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Steps of Freemasonry

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From a masonic website

same steps of degrees only different layout

Agrees with Fritz Springmeier's book

This one also from Fritz deals with the Illuminati

The Witchcraft degrees on the Illuminati pyramid are completely wrong.


--- Quote from: nike on February 07, 2008, 11:41:35 PM ---The Witchcraft degrees on the Illuminati pyramid are completely wrong.

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Most Wiccan or Witchcraft traditions have a three degree system.  This originates from Freemasonry and in fact the first degree in Wicca has many parts that are almost word for word.  The symbols for the three degrees are found in this image.

First degree is the triangle alone.  Receiving the first degree in Wicca makes you as Stewart Farrar said in his book What Witches Do a "rank and file witch."  It means you have demonstrated a sincere desire to enter the "Craft" (another term taken from the Masons) and continue studies in more depth.  Those who receive the second degree may call themselves High Priestess or High Priest and have the responsibility to train and initiate others and subsequently start their own coven.  Their symbol is the pentacle alone.  The  last degree is the third degree, which involves the Great Rite or ritual sexual union.  The symbol for third degree are the triangle and pentacle combined.  At the third degree the High Priest/ess only answers to the Gods and is completely autonomous from the parent coven.  When a High Priestess has three covens hive off from her own she can take on the title Witch Queen if she chooses.

I have never heard anyone call a third degree a Master Witch because in traditional Wicca the High Priestess is the leader of the coven.   Since Wiccans begin training in learning magic and ritual I don't understand the second degree on your diagram knowing "spells and some secrets"  Spells are those things they do on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.   

I'm always amused by what I see on some diagrams that people assume what witchcraft does.  It's usually way off. 

A coven being 12 witches, then, there is the one above several covens, all the way up the chain of command allegedly to the Queen, but more likely the black pope.


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