We are at war, resistance and the war on the Bill of Rights

Author Topic: We are at war, resistance and the war on the Bill of Rights  (Read 5572 times)

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We are at war, resistance and the war on the Bill of Rights
« on: December 31, 2012, 05:27:36 AM »
We are at war.
We must resist as the guerrilla warriors of the American revolution.
But to get there we must break the system and resist the oppression with enough pressure we can crush the shell of oppressors.

Step one:
We must resist with 100% jury nullification. No matter the crime everyone charged must walk out of court a freeman.  This may seem hard, letting a murder walk.  But supporting an unjust system is wrong.  We may not be able to get 100% acquittals if not, we must cause hung juries. We must resist with every fiber of our life.  The government is without authority to rule as they do not govern with our consent  we must bring this government to it knees by removing consent.  If the police can't get convictions, they will stop making arrests once they know that the people will not back them up.  Remember the jury is the judge of both Constitutionality of the law and guilt of the accused.

Step two:
We must resist in all cases of police injustice, if the police search, hit, or stop you without cause you file a complaint, if the complaint is rejected go to the news papers and media. one complaint is sad one thousand complaints is media coverage.  If the papers reject the information go to the FBI and file a complaint.  At some point the police chief will get sick of all these complaints and media coverage and they will fire the problems offices, and then the blue curtain that closes behind every officer involved shooting will go away by acting like a moth on a sweater and chewing away just a few threads. 

Step three:
We need to force the Government to answer for their action.  We can't do that without weapons, because without weapons we are salves.  If we go along with second amendment infringement, now where will it stop. Obama has already infringed on freedom of religion, freedom of speech, even freedom of the press.  If Obama infringement on the second amendment, he could be impeached.  We can't register a single weapons any more then they are registered today. As registration has always been a precursor to confiscation. Therefore registration  is an act of infringement.   
Registration is infringement, confiscation is infringement, mandatory turn-ins is infringement.

Step four:
For every right they take away we must make the pay dearly, work under the table, shop on Ebay, online-out of state venders, barter services, livestock, and goods, trade, private party, create a non traceable underground currency like bit coins take way the tax dollars that they need to pay there bills.
Don't replace your car next year, or the year after don't pay, avoid/evade every fee and tax.

Step five:
We take back everything we can, go on public assistance, welfare, general relief, unemployment, medicaid, medi-cal, food stamps, WIC,  take back every penny, avoid every tax, evade every fee. Stop giving to the brown eyed woman sitting in front of Walmart or the veteran. He needs to be on public assistance.  We must break the system before it can be fixed.  Years ago while working my butt off driving truck to pay the bills and just barely making it.  I found a wallet, it contained, a truck drivers license, three credit cards, $500 cash and three welfare check to basically the same person totaling nearly $3000, a pay check for $800,  $500 in gift cards, and a $1000 Mexican money order. If the guy was like most Americans and had 40-60 bucks in his wallet and not been on welfare I may have made some attempt to return his wallet, but working and welfare was the poison pill that cost him  The moral to this story is take it back every penny that you can when ever you can. Revenge liberty until the system breaks.

Wars are not won in a single fire fight or battle, crossing the Delaware by stealth, will not get you home for Christmas.   What it take is perseverance, firing the enemy one time only pisses them off, but firing everyday day in and day out will drive them back until they loose there footing and stumble which is when we must press the battle home.  Movies like "The Patriot", "Red Dawn", "Battle of Los Angeles" and shows like "Falling Skys", teach us that war of any type can't be won  by massive sweeping attacks.  Small wounds no matter how wide spread that war may be, each soldier has break the heart and sole of the enemy to fight. 

The Bill of Rights and freedom are non-negotiable and is not rescindable.
because the original purchase price is non-refundable.

Guy William Spotts