize citizens’ private property by any means necessary.

10) The use of slogans such as equity, liberty, and fraternity are used on the masses as psychological warfare.

11) War should be directed so that the nations on both sides are placed further in debt and peace conferences are designed so that neither combatant retain territory rights.

12) Members must use their wealth to have candidates chosen to public office who would be obedient to their demands, and would be used as pawns in the game by the men behind the scenes. The advisors will have been bred, reared, and trained from childhood to rule the affairs of the world.

13) Control the press, and hence most of the information the public receives.

14) Agents and provocateurs will come forward after creating traumatic situations, and appear to be the saviors of the masses, when they are actually interested in just the opposite, the reduction of the population.

15) Create industrial depression and financial panic, unemployment, hunger, shortage of food, use these events to control the masses and mobs. and use them to wipe out those who stand in the way.

16) Infiltrate Freemasonry which is to be used to conceal and further objectives.

17) Expound the value of systematic deception, use high sounding slogans and phrases, advocate lavish sounding promises to the masses even though they can’t be kept.

18) The art of street fighting is necessary to bring the population into subjection.

19) Use agents as provocateurs and advisers behind the scenes, and after wars use secret diplomacy talks to gain control.

20) Establish huge monopolies towards world government control.

21) Use high taxes and unfair competition to bring about economic ruin by controlling raw materials, organized agitation among the workers, and subsidizing competitors.

22) Build up armaments with police and soldiers who can protect and further Illuminati interests.

23) Members and leaders of the one world government will be appointed by the director of the Illuminati.

24) Infiltrate into all classes and levels of society and government for the purpose of teaching the youth in the schools theories and principles known to be false.

25) Create and use national and international laws to destroy civilization.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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“Chantilly, Virginia, USA”
5-8 June 2008

"USA “Paulson, Jr., Henry M.” Secretary of the Treasury"

Are u freakin' kiddin' me? ARE U FREAKIN' KIDDIN' ME?
"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." - Will Durant

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That's Right; Paulson at Bilderberg 4 Mo. before taking Bailout money!
« Reply #20 on: January 29, 2009, 10:25:04 am »

“Chantilly, Virginia, USA”
5-8 June 2008

"USA “Paulson, Jr., Henry M.” Secretary of the Treasury"

guess not ...
"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." - Will Durant

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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I think Bill Gates is probably a member of it too. He's super duper rich so he has to know something about it.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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I think Bill Gates is probably a member of it too. He's super duper rich so he has to know something about it.

ROFL, so if you do well your auto evil? i make pretty good money a year, not anywhere near gates but im not starving, am i working on being evil or did i just make some good choices in life. What about people that win the lottery, they got money maybe they are the true enemy. (granted lottery wins<gates)

think befor you talk, you just make yourself look bad

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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This is a hard question to answer.  There are thousands of New World Order members.  It is easy to spot the people at the top like George Bush, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama...   At the bottom it becomes harder but not impossible to find them.  Take the 40 so called Super Psychologists from Project MK-ULTRA, we know who a few of them are.  Follow their friends and money and when things don't add up then you have NWO.  We know that Carole Lieberman MD has been NWO and MK-ULTRA for a long time.  Her sister Sylvia Lieberman aka Mari Edelman is also thought to be one of the 40.  Look at Mari's tax returns

Notice how
A.  She makes no money
B.  She donates $54,500 to charities
C.  She's not in charge of her own money, a women named Loren Rothschild is listed as the director. 

Is Rothschild NWO?  You can count on it.  The higher up you go the harder it gets to find of information.  You would then have to search Loren Rothschild and would find out.

Her money is going to Obama who is 100% NWO.

So back to Mari, she writes children's books that supposedly have secret messages in them.  Check out the people who indorse her book.

Mark Victor Hansen
Peter Alsop
Reveta Bowers
Dayna Devon
Pat Burns
Stevanne Auerbach
Jeff Harris, M.D., M.P.H
Ken Levine
Mari Edelman, Ph.D.
Rueben Martinez
Barbara Saltzman
Carole Lieberman, M.D.

Are they all NWO, no way, but some of them are.  When you find a story that just doesn't make sense you know you have stumbled onto the truth.  Good luck and remember the truth is out there.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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The following few posts are taken entirely from the David Icke Forum where soulja and es provided some investigative information into the house of rothschild. if you get a chance watch the movie house of rothschild (1934).  Clips have been extracted for nazi propaganda, but if you watch the whole movie, you can see a lot about this insane family of genocidal maniacs.  The movie itself shows how the rothschilds (bauers) used the jewish people to claim they were victims when they obviously were victims of nothing but being psychotic control freaks. they also openly promote the overthrow of governments through stealth.


If one looked on the backstage of history, he would find the House of Rothschild. They have indebted Kings, manipulated kingdoms, created wars and molded the very shape of the international world. Among the hierarchy of the Illuminati they are revered as a powerful satanic bloodline. They are "living legends."

Said one biographer: "In America a boy wants to become President. In Europe he would rather be a Rothschild.... To be ‘a Rothschild’ is to be a modern Croesus, a twentieth-century Midas." They are a dynasty of enduring power; a "magic" bloodline In Satan’s Empire. We will probably never know exactly when occultism was introduced to the Rothschilds. Several of their ancestors have been rabbis, so the occultism probably came in the form of Jewish Cabalism, Sabbatism, or Frankism. The House of Rothschild practices gnostic-satanism (the Rothschilds would probably not call themselves satanists, but by our standards they are, considering the sacrificial and spiritual worship involved). The truth is sometimes hard to tell. The stories the family weave are hard to distinguish from the truth. Myths are one of their best weapons, and a researcher must be wary. The family began in Frankfort, Germany (the city where paper money was popularized). The oldest known Rothschild went by the name of Uri Feibesch who lived in the early 16th century. His descendants lived in the House of Red Shield. His great, great, great, great Grandson was Moses Bauer, who lived in the early 18th century. The family was mostly made-up of Jewish retail traders, and lived in the Judengasse, or Jew’s Alley in Frankfort. Jew’s Alley was the product of the anti-semitic bent in Europe, and did not have very good living conditions.

Most Ashkenazim Jews of that time did not use sir-names, instead they preferred the Chinese custom of using a symbol as the family identity. These symbols were sometimes used on signs outside Jewish houses as an address. Some Jews had taken on sir-names, to fit in, but the use of symbols was more popular. The early Rothschilds chose the sir-name Bauer (meaning farmer in German. Why would a family of retail traders call themselves Bauer? Perhaps to remain un-noticed). The Bauer line continues today, but in the 1700’s one man re-named his branch of the family after its symbol and address - the Red Shield or the Seal of Solomon.

Mayer Amschel Bauer was a well-off coin trader in Frankfort. In front of his house hung a sign with the family’s symbol, which was a red hexagram. The hexagram (also known as the Seal of Solomon, the Magden David, or the Star of David) is very occultic. It is used today as the symbol of Israel, but It is not ,,Jewish." In his excellent book THE SIX-POINTED STAR, O.J. Graham explains that the hexagram was used in the ancient mystery religions. It was the symbol of Moloch, Ashtoreth, and others. In fact, the hexagram was used to represent Saturn, which earlier newsletters have discussed. The six-pointed star is considered the equivalent of the Oriental Yin-and-Yang symbol, which is the Luciferian concept of balancing good and evil.

The symbol appears to have been used by King Solomon when he apostasized, and was thereafter called the Seal of Solomon. Later on, Jewish Cabalism (or Occultism - different name, same game) picked it up as a magic symbol. Through the promotion of the Cabalists and the Zionists it has become the symbol of Jewish identity, although the occult circles know better. The Bauer’s use of a hexagram as their family sign points to their involvement in Jewish Cabalism. In fact, the six-pointed star was so significant to them that Mayer Amschel Bauer decided to adopt it as his new name - Mayer Amschel Rothschild (Rot-schildt = Red Shield). I believe this was done to identify his family with occultism and the likes of Saturn or Ashtoreth (whom the Astors are named after). Mayer was sent to be a rabbi when he was 10, in 1753. A year and a half later his parents died. Mayer was brilliant and was encouraged by relatives to continue his studies but coin trading was his love. He left the school and when 13 was sent to Hanover to be an apprentice at the Illuminati Oppenheimer bank.

He worked there for 7 years, learning the ins and out of money. The big question is why he left the Oppenheimer bank. It was a good situation, both financially and socially (Hanover was less antagonistic towards the Jews than Frankfort). Why leave this security and head back home to an uncertain future? Because the future wasn’t all that uncertain. While in Hanover Mayer made the acquaintance of General von Estorff, a numismatist who was impressed by Mayer’s knowledge of the subject. In 1763 General von Estorff left Hanover and joined the Court of Prince William IX of Hesse-Hanau, whose territory included Frankfort. Mayer knew that through his connections he would be able to get some business with the Prince. It appears Mayer’s stay at the Oppenheimer bank was used to establish himself in Illuminati circles and to find a way to get close to the Illuminati royalty. General von Estorff was his key.

Prince William of Hesse-Hanau was tied into the Illuminati. He was the son of Landgrave Frederick or Hesse-Cassel, of the royal family of Hesse. Prince William was a Freemason, and his younger brother Karl, was according to JEWS AND FREEMASONS IN EUROPE, 1723-1939, ‘accepted as the head of all German Freemasons.’ Members of the Hesse dynasty have been described as the leaders of the Strict Observance (in 1782 a Masonic Congress in Wilhelmsbad, a city in the Hesse province, dropped the name ‘Strict Observance’ and changed it to "Beneficent Knights of the Holy City"). The Hesse dynasty is totally connected to the Illuminati. Prince William was the grandson of King George II of England.

The Hesse-Cassel’s were one of the richest royal houses in Europe. Their income came mainly from the loaning-out of Hessian soldiers to foreign countries. (The elite loves to makes profit off of "peacekeeping" troops, which is exactly what the Hessians were called. This "peacekeeping" always adds up to imperialism. The Hessian troops were used by England in the American Revolution, in fact the colonial armies fought more Hessian soldiers than English. The House of Hesse-Cassel made a lot of money off the American Revolution.) Another example of the Hesse-

Cassel’s ties to the Illuminati is the enigmatic figure St. Germain, who is hailed as a New Age Messiah-figure. Many researchers believe that St. Germain was the son of Francis II of Transylvania. Francis II’s second wife was Charlotte Amalie of the House of Hesse, he married her in 1694. St. Germain was either her son, or the prior wife’s, this point is debated. His name was Leopold-George and they staged his death in 1700 to save him from the deadly collapse of the Transylvanian dynasty. Prince Karl of Hesse, Masonic leader of Germany, wrote that St. Germain had been sent down to Italy to be raised by the Medici family. Later on St. Germain appeared out of nowhere to work with the elite.

There were questions as to his identity and Napoleon Ill had a dossier gathered on him, but the house holding the dossier was mysteriously destroyed in a fire. St. Germain was an alchemist and he claimed to have the alchemical Elixir of Life, the secret formula of immortality (which the Rosicrucians also claimed to have). He was a guest of William and Karl of Hesse in 1774, and in 1779 returned to Karl to spend the last years of his known life. Helena Blavatsky, cofounder of the Theosophical Society claimed that St. Germain was one of the Hidden Masters of Tibet who secretly controlled the world’s destiny. In 1930 Guy Ballard claimed that he met St. GermaIn on Mount Shasta. This supposed meeting led to the creation of the ‘I AM’ movement.

The Hesse Dynasty has lasted clear up to the 20th century. During WWII they were on Hitler’s side. Prince Philip of Hesse was a messenger between Hitler and Mussolini. He was still alive in 1973 and was reported to be the richest prince in Europe. The House of Hesse is still a powerful force in Germany. In 1763 Mayer left Hanover to build his fortune in Frankfort. His main objective was to become a financial agent of Prince William of Hesse-Hanau. Prince William was an intelligent man who loved to make money. (His passions went beyond money. His wife did not please him so he became an adulterer and almost every woman he slept with became pregnant. He fathered between 70 to 21 illegitimate children. His main mistress, Frau von Lindenthal, bore him 8 children and ran his household.) William loved to loan money at high interest rates. He was the perfect man to aid Mayer’s quest for riches. Mayer began bribing Prince William’s servants to become informants.

At that time he was an antique dealer, trader, coin collector, and exchanger (the country was divided and as a result the separate currencies made money exchanging very profitable) . General von Estorff convinced Prince William of the value of a rare coin collection and then recommended Rothschild. Thus began the relationship between the Prince and the Rothschilds. Mayer would sell rare coins, precious stones, and antiques to the Prince at ridiculously low prices. Then, in 1769, after a significant amount of sales, he wrote the Prince asking for and receiving the designation ‘Crown Agent to the Prince of Hesse-Hanau" (a great commercial advertiser.

Titles and honors were important in that day, they opened doors). Mayer then married Gutle Schnapper, daughter of a respected merchant, Wolf Salomon Schnapper, in 1770. He then set up a money exchange bureau. His two brothers worked in this bureau with him until 1785 when Kalmann died and Moses quite. Some researchers contend that Adam Wieshaupt of the Bavarian Illuminati was financially supported by the Rothschilds. The Bavarian Illuminati was founded in 1776, and the Rothschilds were not necessarily a financial power at that time. I may be wrong, but I do not believe Mayer was in a financial position to support Wieshaupt. It is possible, though, that when, in 1782, the headquarters of the Illuminati moved to Frankfort, that it began to be controlled by the Rothschilds.

In 1785 Prince William’s father, Landgrave Frederick of Hesse-Cassel, died and William became the new Landgrave. This made him the richest prince in Germany and possibly Europe. He left the small province of Hesse-Hanau to become ruler in Hesse-Cassel. Around this time Wolf Schnapper, Mayer’s father-in-law, introduced Rothschild to Carl Buderus who was the Prince’s chief financial advisor. Through either coercion, friendship, or occultic ties Mayer was able to convince Buderus to become an agent for him. This was a big mover for Mayer. The Landgrave William of Hesse-Cassel was to be the ‘steppingstone" to power.

Until then Mayer had only done meager business with William, but by 1789 Buderus managed to get some royal bills for Rothschild to discount. This wasn’t much, but it was a start. Carl received a cut of the profits when he did William’s business through Rothschild. This was the beginning of a long financial relationship that would benefit both parties.

Mayer Amschel Bauer-Rothschild was a shrewd man, but his quick rise in social status shows the power of money, for Mayer was not cultured. He could never master the German language and so he and his family spoke a strange Yiddish German mixture (which benefitted their secret network). He enjoyed

discussing the medieval world and coin collecting. When it came to business he was ruthless and naturally adept. His occult side was well hidden. He was most likely a Cabalistic Jew. Although it is not known if he was a Freemason, he did accompany the Landgrave on several trips to Masonic lodges (after the two had become better friends). He had 5 daughters and 5 sons, plus several children that died young. He moved from his old house, the ,,Haus zur Hinterpfann", to a new one, Green Shield, when he started making more money. Green Shield was a dual residency and the other half was occupied by the Schiff family who were to play an important role later on as agents of the Rothschilds.

Every passage of Green Shield held hidden shelves and cupboards, and the backyard counting house's walls had a number of secret shelves and a secret underground room which was connected to a neighbor’s house for a quick getaway if necessary (the house was built to protect Jews from the dangerous pogroms that would sweep Germany, it was a great place to secretly practice their gnostic-satanic rituals, if they were yet involved in that form of worship). His five sons have been called the Mayer brothers because they all shared that middle name: Amschel Mayer, Salomon Mayer, Nathan Mayer, Kalmann (Carl) Mayer, and Jacob (James) Mayer. Each son entered the family business at the age of 12. The humorous side of studying an elite IllumInati family is the

biographer’s insistence on owing the family’s ability to profit from circumstances as "luck.’ They never seem to put two and two together. Many of these circumstances happened by design. They always say things like ‘... the infant opportunity seemed to be the child of coincidence." They never attribute a family’s wealth to well planned extortion, cheating, or thievery, which is exactly how families like the Rothschilds attain their riches. The French Revolution is an example.

The Illuminati fueled French Revolution got under way in the 1790’s, and Prince William began to get nervous. He was afraid the revolutionary riots would reach Germany and he would lose his gold. So he invested his money in a magnificent new palace called Wilhelmshoe, which was built from 1791 to 1798. Although the French Revolution frightened William it was a delight for Mayer. The war helped his sales. When the French ended up pitted against the Holy Roman Empire, the prices of imported goods skyrocketed, and importing goods from England was a Rothschild specialty. In fact Mayer’s English trade helped him secure a deal with the Landgrave (through Buderus, of course) in which he became a middleman in England’s payments for the hire of Hessian soldiers. ‘...every ill wind of the 1790’s seemed to blow good to the Rothschilds." The winds were so good that by the end of the decade they were established as a rich and independent family.

In 1800 they were the 11th richest family in Frankfort’s Jew Alley (not counting the wealth in proxy). Around the turn of the century Mayer decided to send his most clever son, Nathan to England to establish another Rothschild House. The family tells a silly story about Nathan leaving for England to best an annoying English cotton trader, but I believe that Nathan was sent by Mayer with a specific purpose - to establish power with the Rothschild network in that country. Nathan arrived in England with no knowledge of the language but a great amount of money. He would soon be the most powerful man in Europe. Many more profitable events occurred at the turn of the century. Many of these events revolve around the Rothschild infiltration of the Thurn and Taxis postal system. The House of Thurn and Taxis was of the Black Nobility. In 1516 Holy Roman Emperor Maximilion I (of the Merovingian bloodline and husband of a member of the Black Nobility) commissioned the House to create a mounted postal service between Vienna and Brussels. The service eventually included all of Central Europe.

The head office of the system was in Frankfort, which was rather convenient for Mayer who proceeded to do business with them. His relationship with Thurn and Taxis became so close that the service began to inform him of any pertinent Information found among the letters (that they had a habit of covertly reading). This mail fraud system was also used by the Emperor Francis to keep abreast of his enemies. While Mayer was receiving stolen news from Thurn and Taxis he was busy setting up his own postal service so that no-one could secretly discover his dealings. This system was eventually so effective that the Rothschilds became the best and fastest informed individuals in the world.

