a good movie on family values, a garage inventor and "control fanatics".

Author Topic: a good movie on family values, a garage inventor and "control fanatics".  (Read 3761 times)

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Hi everybody

I want to call your attention to a wonderful movie I've just watched on TV: "The Astronaut Farmer" (2007).

This is a movie about a man who dreams of travelling to space and decides to build his own rocket. What I want to emphasize is that this movie, captures movingly, the spirit of the garage inventor (in this case a barn) of yesteryear. The movie shows how important is the unity and support of the family to a man striving to achieve a difficult goal.

Also, this movie depicts the new state of affairs in the USA, the main character, Charles Farmer, and his family, have to fight against a series of adversities, their farm is about to be foreclosed the debts keep piling up, and as soon as he tries to buy fuel for his rocket, the FBI arrives to harass him because he is building a "mass destruction weapon" and he is identified as a "national security threat". The FAA holds a session where they forbid him to take off and even CPS appears after he removes his three children from school.

I won't spoil you the conclusion, but IMO this movie is on pair with The Right Stuff in the aspect that it makes you feel excited and hopeful about the conquest of space.

I read that this movie was a financial disaster but nowadays the heroes are gnomes or emo vampires.

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