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For the first time last night, I watched Jessy Ventura's Conspiracy theory on the idea that the elite are going to seek refuge in the Ozarks.   The Idea that the elite were going to bunker down in the Ozarks didn't add up to what I was seeing.  I believe this massive castle / tunnel project has much more to do with Jim Marr's "Rise Of The Fourth Riech' / foreign military occupation then it does with elite doomsday bunkers.  I'll explain in brief.

The fact Mark Dice was in this Ventura episode raised red flags right off the bat.

I have a good handle on history.  Those tunnels and, that castle, the weapons contractor is having built, jogged my memory about the second world war.

I was in the military and, I was also a contractor for the military as well.  I was primarily selling (or tying to sell) 'RGB Spectrum' scan converters used for 'command centers'.  I have seen my fare share of command centers for both military and civil 'authorities'.   Not only did this castle scream 'command center', to me, there is much historic reference to a VERY similar castle and tunnel system in Germany.

While it's true, the elite's could bunker in at the Ozarks my knowledge of command centers and 'HISTORY' tells me that the Ozark project is a massive military project VERY AND EERILY SIMILAR TO THE 'EAGLES NEST'  (Tunnel system) / KRANSBERG CASTLE (Eagle's eyrie) NAZI command center.  Infamously dubbed 'Führer Headquarters'.

The Kransberg castle in Germany, like the Huff Castle, was ALSO advertised to the public as a " RESIDENTIAL RETREAT' for German and other European celebrities.   It probably was used as a retreat before the second world war which may explain why the allied forces did not bomb it.

Note the similarities of the Kransberg (Führer Headquarters) and Huff Castles.

Note The Similarity of the Huff & Kransberg Castles!

Note the 'smaller' castle, which is connected to the larger, it seems to be an almost exact replica of the Nazi command center Adierhorst'  Kransberg castle!  Right down to the smaller module being the 'connector' to the large complex of the Huff castle.

The similarity between the Nazi castle tunnels with the Ozarks doesn't stop here.

The Nazi command center was called 'Adierhorst' which in German meant  (Eagle's eyrie).   The Nazi 'Eagle's Nest'  Huff's castle ALSO sits on top the highest hill.  i.e. 'Eagle's Eyrie'.

History of the Kehlsteinhaus, Hitler's Eagle's Nest

Martin Bormann was known for his massive building program on the Obersalzberg below, but this enormously difficult project was colossal, even for him. And this creation had an important deadline: Hitler's 50th birthday on April 20, 1939.

Construction of the Eagle's Nest
The project began in April of 1937. The gift of this conference center (later called Hitler's Eagles Nest by the Allies) was to be from the Nazi Party which supplied the funds, along with some donations.

Construction of the building on top of a mountain, with its steep access road and a 400 foot elevator shaft inside the mountain, was an ambitious goal, but consistent with the Third Reich's grandiose building plans.

Over 3,000 men worked day and night, winter and summer, for 13 months to complete the project. The road was blasted out of the mountainside, passing through five tunnels to get to the entrance.

Heavy wooden gates guarded the opening into the Kelhstein, leading into a 406 foot (124 meter) tunnel cut into the heart of the mountain. An elevator shaft the same length as the tunnel was then cut straight up through the mountain to the peak itself. The house sits on the summit, at 6,017 feet (1834 meters).

Hitler's Eagle's Nest was ALSO a retreat for the elite.  Even though the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest) and the 'Kransberg Castles' are in two separate locations in Germany THEY BOTH ARE REFERRED TO AS THE 'EAGLE'S NEST.

Those Tunnels In The Ozarks
In looking at the entire layout of the massive tunnel system there is no doubt in my mind what-so-ever that this is a very similar project the nazis would do.  They would build massive underground MILITARY projects all under the 'appearance' and 'labeling' those projects as "civilian projects".  

If you were going to bring in millions of foreign troops and equipment and house it all at, the Ozark underground facility, this is the absolute perfect tactical geographic location for such an operation, smack dab in the center of the USA.  The infrastructure in and around the tunnels clearly support a 'quick switch' from civil to military operation.   Complete with a "missile proof" command center on top of it all.

Yeah, that means bringing in 'surface' rail systems into those tunnels.

Ozark Mountain Tunnel

The 800 foot long Ozark Mountain Tunnel is the most dangerous location on the railroad. Double track on both sides go to single track through the tunnel. Any kind of signaling and operations through this area had to be absolute and reliable. A sensor system only records motion at each end of a block and does not "fail safe". In standard gauge practice, the train or a single car triggers the track detection anywhere in the block and everything is designed to go red if any component fails. With a blind tunnel, this was the only way to make it safe enough for multiple trains to operate on this railroad.
Merrick Locomotive Works has a slick design that they adapted from a full-size system which would have worked fine all by itself. However, John Woods wanted the switches at both ends to throw automatically. With this requirement, the project went from just signaling to a fully operational ABS (Absolute Block System) controller. This could have been accomplished prototypically like the Merrick train detection; however, we decided to make some compromises. As they did in the old days, we could have wired and controlled everything through heavy-duty railroad relays. This would take a lot of wiring and maintenance to build and operate. We decided to do it the modern way, use the Merrick system for train detection and a programmable logic controller (PLC) to run the rest of it. Ours just isn't as hardened and durable as the big railroads use but costs a lot less money. The PLC still piggybacks on the track detection relays to maintain the fail-safe requirement.

We've had a few bugs to work out but the system has worked reliably since it was installed in the summer of 2007. When a train enters the approach block from either side of the tunnel the system checks to make sure everything is clear to line the switches for that direction of travel, gives the approaching train a clear indication, and gives red signals on all other tracks. After the first train passes through the tunnel the controller will then allow a trailing section to pass or will clear a train going the other direction, moving switches and changing aspects automatically as required. If anything fails or does not happen as it is supposed to, all lights will go red.
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Yeah Ft. Leonardwood is already a self-sustaining city all but ready to gear up for martial law.

It doesn't surprise me one bit.

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The elite write to themselves about bringing 'Red Dawn' numbers of foreign military and equipment into the Untied States to take on the American people.

It's NO secrete 'We The People' have been sold out.
The Crowd Shouted... “Give us Barabbas!” ... and People, The NWO Gave Him To You.