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Date: Wednesday, 30 January 2008, 3:35 p.m.

        Ken explains why he believes so.

        Reminded me of Stan`s dream-vision..


        UFO Sky Shows Increasing
        Project Blue Beam Unfolding -as Planned

        By Ken Adachi
        January 26, 2008

        UFO Sky Shows Increasing; Project Blue Beam Unfolding -as Planned (Jan. 26, 2008)

        I wrote the comments seen below earlier this morning as part of my response to a lady who had written to be about the Henry Paulson hologram story. I used the example of the Stephenville, Texas UFO sighting on January illustrate how the media is 'playing us' to buy into the Aliens Are Coming! scenario which I've written about in the past on a number of occasions. Tonight, I took a look at and saw the Youtube video clip seen at the bottom of the page of an armada of UFOs flying high over Peru. Those ships may have been real or they may have been a hologram. If you study the video clip embedded with the Paulson story mentioned above, you will see just how convincing a hologram can appear.

        Even more interesting were these remarks posted under the Peru video from one party who identified himself as "Ashtar Command Radio" :

        ( )

        "AshtarCommandRadio (1 day ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
        2008 has already begun as massive UFO sightings will increase now throughout the year into 2009. This is to prepare Humnity for the great changes that are coming now. Those in the Ships are benevolent spiritual beings.

        AshtarCommandRadio (1 day ago) Show Hide Marked as spam
        The events to come now in 2008 are that their will be increased Spaceship Sightings through 2009 and onward into 2011-12.
        The Great Transformation is upon us now. The Government cannot stop these events from happening. "

        You can see how these comments fit perfectly with the script of Project Blue Beam.. As I explain below (and have explained for the past 3 or 4 years on this website), that after numerous close up sightings of all kinds and shapes of UFOs, the day will come when these "benevolent spiritual beings" will land at some Air Force base -with TV video cameras galore- and meet with representatives of the military and government-just like in the TV series "V" of the mid 1980s. This is the unfolding of Project Blue Beam, a play written at least 50 years ago.

        As the months roll by and the UFO encounters become more frequent and up close, please tell your friends that we are being treated to a DECEPTION of the greatest magnitude by our home grown NWO traitors. Every bit of this scenario has been planned. What we are seeing (and will see) is all being STAGED for our benefit in order to deceive us and set us up for the One World government takeover. Please help spread the truth of this deception.


        (comments which I posted earlier in the Paulson hologram story..Ken Adachi)

        Everyday, we are presented with a seamless wall of deception from mainstream television and radio. Most people succumb to this deception and will regurgitate the 'explanations' which are inculcated from Tavistock propaganda. Beyond that, many deception campaigns are woven by Tavistock planners in a very slick and sophisticated way-over a long stretch of time. For example, this morning (Jan. 25, 2008) I heard a segment on NPR which touched on the recently reported "Wal-Mart " sized UFO spotted over Stephenville, Texas on January 8.

        I saw a short segment about this UFO sighting on TV news a few days ago. I'm sure most TV news programs ran this story. .The man and woman on NPR were reading e-mail feedback from listeners chiding NPR for treating the story lightly and essentially making fun of the report. One listener said that this story was "serious business" and that NPR ought to treat it more seriously. Well, they read the letter on the air, but continued treating the story with slightly veiled ridicule by playing the sort of weird music you heard in 1950s flying saucer movies when closing out the segment. So what's really going on?

        NPR is following a script which originated out of Tavistock. It's all part of a deception campaign planned many decades ago called Project Blue Beam. As part of the Illuminati's strategy to destroy the United States and establish an excuse to dissolve national borders around the world (in the interest of uniting all nations under a single world government), we have to be presented with a "threat" of sufficient magnitude to justify such an amalgamation. The "threat" will be postured as a 'takeover' of planet earth by very cunning extraterrestrials- who will first present themselves on the White House lawn as friendly helpers to humanity- but later will be revealed to be plotting our enslavement and demise, thus the "need" for world unification against this new 'menace'. Illuminati puppet Ronny Reagan used these very words in the 1980s when referring to joining forces with the Soviet Union (at the time) to fight such a 'potential' extraterrestrial "threat."

        We will steadily see more and more reports on TV and radio in the coming months of huge UFO sightings seen up close and personal. There was no video shown with the Stephenville, Texas sighting on January 8, but trust me, you'll soon be seeing plenty of video clips of huge ships seen up close, low and slow. This is the softening up phase of Project Blue Beam.

        NPR is playing their role by first feigning disbelief and incredulity about these sightings. Later, they will treat the topic more seriously, but at this stage, the campaign calls for amused tolerance.

        Ken Adachi

        © Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved.


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Project Blue Beam
Project Blue Beam is allegedly a secret New World Order and US Government project in development to simulate a "second coming" type event. This will culminate in a very large number of people being taken away into the sky as in a "rapture" type of situation. These events will be brought to fruition by use of the sky as a holographic projection screen for space-based, laser-generating satellites. These space-based projectors are said to project simultaneous images to the four corners of the planet, in every language by region. It will pretend to be the universal fulfillment of the prophecies of old.

