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Re: Vladimir Putin
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this is good ... sorry ladies ...

Macho Putin in Driver’s Seat as He Takes Oliver Stone for a Ride
by Jake Rudnitsky
, Ilya Arkhipov
, and Henry Meyer
June 6, 2017, 5:00 AM PDT June 6, 2017, 5:54 AM PDT

Putin says he’s ‘not a woman, so I don’t have bad days’

President Vladimir Putin behind the wheel as filmmaker Oliver Stone quizzes him on the fugitive Edward Snowden in a scene from his new documentary on the Russian leader.
While Putin expounds on favorite subjects including U.S. geopolitical overreach, he’s also shown staring stone-faced at the classic Cold War doomsday satire Dr. Strangelove. He explained that he never has an off day as president because he’s a man.

“I am not a woman, so I don’t have bad days,” he tells Stone while giving a tour of the Kremlin’s gilded throne room. “I am not trying to insult anyone. That’s just the nature of things. There are certain natural cycles.”

“As of today a missile shield would not protect the territory of the United States,” he tells Stone after the director points out that it was U.S. Independence Day. “Nobody would survive” a war between nuclear superpowers, he said.
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Re: Vladimir Putin
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Pigeon SALUTES Putin!
Gather before me, darkness of the abyss!