The system was so good that many prominent men began to send their letters through the Rothschilds, who of course, always snuck a peak at the contents. The business with Thurn and Taxis helped Mayer receive the title "Imperial Crown Agent" in 1800. This title served as a passport that allowed him to travel throughout the Holy Roman Empire. It also provided the right to bear arms, and it freed him from having to pay the taxes and obligations upon the Jews of that period. Mayer began to get even more titles, including one from the German Order of St. John. His sons Amschel and Salomon were also busy getting various titles. In 1801 they became crown agents of the Landgrave William of Hesse-Cassel. All these titles were wonderful, but most important was the Landgrave’s. The Landgrave was the richest Prince in Europe and the Rothschilds were determined to take advantage of his wealth.

The relationship with the Landgrave improved greatly in 1803. A Danish King, and cousin of William, asked the Prince for loans but William declined because he did not want anyone to know how rich he had become. Rothschild learned about it and through Buderus, proposed lending the money anonymously. William thought the idea was splendid. The loan was sent through Mayer and a Hamburg Jew. The interests were paid to Rothschild who, after taking commission, forwarded the money to the Landgrave. The event was a great triumph, after 36 years, Mayer had finally done a significant job for the Prince. Six more Landgrave loans to Denmark were negotiated by Rothschild. Many more loans ensued (although they required some teeth pulling on Buderus’ part), Including loans to the Order of St. John.

This negotiating of the Landgrave’s loans greatly increased the reputation of the House of Rothschild. By this time Napoleon had come to power in France. This caused a distress in Europe, but brought great profits to the House of Rothschild. As one biographer put it "Napoleon seemed bent on Improving the Rothschild’s lot in life." Even though Napoleon was not purposely doing It, the conditions he created were of great benefit. Napoleon tried to get the Landgrave as his ally, but Prince William squirmed and politely as possible refused. William’s goal was to wait untIl the winning side in the Napoleonic conflict was clear so that he could join without any risks. The pressure of the situation gave the Landgrave a very bad temper. By this time half the crown heads of Europe were in his debt. Napoleon grew tired of the Landgrave’s games. His troops Invaded Germany and the province of Hesse to "remove the House of Hesse-Cassel from rulership and to strike It out of the list of powers." Wllhelmshoe became frantic as William attempted to hide his riches.

After the scramble to conceal his wealth he fled the province and went to live in exile in Denmark. The French immediately found most of his treasures. Buderus and Mayer had to act fast to preserve the wealth of the Landgrave. Some of the valuables had already been sold. They quickly bribed a French General, Lagrange, who turned over 42 trunks to Hessian officials and lied to Napoleon about the Prince’s true wealth. Lagrange’s deceptive act was eventually discovered and he was dismissed, but much of the wealth was preserved. During the frantic moments before Hesse-Cassel’s Invasion, the Landgrave gave Buderus the right to collect the Interest payments due from Holy Roman Emperor Francis. Buderus eventually transferred this right to the Rothschilds. Mayer began doing the Landgrave’s business behind Napoleon’s back. These secret dealings were greatly boosted by the man Napoleon appointed to rule the area -Karl von Dalberg. Dalberg was a friend of Mayer and Buderns and had done business with them (his connection to them may have also been occult).

Napoleon made Dalberg Primate of the new Confederation of the Rhine, which included Frankfort. As ruler of the region Dalberg protected the Rothschilds from being exposed as traders of contraband and as agents of the House of Hesse-Cassel. When the French cut off trade with England prices on Imports soared. The Rothschilds smuggled goods in and made large profits, with Dalberg keeping guard. "It was certainly most remarkable," said one biographer. "That the Archbishop and Lord of the Confederation of the Rhine, who ruled over sixteen German princes, and stood so high in Napoleon’s favor, should have shown so much good-will to the Jewish Mayer Amschel Rothschild at Frankfort, who, although now a rich man, had no dame to move in high and influential circles." Despite Dalberg’s protection Mayer kept two sets of books, one inspectable and the other secret.

By 1807 Buderus, as proxy for the Landgrave, was almost exclusively using the Rothschilds for Hesse-Cassel business. Mayer himself would visit the Prince in exile, but since he was getting old he soon had to give up these trips and sent his sons on the journeys. The House of Rothschild was collecting the income of the wealthiest prince in Europe less than half a century after Mayer had begun building his fortune! The satanic House of Rothschild’s Illuminati dealings at this time are well exemplified by their involvement with the second Tugenbund League. The first Tugenbund League (or Virtue League) was formed in 1786 as a kind of sex society. The group would meet at Henrietta Herz’s home (her husband was an Illuminati Jew who was the disciple of the powerful occultist Moses Mendelssohn). Many Illuminists attended this "Virtue" League.

A number of young Jewish women whose husbands were always away on business would come to the Herz’s house to participate in the immorality (two members were daughters of Moses Mendelssohn). Frequenters of this ‘salon" included revolutionary Freemason Mlrabeau, William von Humbolt, and Frederick von Gentz who was to become an important Rothschild agent. Later on, I will discuss Gentz in further detail. In 1807 the second Tugenbund League was formed. This League pursued ‘moral-scientific" and political aims. The main aim being the deliverance of Germany from French occupation. The League was formed by Baron von Stein who was its principle "protector."

Thomas Frost wrote in SECRET SOCIETIES OF THE EUROPEAN REVOLUTION that ‘The Initiations [into the second Tugendbund] multiplied rapidly, and the League soon numbered in its ranks most of the Councilors of State, many officers of the army, and a considerable number of the professors of literature and science.... A central directorate at Berlin, presided over by Stein, had the supreme control of the movement, and exercised, through provincial committees, an authority all the more potent from emanating from an unknown source, and which was obeyed as implicitly as the decrees of Emperor or King.’ The Landgrave William of Hesse-Cassel held an important position in the second Tugendbund. Buderus was also involved. It appears the Rothschilds were members and they were ,,go-betweens for the [Landgrave’s] correspondence on this matter, and made payments in favor of the Tugendbund." This put Mayer Rothschild at the head of the propaganda system against Napoleon.

Napoleon tried to suppress Tugundbund but it went underground, concealing itself under the protection of the English Masonic Lodge at Hanover, It as sisted many anti-Napoleon causes physically and financially. Tugendbund was eventually dissolved, but many of its members moved on to other Masonic societies such as the ‘Black Knights,’ ‘The Knights of the Queen of Prussia," and ‘The Concordists." In 1818 the second Tugundbund was revived as the Burschenschaft (Association of Boys or Fellows). The Burschenschaft was a revolutionary group of students who introduced martial exercises into the universities. The Burschenschaft eventually fell apart. After a few years the exiled Landgrave came to totally trust the Rothschilds. ‘...[Prince William] got more and more accustomed to following [Mayer] Rothschild’s advice, and scarcely took any important financial step without consulting him.’

This princely steppingstone was working out perfectly. It was paving the way towards Rothschild financial freedom. Mayer wanted to become a creditor, and his goal was soon achieved. In 1810 the Rothschild’s firm became ‘Mayer Amschel Rothschild and Sons" (Nathan was not a public partner of this firm). That same year Mayer loaned his own money to Denmark and when Dalberg took out a big loan to go to the baptism of Napoleon’s son, the financial security of the Frankfort bank was set in stone.

The House of Rothschild needed a new steppingstone. The old one, the Landgrave, would not be discarded, but they needed a younger, more political man who could be their key to controlling Europe. That man was Prince Clemens Metternich who in 1809 became the Austrian Minister for Foreign Affairs. He became the leading opposer of Napoleon, and the Landgrave moved in his exile to Austria, hoping the powerful up-start would get Hesse back. So the Rothschild network increased its operations in Austria - the land of the Hapsburgs.

Around this time Mayer Amschel Bauer-Rothschild got sick. Before his death he wrote a Will that would dictate the structure of the Rothschilds. Although the exact content’s of Mayer’s Will have been kept secret, one edict is clear. It completely excluded the daughters and their husbands and heirs from the business, and all knowledge of it. The Will totally exalted the importance of the family circle. On Sept. 19, 1812 Mayer died. A bogus legend about his death maintains that his five sons gathered around his deathbed and he split Europe between them. Only Amschel and Carl were in Frankfort when he died. Nathan was in England, and Salomon and James were on the road (the brothers were constantly traveling).


When Mayer died, headship over the family fell on Nathan Rothschild of England. Even though Nathan was not the oldest, the 5 brothers had voted unanimously that he was the most capable to lead them. Nathan was an intelligent, uneducated, self-absorbed jerk. Though he was an impolite, foul-mouthed man (‘...he could swear like a trooper.’) his money got him into the high society of England. His cold view on life and power is seen in his response to an English Major who was being sentimental about the horrible deaths of the large number of soldiers that had died in the war. ‘Well,’ said Rothschild. ‘If they had not all died, Major, you presumably would still be a drummer.’ There is a story that says one of Nathan’s sons asked him how many nations there were in the world and Nathan replied: ‘There are only two you need to bother about. There is the mishpoche [Yiddish for family] and there are the others.’ This story may be false, but the attitude is real.

Nathan first settled in Manchester, England, the center of cloth manufacturing. In 1804 he moved to London. As his wealth and his reputation began to grow he was able to marry Hannah Cohen. The Cohens were a wealthy Jewish family from Amsterdam, and Hannah’s father, Salomon Cohen was a respected merchant in London. Nathan served with him as Warden of the Great Synagogue (the Rothschilds relationship to the Jews will be discussed later on in this article). Hannah’s sister, Judith, married the powerful Jewish Freemason Moses Montefiore (the Montefiore’s were of "ancient" and extremely ‘aristocratic Jewish stock’, probably another Cabalistic family), who was friends with Nathan (Nathan’s sister Henrietta married a Montefiore, so did his second son, Anthony, and his brother, Salomon’s great grandson, Aiphonse married a Sebag-Montefiore in 1911).

Nathan’s social life revolved around the Cohens. Nathan was a Freemason. He was a member of London’s Lodge of Emulation. Nathan’s accumulation of wealth was incredible. His money-making exploits were unbelievable. He was smuggling English goods past the French blockade during the Napoleonic conflict, and making great profits. This smuggling required an agent in Paris, so Mayer, through his Dalberg connections, got his son James a passport and James went to live in Paris. A large amount of the Landgrave’s money was sent to Nathan in England, on the advice of Buderus, for the purpose of buying stock. But Nathan, as he and Buderus had planned, used the money as capitol for other ventures. When the exiled Landgrave began asking for a proof-of-purchase, Buderus and the Rothschild brothers had to come up with all sorts of excuses to protect Nathan’s thievery.

Eventually the Landgrave demanded to see receipts, so Nathan quIckly bought some stock (the Landgrave had told him to buy the stocks at 72, but their price when be ended up buying them was 62, Nathan pocketed the savings) and they snuck the receipts through the French blockade to the exiled Prince. The Landgrave was satisfied, he had no idea what had really been done with his money. Nathan began making connections in the British government. Probably his greatest early connection was to the Treasury official John Herries. Herries aided Nathan’s rise to power in every way possible. He became an intimate friend or Nathan’s and eventually a proxy for Rothschild in the British government. Their dealings were kept secret and the public had no idea as to the enormity of Nathan’s power. The most incredible example of

Nathan’s devious schemes is a job he would later describe as the best business he had ever done. Through Nathan’s connections in the treasury he learned of the plight of the English army in Spain. The Duke of Wellington (soon to become Nathan’s friend) had British troops in Spain ready to attack France, only they lacked one thing - hard cash (the army’s financiers would not take paper money), but the government was very short on gold at the time. Nathan knew how to profit from this situation. The East India Company was trying to sell gold that, of coarse, the government wanted to buy, but the price was so high that officials decided to wait until it dropped.

Nathan stepped in and bought up the gold (using some of the Landgraves money as well as his own). He then proceed to raise the price. When the officials realized the price wouldn’t drop they bought the gold and Nathan made a great profit. But the deal didn’t stop there. Nathan offered to deliver the gold to Wellington (this was a heavy responsibility because of the French blockade). Hemes went to bat and got Rothschild the job. Nathan’s plan was incredible, one biographer said his scheme was ‘comparable to burglary in broad daylight.’ Nathan’s brother, James went to Napoleon’s government and told them that Nathan would be importing gold into France and that the British government was upset at the move because it would financially hurt England. Napoleon’s government believed his lie and any French police who might have uncovered the plot were bribed. So Nathan was able to ship the gold to Paris with the approval of both the English and French governments.

In Paris the gold was exchanged in French banking firms for cash Wellington could use, and then the Rothschild network carried the money into Spain as France allowed Nathan to fund the war against itself. Eventually some French officials grew suspicious, but Napoleon ignored their reports (why?). The plan went smoothly even though the same officials secretly watched James Rothschild and his brother Carl (who was in on the plot). Wellington eventually defeated Napoleon at Waterloo. The Wellington smuggle was one of the greatest scams in history! In order to better understand the Rothschild’s involvement in the defeat of Napoleon we must look at the role played by the Rothschild’s second steppingstone - Metternich. Metternich was the Austrian Minister of Foreign Affairs and he led the opposition against Napoleon.

Metternich was a fierce enemy of the revolutionary fires that were spreading through Europe. The Rothschild’s got to him through a member of the first Tugendbund (the sexual one), Frederick von Gentz. Gentz was Metternich’s right-hand man. Metternich was not financially minded and he relied on Gentz’s advise concerning economics (Gentz’s ability to handle his private finances was terrible, but he had a knack for political economy). John Herries brought Gentz and the Rothschilds together. The family proceeded to bribe the man into their service. Gentz is an interesting character. He was a Freemason so he was probably occultic. His involvement in the first Tugendbund League points to Immorality. Another interesting fact is that I found most of his visits to the Rothschilds occurred on occultic

holidays, such as Winter Solstice. This may be a coincidence, but it is interesting non-the-less. Gentz called the Rothschilds ‘a special species plantarum with its own characteristics.’ Gentz steadily brought Metternich into the Rothschild’s web. By at least 1814 Metternich was an ally of the House of Rothschild. His goal was to protect the power of the old aristocracy. His plan was simply to extinguish revolution, and he began with Napoleon. Austria declared war on France and allied Itself with Russia. England Joined them to form a powerful coalition against Napoleon. The battle of Waterloo in 1815 decided the war. Metternich had led Europe to victory with the help of Nathan’s delivery network which funded the overthrow. The victory made Metternich the most powerful man in Europe. Due to his speedy courier system, Nathan knew of the outcome of the Waterloo battle before the news reached any other Englander.

A persistent myth is that he made the bulk of his fortune by manipulating the stock exchange with this knowledge. First of all, he did manipulate the market, but he already had a fortune, this only added to It. Second of all, he might not have even made a significant profit (the issue is complicated and debatable. I will not go into it). Two years before his defeat, Napoleon had pulled out of Germany. In 1813 the Landgrave William of Hesse-Cassel returned to his province. Said one biographer: ‘Earlier it had been the Rothschilds who had asked for favors, now it was the (Landgrave] and Buderus who tried to maintain a close connection.’ In 1818 Buderus died. By 1815 Nathan controlled England’s finance. He did a large amount of direct business with the English treasury. John Hemes was allowing deals that would hurt England but fill the pockets of the House of

Rothschild. The following quote by one of Nathan’s contemporaries describes his eerie countenance: ‘Eyes are usually called windows of the soul. But in Rothschild’s case you would conclude that the windows are false ones, or that there was no soul to look out them. There comes not one pencil of light from the interior, neither is there any gleam of that which comes from without reflected in any direction. The whole puts you in mind of an empty skin, and you wonder why it stands upright without at least something in it. By and by another figure comes up to it. It then steps two paces aside, and the most inquisitive glance that you ever saw, and a glance more inquisitive than you would have thought of, is drawn out of the fixed and leaden eyes, as if one were drawing a sword from a scabbard...’

This description is disturbingly similar to either MPD or demonic possession. A Prussian official said that Rothschild had ‘an incredible influence upon all financial affairs here in London. It is widely stated ... that he entirely regulates the rate of exchange in the City. His power as a banker is enormous.’ ‘When Nathan ... (made] a fuss, the Bank of England trembled.’ Once he tried to cash a check from his brother Amschel at the Bank, but the Bank refused saying it cashed only its own notes. Nathan’s volcano-like temper exploded. The next morning he and nine of his clerks arrived at the Bank and began exchanging bank notes for gold. In one day he had reduced the Bank’s gold reserves by a substantial amount. The next day he and his clerks arrived with more bank notes.

A Bank executive nervously asked how long he intended to keep this up. Nathan replied something to the effect of ‘The Bank of England refused to take by bills, so I will not keep theirs.’ A meeting was quickly called and they decided that from then on the Bank of England would be pleased to cash any Rothschild check Nathan’s firm was named N.M. Rothschild and Sons. The firm met in the New Court building and for the sake of brevity will be referred to as New Court. New Court was so powerful that it even became a gold broker for the Bank of England (whose price I believe they still fix at will, though I may be wrong). He also founded the Alliance Insurance Company in England. The Illuminati has the Luciferian belief system that one’s evil acts must be balanced by one’s good acts. This belief system has led to the philanthropy of the truly evil elite (although much of this ,,charity" money goes to fund their objectives). Nathan hated the common masses but his duty called. ‘Almoners, particularly those acting on behalf of the poor Jews of London, reported that they got thousands, even hundreds of thousands, of pounds out of Rothschild, but hardly a word and never a courtesy.’ Nathan did not enjoy charity.

He was good friends with Thomas Buxton, the anti-slavery leader. The famous musicians Mendelssohn and Rossini taught his daughter to play the harp. When Mayer died in 1812, his oldest son Amschel took over the Frankfort firm. Although Amschel was not the head of the family, he was its spokesman to the aristocracy. He was the one who would apply for the honors and titles for his brothers. He has been described as a crotchety worrier who clung to the past. He was socially odd, yet held great dinners that were the talk of the elite. Religion was a big part of his life, to the point of being called ,,monkish." Even though he lived on a grand scale Amschel had no joy. Much of this distress came from the fact that he had failed to have any children. After Napoleon exited Germany a German Confederation was set up, of which Amschel became the treasurer. In a sense this made him the first finance minister of the Prussian Empire which was created by the Confederation. Amschel’s sorrow over his lack of children led him to pick prominent young men to treat as his sons. One such man was Otto von Bismark, who would later become the Iron Chancellor of Germany. Amschel was the protector of his mother Gutle, who was the Matriarch of the family. No one could receive full admission into the House of Rothschild by marriage unless she approved. Gutie smiled little and had a harsh tongue. One legend has it that a neighbor asked her whether there was to be peace or war. "War?" Gutle replied. "Nonsense. My boys won’t let them."