    * 1 Background
    * 2 Steps to Completion
          o 2.1 Step 1
          o 2.2 Step 2
          o 2.3 Step 3
          o 2.4 Step 4
          o 2.5 Results
    * 3 External Links
    * 4 Related Discussion Threads


This display in the sky will consist of laser projections of multiple holographic images to be visible by every part of the planet. Each area will receive different images according to the predominating regional religious faith. Not a single area will be excluded. This will allegedly be done with computer animation and sound effects appearing to come from the depths of space. Computers will coordinate the satellites and software will run the audio and visual show-and-tell. It is said that astonished followers of the various creeds will witness their own returned Messiah in spectacularly convincing lifelike realness.

The various images of Christ, Mohammad, Buddha, Krishna, etc., will merge into one image after correct explanation of the mysteries, prophecies and revelations throughout time have been disclosed. This "One God" will in fact function as the Anti-Christ, who will explain that the various scriptures have been misunderstood and that the religious of old are responsible for turning brother against brother, nation against nation, and that the religions of the world must be abolished to make way for the Golden Age, or New Age, of the one world religion representing the one God they see before them.
Steps to Completion

There are several events and scenarios that must play out before the the event can culminate.
Step 1

The first step concerns the breakdown of all archaeological knowledge. It deals with staging earthquakes at certain precise locations around the planet where supposed new "discoveries" will finally explain that the meanings of the basic doctrines of all the world`s major religions are wrong. This falsification will be used to make the population believe that all religious doctrine has been misunderstood and misinterpreted. The falsification started with the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, the TV-series Star Trek, the Star Wars films, and E.T., all of which deal with space invasion and protection. Jurassic Park was released to push the theory of evolution.
Step 2

The second step deals with the gigantic space show: 3D optical holograms and sounds, laser projections of multiple holographic images in different parts of the world, each receiving a different image, according to its predetermined original national religious faith. This new "god" image will talk in all languages. As an example, the Soviets have manufactured the advanced computers and have programmed them with the minute psychological particles based upon their studies of the anatomy and biology of the human body, as well as their studies on the anatomy, chemistry and electricity of the human brain. These computers have also been fed with the different languages of the world.
Step 3

The third step deals with telepathic electronic two-way communication, where ELF(Extra Low Frequency), VLF (Very Low Frequency), and LF (Low Frequency) waves will reach the people of the earth through the insides of their brains, making each person believe that his own God is speaking to him from within his own soul. Such rays, from satellites, are fed from the memory of computers that store much data about the human being and his languages. These rays will then interlace and interweave with the natural thinking processes to form what is called Artificial Talk.
Step 4

The fourth step involves universal supernatural manifestations using electronic means. This step contains three different orientations: The first one is to make mankind believe that an alien invasion is about to occur upon every major city on the earth. This is to push each major nation into using its nuclear capability to strike back. In this manner, it would put each of these nations in a state of full disarmament before the United Nations after the false attack. The second is to make the vast Christian population believe that a major rapture is occurring, with a simple, orchestrated, divine intervention of an alleged "good" alien force coming to save the good people from a brutal satanic attack. Its goal is to get rid of all significant opposition to the New World Order. The third orientation is a mixture of electronic and supernatural forces. The waves or frequencies used at that time will allow supernatural forces to travel through fiber optics cable, coaxial cable, electric and telephone lines in order to penetrate all electronic equipment and appliances that will by then all have a special microchip installed. The goal of this step deals with the materialization of satanic ghosts, spectres, and poltergeists all across the globe in order to push all populations to the edge of a wave of suicide, killing and permanent psychological disorder. After that night, humanity is believed to be ready for them to enter in a "New" Messiah to reestablish peace everywhere at any cost, even at the cost of their freedom.

This superbly staged, full-scale production will supposedly result in social and religious disorders on a massive scale, which will lead to a one world religion and the global dominance asserted by the New World Order.

Or something is going to happen and they want you to dismiss it as much as possible... you can't tell either way and either way could be the reality. Not that I buy this Ashtar command business at all... But Bluebeam may be working by you posting the above article. Not having a go, just pointing out the release of Bluebeam documents and plans may actually be an integral part of what Operation Bluebeam is about. Dis-information. I do not believe they have the ability to produce a staged alien event world wide as suggested. If not... what is this really? Designed to take your eye off the ball perhaps? I don't have beliefs either way but if I had to guess I'd say something (not necessarily aliens) will happen and it will be nothing to do with TPTB. If TPTB do something, it will be obvious.

By the way... they can't just rain down Nuclear Weapons. They have to be calibrated according to positions of the sun and all sorts of things. The timings for the two bombs in Japan had to be extraordinarily precise. Plenty of other nasty weapons they can use of course but I think this particular scare is mostly that... to produce more fear.

I agree it is unlikely they can implement a full scale bluebeam event, I do nto see they have the capacity to get into everyone's head all at once in such precise detail.

However, there is plenty of evidence that HAARP and similar can at least influence the mind, the obvious story being the HAARP engineer who set up a small array in his home town, held a party and used HAARP to tell them all to bring cake, about 20 out of 40 guests did indeed bring cake.

I am sure they could have this sort of vaguer success on a large number of people, e.g. make everyone angry or panicked, or calm, or suggestable to visual fakery of somekind etc etc.

Not at all 100% effective but having some effect on many or most people in the target area..


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