ALERT>> Spy satellite Nuke Threat? National Reconnaissance Office EXPOSED!!!

Author Topic: ALERT>> Spy satellite Nuke Threat? National Reconnaissance Office EXPOSED!!!  (Read 151125 times)

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Re: ALERT>> Spy satellite Nuke Threat? National Reconnaissance Office EXPOSED!!!
« Reply #280 on: February 21, 2008, 12:57:33 AM »
Actually, take my last post, scratch that and reverse it.

Using HAARP they could actually very specifically target any fallout to a certain location by controlling the winds using the ionosphere -- with a very large coverage radius mind you, but still concentrated to one area.

well this of course would be more of a test of the system to see if they can control radiation/toxic fallout clouds.

this again smells of a bottomless pit of funding for ghost threats to bankrupt our economy.

kind of like 9/11 ajnd then the jump in defense spending for ghost threats.

kind of like what we did to USSR to destroy her.

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Re: ALERT>> Spy satellite Nuke Threat? National Reconnaissance Office EXPOSED!!!
« Reply #281 on: February 21, 2008, 12:57:55 AM »
they are currently on specific wargame drills.

i do not understand, you think that over 100 agencies actively conducting ratiation wargame/standby active for 40 days of 1,000 lbs of Thorazine or Plutonium or nothing (how would you know?) is just a normal thing?

Were the 22 wargames on 9/11 normal?

now you are getting to the point of being somewhat confusing

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Re: ALERT>> Spy satellite Nuke Threat? National Reconnaissance Office EXPOSED!!!
« Reply #282 on: February 25, 2008, 08:11:25 AM »
It's a hit, and yet it's still at 240Km and 7.5Km/s? Oh man that thing is going to fly over my country...
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Re: ALERT>> Spy satellite Nuke Threat? National Reconnaissance Office EXPOSED!!!
« Reply #283 on: September 23, 2008, 12:34:10 PM »

from one death cult to another - Aum Shinrikyo

Hideo Murai, the late Aum Shinrikyo science and technology minister, was one of the most intelligent Japanese who ever lived, with an IQ higher than Einstein's. He studied astrophysics, concentrating on X-ray detection. His field, it turns out, was the key to developing new types of weapons more powerful than nuclear bombs, which are still being developed and tested by Japan's military-industrial complex after his death. Murai's most outrageous claim was that Kobe was destroyed with laser-powered seismic weapons -- a claim many in the media scoffed. But a closer look at Murai's own research in Kobe shows that the possibility should not be discounted.

Info about Electromagnetic Weapon

The Russians have spacecraft called "COSMOSPHERES", which were originally built and used for "Starwars" defense. They are spherical in shape, INvisible to radar beyond about 50 miles away, atomic-powered [possibly Migma fUsion], electro-gravitic (can hover against gravity), and equipped with "Psycho-energetic Range Finding" (PRF) which tunes-in to the actual atomic signature of an object or target.

The 3rd-generation JUMBO Cosmospheres occupy more volume than the Hindenburg blimp, and are ELECTRO-MAGNETICALLY PROPELLED (can accelerate continuously and rapidly, and make it to Saturn in three WEEKS!). [Many of them are armed with charged-particle beam weapons, neutron beam weapons, and/or microwave brain-scrambling equipment!] - source



In other developments, video of small white orbs filmed near Italian chemtrails have been identified as advanced robot drones originally developed by the Italian military's 'Project Cipher'. The program, says Vincent, was sold to the US military after funding ran out in the Seventies. - Rense

In the Eye of the Galaxy

Few people around the world suspect the existence of electromagnetic weapons, and most would probably disbelieve the power, accuracy and variety of these weapons. Even the scientists and engineers at the center of the world's most powerful electronics-producing nation -- Japan -- were stunned to discover that long-range EM weapons with global reached were being secretly deployed by the superpowers. It happened by sheer accident, in February 1987.

GINGA satellite

The Japanese satellite called Ginga, or Galaxy, was launched that month in a high orbit, searching the skies for X-ray emissions from distant stars. But it also had another, secret mission -- to detect gamma radiation from Chinese underground nuclear weapons explosions at the Lop Nor test site and Soviet nuclear tests in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan. Such military intelligence was crucial because trans-continental air currents would carry fallout from leakage from Central Asian tests sites directly over the Japanese archipelago -- an environmental and public health nightmare.

When Ginga crossed the Equator in early June, it picked up massive staccato bursts of gamma rays, at twice the frequency of stellar sources. Astronomers linked to ground control at the Institute of Space and Astronautical Science wondered if they had found some sort of mutant quasar, but the data did not come close to any known source. Then, they realized the gamma ray discharges had come from below Ginga -- but below it there was just a vast body of water, far from any nuclear plant, cyclotron or test site. They contacted NASA, which ran a computer check on satellite orbits.

NASA replied that the probable source was a Russian spacecraft, Japanese scientists came to the chilling realization that another satellite in lower orbit was irradiating the ionosphere. Each time Ginga overflew the path of Cosmos 1900-- a craft that the Soviets claimed was an oceanic observation satellite -- the readings were the same: massive bursts of radioactivity. Accidental leakage? Not likely because Cosmos had not been launched until 10 months after Ginga, in December 1987. Therefore, Ginga had detected radiation-seeding by a predecessor satellite that burned on reentry, which was soon replaced by Cosmos. The Soviets were using a series of satellites to deliberately irradiate the Van Allen belts of the upper atmosphere. But why?
Cosmos 1900 satellite

Ring over the Equator

What satellite Ginga stumbled upon was an electromagnetic "mirror," a ionized reflector for transmission of low-frequency beams, which was a part of the Russian EMW arsenal. The electromagnetic technology has been used to alter the climate in the Northern Hemisphere to lessen the economic cost of Russia's severe winters. It is also used for advanced global communications, for anti-missile defenses and to induce earthquakes. In other words, it is extremely sophisticated and dangerous technology, wide open for abuse in the wrong hands. A similar system was patented by Bernard Eastlund, former chief of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, which forms the core of the U.S. Navy's HAARP program in Alaska. (V2, the companion article provides an overview on this technology.)