Saloman was the second oldest son of Mayer. Along with the other brothers he was constantly travelling through Europe. What separated him from his brothers was his gift of diplomacy. He was more stately and complimentary than the others. Said one banker of Salomon: "Nobody leaves him without being comforted." in other words he knew how to kiss up. It was this fact that led the brothers to send him to Vienna, Austria to establish a relationship with the painfully aristocratic Hapsburgs and with vain Metternich. Although the Rothschilds had attempted to enter a close business relationship with the Hapsburgs and Austria, the Austrian royalty kept putting them off. Then Salomon came along. He rode in on a wave of new found Rothschild power. Their name had become famous. One person described it as the "two magic syllables."

The brothers had become, as one biographer put it, "the Archdemons of Progress." Salomon began to vie for Austrian ties through Gentz and Metternich. Eventually Salomon’s diplomacy, Metternich’s lobbying, and the below-cost method earlier used on the Landgrave broke down the wall between the House of Rothschild and the Illuminati Hapsburgs. Austria began to employ the Rothschilds on a regular basis. Salomon moved into Vienna and bought a Hotel and a house. Salomon knew how to play Metternich like a piano. He knew the right thing to say at the right time. He knew Metternich’s quirks and prejudices, such as his vanity which Salomon easily manipulated. Pretty soon Metternich and Salomon became close friends. The same goes for Metternich’s right-hand man, Gentz. Gentz and Salomon were "inseparable." Salomon was also a Freemason. It came to the point where Austria became so controlled by the Rothschilds that the government did not want to refuse the brothers anything. In 1816 Amschel, Salomon, Carl, and James received a title of nobility from the Hapsburgs.

In 1818 the Aix-la-Chapelle Congress met to discuss the future of Europe. Salomon, Carl, Metternich, and Gentz all attended this Congress. It was here that Metternich first met the Rothschilds. Gentz kept the minutes of the Congress, he was called the "Secretary of Europe." A Rothschild scheme at this Congress totally shook the financial institutions of Europe, there was no denying the power of the Rothschilds. "The divine right of kings had been overthrown by the divine right of money.." At Aix-la-Chapelle the Rothschilds widened their circle of influence in the Illuminati. Salomon set up a new firm in Vienna. He financially supported Metternich’s fight against revolution. Metternich had established the "Vienna System" which controlled Europe after Napoleon’s defeat. The Austrian leader began doing what the elite love to do - sending "peacekeeping" troops into conflicts. 1814-1848 has been described as "The Age of Metternich", but since the Rothschilds financed and controlled him it would be more accurate to call it "The Age of the House of Rothschild."

The Order of Vladimir was conferred upon Salomon for his work with Russia. Gioacchino Rossini, the Italian opera composer who wrote Cinderella and the William Tell overture became a good friend of both Salomon and his brother James. In 1822, he, Metternich, Gentz, James, and Cari attended the Verona Congress. This Congress was totally manipulated by the Rothschilds. They profited Immensely by its outcome. Salomon financed the first important Central European railways. The Austrians began saying that they had an Emperor Ferdinand and a King Salomon. When it came to Austrian finances Salomon got the last word. The people would show up at his office and beg for a royal "laying on of hands." He only had to touch a bond or a stock, and its owner went away certain of its rise. Uke the other Rothschilds he gave immense charity donations. He bought the huge coal and iron works of Vitkovitz. In 1843 he received permission to purchase inheritable agricultural real estate (many people were against Jews buying private property), and he proceeded to buy up large amounts of land. He obtained the lease of Austria’s mercury mines. This and the only other mercury deposit in Spain were controlled by the Rothschilds, creating a world monopoly on a key metal. Salomon was incredibly powerful.

The next son, Cart was the family’s chief courier. He was the least intelligent of all the brothers. He was awkward when he spoke and he had a nasty temper. One biographer described him as "punchy". In 1821 Carl was sent to Naples, Italy to oversee loans there that were meant to finance Metternich’s forces who had arrived to quell a rebellion. While in Italy the Rothschild "mantle" came upon Carl and he made a series of ingenious deals with the Italian government that forced Naples to pay for its own occupation. He also helped Luigi de Medici of the Black Nobility to re-gain his position as finance minister of Naples, and later did business with the powerful man. Due to his success it was decided that he would stay in Naples and set up his own bank. He became financier to the court, the "financial overlord of Italy." Carl "...wound the Italian peninsula around his hand." He did business with the Vatican, and when Pope Gregory XVI received him by giving him his hand rather than the customary toe to kiss, people realized the extent of his power. The Pope conferred upon him the Order of St. George.

It appears that in Italy Carl became a leader of Carbonarism. After the Bavarian Illuminati was exposed, Carbonarism (or the Alta Vendita) became the major European occult power. Carl’s leadership in this group is very significant. In 1818 a secret Alta Vendita document, that Cari had participated in preparing, was sent to the headquarters of Masonry. A copy of this document was lost, and the Masons got very upset, and offered rewards for the return of this copy. The title of the document translates "Permanent Instructions, or Practical Code of Rules; Guide for the Heads of the Highest Grades of Freemasonry. "

Last, but absolutely not least, was the youngest son, James. During the Napoleonic conflict James had spent his time between London and Paris, supporting the Rothschild’s network of illegal trade with England. After the Wellington smuggle and the defeat of Napoleon, James became an established figure in France. He founded a bank there and began the French branch of the Rothschild family. James was a 33 degree Scottish Rite Mason. At this time the French House was the center of operations for the Rothschilds. Even though successive revolutions would de-throne ruler after ruler, Rothschild power kept the family in control. James was good friends with the leading minister of the Bourbon court, Count de Villele, and he "owned" King Louis Philippe. He also secretly funded Spanish revolutionaries (his agent in Madrid was Monsieur Belin). James yearned for social status.

The pursuit of which was second only to money. He had gown so powerful that the French exchange was deeply affected by all his decisions. Like his brother, Salomon, he pioneered the railroad business in France. He also bought the great Lafite vineyards. His bank, de Rothschild Freres was in a league all its own. No one in France could even wish to be as powerful as James. As Salomon had, James received the Order of Vladimir for his work with the Russian dynasty. He also became a member of the Societe de Antiquites. In the Rothschild tradition (as constituted by Mayer’s Will) of trying to keep everything within the family James married his niece, Betty Rothschild, the daughter of Salomon. The Rothschilds main advantage was their incredible courier system.

It kept the 5 Houses connected. In fact, the Hapsburgs used this system quite often. All evidence points to the Rothschild brothers being very powerful within Freemasonry. They were one of the leading families in occultism at that time in Europe. Many prominent Masons of their day praised the brothers. In 1820, due to Metternich’s lobbying, Nathan was made Austrian consul in London, and two years later he was made consul-general. James was also made an Austrian consul in Paris. Metternich’s promptings also provided something else very important to the family; in 1822 all the brothers and their descendants of either sex were made Barons. This established social position for the Rothschilds. The Gentz-Metternich team was very beneficial to the House of Rothschild. By this time a few papers had run some upsetting articles about the family.

Salomon asked Gentz to censure any more unkind reports and he also commissioned the Illuminist to write a bogus biography on the family that would portray them in a good light. Gentz, now called the "Pen of Europe", proceeded to write legends for the Rothschilds, and the family fully encouraged the propaganda in their social circles. The brothers had a system (based on Mayer’s Will) where only family members were partners or owners of the banks. This system is still in use today. The Rothschild banks bought everything up, from mining corporations to national debts. For instance, New Court has been controlling Brazil’s debts since 1824. In 1836 Nathan Rothschild, head of the House of Rothschild, died (he may have been poisoned).

The headship was passed on to his younger brother, James, by a vote of all the brothers. In 1830 the signs of masonic-fueled revolution began to appear again. Metternich’s "peace of the world" (they always call imperialism "peace") was being threatened. A new king was set up in France, the House of Orange was dethroned in the Netherlands. The fires of revolution were spreading through the masonic network and Metternich began to lose his grip on Europe.

The Revolution of 1848 in France dethroned yet another royal house. James went along with the masonic agenda and financed this revolution, even though he was a friend of the court. The revolution marked the end of Metternich’s "Age" and that same year insurrectors chased him and Salomon out of Austria. Neither returned, but a Vienna House had already been established, others would carry it on, under the direction of Salomon’s son, Anselm. Metternich’s descendants are still close to the House of Rothschild. After this the power of the Rothschilds weakened. By 1855 all five brothers were dead except James. Napoleon III was now in power in France and his advisors were the enemies of James. But Rothschild ingenuity came through again when James got Napoleon Ill to marry a Rothschild agent. James died in I 868 and the family headship went to Alphonse, his son.


Three cousins now ran the show - Alphonse of the French House, Uonel of the English House and Anselm of the Vienna House - "the new trinity". The three banned together to destroy an enemy bank, French Credit Mobilier. Anselm set up a new firm, Creditanstalt in Vienna to combat the French bank. With the help of Lionel and Alphonse he attacked Credit Mobilier until it collapsed. The new head of the House of Rothschild was Baron Alphonse de Rothschild. Alphonse was a suave, socially elite man. After the rail of France’s Credit Mobilier Napoleon ill stepped onto the Rothschild bandwagon. Alphonse was powerful, he had "access" to men like Napoleon III and Bismark of Prussia. The Illuminati decided to get rid of Napoleon Ill, so English Prime Minister Gladstone (friend of the Rothschilds) set things up so that Prussia and France would go to war. Napoleon ill proceeded to attack Prussia and Bismark responded in a furry, defeating France and banishing Napoleon III from the throne. The war indemnities were paid to Bismark (who had a dislike for Alphonse, despite his connections to the family) through the Rothschilds. Alphonse’s brother, Edmond, was the one who helped create Israel (this will be discussed further on in the article). Alphonse married another

Rothschild, but his love for her was not very strong. The Comtesse de Castiglione was a beautiful woman who was a Marylin Monroe of her day. She was the mistress of Alphonse, his brother Gustave Rothschild (whose daughter married a Sassoon), and Napoleon III. Anselm Rothschild of the Vienna House was a shrewd playboy. He destroyed Credit Mobilier with Creditanstalt, and in 1861 he became a member of the Austrian Imperial House of Lords. Anselm had many mistresses and his wife left him because of his adultery. He died in 1874. Lionel Rothschild of the English House inherited New Court. He financed England’s Crimean War, Cecil Rhodes’ South African kingdom, vast copper and nitrate mines, and the purchase of the Suez Canal. Lionel’s younger brother, Anthony was knighted by the Queen. Another brother, Nathaniel, bought the renowned Mouton vineyards near Bordeaux. Lionel was a good friend of Prime Ministers Disraeli (who was controlled by Rothschild money) and Gladstone.

He also probably paid for Lord John Russell’s election as Prime Minister. Lord Tennyson (whose poems are used in programming) attended his house parties. Lionel has been described as "grouchy" and "crotchety." In 1858, Lionel became the first Jew in House of Commons. After eleven tries, the British Parliament gave in and allowed Rothschild to take his seat. Not a single significant political move by Lionel was recorded during his stay in Parliament. He was a member for 15 years. in 1879 he died. After Amschel of the House of Frankfort died without an heir, two of Carl of Italy’s sons came to take over the business. But they also remained heirless, bearing only daughters. When the last brother died in 1901, the Frankfort bank was liquidated (I believe they did not try to continue the original bank because they knew that Germany was about to be caught up in the turmoil of the world wars, they eventually set up another Frankfort bank after Germany’s turmoil).

The House of Italy ended the same way. The one son of Carl who had stayed in Naples produced only daughters, and when Geribaldi’s Red Shirts unified Italy this remaining son (out of character for a Rothschild) chose not to accommodate the new powers and moved to France. Thus ended the Italian branch.


This subject is so massive that it will only be touched on. In 1837 August Belmont came to the U.S., during the Panic of 1837. August Belmont appears to have been a Rothschild proxy. Belmont bought up government bonds in this Panic and his success eventually led him to the White House where he became the "financial advisor to the President of the United States". His policies helped pit the North against the South for the Civil War. Judah P. Benjamin, who according to A. Ralph Epperson was the Clvii War campaign strategist for the House of Rothschild held many key positions in the Confederacy. He was apparently connected to John Wilkes Booth. J.P. Morgan has been called a Rothschild agent. His father was one of the many elite who made their fortunes by shipping supplies past the North’s blockade and into the Confederacy. J.P. was a major supporter of an American central bank (Interestingly enough, he is reported to be related to Alexander Hamilton). In 1869, J.P. Morgan went to the House of England and formed Northern Securities as an agent for New Court in the U.S. Then, in 1907 J.P. Morgan

shuttled back and forth between London and Paris, presumably getting orders from the Rothschilds. He returned to America and instigated the Panic of 1907, which led to the ,,need" for a central bank. Another man who appears to be connected to the Rothschilds was Thomas House, who also made his fortune slipping supplies past the North and into the South. His son, Colonel Edward M. House was one of the main Illuminati figures to control America during the early 20th Century.

Some of the Bauer line of the Rothschild family moved to America and took up Important positions in the hierarchy’s network.
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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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The Rothschild relationship to the Jews is deceiving. The family stance is publicized as "pro-Jewish", and they have given abundant charity to Jewish causes. But their support of the Jewish race has, in most cases, been used for the sole purpose of controlling the direction and profiting from the Jews. The Rothschilds have been described as the royal family of the Jews. Many leading Rothschilds have been dubbed "King of the Jews". But what kind of Judaism do the Rothschilds support? Do they support the orthodox Jews who believe in the Old Testament and are waiting for the return of the messiah? No. Do they support Messianic Jews who believe Jesus Christ was the messiah who came to save all men? No. The Rothschilds support those Jews who have fallen prey to the deceptive gnostic and occultic teachings of Cabalism, and in turn support the Illuminati controlled Zionist movement. Not all Zionists are part of the conspiracy, but their leaders are, and the ultimate leaders of the Zionists have been the Rothschilds. I am disappointed by some researchers, who automatically coin the conspiracy a "Jewish" one.

This unfortunate stumbling block has polluted their work, making it just as misleading as the information put out by the popular media. These researchers seem blinded by the fact that the conspiracy has abused and manipulated the Jewish race more than any other group in the history of the world. The hierarchy of the Jews has sat back and allowed the attack on, and control of the Jewish masses for the furtherance of Satan’s agenda. I am saying this to let you see that I am not anti-semitic. I believe that there are people who call themselves "Christians" who are part of the conspiracy, at the same token there are people who call themselves "Jews" who are part of the conspiracy. To call the conspiracy "Jewish" is ignorant. I believe the Rothschilds to have been involved in Cabalism, Jewish Sabbatism, or Frankism, all of which

are involved in witchcraft. This belief is strengthened by the Rothschild’s use of the occultic Seal of Solomon as a family symbol. The city in which the Rothschilds originated, Frankfort, was deeply anti-Semitic. The Rothschilds were constantly striving to overcome the boundaries put on them because of their culture. It is very likely this berthed a bitterness in their hearts towards "Christian" society. This bitterness, and the need to facilitate more profit and power were most likely the reasons why they excepted the idea of a Jewish state. (I will assume that the readers understand that the Zionism / restoration of Israel concept is an unbiblical sham.)

The following quote will help you understand the Rothschild attitude towards the Jews. ,,... the first principle of the House of Rothschild was to amass wealth, [and] the liberation of the [Jewish] race from oppressive restrictions contributed Indirectly to this end, since it would facilitate intercourse with the rest of the world, and thereby increase the possibility of financial gain, which in turn would serve to increase its power." (The Rise of The House of Rothschild by Count Egon Corti, p. 124-125) Amschel of the Frankfort House was constantly harassed by anti-semites. As a result "He became the grand almoner and grand protector to the German Jews; he helped sweep away the chains of Jew Street; he pressed, in the end successfully, for the Jews’ enfranchisement as free citizens of Frankfort." One of the main Rothschild agents used to promote the emancipation of the Jews in Frankfort was Frederick von Gentz, the evil "Pen of Europe". At this point I must clarify something for the reader. There are 3 Baron Edmond Rothschilds, and all 3 have been involved with the nation of Israel. To avoid confusion I will number them:

* 1 Baron Edmond de Rothschild -(1845-1934) House of France. Son of James and brother of Alphonse.
* 2 Baron Edmund "Eddie" L de Rothschild - (1916- ) House of England. Son of Uonei Nathan and great, great grandson of the infamous Nathan Rothschild.
* 3 Baron Edmond de Rothschild -(1926. ) House of France. Son of Maurice and grandson of #1 Edmond.

The story begins with #1 Edmond, the "Father of Israel". During the Crimean War (which was funded by the Rothschilds) the small Jewish community in Jerusalem became cut off from all outside support. This resulted in "semi-starvation". #1 Edmond’s father, James, set up the James Mayer de Rothschild Hospital in Jerusalem in response to this problem. #1 Edmond picked up his fathers interest in Palestine. When the Russian Jews fled the Czar’s pogroms in the 1880’s Edmond began to finance the Russian Jew’s attempts to establish colonies in Palestine, It is clear that #1 Edmond was a fan of Zionism, his charities were not only aiding the persecuted but were promoting the concept of a return the "homeland". "The Baron’s money drained swamps, dug wells and built houses. It founded industries ranging from scent factories to glass works, form wine cellars to bottle manufacturers.

The Baron established his own administration in Palestine and his overseers dictated to the farmers exactly what crops were to be grown and where." The man who set up the first Zionist Congress was Theodor Herzl. He attempted to get the support for his plans to "restore the Jewish state" from the Rothschilds but many members of the family were opposed to Zionism (the Rothschilds supported those causes which they could profit from and the Integration of Jews into the European culture was profitable for them. One Rothschild told Herzl he was an Englishman and proposed to remain one. #1 Edmond on the other hand. was leading a Rothschild plan similar to Herzl’s that slowly created a Jewish state controlled by the family). #1 Edmond did not oppose Zionism, in fact he supported Herzl’s cause, yet he felt Herzl’s plans should not be implemented so soon (they were "to be accomplished quietly, stealthily, not by shouting from the roof-tops"), plus he was concerned that Herzl would take away too much Rothschild power over the slowly forming Jewish state.

