The Dendera Light, Demystified and Explained

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The Dendera Light, Demystified and Explained
« on: January 24, 2013, 05:21:26 PM »
Contrary to popular and fringe views, the reliefs are a depiction of alien mind control technology. The entire explanation and more commentary is here:

The Light of the reliefs are coupled with the snake, an animal deified in the Egyptian religion and paralleling Satan's possession in the Biblical story of the Fall of Man in Eden.  I believe the use of the snake both symbolizes the "divine" source of the magic the reliefs describe, as well as its nefarious purpose which is obvious when you look at the reliefs.

The inscription is clearly an ancient and uninformed description of a satellite, a "sun barge" moving across the sky.  The Priests of the Hathor Temple were recording the location of the source of the mind control technology which they are depicting.  This relief is an explanation of the story of the unification of Upper and Lower Egypt, brought about by Horus, an earlier diety of virgin birth and likely predecessor of Jesus Christ.

In this relief, the wielders of the technology are show as giants, like the Nephilim of Genesis 6:4, and are representative of Horus and Set from IHS myth.  The humans beneath the light are clearly depicted as worshiping the giants, and when contrasted with the next image in the reliefs shows their clear belief that the light was responsible for causing worship.  This is the essence of mind control.  In addition, both sides of the relief above depict assistance from third parties, on one side it is being helped by a human like figure, with a circle over its head.  This circle is representative of knowledge of mind control, and the human-like figure is a representation of what we call the Illuminati.  On the other side of the image, the cable is hidden, and instead of humans the mind control light, is being assisted by a djed pillar with arms, a representation of a machine.

When taken with the next relief, it is possible that there is a hidden meaning on the walls of the Hathor Temple, that the relief above describes a time sequence, and each section is a slide showing the progression of mind control throughout history, it may be a grand prophesy about the entirety of human evolution.  If this is the case, the humans depicted show the gradual hiding of the knowledge of the satellite described by the cable, and the vanishing of knowledge of mind control from humanity.  Clearly though , from the continued worship in the second half, and the presence of the snake and light, it has not been stopped.

The relief shows that after the assistance of this outside force, humanity shown in friendship rather than worship, that civilization has been healed.  It's also important to note that in the final relief the "Illuminati" and the machine are working together, against the representation of Michael.