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Re: Ready for Hilldog
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Hillary Clinton Wanted to Craft Voodoo Dolls of Congress, Media
Hillary reveals her fascination with the occult yet again
Jamie White | -  September 12, 2017

Failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton flirted with the idea of making voodoo dolls of certain members of Congress and the media in response to her email server scandal, according to her new book.

The constant media coverage of her use of a secret email server frustrated Clinton because she insisted she “acted in good faith” – despite multiple attempts to cover up her activity – and eventually admitted to making a mistake.

“It was like quicksand: the more you struggle, the deeper you sink. At times, I thought I must be going crazy. Other times I was sure it was the world that had gone nuts,” Clinton wrote.

“Sometimes I snapped at my staff. I was tempted to make voodoo dolls of certain members of the press and Congress and stick them full of pins. Mostly, I was furious at myself.”

The odd remark highlights Clinton’s penchant for the occult and voodoo, which were documented on numerous occasions, including rituals she performed in the White House while First Lady as revealed in the journalist Bob Woodward’s 1996 book The Choice.

Long-time Clinton insider Larry Nichols also revealed that Hillary regularly attended a Witch coven in California during the 1990s.
Clinton And Bush Join Forces For Haiti Relief

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Re: Ready for Hilldog
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Voodoo Doll

... you know, come to think of it, Hilldog DOES
have that zombie look of the VooDoo Queen:

Voodoo Children

Haitian Voodoo Ceremony

Inside Nigerian Voodoo Shrine
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Let it loose; it will defend itself."