The Baron continued to support his own colonies and though Herzl was socially supported, because his Ideas facilitated Rothschild power in Palestine, he was not allowed to implement his plans. #1 Edmond did not want Herzl in control. Later, after Herzl had died and was no longer a threat, #1 Edmond "admitted" that Herzl had been right, and went right on pouring money into the Jewish "Homeland". #1 Edmond had a tight-fisted control of the colonies. ,,... the Baron was a dictator who expected the colonists to obey him unquestionably." In 1901 the Jews in Palestine sent a delegation to the Baron who told him ,,... if you wish to save the Yishuv [the -83 Jewish settlement] first take your hands from It, and ... for once permit the colonists to have the possibility of correcting for themselves whatever needs correcting ..." This upset the Baron. He replied: "I created the Yishuv, I alone. Therefore no men, neither colonists nor organizations, have the right to interfere in my plans."

Herzl was succeeded as President of World Zionism by David Wolffsohn. Wolffsohn got the full support of the Baron. Wolffsohn’s successor was Otto Warburg. Another prominent leader of the Zionists was Chalm Weizmann. Weizmann was on better terms with #1 Edmond than his predecessor, Herzl. He made this observation of the Baron after their first visit. "In manner be could be both gracious and brutal; and this was the reflex of his split personality; for on the one hand he was conscious of his power and arrogant in the possession of it; on the other hand he was rather frightened by it, and this gave him a touch of furtiveness." The Baron Rothschild told Weizmann be would finance a Hebrew University in Palestine. With Weizmann’s appearance on the scene the Baron became closer to Zionism.

In 1914 #1 Edmond traveled to Palestine. "Edmond could scarcely believe his eyes. Tel Aviv had become a city and his miserable windswept colonies had been transformed into lush gardens..." His journey to Palestine was hailed as the "prince returning to his people". Later the Baron Rothschild told Weizmann: "Without me Zionism would not have succeeded, but without Zionism my work would have been struck to death." Another Rothschild embraced Zionism through Weizmann - Lionel Walter, the second Lord Rothschild (apparently this upset some relations). The Balfour declaration, which declared England’s support of the creation of a Jewish homeland, was addressed to Lord Rothschild II. Lord Rothschild also received the documents of support from the League of Nations. Charles T. Russell sent a letter to Lord Rothschild that praised him for his work towards a Jewish homeland.

After World War I Britain ruled Palestine, and the Rothschilds ruled Britain. Also, a bulk of unpaid debts to the Rothschilds by the failed Ottoman Empire gave the family more control over Palestine. Then came Hitler. According to Walter Langer, a psychoanalyst who wrote the book THE MIND OF ADOLF HITLER, the demonic German leader was a grandson of a Rothschild. ,,Adolf’s father, AIls Hitler, was the illegitimate son of Maria Anna Schicklgruber. It was generally supposed that the father of Alols Hitler was Johann Georg Hiedler....

"There are some people who seriously doubt that Johann Georg Hiedler was the father of Alois.... [an Austrian document was supposedly] prepared that proved Maria Anna Schicklgruber was living in Vienna at the time she conceived. "

At that time she was employed as a servant in the home of [a] Baron Rothschild. As soon as the family discovered her pregnancy she was sent back to her home ... where Alois was born."

It is believed that Hitler (who was totally created by Satan’s Empire) attacked Austria first, in order to destroy the Austrian records that proved his Jewish ancestry. As Hitler’s demonic attack on the Jews progressed, one would imagine that the Zionists would come to the rescue and offer Palestine as a safe haven. Not so. Many European countries shut their doors to the Jews, including the Palestine colonies.

The Zionist controlled immigration laws in Palestine were very strict and it was near impossible to escape to the Jewish homeland. In fact, the Zionists refused to admit there was a Holocaust going on although evidence points to them knowing! I suppose in their minds it was ok to sacrifice a great number of Jewish lives in order to promote the idea of a Jewish state. To the elite the Holocaust was like shooting dead a herd of cattle to receive the insurance payment. Said Michael Seizer in his book. ZIONISM RECONSIDERED:

"Not even the events of 1933 aroused their [Zionism’s] political interest. They were naive enough to see them as a God-sent opportunity for an undreamt of wave of immigration to Palestine. When the Zionist Organization against the natural impulses of the whole Jewish people, decided to do business with Hider, to trade German goods against the wealth of German Jewry, to flood the Palestine market with German products and thus make a mockery of the boycott against German-made articles, they found little opposition in the Jewish National Homeland, and least of all among its aristocracy - the so-called Kibutniks."

Hitler forced the Jews to wear the six-pointed star as a sign of shame. It was this same symbol that the Rothschilds were named after and the same symbol that the Zionists promoted as a symbol of Jewish national identity. Do you see the contradiction? Said Jewish author OJ. Graham in THE SIX-POINTED STAR:

"Not all the concentration camp victims were Jewish people. Many were Christians. Spiritually, a parallel can be seen in the rituals to Ashteroth and Moloch, where the victims were burned as sacrifices to these false gods. Were the victims of the Nazis someone’s sacrificial offerings?"

I believe they were. Remember the six-pointed star was the symbol of Moloch and Ashteroth.

Unfortunately, few Jews will tolerate a discussion of this subject. After World War II, the U.N., spurred on by the Illuminati created horrors against the Jews, panted Israel its statehood. Weizmann was the first president of Israel’s Knesset (which was built with Rothschild money). The occultic hexagram is on the Knesset, and is also displayed on the Jewish flag.

"...the six-pointed star [had] made its way from Egyptian pagan rituals of worship, to the goddess Ashteroth and Moloch, to King Solomon when he went into idolatry," say, Graham. "Then it progressed through the magic arts, witchcraft [including Arab magicians, Druids, witches and Satanists], astrology (in which It was no new thing), through the Cabala to Isaac Luria, a Cabalist, in the 16th century, to Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed his name to this symbol, to Zionism, to the Knesset of the new State of Israel, to the flag of Israel and Its medical organization equivalent to the Red Cross."

What is the ultimate goal of Zionism?

David Ben-Gurion, a Zionist leader, tells us:

"With the exception of the U.S.S.R. as a federated Eurasian state, all other continents will become united in a world alliance, at whose disposal will be an International police force. All armies will be abolished, and there will be no more wars. In Jerusalem, the United Nations (a truly United Nations) will build a Shrine of the Prophets to serve the federated union of all continents; this will be the seat of the Supreme Court of Mankind, to settle all controversies among the federated continents."

Simply stated, Zionism (with Rothschild support) promotes a New World Order. The Rothschild control of Israel is Immense. #1 Edmond established Trusts that make massive donations to Israel. Biographer Virginia Cowles explains:

"Originally the principle Trust was known as Pica - Palestine Jewish Colonization Association - but when it became clear, after the establishment of the State of Israel, that colonization would be handled by the Government, Its functions were changed. Edmond’s son, James, renamed it ,Hanadiv’ the Hebrew word for ‘benefactor’ by which his father was known throughout Palestine; and at the same time rechannelled the Trust’s funds to the promotion of education, science and culture.

When James died in 1957 his widow, Dollie, assumed the presidency which she still holds. For many years she has been powerfully assisted by Lord [Victor] Rothschild, and recently she has enlisted the help of the latter’s son, [Lord] Jacob. The Trust knows no boundaries. In the 1960s it carried out James’ wishes by providing money for the Knesset, the new Parliament building in Jerusalem. Today its beneficiaries range from universities, hospitals and public libraries to archaeological digs; from the board of the Weizmann Scientific Institute to the organizers of Instructional Television."

#2 Edmund is the most "race-conscious" of all the Rothschilds. He is on the board of many Jewish philanthropies - including president of the Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women, joint treasurer of the Council of Christians and Jews and treasurer of the Friends of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1967 he sent a letter to THE TIMES magazine suggssting Great Britain, Russia, and the U.S. all chip in and build desalinization plants for Israel so that the desert could be turned into a lush garden, with plenty of food and nothing to fight over (I have found that #2 Edmund loves to come up with cock-a-maime scientific suggestions towards the solution of world problems. For example, in an address to the organizers of the U.N.’s Earth Summit, he suggested building massive dry-ice machines on the polar capes to prevent their melting in the face of global warming).

#2 Edmund is also a warden of the Great Synagogue in London. He is the senior member of New Court in London and is a member of the Illuminati’s Pilgrim Society. #3 Edmond is an entrepreneur. He is very involved in tourism, and has funded many luxury resorts in Israel. He controls Compagnie Financlere, which is his holding company in France. He owns Banque Privee in Switzerland, and a merchant bank in Paris. He controls the largest toy company and the largest frozen food company in France. He is a director of Belgium’s Banque Lambert, and of DeBeers Consolidated Mines in South Africa. He is on the Steering Committee of the Bilderbergers. And his interests extend into Israel, where he is the chairman of Tri-Continental Pipelines. Chairman of the Israel Corporation, and chairman of Isrop, which controls the Israel General Bank. The list continues.

#3 Edmond is on the board of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He directs the Middle East Peace Institute, which he founded in 1967. He regularly donates money to the Biological-Physio-Chemical Institute, which was founded by his grandfather, #1 Edmond. Hesits on the boards ofa dozen or so hospitals and scientific institutes. #3 Edmond is considered the richest Rothschild. He has massive power, and this includes control of much of Israel. The Rothschilds have even had a street named in their honor. The First International Bank of Israel is located at 39 Rothschild Boulevard in Tel Aviv. Bank Hapoalim, "Israel’s fastest growing bank", is next door at 50 Rothschild Boulevard. The satanic Rothschilds simply dominate Israel.

Apparently Israel has served as the meeting grounds for the French and English Rothschilds. The French and English Houses contributed over $1 million to Israel around the time of the Six-Day War. It is reported that when Baron Alain of the French House visited Israel he "burst into tears" at the sight of the walling wall. Baroness Alix of the French House is the World President of Youth Aliyah, which deals with the emigration of Jewish children to Israel. Evelyn of the English House is chairman of the Board of Governors of the Technion, Israel’s Institute of Technology. The satanic Rothschilds simply dominate Israel. The Rothschilds help Satan’s Empire control the world’s resources, the world’s nations and the world’s religions. They are an institution in the conspiracy and, if one looks carefully, the path of their destructive reign can be followed through the history of the past 3 centuries.

This article will be continued in the next newsletter, where It will discuss the House of Rothschild in the 20th century.


* Corti, Count Egon Caesar. THE RISE OF THE HOUSE OF ROTHSCHILD. Boston, Los Angeles: Western Islands, 1972 (copyright 1928 by Cosmopolitan Books Corporation).
* Graham, OJ. THE SIX-POINTED STAR. Fletcher, NC: New Puritan Ubrary, 1984.
* Springmeier, Fritz. BE WISE AS SERPENTS. Portland, OR.: Privately published, 1991.
* Cowles, Virginia. THE ROTHSCHILDS: A FAMILY OF FORTUNE. New York.: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1973
* Morton, Frederic. THE ROTHSCHILDS: A FAMILY PORTRAIT. New York.: Collier Books, 1961, introduction and epilogue 1991.
* Miller, Edith Starr. OCCULT THEOCRASY. Los Angeles, CA. 1933
* Epperson, Raiph A. THE UNSEEN HAND. Tucson, AR.: Publius Press, 1985
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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The article focused more on Male Rothschilds but since
i'm all for emancipation, let's introduce some female Rothschilds. :D

came across this fanboi to the fullest article in the telegraph about the great Dame Miriam Rothschild, also known as "Queen of the Fleas".

Dame Miriam Rothschild

who has died aged 96, was a brilliant self-taught amateur and generalist in scientific fields dominated by highly specialised professionals; she was perhaps best-known for her work as a parasitologist, and by the sobriquet "Queen of the Fleas".

Fuelled by passionate curiosity rather than personal ambition, Miriam Rothschild first came to the notice of her fellow scientists in consequence of her research work, in the 1930s, at the Marine Biological Station, Plymouth, where she studied the mollusc Nucula and its trematode parasites.

Her later work on the rabbit flea, which she established as having turned its reproductive cycle over to the control of its host (she found its breeding cycle to be controlled by the rabbit's hormones), predicated the modern "web-of-life" view of conservation, which looks upon the protection of habitat as the vital element in the survival of threatened species.

Fleas, Flukes and Cuckoos (1952), which Miriam Rothschild co-wrote with Theresa Clay, was a seminal study of bird parasites. It appealed to layman and scientist alike: Raymond Mortimer judged the authors' revelations "amusing, amazing and appalling"; Nature admired the book's "wit and erudition", and thought that "it should find a place in every naturalist's library".

Miriam Rothschild's position as the world authority in her field was confirmed by her Catalogue of the Rothschild Collection of Fleas in the British Museum, Volumes I to VI, which appeared at intervals from 1953 to 1983. She liked to keep her live specimen fleas in cellophane bags in her bedroom - "so that I can see what they are doing and so children do not annoy them".

Yet Miriam Rothschild's interests ranged far beyond the view afforded by her microscope; in particular, she championed all forms of nature conservation. In the process, her bulky, purposeful figure, clad in a loose, mauve silk dress and matching kerchief (designed, she said, to cut down on the need to make unnecessary choices), became familiar to millions of television viewers.

She campaigned to introduce wild flowers to gardens, parks and motorways, producing her own seed-mix - "Farmer's Nightmare" - for the purpose. The Prince of Wales sought her advice, and she helped to sow an extensive wild-flower meadow at Highgrove. With Clive Farrell, she wrote The Butterfly Gardener (1983), which further promoted interest in wild-flower planting.

In her own garden, at Ashton Wold, near Oundle, she mingled the wild with the cultivated - speedwell with cherry blossom, tulips with ragwort - sowing wild-flower meadows in place of lawns. "I do not much care," she would say, "for living on a snooker table." Her kitchen garden was carpeted with pyramids of harebells, with banks of daisies and poppies, lupins and silverweed.

"The Ashton Wold garden," she said in her late eighties, "has come to symbolise the new sympathy with wildlife. The battle with weeds, the conquest of Nature is a thing of the past. Nor is the garden a quiet Edwardian refuge - it is John Clare's countryside resurrected."

Firmly rejecting all forms of cruelty to animals, Miriam Rothschild spoke out vigorously for their better treatment on the farm and in the laboratory. She became a vegetarian, eschewed make-up, and elected to wear leather-free shoes and boots - moon-boots in the winter, tennis shoes in the summer and, perhaps most notably, white Wellington boots in the evening.

Her glasshouses at Ashton Wold were home to the rabbits and butterflies she kept for research - and also to orphaned foxes, hedgehogs, tail-less magpies, and for some years to a tawny owl named Pammie, who would nibble her mistress's ear. The walls of the house accomodated Stanley Spencer's Nettles, Graham Sutherland's Flea, and a Chinese screen painted with a thousand butterflies.

At lunchtime on Sundays her dining-room, banked with wild-flowers, butterfly nectar plants and roses in pots, accommodated novelists and artists, politicians and philosophers, businessmen and bankers, children, undergraduates and a rowdy pack of miniature Shetland collies.

Nature conservation and fleas aside, Miriam Rothschild was a stalwart campaigner on the hotly-debated issues of the day. With the Oxford geneticist Professor EB Ford, she was an early advocate of the legalisation of homosexual acts between consenting adults, and she participated in the preparation of the Wolfenden Report. She also campaigned for free milk in schools, and for the introduction of seat belts.

Miriam Louisa Rothschild was born at Ashton Wold on August 5 1908, the eldest daughter of (Nathaniel) Charles Rothschild, the younger son of the 1st Lord Rothschild, the first practising Jew to receive a peerage. Her mother, Rozsika von Wertheimstein, was of Hungarian-Jewish descent. The house at Ashton Wold, and the local village, had recently been built by the Rothschilds when Miriam was born.

Miriam's interest in parasitology dated from the time when her father allowed her to help him catch fleas from a mouse he had captured on holiday in Transylvania. "My father never treated me as a child," Miriam later recalled, "but made me believe I was helping him in his work."

One of Miriam's earliest memories was of crying at the loss through cold of some ladybirds that were hibernating in her nursery. Aged four or five at the time, she quickly recovered, switching her affections to some pet quail. Aged six, she was pinning down butterflies, though later she switched to watching.

Charles Rothschild died when Miriam was 15, whereafter she was much influenced by her father's elder brother Walter, the 2nd Lord Rothschild, who was also a great naturalist. Walter Rothschild formed the largest collection of natural history specimens ever assembled by one man, and is now perhaps most widely remembered for driving a team of zebra.

To house his enormous collection, Walter Rothschild built a museum near his country seat in Hertfordshire, Tring Park. Miriam and her brother Victor, who would also become a scientist, went on visits to the museum, and in the park at Tring they watched the giant tortoises, cassowaries, wallabys and other creatures that roamed free there. When Miriam was old enough, her uncle took her with him to the Natural History Museum and to the Royal Society.

In due course, Charles's widowed mother, Emma Lady Rothschild, gave dances for Miriam - who by then was attending an evening class in zoology at Chelsea Polytechnic - and her sisters Liberty and Nica, at her London residence, No 148 Piccadilly, next door to the Duke of Wellington's Apsley House.

In her teens, Miriam also became a keen sportswoman, attaining international standard at cricket and squash, and she enjoyed hunting; but at 20 she gave all this up. She became a stout opponent of blood sports, though she considered that, but for hunting, the fox would have risked extermination by shooting.

In addition to her pre-war res earch work at Plymouth, Miriam Rothschild was editor of Novitates Zoologica, the Tring Museum journal, from 1938 to 1941, and she became known for her work with black-headed gulls.

She bought gulls' eggs in Leadenhall Market, hatched them in her incubator at home, fed the chicks with a fountain-pen filler and then placed them in her aviary. In November 1938 she presented a well-received paper at the Zoological Society on the subject of her gulls' "grouping" and territorialism.

During the war, Miriam Rothschild spent a spell at Bletchley Park, the wartime code-breaking station, and her growing knowledge of bird parasites was put to good use by the Government: she was employed on research into the way wood pigeons spread TB among cattle. She took the pigeons with her wherever she went, prompting strangers to suppose that she was a German spy.

American airmen were for a time billeted at Ashton Wold, among them Clark Gable, with whom Miriam went out shooting in the evenings; he went after rooks, she shot at targets. "He was a crack shot and incredibly good-looking," she remembered, "but I'd say he had no sense of humour at all."

