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Florida Republican Debate: MSNBC Joins Media Censoring Ron Paul


Florida Republican Debate: MSNBC Joins Media Censoring Ron Paul

  Friday, January 25th, 2008

We couldn't have been more thoroughly disgusted by tonight's Republican debate in Boca Raton, Florida.  MSNBC broadcast a live, 90-minute debate with Republican candidates Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee, John McCain, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney.  And we put that in alphabetical order, though you will probably never see it written that way in the mainstream media.

Before we go over the details of who said what, it is imperative we bring up the censorship factor.  MSNBC and NBC News' coverage tonight was absolutely not equal.  Romney, Giuliani, and McCain all got the most face time.  Huckabee got only six questions to answer, and was allowed to ask one; Ron Paul, of the full 90-minute segment, only got to answer five questions, and to ask one, and with shorter allowed response time (other candidates went over their time limits and directed questions to each other which MSNBC hosts then allowed to be answered).

We should all know that FOX News does it...but MSNBC? MSNBC, who brings us the Countdown with Keith Olbermann, Dateline, and all of those shows we love? Sadly - this time - yes.

Paul got just 6 minutes and 31 seconds of out of a 90-minute segment.

Sickeningly unfair.

Ron Paul came in a close second place in the recent Republican Louisiana caucus, as we reported - which was largely untouched by the mainstream media (CNN doesn't even have Louisiana on their website at all in their election center).  And, as clearly as the Republican party refused to back Ron Paul when FOX News excluded him from the New Hampshire debate, the Louisiana GOP has not released the real numbers of delegate votes...which they had on Tuesday.

It was 16 minutes into the debate before Congressman Ron Paul was even addressed with a question.

In fact, here are the final speaking times for what each candidate was given tonight:

Romney:  21 minutes, 11 seconds (12 answers and asked 1 question)
McCain:  16 minutes even (12 answers and asked 1 question)
Giuliani:  13 minutes and 50 seconds (10 answers and asked 1 question)
Huckabee:  12 minutes and 11 seconds (8 answers and asked 1 question)
Paul:  6 minutes and 31 seconds (5 answers and asked 1 question)

Huckabee and Paul are both censored not just by the mass media, but by their own party.  Could it have anything to do with them both wanting to eliminate the IRS?  Or them being the only two candidates that are not supporting drastic corporate tax cuts?

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