If this artificially ionized belt acts like a mirror, then electromagnetic waves sent from ground stations in the Southern Hemisphere would be reflected back to a roughly equal longitude and a roughly equidistant latitude in the Northern Hemisphere, and vice versa. For example, to change the weather patterns on the steppes of Kazaldistan (Nikita Khruschev's hare-brained scheme was to grow wheat there; after initial failures, it is now one of the world's top breadbaskets, thanks to milder weather), one would have to place a EM transmitter in the vicinity of French-controlled Kerguelen Island, south of the Indian Ocean.

The ability to focus the EM waves, however, is the most technically difficult problem, which can be solved by using two intersecting beams of scalar energy to create an interference pattern, that is, a third standing wave. This standing wave could be applied in different formats to create various electromagnetic effects or to ionize the atmospheric gases to create deadly plasma. This would account for a diversity of shapes and light effects, that is, UFOs, seen by many thousands of observers around the world that cannot be attributed to passing planes and other physical objects. STARWARS & THE FINAL WAR
Haarp Subject: Secret Government Research,    The battle for Aum Shinrikyo
   Earthquake Inducing Electromagnetic Weapons Used at Kobe?
   TESLA DOOM WEAPONS & AUM SHINRIKYO    Ginga satellite    Fire From The Sky

Cosmos 1900 had nuclear reactor onboard? cover story?
Cosmos 1900 Nation: USSR. Program: RORSAT. Mass: 3,800 kg. Class: Surveillance. Type: Naval Radarsat. Spacecraft: US-A. Agency: MO SSSR. Perigee: 696 km. Apogee: 735 km. Inclination: 66.1 deg. Period: 99.1 min. COSPAR: 1987-101A. USAF Sat Cat: 18665. source

The Lincoln Laboratory's Haystack radar system near Boston supported a NASA research in charaterizing the size of space debris. They detected that the Cosmos 1900 spacecraft, is leaking coolant (sodium potassium) from its nuclear power source. Cosmos 1900, a Radar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite using a nuclear reactor to power its surveillance equipment, was launched in december 1987, but suffered a boost problem that left it in a lower than planned orbit. One year later the satellite was turned off and transferred to a higher orbit. source
   In April 1988 the Soviet radar reconnaissance satellite Cosmos 1900 failed to separate and boost the reactor core into a storage orbit. This failure of the basic system raised the possibility that the reactor could re-enter the Earth's atmosphere some time in late summer or early fall. The Soviet Union announced that the satellite was equipped with both a basic system for radiological protection and a redundant system. The redundant system apparently succeeded in separating the nuclear core of Cosmos-1900 on Sept. 30 at which time the reactor core was boosted into a "stable" storage orbit at about 720 km altitude. The intended storage orbit, however, was to have been at more than 800 km altitude. - source

EPA's Response to the Reentry of Cosmos Satellites    Information Notice No. 88-71: POSSIBLE ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECT OF THE REENTRY OF COSMOS 1900 AND REQUEST FOR COLLECTION OF LICENSEE RADIOACTIVITY MEASUREMENTS ATTRIBUTED TO THAT EVENT    Space Nulear Accidents lecture PDF    The wrong stuff: Nukes in space

Satellite defense shield patent acknowledges EM / kinetic weapons

Several systems are known which are used to cripple or destroy orbiting satellites or other space vehicles. These systems may be ground based or space based. Typical systems used for destroying satellites include kinetic energy weapons delivered by anti-satellites; directed energy weapons such as high energy lasers, neutral particle beams, high-powered microwave radiation, and other nuclear radiations; and broad-area electromagnetic pulses. Before the satellite can be destroyed, however, it must be detected in space, and the weapon must be aimed such that the destructive force will intercept the path of the satellite. This invention relates to a device which makes it difficult or impossible to locate and track the satellite. When the word "satellite" is used in this specification, other space based mechanisms and vehicles are considered to be within the realm of the invention.

To destroy a satellite, the weapon operator must aim his weapon either to lead the satellite such that the energy beam (or the like) and target arrive at the same location at the same time, or the weapon must be able to track the satellite's location. Should the aim of the gunner be off, in the case of an unguided projectile, the gunner will miss the target. In the case of a guided projectile, the target position, velocity and acceleration information must be accurate enough to enable the projectile to come near enough to its target to be effective. If the input data is inaccurate or too late, the operator will not be able to make the appropriate corrective actions, and the weapon will miss. Cryptome
Is Electro-Magnetic Warfare a satellite based project?

Manipulating the planet from the outside in?

HAARP, China, Russia And The Moon

HAARP / Environmental control / TESLA / Chemtrails
Big Brothers worldwide digital 3D remote sensing
"Space itself will become a theater of war, as nations gain access to space capabilities and come to rely on them; further, the distinction between military and commercial space Systems combatants and noncombatants will become blurred."

'Rebuilding Americas Defences' -
The Project for the New American Century

All eyes are opened, or opening, to the rights of man. The general spread of the light of science has already laid open to every view the palpable truth, that the mass of mankind has not been born with saddles on their backs, nor a favored few booted and spurred, ready to ride them legitimately