Miriam Rothschild handsomely repaid her uncle Walter for his part in her early education by publishing his biography, Dear Lord Rothschild (1983), which covered his scientific, personal and political life. The book's title was a reference to the opening sentence of the Balfour Declaration - in a letter addressed to Lord Rothschild - that eventually led to the establishment of the state of Israel.;jsessionid=AGBWMHN1IS1E1QFIQMGSFGGAVCBQ WIV0?xml=/news/2005/01/24/db2401.xml&page=1

Dame Miriam Rothschild, a scientist of the old style

Feb 3rd 2005
From The Economist print edition

IN A typically generous moment, Miriam Rothschild once named a flea after a writer on The Economist. He had fortuitously helped to discover a new one on a zoological expedition in Africa. The gesture was probably the highest honour she could bestow on anyone.…

3.8 million gift for Conservation Biology
The Lisbet Rausing Charitable Fund has provided 3.

8 million to endow in perpetuity a professorship in Conservation Biology at the University of Cambridge.

The University's Regent House has approved the establishment of this new professorship, which will be named after the late Dame Miriam Rothschild, a renowned naturalist admired by Lisbet3.8 million gift for Conservation Biology Rausing.

The new Professorship will be based in the University's Department of Zoology.

Professor Malcolm Burrows, Head of the Department said: "We are very grateful to the Lisbet Rausing Charitable Fund for this imaginative gift. This new Professorship will allow us to build on Cambridge's existing strengths in conservation biology and will help ensure that conservation policy and practice is based on rigorous scientific understanding."

Dame Miriam Rothschild, who died at the age of 96 last year, was a brilliant self-taught amateur and generalist in scientific fields dominated by highly specialised professionals. Known primarily for her writings on butterflies and fleas, Dame Miriam had little formal education but received eight honorary degrees including one from the University of Cambridge in 1999.

"This is a wonderful honour and we are grateful to Lisbet Rausing and the Fund for recognising my mother's work and passion for the subject," said Charlotte Lane, Dame Miriam's daughter.

Lisbet Rausing is a historian and a research fellow of Imperial College. She was educated at the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University, where she also taught for eight years. Her fellow trustees are Professor Peter Baldwin, Professor of History at the University of California, Los Angeles, and her sister Sigrid Rausing, an anthropologist.

"We are very pleased to be able to establish this professorship in Cambridge," said a spokesman for the Fund. "The University's excellence in conservation science and the close interactions that are already developing with many international conservation organisations that are located close to Cambridge, will enable real advances to be made in our approach to the challenges of conserving our planet's rich natural diversity."

Vale Miriam Rothschild, 1908 - 2005
Saturday 26 March 2005

Dame Miriam Rothschild died on January 20th, aged 96. She was the world authority on fleas and thought them beautiful, played cricket for England, was an early defender of the rights of homosexuals, had no formal education yet was elected Fellow of The Royal Society and received honorary doctorates from both Oxford and Cambridge. She worked at Bletchley Park, Britain’s wartime code cracking HQ, spoke out for the freedom of Jews and became entomological adviser to royalty. This portrait of Miriam Rothschild was first broadcast in 1993.

Robyn Williams: You’re on Radio National - time for another Science Show - and this is Prince Charles.

Prince Charles: You know, we’ve managed since the last war to destroy vast, vast areas of this country in terms of its flora and fauna, all the herb rich meadows and the chalk downland and the wetlands and all these things, and we have actually reduced these areas to very, very small little patches here and there. And I feel very strongly about trying to make my own tiny little contribution of trying to find ways of restoring some of these.

Robyn Williams: Prince Charles in 1993 on the Science Show. We went to talk to him in England, at least Sharon Carleton did. And who would the Prince clear his schedule for? Who could command such Royal flexibility? Well, it was for his friend Dr Miriam Rothschild, world-renowned expert on fleas. She was also a friend of Clark Gable’s, played cricket for England, set up an art gallery for schizophrenics, was known as the ‘bugger’s friend’ and became a life long defender of Israel’s right to exist. And now she’s dead at 96, just a few weeks ago. Here’s the full tribute as prepared by Sharon Carleton.

Sharon Carleton: The Rothschilds are different from the rest of us. The English author Samuel Butler asserted a century ago that, ‘The Rothschilds are the most astonishing organisms the world has ever seen’, and the Hon. Dr. Miriam Louisa Rothschild, Commander of the Order of the British Empire, Fellow of the Royal Society and recipient of six Honorary Doctorate of Science degrees is a Rothschild through and through.

Miriam Rothschild: Well, in my case of course, I was fantastically lucky because I was born into the branch of the family that were really interested in natural history and science. And I had the wonderful advantage of having independent means and being able to follow this hobby of mine, which really meant everything to me.

Sharon Carleton: Since old Mayer Amschel founded the dynasty in the Jewish ghetto of Frankfurt in the mid 1700s, generation after generation of Rothschild has layered spectacular business success upon spectacular personal wealth, until the Rothschild power and money surpassed that of some of the crowned heads of Europe.

The first real Rothschild eccentric started to appear in the English branch of the House of Rothschild, perhaps inevitably. Who but a Rothschild would drive a carriage through Piccadilly pulled by four zebras, or go up to Cambridge as a student, accompanied by a flock of kiwis?

Actually, the Rothschild who did these things was Miriam’s Uncle Walter. She shares with him an intense love of the natural world - and the fact that neither ever went to school.

Miriam Rothschild: I was educated at home, my father hated schools and he hated public examinations, with the result that I never took any. And I was really completely uneducated, but at home natural history and science were part of every day life: it wasn’t a subject, we just lived it, and the first thing I can remember is having a bird as a pet and having white mice to look after and I grew up as a naturalist from the world go.


I dreamt, and in my dream
I was a butterfly.
I woke: or is it simply that,
Weary of the sky,
Some butterfly is sleeping
And dreams that it is I.

Sharon Carleton: In the citation for an honorary degree from Oxford in 1968, Miriam Rothschild was commended for her contributions to anatomy, chemistry, entomology, pharmacology, neurophysiology and zoology - not bad for someone without formal training. Dr Rothschild is also unusual in that she’s a prolific letter writer.

Miriam Rothschild: Oh well, yes of course, everybody laughs about my letter writing and they say I’m like someone on a motor bicycle motoring across country and spraying letters right and left wherever I go.

Sharon Carleton: She’s written every day for 35 years to her cousin Alix de Rothschild, of the French banking house - some 13,000 letter in all. Dr Rothschild has also been writing to two Australian scientists, John and Faith Evans, not every day but spasmodically over the past 25 years. I’m using extracts from these letters and a selection of poetry from Dr Rothschild’s book, ‘Butterfly Cooing Like a Dove’ to help fill in the many gaps in the public persona of Miriam Louisa.

Sharon Carleton: Not only is the name of Rothschild associated with banking and science, it also stands for the leadership of the Jewish diaspora. The famous Balfour Declaration of 1917, which committed the British Government to a Jewish homeland, was in the form of a letter. The letter started, ‘Dear Lord Rothschild’ and was addressed to Miriam’s Uncle Walter.
He is the greatest single collector of natural history specimens ever. In his museum at Tring, which is just north-west of London, he had two and a quarter million butterflies and moths alone.

Sharon Carleton: Dr Derek Denton the founding director of the Florey Institute and one of Dr. Rothschild’s many Australian colleagues.

Derek Denton: She knows I have a character defect which involves a fondness of wine. We were just eating together so she went down to the cellar and brought something up and it was a 1945 Lafitte, which is really one of the great years of the century. So we opened it - and it was pure vinegar, it was a disaster. So she went down to the cellar and got a 1947 Chateau Lafitte - pure vinegar - mega disaster. So she went down and got something out of the ‘60s - because she has a thing every year - and happily to report, that was good.

What really emerged from this was that she’d had a big storm there and water had gone into the cellar and been pumped out relatively quickly, but obviously got at the older bottles and she’d suffered a terrible setback.

Sharon Carleton: How did she react to it?

Derek Denton: Sort of philosophically.

Sharon Carleton: Miriam Rothschild’s career outside the home began in the late 1920s. She first did some research work in Naples on certain marine worms that live in the kidneys of sea birds. But it was some years later as a student researcher at the Marine Biological Station in Plymouth in the south of England that she made the first of her startling discoveries.

Guests on this program:

Dame Miriam Rothschild

HRH Prince Charles

Prof Derek Denton

Dr Michael Holland

Prof Barry Moore

Sir David Attenborough

Faith Evans

Readings by:
Ron Falk
Alistair Duncan
Jane Harders
Michael Kayzer

Presented by:
Sharon Carleton

Further information:

Rothschild Family History


'Butterfly Cooing Like a Dove'
Author: Miriam Rothschild
Publisher: Rothschild Publishing

Revised 27th September 2005

Polebrook is a quiet village of some 400-odd inhabitants, tucked in the north-east corner of Northamptonshire, almost in Cambridgeshire. Its buildings are mainly stone, so that it looks like a displaced part of the Cotswolds. It has a church, one pub, a primary school, and no shops.

So why a website? Well, like many English villages, Polebrook has a remarkable past: some things make it special.

In addition to this website there is a fine one devoted to the American Forces' presence at Polebrook airfield during the Second World War. This is at An excellent book called "Valor at Polebrook" has been sighted in the Oundle bookshop, and there are also two fine histories of the village available.

Please enjoy this site. 30 or so of you find it each week, so feel free to send in comments and info.

Chris Jones (one of two in the village who live 50 yards apart, but The Web Master will definitely reach me).

New Stuff

Have you seen the new Reminiscences page, a compilation of replies to the website over the last four years? Can you settle one and for all whether Clark Gable did or did not live in the village? Lots of people now think it is a mistake made because of the house called The Gables, which is probably called that because it has gables.

Polebrook Trivia

Did you know that:

* When Lord Rothschild became the owner of Ashton Wold and the village of Ashton, he also got most of Polebrook, including the hall? And that he didn't buy it, but got it as part payment of a debt, letting the debtor off the rest?
* That there is a metal plate on the village green that marks the site of the old village pump, the sole source of water in the village until the late 1920s/early 30s?
* That the drummer of Rock super-group Cream, Ginger Baker, lived in Polebrook in the 1970s and trained polo ponies for Dame Miriam Rothschild?
* That the village church has a one-handed clock, built by a relative of Oliver Cromwell?

Ginger Baker played in a band with Eric Clapton btw..

that Rothschild Dame amazes me, all that Butterfly rethoric, university/science connections, many fields of expertise, and her wide reputation and recognition plus her connections to pop stars makes me suspect she was involved in MK type projects/research/programing.
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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onto the next one

no wiki on her so i gotta live with the info her official site feeds me.

Joan Rothschild
Author, Educator, Lecturer

Joan Rothschild, author, educator, lecturer, is best known as a founder of the field now known as “gender and technology.” Following publication of her ground-breaking Machina Ex Dea: Feminist Perspectives on Technology in 1983, she authored Teaching Technology from a Feminist Perspective, (1988) guest edited Technology and Feminism, special issue of Research in Philosophy and Technology (1993); and author-edited Design and Feminism: Re-VisioningSpaces, Places, and Everyday Things (1999). She is professor emerita at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and research associate at the Center for Human Environments, The City University of New York Graduate Center.

Education and Major Positions

Joan Rothschild is a graduate of Cornell University and received her M.A. and Ph.D. from New York University. Currently research associate at the Center for Human Environments, CUNY Graduate Center, she is professor emerita of political science at the University of Massachusetts Lowell, where she taught for 20 years and co-founded the Women’s Studies Program. Before she joined academia, Joan Rothschild had a successful career in publishing at Scholastic Magazines and The New York Herald Tribune. Her work has been supported by grants from the National Science Foundation, National Center for Human Genome Research, the American Council of Learned Societies, and the University of Lowell.
Developing a Specialty: Technology and Feminism

Starting in the early 1970s, Joan Rothschild's professional writings, teaching, and lecturing developed the specialty for which she has become widely known: technology and feminism. Highlights (chronologically):

1970: Technology and the City, Harvard University Program on Technology and Society

1975: “Feminist Perspectives on Technology and the Future of Human Society,” World Future Society, published as “A Feminist Perspective on Technology and the Future” in Women’s Studies International Forum

1975: co-founded Women’s Studies Program, University of Lowell; chair until 1985

1980: organized feminism and technology panels at meetings of National Women’s Studies Association and Berkshire Conference of Women Historians

1970s & 80s: University of Lowell, key member of federally funded interdisciplinary Technology and Human Values Program; developed prototype course, Gender and Technology

1983: Machina Ex Dea: Feminist Perspectives on Technology

1988: Teaching Technology from a Feminist Perspective

1993: Technology and Feminism, guest ed. special issue Research in Philosophy and Technology

1995: Re-Visioning Design and Technology: Feminist Perspectives, organized conference at CUNY Graduate Center

1999: Design and Feminism: Re-Visioning Spaces, Places, and Everyday Things

2005: The Dream of the Perfect Child

Professional Activities

Over a period of three decades, she has organized and participated in panels of a number of professional societies, notably, the Society for the History of Technology (SHOT), National Women's Studies Association (NWSA), International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC), Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA), International Interdisciplinary Congresses on Women, and Forum '85: UN Decade for Women in Nairobi. Active in SHOT and in WITH (Women in Technological History), she has served on various committees and SHOT's executive council. A founder and life member of NWSA, she served on the editorial board of NWSA Journal, and as juror for NWSA's book awards.
10-07-2008, 01:37 PM
Baroness Ariane Langner De Rothschild
and Avraham Bigger with President Moshe Katsav in the new Hall of Names, donated by the Caesarea Edmond Benjamin De Rothschild Foundation, Israel

that's all i found on her so far..
10-07-2008, 01:40 PM
before introducing the next female rothschild we gotta look a bit into the Rothschild - wine connection.

came across this pic in one of cruise's posts over at unhivedmind

the whole blood and wine connection with that overall sacrifice(knife) theme.
something i always thought when for example browsing through rothschild's various wine sites. it's one of those things i cant really explain why i think that/so and there is no visible evidence to support it but their symbolic language.
and knowing them a bit, how they think, and that if they own vast amount of land or companies, wine estates, whatever it might be theres always a control and overall satanic agenda behind it. money is not the motivation. neither is it to come back to the rothschild example ''love for wine''. of course it makes money and of course it brings a bit of prestige, good image all that. but its most likely a front for something else.

and posters like the one above and this little ''gem'' here are quiet telling imo..
10-07-2008, 01:41 PM
The spirit of innovation is evident in the family's winemaking, from the grands crus of Château Mouton Rothschild and Château Lafite, to the cru bourgeois vineyard of Château Clarke and groundbreaking ventures in the USA, South America and South Africa.

Rothschild wines embody all that is wonderful about the fruit of the vine.

that all is visual pepped with this rather overexcited ram

giant rams head on Baron Philippe de Rothschild's official site
Since 1933, Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA, located at Pauillac in the Médoc, has been motivated by a constant ambition: to make the world's finest wines, each in its own category, whether the châteaux wines for which it is responsible – the renowned Château Mouton Rothschild, a First Growth, and its distinguished lieutenants, Château Clerc Milon and Château d'Armailhac – or branded wines, like the famous Mouton Cadet.

Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA has also exported its know-how beyond Bordeaux: to the Pays d'Oc, with a range of varietal wines and, more recently, Domaine de Baron'arques; to California, with Opus One; and to Chile, with Almaviva.

One of the key factors behind the company's undisputed success is the art of blending, which it practises with exceptional skill. Baroness Philippine de Rothschild, the majority shareholder of Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA, works closely with the executive directors to maintain, modernise and develop the family business.

btw a Rothschild wine label is not made by some ''nobody'' no no they get those big names in for their wines, like Picasso, Dali, Warhol, even bluddy Bacon and recently Prince Charles. he made this label;

and of course it's news worthy, and note how in mainstream media were even royals aren't save from the occasional dirt-piece or at least some soft criticism. a Rothschild gets mostly hailed.
and i'm not talking bout this one example wich isn't that bad anyway but general, just browse their name, look what mainstream publications write stories about them,what the stories are about and what kind of language is used.

A Rothschild wine gets a royal label

Being Baroness Philippine de Rothschild is not easy, it turns out.

You have to watch out for do- gooders like William Rush Jenkins who are always trying to brush that little red speck off your dress — that little speck east of your rather large René Boivin necklace and west of your shoulder.

But that speck, a ribbon signifying that France had made her a Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur, was attached to the baroness's dress.

"It's not a dirty thing," she told Jenkins, who had helped with the design of an exhibition at Sotheby's in New York that features the new label for the baroness's wine, Château Mouton Rothschild.

The label was painted by Prince Charles. Yes, that Prince Charles. That "subtle, civilized man," as she described him.

His watercolor, the baroness said, showed pine trees in the south of France.

Yes, France. Since the label was going on the 2004 vintage — there is a lag between when a vintage is picked and bottled and when it is released — he decided to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Entente Cordiale, signed by Britain and France in 1904 to ensure that their imperial ambitions did not clash.

The image made Prince Charles the latest in a line dating to 1945, when the baroness's father, Baron Philippe de Rothschild, began commissioning artists to do little paintings that look as good on labels. He also spent more than 50 years working to have Mouton reclassified as one of the first growths of Bordeaux, the handful of wines widely considered to be the best of France.

The labels were drawn by the likes of Marc Chagall, Robert Motherwell and Pablo Picasso. Salvador Dalí dashed off a sheep, all squiggles and loops, in 1958. Joan Miró did a gouache of a very red, bottom-heavy grape in 1969. Andy Warhol did a collage of the baron himself in 1975.

Robert Wilson also did his own lettering in 2001. The others left the traditional black and gold script beneath the coat of arms. The labels and the original paintings are on display at Sotheby's, which were set to auction more than 200 lots of wine from the baroness's collection on Wednesday.

"The wine is art," she said. "I lived with a father who said making wine is art. There is no dichotomy. Wine is art and art is wine."

She took over the company after her father's death in 1988 and began seeking out artists for the labels. She felt she was "starting with a handicap" when she approached the English painter Francis Bacon — he had done a nude that her father had refused.

"I said, 'I'm not my father,'" she said. Bacon's label went on the 1990 vintage.

So how did she line up Prince Charles?

He met the first criterion. "I'm fond of him, as far as I can be for someone I don't know well," she said. "I wouldn't have wanted a painting from someone I didn't like."

There was an encounter in 2004 during which she mentioned that if he were interested, he could do a label. "And then we dropped it," she said.

Until 2005, when, she explained, "I was taken to London by Mrs. Chirac." That would be Bernadette Chirac, the wife of the French president.

And there he was again. "He said, 'Let me send you one of my awful watercolors,'" the baroness said. "They arrived. They weren't awful."

The terms, she said, were the same as for all the label artists. "There was no money exchanged," she said. "He gets some bottles of wine. That's the deal."

He was so much easier to deal with than, she said, Warhol, who did the 1975 label. "He said, 'I'm doing a little bit with your father. I hope he likes it,'" she recalled. "You never knew with my father."

But Warhol defied the one instruction that the baroness said was given to label artists: make it horizontal. "Dog, cat, do what you want, but do it horizontal," she said.

Warhol sent three vertical collages of Philippe de Rothschild.

"The designer had to lay my father down," she said, explaining that the image had to be turned on its side to fit on the label. "His label was not half as nice as his original painting."
Baroness Rothschild with her two sons, Philippe and Julien.
here again with a ram's head necklace

or even more obvious
throwing the whole jews aries connection cover right out the window.

all purple
the story behind the photo is quiet interesting

PFV gala dinner in London on 23rd November 2000,

Following Toronto in 1999 our annual PFV gala dinner was held in London under the presidency of Baroness Philippine de Rothschild on 23rd November 2000 at Vinopolis in partnership with Berry Bros & Rudd

J. Michael Broadbent M.W. former director of Christie's Wine Department had kindly agreed to chair the event and introduced each family member with his usual charm and wit .

* PFV members in attendance and list of the wines served : Hubert de Billy - Pol Roger Cuvée Sir Winston Churchill 1990 in Magnum
* Piero Antinori - Cervaro 1998 in Magnum
* Frédéric J. Drouhin - Montrachet Marquis de Laguiche 1993
* Juan Maria Torres - Grans Muralles 1997
* Peter Ventura - Robert Mondavi Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve 1997
* Michel Jaboulet - Hermitage La Chapelle 1985
* Pablo Alvarez - Vega Sicilia Unico 1981 in Magnum
* Philippine de Rothschild - Château Mouton Rothschild 1985 in Magnum
* Egon Müller - Scharzhofberger Auslese Goldkapsel 1999
* Etienne Hugel - Gewurztraminer Sélection de Grains Nobles "S" 1989
* Paul Symington - Graham's 1970

In the course of the dinner a PFV collection case was auctioned and raised 5500 £ for charity to benefit the Evelina Children Hospital Appeal.

5500 to the Evelina Children Hospital Appeal.
founded by Baron Ferdinand de Rothschild, ahem..

with that weird The Starslide helter skelter in outpatients, Ocean
it's all brand new because they moved in 2005..

In 2005 the Evelina moved into a brand new hospital with 'themed floors, a conservatory, rooms with views, sunlight, fresh air' . It has been designed with children and their families in mind.

The new hospital is in a seven-storey glass-fronted building, featuring a four-storey conservatory with dramatic views of Lambeth Palace and Archbishop's Park.

'In-patients will be on the upper levels of the building, so children staying in hospital enjoy the best views. They will also overlook the conservatory, the social heart of the building, housing a gallery and performance space, a café and the hospital school.' (source Evelina web page)

the old place seems to be a museum/theater now.

with event such as
Saturday 30th June, 7th & 21st July
& Sunday 26th August at 2pm,
Every Wednesday through the summer,
from 25th July to 29th August at 2pm

“A patient preparing for an operation was like a

condemned criminal preparing for execution.”

In Britain’s only surviving 19th century operating theatre,

a lecture demonstrating the ordeal of Victorian surgery,

when a patient’s only relief from agony

was the speed of the surgeon’s knife...


Saturday 23rd June, 28th July & 25th August
at 12pm, 2pm & 3pm

“I have broken my arm – I am a dead man!”

Demonstrations of Victorian surgery, when operations

were performed without anaesthesia, and a patient’s only

relief from agony was the speed of the surgeon’s knife...

A real amputation kit awaits! How will you survive...?

that shit and the pics they show you on their site remind me a bit at Hostel, by Eli Roth
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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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10-07-2008, 01:42 PM
so when they talk about Israel and wine then the first name that falls is

New Quality From An Ancient Wine Growing Region
by Adam Montefiore

The ancient land of Israel - whether known as Canaan , Judea or Palestine - was making wine over two thousand years before the vine reached Europe.

It was an integral part of the Eastern Mediterranean or Levant area, which gave the world wine culture. It is fair to say that the region was the France of the ancient world. In Bible times the wine industry was the mainstay of the economy and it was because of the importance of wine at the time, that it was enshrined in the ritual of both the Jewish & Christian religions. However from the time of Moslem control of the region, wine production ceased & vineyards were forsaken.

The modern Israeli wine industry was founded by Baron Edmond de Rothschild, owner of Chateau Lafite, the famous Bordeaux Chateau. He supported the new wave of Jewish immigrants who began settling in Israel in 1882 and sponsored their attempts to start a viable wine industry. They had their difficulties - the first crops planted did not survive the hot sun, stony sandy soil & the first vineyards were struck with phylloxera.

Rothschild built two wineries at Rishon Le Zion, south of Tel Aviv and at Zichron Ya'acov, south of Haifa . The wine of the first vintages went sour because of the high temperatures, so they then had to build deep underground cellars at enormous cost and these remain until today the two largest wineries in Israel.

Zichron Ya'acov is named after Baron Edmond's father, Baron James Jacob de Rothschild, who bought Chateau Lafite for the Rothschild family. Ironically the family investment in the Zichron Ya'acov winery was 5 million francs, more than the 4 million francs required to purchase Lafite!

In 1906 Baron Edmond de Rothschild passed the management of the wineries onto the growers who formed the Societe Co-operative Vigneronne des Grandes Caves and in 1957 his son, James Rothschild, donated the wineries to the wine growers cooperative. Their vineyards covered the Holy Land , but the main concentration was in the coastal regions of Shomron & Samson.

The resulting wines were sold under the brand name ' Carmel ', which means in Hebrew : God's Vineyard. Two marketing companies were developed: Carmel Wine Co. to sell wines in export markets, and Carmel Mizrahi, to sell wine in the Near East ( Palestine , southern Russia , Turkey , Egypt etc). The company in England was founded in 1898 and was originally called: The Palestine Wine & Trading Company. Their main brand at the time was called Palwin (an abbreviation of the company name), which still exists as a sacramental wine.

Carmel became a symbol of modern Israel . The first time telephones & electricity were used in Israel was at Carmel 's Rishon Le Zion winery. Two future Prime Ministers of Israel, David Ben Gurion & Levi Eshkol, worked at the wineries & in the vineyards. Carmel is Israel 's oldest exporter and the Rishon Le Zion winery remains the oldest industrial building still in use.

The 80s Revolution and the Golan Heights Winery
In the 1980s the quality revolution began in Israel , heralded by the formation of the Golan Heights Winery. Importing expertise from California , using state of the art technology and high altitude, cooler vineyards, the Golan led the country to a new dawn of quality wine. They won a host of gold medals and a number of trophies at the IWSC in London and Vinexpo in Bordeaux - in particular with their premier label, Yarden.

In the 1990s there was an explosion of new boutique wineries. The most famous of these was Domaine du Castel, situated in the Judean Hills, west of Jerusalem . Castel wines were chosen as Decanter Wine of the Month on no less than three occasions.

New vs Old
This was a challenge to the older, traditional wineries. Carmel responded by planting new vineyards in the quality, cool climate areas of the Upper Galilee , bordering Lebanon , and the Golan Heights . They also pioneered the planting of vineyards in the Negev desert. Then Carmel built three new, state of the art, boutique wineries close to key vineyards in order to produce handcrafted wines. One is at Ramat Dalton in the Upper Galilee , the second is within the Zichron Ya'acov facility on the coast, and the third, Yatir Winery, is in the south. Finally they employed a number of young, highly qualified winemakers - all of whom had studied, trained or worked in Australia. The new Chief Winemaker, Lior Laxer, was a student of Michel Rolland, and Carmel also employs Californian Peter Stern (ex Mondavi, Gallo & Golan Heights Winery) as winemaking consultant. The results have been immediate.' The Wine Report' named Carmel as Israel's fastest improving winery for two consecutive years & their single vineyard wines from Ramat Arad, Zarit & Kayoumi vineyards began to receive rave reviews.

What about nowadays?
Today there are approximately 12 commercial wineries in Israel and over 150 boutique wineries. The largest wineries, which control over 90% of the Israel wine industry, are as follows:

1. Carmel Winery; 2. Barkan Wine Cellars; 3. Golan Heights Winery; 4. Efrat Winery; 5. Binyamina Wine Cellars; 6. Tishbi Estate; 7. Galil Mountain ; 8. Dalton Winery; 9. Recanati Winery.

rest here;
10-07-2008, 01:49 PM
Die Judengasse (Jews-street) in Frankfurt, Germany

the old Rothschild house (pyramid and eye anyone?)
(a hub for all sorts of families btw, Warburg, Oppenheimer, Goldschmidt to name just the more important ones)
all part of the Rothschild network, see the ''Ruth's child'' are the big line when it comes to the ''jews'' (Khazars) those that call themselves jews but are really from the synagogue of Satan.

Before bearing the name Rothschild, this family of Jewish descent went by the family symbol, as did most Jewish families in the days prior to the 16th century or so. Their symbol is the Red Shield, or Seal of Solomon.

A man named Uri Feibesch is the earliest known ancestor in the satanic Rothschild dynasty bloodline. He lived in the early 1500’s in Frankfurt, Germany. Later, the name Bauer was used by this bloodline until Mayer Amschel Bauer decided to adopt Rothschild in the 1700’s.

The Rothschild symbol offers us the first look into the occultism associated with them. Their red shield was a hexagram, which has much occultist background. The hexagram can be traced back to the ancient Mystery Religions, which are a pre-curser to today’s Freemason/Illuminati Luciferian beliefs (see God Worshipped by Freemasons). It’s also been known to represent Saturn. Saturn in turn is known to represent Satan.

Many don’t know this, but Rome was first called Saturnia, the city of Saturn. Occultism relates Saturn as being evil and it was important to Mithraism and Druidism, which are both in turn important to modern-day Illuminati members like the Rothschilds. So, here we see the satanic Rothschild dynasty beginning with them naming themselves after an occult representation of evil and Satan

anyway that's where it all ''began''. at least after their official history.

1st Generation:—

Mayer Amschel, 1744-1812. He had 5 sons and 5 daughters. [sic, 1744; should be 1743 — JR, ed.]

2nd and 3rd Generations:—

These are the 5 sons of Amschel Mayer and their children.

1. Amschel Mayer, Frankfort, 1773-1885. He had no children.

2. Solomon, Vienna, 1774-1885, had 1 son and 1 daughter. The son was Anselm Solomon, 1803-74.

3. Nathan Mayer, London, 1777-1836, had 4 sons and 3 daughters. The 4 sons were:—

Lionel Nathan, 1808-79.

Anthony, 1810-76, Baronet.

Nathaniel, 1812-70.

Mayer Amschel, 1818-1874.

4. Karl Mayer, Naples, 1788-1855, had 3 sons and 2 daughters. The 3 sons were:—

Mayer Karl, 1820-86.

Wilhelm Karl, 1828-1901.

Adolf, 1823-1900. He had no children.

Among the earlier Rothschilds (that is, the three generations following the founder of the House, Amschel Mayer), marriage was generally a business affair, and it was a common practice for males to marry other Rothschilds and for superfluous females to marry where more business might be expected as a result. And so we get this staggering fact from the Jewish Encyclopædia (B, Vol. X, p. 497): “Of 58 marriages contracted by the descendants of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, to date (1905) no less than 29, or exactly one-half, have been between first cousins.”

Betty Rothschild, daughter of Solomon, actually married her uncle, Baron James of Paris, whilst Anselm Rothschild married his niece, the daughter of Nathaniel.
THE founder of the Rothschild financial power was Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812), born in the Frankfort ghetto; his father [Moses Amschel Bauer — JR, ed.] was a banker and sent his son to study for the rabbinate, but the latter was more attracted by the handling of money, and took a post in Oppenheim’s bank at Hanover. In 1760, he started business for himself at Frankfort when only 17 years of age. It is interesting to note that the house in which he lived, which was divided into two parts, was owned, until Amschel purchased it, by the forebears of Jacob Schiff, the Jew who became head of the New York firm of Jew bankers Kuhn Loeb & Co. In fact, Jacob Schiff’s father was broker to the Rothschilds.

At that period, the Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, Frederick II., was one of the richest men in Europe, having made immense sums by hiring out his subjects as mercenaries to serve in the armies of other nations, particularly Britain. These mercenaries were the “Hessian troops” we heard so much about at school. But as Amschel Rothschild never contacted Frederick II. in business matters, he had nothing to do with the arrangements made for the hiring of the Hessians, drunken and useless as they were, to attempt to subdue the Americans in their revolt known as the War of Independence, 1773-83. It is necessary to emphasise this, as the contrary is often stated in anti-Jewish books. It was the firm of Van der Notten in England that handled the financing of that business. But Frederick’s son and heir, William, took an interest in coin-collecting, which Amschel Rothschild cunningly served and so gradually obtained some sort of notice from William. This was the beginning of the association of the Rothschilds with the house of Hesse-Cassel which laid the foundation of the Rothschild Money Power. Worming his way into William’s favour by means of supplying him with rare coins for the latter’s collection, Amschel began to gain William’s interest, although not yet his confidence.

In 1769 when he was only 25 years old, Amschel secured from William the designation of Crown regent to Hesse-Hanau, but this was a mere title without official status, so Amschel found it necessary to cultivate the favour of William’s treasurer Buderus to assist him gradually to overcome the suspicion with which William naturally regarded him. Apart from bill-discounting for William who had succeeded his father as Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel in 1795, a business which had to be shared with many others, no big business for William came into Rothschild’s hands until 1800. William of Hesse-Cassel was now enormously rich by inheritance.

But Amschel had many other irons in the fire, connected with financing and trading in the war-necessities of the countries engaged in the struggle with Napoleon, and by 1800, he was, chiefly through such work, the tenth richest Jew in Frankfort. By this time he had worked himself into the Landgrave’s favour, and in 1803 (during which year William was promoted to the title and powers of Elector) Rothschild acted as middleman in secret for the loan of the Elector’s money to Denmark, and from that time frequently invested large sums for William with handsome commissions and perquisites. Rothschild had a large family to support, of which his five sons were Amschel (whom I shall call Amschel II.), Solomon, Nathan, Karl and James. As is well-known, these five sons ultimately managed branches of the Rothschild business in the principal financial centres of Europe, Amschel II. succeeding his father in Frankfort, Solomon settling in Vienna, Nathan in London, Karl in Naples and James in Paris. At the period with which we are now dealing, the only son to leave the Frankfort ghetto was the most cunning of them all, Nathan, who came to England where he did some very sharp practice connected with monopolising raw material for Manchester’s manufactures, and this when he was only 21 years old. After that, in 1804, he set up business in London and we shall follow his fortunes in Chapter II.

In 1806, Napoleon shattered the Prussians at Jena, and Elector William had to seek safety in flight, leaving his business affairs and treasures to his trusted agents: there is a romantic tale, which must now be “de-bunked,” that before leaving he entrusted everything to Amschel Rothschild; a Jew artist of Frankfort, Moritz Oppenheim, has endeavoured to perpetuate the romance by painting a picture showing the Elector patting Amschel on the shoulder whilst lackeys carry boxes of specie into the latter’s house. Actually, the Rothschilds were only entrusted with four boxes of securities and papers, the bulk of the Elector’s treasure being distributed for hiding elsewhere (A, Vol. I., p. 66). Buderus, the Elector’s treasurer, was still unable to imbue his master with much faith in Rothschild, although eventually the latter was able to give full satisfaction to his exalted client when William returned to Hesse-Cassel in 1812 after Napoleon’s defeat at Leipzig. Rothschild’s success in farming the Elector’s credit under the accommodating eye of Buderus was due to the fact that he was favouring both sides, for he had also wormed his way into the high favour of Napoleon’s representative, Carl von Dalberg, who had been made Prince-Primate of the Confederation of the Rhine and later Grand Duke of Frankfort. “There would appear to have been financial reasons for this relationship, and it no doubt originated in loans granted by Rothschild” (A, Vol. I., p. 69). For example, one such loan was made to Dalberg by Amschel in 1811 to enable him to travel to Paris on the occasion of the baptism of the son of Napoleon and Marie Louise. No wonder, then, that the Jewish Encyclopædia (B, Vol. IV., p. 413) records that Dalberg favoured the complete emancipation of the Jews and actually obtained it for them in return for a cash consideration of 440,000 florins!

Rothschild did not rely merely upon the favour of one of Napoleon’s men; he was also very friendly with Dalberg’s Police Commissioner, a Jew called von Itzstein.

In 1810, Rothschild was powerful enough to make a huge loan of his own money to Denmark.

In 1812, Amschel Rothschild died. It is to be noted that only two of his five sons at this time were settled abroad, namely, Nathan in England, and James who had gone in 1811 to Paris where we shall meet him again in Chapter III. Amschel II. took over his father’s office at Frankfort. He sent his brother Solomon to open offices in Vienna in 1816, and his brother Karl to Naples in 1821. He negotiated immense loans to Austria, Prussia and to France (under Louis XVIII.) and secured for himself and all his brothers titles of Austrian nobility, a development culminating in 1822 in them all becoming Barons of the Austrian Empire. The only brother who did not assume the title was Nathan in England.

It was late in Amschel II.’s life when he became acquainted with Bismarck. In 1851 Amschel II. persistently curried Bismarck’s favour when the latter came to Frankfort as Prussia’s representative. At first these servile overtures were regarded by Bismarck with some amusement, but nevertheless we find him in the same year accepting the use of a residence from Rothschild (A, Vol. II., p. 317) and in 1853 the Rothschilds became Court Bankers to Prussia. From about 1852, the Rothschilds were high in Bismarck’s favour.

so after the logic employed by Jesuits rule the bloodline fanbois, that would mean Bismarck ruled the Rothschilds, they were his court jews!
is of course bollox, whenever you hear the Rothschilds being courtjews, it means they run the finance! and whoever gave them the permission to do so just made the mistake of his life.

This registers the usual change of view by Gentile politicians coming under the pernicious influence of Jewish favours and money power. In 1847 Bismarck had declared he was not in favour of allowing Jews to occupy official positions in a Christian State, the function of which was the realisation of Christian teaching. Yet in 1869 it was under his Chancellorship that Jews were completely emancipated. How much this was due to the Rothschilds and how much to other Jews’ influence, can only be guessed. Bismarck’s most familiar Jew was Baron Gerson von Bleichroder who founded a banking syndicate with the Rothschilds after 1866 and represented that firm in Berlin and Prussia generally.

In the years between, Bleichroder in Berlin and Alphonse Rothschild (James’s son) in Paris were the secret purveyors of news to Bismarck and Napoleon III., being in constant communication. They were thus able to tell Bismarck what they thought he ought to know about Napoleon III., and Napoleon what they thought he ought to know about Bismarck. During the Franco-Prussian War it was in Alphonse Rothschild’s castle at Ferrieres that Bismarck made his headquarters when besieging Paris. The same two Jews, Bleichroder for Prussia and Alphonse Rothschild for France, made the arrangements for the satisfactory payment of the indemnity by the vanquished, which reminds one of the similar situation at Versailles after the Great War when the Jewish bankers Warburg had a member of the family as financial adviser on each side, one for America, one for Germany.

A curious occurence took place at a protest meeting against Hitler’s treatment of the Jews, at the Pavilion Theatre, Whitechapel Road, on 10th December, 1934. An excited Jew speaker, M. Soman, claimed Bismarck as a Jew.

That Bismarck might have had some Jewish blood is not such an absurd proposition after all. Frightened Jews sometimes blurt out the unaccustomed truth. Bismarck’s mother was born a Mencken, a common Jewish name, whilst there is some doubt as to Bismarck’s actual paternity, one author, not remarkable for his general accuracy, believing that Marshal Soult was his real father, Soult being identified as a Jew by Disraeli in Coningsby. Certainly, Bismarck’s son Herbert had none of the healthy Aryan’s repugnance to Jews as he actually proposed to the half-Jewish daughter of Duke Ludwig of Bavaria (My Past, by Countess Larisch, Chapter II.)

C. Spring Rice in a letter written when he was Second Secretary to our Embassy at Berlin in 1897 said that Rothschild’s agent was admitted into the German Foreign Office before the Ambassadors of the Powers (D, letter dated 7th November, 1897). The press, he also said, was almost entirely in Jewish hands.

In 1878, the banker Max von Goldschmidt of Frankfort married William Rothschild’s daughter and changed his name to Goldschmidt-Rothschild.

During the period of Europe’s history in which the first Amschel Rothschild was established at Frankfort, the French Revolution stands out as by far the most important political event; it is now established that it came about under the influence of Freemasonry and the subversive society behind Masonry, known as the Illuminati. Seeing that the Jews obtained emancipation in France only two years after the Revolution, and that the new social order imposed by the Revolution summed up in the catch-cry “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity” was based upon false destructive principles typically Jewish, it is necessary to see what relationship the Rothschilds of the period may have had with regard to the outbreak.

Illuminism penetrated into all the Lodges of Grand Orient Freemasonry in France, being backed by organised cabbalistic Jews. (E.) According to F, Vol. I., p. 184, the Jewish financiers behind the 1789 Revolution were as follows (their dates, places of abode and some other details have been added):—

Daniel Itzig, 1722-1799, Berlin, Court Jew to Frederick William II.
David Friedlander, 1750-1834, Berlin, his son-in-law.
Herz Cerfbeer, 1730-1793, Alsace.
Benjamin Goldsmid, 1755-1808, London, William Pitt’s (the younger) financier.
Abraham Goldsmid, 1756-1810, London, his brother.
Moses Mocatta, 1768-1857, London, partner of a brother of the two Goldsmids, and uncle of Sir Moses Montefiore.

Lady Queenborough’s list also includes V. H. Ephraim, Court Jew to Frederick William I., and to Frederick the Great; but his work was preparatory to the Revolution, and he died 14 years before it came about.

There is absolutely no evidence that I have found to connect the first Amschel Rothschild directly with the 1789 Revolution. He most emphatically was not the alter ego of Frederick, Landgrave of Hesse-Cassel, as has been stated by a certain author, and never had anything to do with that potentate, at whose palace in Wilhelmsbad the notorious Masonic Congress was held in which Illuminism definitely allied itself to Freemasonry, the Landgrave himself being Grand Master of Bavarian Masonry. This was in 1782, and the headquarters of Illuminised Masonry was set up in Frankfort in the same year. But at that time, Amschel Rothschild had no considerable influence even with Frederick’s son, and none at all with the Landgrave himself.

There was, however, an organisation formed at Berlin called the League of Virtue or Tugenbund, which was, in the words of the Special Commissioner of Police at Mayence “so identified with the Illuminati that no line of demarcation was seen between them” (1814, Archives Nationales F 7/6563). The headquarters of the Tugenbund were at the house of a Jewish member of the Illuminati, Herz, friend and pupil of Moses Mendelssohn, the Jewish “intellectual” revolutionary; Herz’s wife, Henrietta, usually presided at the gatherings. Among its adherents were two of Mendelssohn’s daughters, who had two brothers married to members of the family of the Jew Daniel Itzig; Mirabeau, who according to Graetz’s History of the Jews, Vol. V., was more often in Mrs. Herz’s company than her husband, and who introduced Illuminism into France and initiated the Duke of Orleans and Talleyrand into the order (F, Vol. I., p. 374); Fanny von Arnstein, daughter of Daniel Itzig, who ran a similar salon in Vienna; William von Humboldt, who later became Prussian Ambassador in London, and his brother, the explorer Alexander von Humboldt who learned Hebrew from Mrs. Herz. But the most prominent member of the Tugenbund was Frederick von Gentz, a crypto-Jew “intellectual” quite unburdened by any morals, who later became secretary to Prince Metternich, Chancellor of Austria.

We have it on the authority of the Jewish Chronicle, 1st Sept., 1922, that Mrs. Herz herself said that the Tugenbund Jews were ardent supporters of the French Revolution.

Now, although Amschel the first cannot be incriminated as supporting the Illuminati, it is a striking fact that members of his family had the closest relations with some of the above mentioned members of the Tugenbund.

It was von Gentz to whom the Rothschilds owed their later position with Prince Metternich of Austria (A, Vol. II., p. 619), although the first meeting between one of Amschel’s sons and von Gentz did not take place until 1818. It is noteworthy that William von Humboldt’s estates were managed by Amschel Rothschild II. in 1830, whilst as early as 1818 Alexander von Humboldt was, with his brother, in intimate social relationship with Nathan Rothschild in London (A, Vol. I., p. 215). It is simply impossible to believe that the five Rothschild sons were not secretly supporting the Revolutionary cause in France through the first half of the nineteenth century.

Fortunately, however, we have a decisive piece of evidence which puts the matter beyond dispute. It will be noted that Solomon Rothschild was not sent permanently to Vienna until 1816, when he was 42 years of age. Before that, he was assisting his father at Frankfort. Here, at a date not known but previous to 1814 and probably in his father’s lifetime, although that is uncertain, he became a member of a Grand Orient Lodge of Freemasons called L’Aurore Naissante; this is shown in a report of the Director of Police at Graetz. (Reference Les Dessous du Congres de Vienna, by Commandant M. H. Weil, published by Libraire Payot in 1917, which, in turn obtained its data from original documents of the Ministry of Interior, Vienna, the reference being p.p. 419 and 420, Vienna, 6th Nov., 1814, F, 34468 and 3565). This Lodge was later taken over by the United Grand Lodge of England, a curious fact, but one which does not concern us here, since the transfer did not take place until 1817 (History of Freemasonry, by R. F. Gould, Vol. III., p.p. 236/7).

It is also to be noted that the Montefiore family, which is so closely intermarried with the Rothschilds, is also connected by marriage with the Goldsmids whose forebears Benjamin and Abraham are mentioned above as Jew financiers of the French Revolution, and that the sister of another of these, Moses Mocatta, was mother of Sir Moses Montefiore who became jackal to the London Rothschild House.

In 1807, another Tugenbund was formed, apparently with the genuine political object of uniting Germany against Napoleon; Amschel Rothschild had very close relations with it and “the Rothschilds appear to have become members” (A, Vol. I., p. 81). William of Hesse-Cassel was an important member and the Rothschilds acted as go-betweens for his correspondence concerning it and made payments in favour of the Tugenbund.

the rise of the Rothschilds in Germany in pictures(symbolism)


with the RED eye, love for those little details gotta give em that!

also theGerman Chancellor before Merkel was this guy here
Gerhard Schröder

he came to power under the promise of cutting unemployment rate down, considerably. he completley failed. that is if he really tried to do what he promised to the people (he would be one of the few). but maybe he did excately what he was supposed to do and therefor got rewarded by ROTHSCHILD with a position in their empire.

Gerhard Schröder, the former Chancellor of Germany, will from April spearhead NM Rothschild’s expansion in Central and Eastern Europe.

Herr Schröder’s first task as part of the investment bank’s European advisory council will be to evaluate whether to open the bank’s first offices in Romania, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic.

Rothschild also hopes that his contacts with senior politicians will help the bank to secure a large slice of the torrent of privatisation mandates expected in the region.

Herr Schröder will earn an estimated £100,000 and have to attend only six meetings a year but will also be on call in his capacity as an adviser. He will be asked to evaluate opportunities for the bank in Asia, with a view to setting up new offices in countries there.

A spokesman for Rothschild said: “Because of his time in the German Government, Gerhard Schröder has particularly good contacts in some of the Soviet states which have recently joined the EU. He is a public figure and can play an ambassadorial role, which will be very useful to Rothschild. But he will not be involved in transactions or bank-related issues in Germany.”

Herr Schröder left politics last November. The following month he announced he was taking a leading advisory role at Gazprom, the Russian gas company, and would oversee the construction of a pipeline from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea.

He will be in good company on Rothschild’s ten-person European advisory council, which is chaired by Lord George, the former Governor of the Bank of England.

Lord Vallance, the former chairman of British Telecom, and Douglas Daft, a former chairman and chief executive of Coca-Cola, are also on the council at the bank, which has 40 offices in 33 countries and employs about 2,000 staff.

Herr Schröder said of his appointment: “I am delighted to join the European advisory council of Rothschild.

“The bank has a distinguished international reputation, has built leadership positions as an independent adviser in Europe and the Americas and is developing its market share in Asia.”,,13130-2102425,00.html
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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10-07-2008, 01:55 PM
most of the Rothschild empire is hidden because they use frontman and other lower in the hierachy families to do the dirty work for them.

however there some companies/institutions that carry the rothschild name openly, it's what i call the visible net.

2002-2003 Independent Insurance Agents of Indiana "Agency Of The Year"

For more than 50 years, Rothschild Agency has remained dedicated to the very principles on which it was founded: PROFESSIONALISM AND INTEGRITY. For over 50 years we have grown, both in physical size and in the scope of our capabilities. Today, Rothschild Agency, Inc. a full service agency, specializes in providing customized insurance programs and a full array of financial services for a wide variety of businesses, groups/organizations, and individuals.

Organizational Profile

Rothschild Agency, Inc. is an Independent Insurance Agency and Risk Management organization with offices located in Northwest Indiana. Our market area is comprised of the Northern half of Indiana and the Northeastern portion of Illinois, including the Chicago Metropolitan area. Rothschild Agency, Inc. is one of the largest independently owned multiline insurance agencies in the Northwest Indiana marketing territory. Our Property and Casualty premium volume is in excess of $20,000,000 with an additional $10,000,000 that is generated by our Financial Services Division.

Rothschild Agency, Inc. is divided into the following product and support centers

* Commercial Property and Casualty Division - divided into two units to address
the needs of both small and middle size business needs.
* Personal Insurance Division
* Claims Department
* Bonding Department
* Accounting Department
* Employee Benefits and Life Insurance Department

meet the staff

The Rothschild Petersen Patent Model Museum is the largest privately-owned collection of United States patent models in the world.
Containing nearly 4,000 patent models and related documents, the collection spans America's Industrial Revolution. Alan Rothschild eventually hopes to establish a national Patent Model Museum, open to the public. Step inside to discover the wonders of American ingenuity!

David Rothschild Co., Inc.
A Good Corporate Citizen
ROTHSCHILD MIDDLE SCHOOL in Columbus, GA, a Partner-in- Education with David Rothschild Co.since 1989,

The members of David Rothschild Co., since its founding in 1886, have been good corporate citizens, helping to promote the well-being of its community and its citizens.

Interest in promoting public education began early and "runs deep." Rothschild Middle School was named after Maurice Rothschild, who served on the Muscogee County School Board for many years.

David Rothschild II later served on the same School Board for 20 years, and his activities in behalf of education in Columbus continue. He is serving his second terms on the Muscogee County and the Regional Library Boards. At Rothschild Middle School, David Rothschild Co. is the Partner in Education, and David serves on the school's local Advisory Council. The Company financially adds support to the school.

The Company's and family members' community activities are wide ranging, including promoting race relations, a new state-of-the-art regional library, the Columbus Museum and Symphony, and many community service boards. David Rothschild Company is recognized as an important community asset.

The Group established by Edmond de Rothschild and presided over today by his son, Benjamin, is a living reflection of the values and traditions that originated with their ancestor, Mayer Amschel. (sounds like a threat!)

Sweeping changes in the world around us demand a global approach to markets, capital flows and currency rates. Grasping and anticipating these developments is a daunting task requiring shrewd analysis and speedy decision-making, the stuff of highly adaptable individuals equally at home in new technologies and innovative financial vehicles.

To our way of thinking, sophisticated financial techniques, state-of-the-art technologies and international links are all mere tools. However valuable they may be, for us they actually serve a higher ambition - that of nurturing close ties with our clients based on bonds of trust and the utmost confidentiality.

For a world-class organisation such as ours, it is also vitally important to operate branches and affiliates in the major centres flanked by a global network of correspondents. The Benjamin & Edmond de Rothschild Group has strategically located offices in its European homeland and throughout the rest of the world.
(count em!)

The Foundations:

Fondation Edmond de Rothschild
Headquarters : Vaduz.
Incorporated : March 1973.
Purpose : Philanthropic activities of all kinds.
Donations : Annual financial support for all charitable organisations, chiefly in Switzerland.

Fondation Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild
Headquarters : Genève.
Incorporated : December 1982.
Purpose : Philanthropic activities of all kinds.
Donations : Financial support for social welfare projects, chiefly in Geneva.

Mémorial A. de Rothschild pour le développement de l'ophtalmologie
Headquarters : Genève.
Incorporated : May 1982, by amendment of the Articles of Association of the Hôpital ophtalmique Adolphe de Rothschild, Geneva founded in August 1900 and extinguished at end-1978
Purpose : To develop and apply medicine and all the other sciences relating to human health, principally in Geneva and most notably in the field of ophthalmology.
Donations : Since 1983 the Memorial Fund has bought new state-of-the-art equipment each year for the Centre Ophtalmologique A. de Rothschild operated by its alliance partner, the Clinique Générale Beaulieu, in Geneva.
Donations are also made to the Cantonal Hospital and the Geneva Faculty of Medicine.

Fondation de la Vocation (Suisse) Headquarters : Genève.
Incorporated : September 1978.
Purpose : To develop vocational training and encourage private initiative among Switzerland's youth.
Donations : "Vocational Grants" awarded in various areas, mainly in medicine and the paramedical segment.

Edmond de Rothschild Foundation
Headquarters : New York.
Purpose : To provide financial support for philanthropic activities of all kinds, primarily in the United States.
Internet Website:

The Caesarea Edmond Benjamin de Rothschild Foundation
Headquarters : Césarée, Israel.
Incorporated : 1960.
Purpose : To provide financial support for philanthropic activities of all kinds in Israel, especially for the education of young people.
Donations : The Foundation builds schools, extends financial support to schools and universities.
Internet Website:

The Edmond and Nadine de Rothschild Foundation
Headquarters : Tel Aviv, Israel.
Incorporated : 1974.
Purpose : To provide financial support for philanthropic activities of all kinds in Israel.
Donations : Especially in the fields of medicine and education.

Fondation ophtalmologique A. de Rothschild
Headquarters : Paris.
Incorporated : 1905.
Purpose : To build an ophthalmic hospital, later adding ENT, radiology, dermatology and neurosurgery units, providing an overall "head and neck" specialisation.
Internet Website:

Institut de Biologie physico-chimique - Fondation Edmond de Rothschild
Headquarters : Paris.
Incorporated : 1921.
Purpose : To train researchers and provide assistance for university physics and chemistry laboratories.
1931 : Establishment of the world's first molecular biology institute.
Internet Website:

Oeuvre de protection des enfants juifs
Headquarters : Paris.
Incorporated : 1942-1943.
Purpose : The initial goal was to save Jewish children of missing or deported parents during World War II. Nowadays the OPEJ sets up homes for the social welfare of children to help young people in difficulty, the aim being to restore their willingness to find a place in society while rebuilding their family ties.
Donations : As an acknowledged public service organisation, the OPEJ is entitled to receive tax-deductible donations under existing laws.

Chairman's Message:

Our family traditions, the performance of our group, the links it sustains with its clients as well as its staff - in other words our culture - are all dominated by a profound respect for continuity. It was therefore quite normal for all the institutions under the aegis of our family to maintain and deepen their interest in sustainable development.

Growth is at present exceptionally high around the world, driven by forces that are powerful and likely to remain so for a number of years. However it is abundantly clear that this rapid rise in global wealth is matched by the imbalances it is producing. It is equally obvious that any of these imbalances in growth could halt the phenomenon without warning. Now the stock markets have quite legitimately been in excellent health since the Spring of 2003, but we must remember that one of their inherent functions is to anticipate economic and financial trends, so they might at any time become worried by the threats these imbalances represent, and reverse the trend even before such a move is justified by the facts. It is the job of our group to handle the enigmatic changes in the financial markets in the best way possible, in the interests of the investors who rely upon us. It is the intention of my family to help reduce some of the serious imbalances that are capable of compromising sustainable development.

For is not our ultimate duty to safeguard, against all comers, that which remains our most valuable asset: the Earth? It is for this reason that we have decided to focus our efforts on maintaining the natural heritage and ecological equilibrium of our planet by supporting the International Polar Foundation. The earth's polar regions are not only the living memory of past climate, and key indicators of the current phase of global warming; but they also play a crucial role in the worldwide machinery of climate. The Foundation has a dual function: scientific and educational. Its objectives are to study, understand and explain the phenomena observed at the poles in order that our attitudes to development become more responsible. I have a profound conviction - strengthened every time I encounter Gitanas, those ecological marine "Formula Ones" - that our dreams of technology, development and progress can be fully realised in a natural world receiving absolute respect.

Indeed I am continually amazed by the fuss that surrounds "socially responsible investment". Is it really necessary to set up socially responsible funds or SRI indices? Rothschild's 250-year-old motto, Concordia, Integritas, Industria, could also be that of SRI. However I prefer it to be a natural, not index-related maxim, in its application to every routine action, as it perpetuates respect for our clients, for work and for our staff. I think it can lead to the demands of financial rigour being combined harmoniously with those of social responsibility. Why should there be only sharks in the world of finance, and no dolphins, which to my mind are so much more efficient?

So it is possible to take the view that economic, financial and technological development, and ecological and social concerns are not opposites, as some would have us believe, but on the contrary provide mutual support. After all, rapid and sustainable development is not possible unless all the factors in the equilibrium of our planet are preserved; there can be no medium-term growth in stock markets without economic development; efficient financial management is impossible without investment in shares.

By the same token, my family reconciles the objectives of our disinterested actions with the interests of our group's clients. We therefore have to take into account this new world situation in which a North-South axis must respond to a West-East equilibrium. In fact as representatives of the far West, we look with admiration at these far-East nations proceeding at a rapid pace into that future that we shall have to share on our precious planet. These economic and demographic advances compromise even further the protection of our natural and social environment. Conserving this, in my view, is one of the major challenges of the new century.

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild.

A Passion for Creating
Enjoying wine is certainly the least selfish of pleasures, and establishing a vineyard is equally ill-suited to a retiring or solitary person. When I decided to restore Château Clarke, in the heart of Médoc, my idea was to throw open the gates of this sizeable estate so that everyone could discover my passion for wine.

Wine is a living substance, and every step of its development reflects the rich complexities of life: the riot of organisms at work in the vineyard; the quickening of fermentation; the teeming minds of the vintner and his staff. I wanted to acquaint you with all these stages and let you sense their quiet vitality.

The essential feature of life is continuity, the unbroken chain of operations which ends when a Bordeaux we have so patiently nurtured delights your palate at last.

Reviving a vineyard demands much time and effort. When you taste my wines, you will understand the pride I feel in having re-established a great estate and in seeing you experience its modern facilities, where new enhancements are being found each year for the wines we bring forth from the earth.

they also have a link to the so called Gitana Team. Gitana because of Baroness Adolphe de Rothschild's nickname - “la Gitane”
and the number of the boat? 13

just one of those endless little jokes/symbolism they incorporate into everything they do, be it name, number or otherwise..
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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THE SOUTH AFRICA COMPANY.; Directors May Be Changed -- Alfred do Rothschild a Candidate.

To this day, N.M. Rothschild & Sons of London still lists as its primary business the selling and buying of treasuries and gold bullion. N.M. Rothschild helps fix the price of gold in London each day through the LBMA. A recent London Times articles explained that the gold price fix ceremony where five men (including a Rothschild) talk on their phones for 10 minutes, then lower tiny Union Jacks sitting on their desks, thereby fixing London's gold price each day. This ceremony takes place at 10:30 a.m. and 3 p.m., like clockwork, the same way, in the same place, and with mostly the same firms participating since the first gold fixing was enacted at Rothschild in St. Swithin's Lane on Friday Sept. 12, 1919. The company's name is also associated with many gold mining companies (e.g. Trillion Resources Ltd. and other Canadian mining companies).

The French House (Baron Edmond de Rothschild

The French House, which was most recently headed by the Baron Edmond de Rothschild, was the most powerful private merchanting banking arm and the richest of all the Rothschilds and ran the Compaigne Fincanciere, a world wide organization which builds villas, hotels, pipelines, and finances other banks. Rothschild Freres, run by cousing Baron Guy Eduoard, was the largest private bank in France. The French House also controlled mining companies ( De Beers and gold mines in South Africa ) , metal plants ( Rio Tinto ), oil interests ( Royal Dutch Shell ) , and chemical industries (Morton, 1962). The Baron was estimated to be the richest Rothschild and probably the most multiple millionaire/billionaire in Europe. That wealth is now passed on to his son, in Rothschild tradition always to the males, Benjamin ( 34 years of age ) . Edmonds cousin Baron Guy Eduoard was director of the Bank of France. Baron Guy, who owned the Compagnie du Nord railway network in France, was known to use participants to join in ventures serving as initiator and packager as well as guarantor with very deep pockets of cash.

Accounting for the Rothschild Wealth and Influence Morton (1962) noted that the Rothschild wealth was estimated at over $6 billion US in 1850. Not a significant amount in today's dollars; however, consider the potential future value compounded over 147 years!

Taking $6 billion (and assuming no erosion of the wealth base) and compounding that figure at various returns on investment (a conservative range of 4% to 8%) would suggest the following net worth of the Rothschild family enterprise:

$1.9 trillion US (@ 4%)
$7.8 trillion US (@ 5%)
$31.5 trillion US (@ 6%)
$125,189.1 trillion US (@ 7%)
$491,409.0 trillion US (@ 8%)

To give these figures some perspective consider these benchmarks:

A little of $300 billion US buys every ounce of gold in every central bank in the world (see John Kutyn's estimate (
U.S. M3 money supply August 1997 was $5.2 trillion
U.S. debt is currently $5.4 trillion.
U.S. GDP (1997; 2nd Q.) is $8.03 trillion.
George Soros' empire is worth an estimated $20 billion.
10-07-2008, 05:59 PM
( diamonds are blood diamonds

Diamonds play a key role in the implementation of the New World Order. These overpriced pieces of see through hardened carbon are - together with gold - the most popular currency in which drug producers in Latin America, Afghanistan, Burma and China are paid by the international drug franchise monopoly run by the ruling crime families of Queen Elizabeth II and Jacob Rothschild. The popularity of diamonds as a currency in the drug trade stems from the fact that they are the tradable commodity with the highest value compared to volume and weight. Drug producers don't appreciate secret bank accounts in Switzerland and they don't like getting paid in currencies that can be easily forged.
The world-wide diamond market is controlled by Rothschild owned South African diamond miner De Beers and Russian born Israeli Lev Leviev. The duopoly keeps the prices of diamonds artificially inflated by a combination of clever demand creation ('diamonds are a girl's best friend') and restrictive supply.
The international campaign against so-called blood diamonds is solely about keeping the supply of raw diamonds down and prices up. The campaign, that has strong support from Jewish dominated Hollywood, ignores - for obvious reasons - the fact that all diamonds are blood diamonds. The way most diamonds are mined is by having unpaid or forced laborers dig them out of the dirt. To prevent those laborers from swallowing parts of their finds they are surrounded by armed guards, who shoot them on the spot if one of their hands comes too close to their mouth.
The profits made with diamonds are huge, all the way up the Jewish dominated 'value chain'. A diamond that costs 10 USD to dig out of the dirt, will costs 100 USD to the diamond cutter, 1,000 USD to the jeweler, and 10,000 USD to the end customers. The profits from this scam often end up in the donations accounts of Jewish lobby groups, their political puppets and countless Israeli organisations. Lev Leviev for example is known to be the biggest sponsor of illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the Rothschilds are known to be the biggest sponsors of the rogue Jews-only entity overall. But there are also the diamond cutters and wholesalers who are almost exclusively Jewish. They too donate for all sorts of pro-Israel causes, thus financing and prolonging the continued genocide on the Palestinian people.
Campaigning against diamonds is an important tool in the fight against the New World Order. It hurts its main source of income, illegal drugs, by devaluing one of its preferred currencies, and reduces the donations available to one of its key promoters, the Zionist crime network.

Related Articles:
The Marketing of Diamonds (
All Diamonds Are Blood Diamonds (

10-07-2008, 07:29 PM
good info ES, thx for that ;)

some quotes from rothschilds and about them.

Professor Stuart Crane:
“If you look back at every war in will see that they
always ended with the establishment of a balance of power. With
every reshuffling there was a balance of power in a new grouping
around the House of Rothschild in England, France, or Austria. They
grouped nations so that if any king got out of line, a war would break
out and the war would be decided by which way the financing went.
Researching the debt positions of the warring nations will usually
indicate who was being punished.”

“Throughout all Europe, and by means of relations with Europe, in
other continents also, we must create ferments, discords and hostility.
Therein we gain a double advantage. In the first place we keep in
check all countries, for they well know that we have the power
whenever we like to create disorders or to restore order . . . . In the
second place, by our intrigues we shall tangle up all the threads
which we have stretched into the cabinets of all states by means of
politics, by economic treaties, or loan obligations. In order to
succeed in this we must use great cunning and penetration during
negotiations and agreements, but, as regards what is called the
‘official language’ we shall keep to the opposite tactics and assume
the mask of honesty and compliancy . . . . We must be in a position to
respond to every act of opposition by war with the neighbours of that
country which dares to oppose us: but if these neighbours should
also venture to stand collectively against us, then we must offer
resistance by a universal war.” (Protocol 7)
(not proven to be from a rothschild of course. but i thought it fits nicely with the quote from Prof. Crane)

Fraternity and endogamy. The House of Rothschild
by Adam Kuper
Department of Human Sciences, Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex UB3 3PH, UK

From its late eighteenth century beginnings until the early twentieth century, the House of Rothschild was the greatest of the European banks. Its success was due not only to the financial skills of the partners but also to their innovative strategies in the sphere of kinship and marriage. The structure of the bank was dependent on the family's unique rules of succession and marriage. It was organised into five branches, each in a different country, originally directed by one of the five sons of the founder, Mayer Amschel. The branches were linked by ties of fraternity, reinforced by repeated endogamous marriages. These marriages were normally contracted between the children of partners. Given the rule, established by Mayer Amschel, that only the founder's sons and, later, their sons and sons sons could become partners, the most common pattern was for a man to marry his father's brother's daughter.

This essay is based on Niall Ferguson's monumental two-volume work The House of Rothschild (Volume 1, Money's Prophets, 1798–1848; Volume 2, The World's Banker, 1849–1999, published respectively in 1998 and 1999). This is the first study of the Rothschilds by a professional historian to be based on free access to the Rothschild Archive in London.

“Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes her laws”
- Mayer Amschel Rothschild

As long as a house is like yours, and as long as you work together with your brothers, not a house in the world will be able to compete with you, to cause you harm or to take advantage of you, for together you can undertake and perform more than any house in the world.
- Nathan Meyer Rothschild

We are like the mechanism of a watch: each part is essential.
- Nathan Meyer Rothschild

"It was the best business I have ever done.
- Nathan Rothschild, on how he manipulated the London Stock Exchange by lying about Napoleon’s defeat at Waterloo

I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man that controls Britain's money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply."
- Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild

"Nathan Rothschild was able to brag later chat in the 17 years he had been in England he had increased his original 20,000 pounds stake given to him by his father by 2,500 times, i.e. to 50,000,000—a truly vast sum at that time, comparable in purchasing power to billions of U.S. dollars today."
- Texe Marrs

Morgan's activities in 1895-1896 in selling U.S. gold bonds in Europe were based on his alliance with the House of Rothschild."
- Gabriel Kolko

The possibilities are obvious that a major portion of the wealth and power of the Morgan firm was, and always had been, merely the wealth and power of the Rothschilds who had raised it up in the beginning and who sustained it through its entire existence."
- G. Edward Griffin

Rockefeller and Morgan used Rothschild money to "build vast empires which controlled banking, business, oil, steel, etc., and ran the United States economy in the way the Oppenheimers do in South Africa."
- David Icke

"The "Supreme World Council" is already set up as a prototype of the one that will rule when the NWO comes into being. It meets on a regular basis to discuss finances, direction, policy, etc. and to problem-solve difficulties that come up. Once again, these leaders are heads in the financial world, OLD banking money. The Rothschild family in England, and in France, have ruling seats. A descendant of the Hapsburg dynasty has a generational seat. A descendant of the ruling families of England and France have a generational seat. The Rockefeller family in the US holds a seat."
- Svali
10-07-2008, 08:04 PM
Joan Rothschild

John D Rockefeller

The both look similar around the face and eyes. Any chance they could be related?
10-07-2008, 08:27 PM
Rothschild's new Israeli Supereme Court in Jerusalem
10-07-2008, 08:40 PM
Joan Rothschild

John D Rockefeller

The both look similar around the face and eyes. Any chance they could be related?

they do look similar :eek: nice spotting i've never noticed that myself...

some researchers say the Mother of the first rockefeller was a rothschild and therfor the whole rockefeller clan is a subline of the rothschilds.
this would make sense in face of the fact that the rockefeller imperium was build upon rothschild money. much like the sasoons.
however i've yet to come across concrete evidence that rockefellers are indeed offsprings of the rothschilds.
10-07-2008, 08:52 PM
Rothschild's new Israeli Supereme Court in Jerusalem

yes very interesting building.

The Rothschilds picked the plot of land they selected the architects and hardly anyone really knows how much the building did cost.
It took them four years to build the bugger..

some background info:
The Engineers who were chosen for this job by the Rothschilds were the grandson and granddaughter of Ben-Zion Guine from Turkey who worked for Baron Rothschild, Ram Kurmi, born in Jerusalem in 1931, and Ada Karmi-Melanede born in Tel-Aviv in 1936.
It was important to the builder to have everything done according to the correct numbers. There were 1,000 sheets of plans, 1,200 cement posts; they worked on the building for 3 years or 750 days. 20 workers each day, for 200,000 workdays, 250,000 building stones, each hand placed.

when you enter the building you'll find a interesting picture..
From the left you will see Teddy Kollek, then Lord Rothschild, on the right standing Shimon Peres and sitting at the bottom left Yhzhak Rabin..
god knows who the rest is..

building features an obelisk in the garden

board pointing to the garden

map of Jerusalem,
you can see that the Supreme Court Building and the Knesset are connected with one straight line..
and at a 90% angle to that line half way is a Ley-line that runs perpendicular. That line runs straight down the middle of a street known as Ben Yehuda.
Then a there is a line on to the Rockefeller Museum; and from the Rockefeller Museum a line runs through the Moslem Quarters to the Temple Mount.

The Major Brotherhood buildings in every big city are aligned with each other and often placed on vortex points wich are connected through ley-lines.
also known under the term ''Dragon Lines'' (the earths energy grid).
Energy is constantly coming in/out and flowing through this planet, so if you control a vortex point you therefor are able to influence the whole grid, to an extend.
now imagine what happens to the Earth's overall vibe if all the vortex points are controlled(wich they are) by the same force..
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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if you get a chance watch the movie house of rothschild (1934).

Can't wait to see it.

Found this link @ Icke's site. Take a step into "you've got to be kidding me!"
"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." - Will Durant

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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Im not sure what this is like,I haven't read it yet.

The Satanic Rothschild Dynasty Financial Wizzards and Wealthy Cults

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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Can't wait to see it.

Found this link @ Icke's site. Take a step into "you've got to be kidding me!"

Joan Rothschild, author, educator, lecturer, is best known as a founder of the field now known as “gender and technology.” Following publication of her ground-breaking Machina Ex Dea: Feminist Perspectives on Technology in 1983, she authored Teaching Technology from a Feminist Perspective, (1988) guest edited Technology and Feminism, special issue of Research in Philosophy and Technology (1993); and author-edited Design and Feminism: Re-Visioning Spaces, Places, and Everyday Things (1999). She is professor emerita at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and research associate at the Center for Human Environments, The City University of New York Graduate Center.

The Dream of the Perfect Child provides a cultural critique of bioethics and attitudes toward reproduction technologies and the disabled

Published in 2005 by Indiana University Press, The Dream of the Perfect Child is the culmination of over 15 years of research on the topic. It is the first book to put current practices of prenatal diagnosis into historical, cultural, and ideological contexts. Tracing its roots from Enlightenment thought through the biological discoveries of the 19th and 20th centuries, The Dream of the Perfect Child shows how the revolution in genetics and the development of sophisticated technologies have refashioned the quest for human perfectibility into the dream of the perfect child. But the dream hides a nightmare and is an illusion. In the privacy of the doctor's office, decisions made by parents and medical professionals reflect deep-seated fears of bearing a child with birth defects. “Healthy” is conflated with “perfect,” and the discourse of the perfect child is born. Having effects far beyond the patient-doctor setting, individual decisions aggregate to certify acceptable fetuses and to label and reject those who are unwanted. These decisions become collective judgments against the imperfect.

The book faults mainstream bioethics for failing to raise relevant questions. Calling on counter-voices from medicine, pregnant women, people with disabilities, and from feminist ethics, The Dream of the Perfect Child reexamines cultural and ideological mindsets. The aim is to enlist technology and science to transform the dream – the dream that every child be born healthy and wanted in all its uniqueness and diversity.


Prenatal Diagnosis?!?!?!?!?!


Truth is far scarier than fiction.  This was exactly the agendo of American eugenecists in the 1920s and Hitler's love of it described in Mein Kampf.  Rothschilds and Rockefellers love to justify mass depopulation and genocide.
All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order
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The Dream of the Perfect Child reexamines cultural and ideological mindsets. The aim is to enlist technology and science to transform the dream – the dream that every child be born healthy and wanted in all its uniqueness and diversity.[/i]
Prenatal Diagnosis?!?!?!?!?!
Truth is far scarier than fiction.  This was exactly the agendo of American eugenecists in the 1920s and Hitler's love of it described in Mein Kampf.  Rothschilds and Rockefellers love to justify mass depopulation and genocide.
Yeah, creepy enough that if he were still alive, they could make another Boris Karloff movie.
"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within." - Will Durant


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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order?
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Uh, I vote to call this one of the scarier threads on PP forum...

No wonder I always have a headache.

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order?
« Reply #37 on: April 01, 2009, 09:25:47 am »

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order?
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Ye Must Be Born Again!

True Salvation & the TRUE Gospel/Good News!

how to avoid censorship ;)

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Re: Who are the members of the New World Order?
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have any of you spent much time studying the freemasons, and their role in the new world order concept.  i have some real life exoperience with it on some very high levels