Author Topic: Unarmed man being tasered by a Wilcannia police officer -Australia  (Read 321 times)

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Footage of an unarmed man being tasered by a Wilcannia police officer in February has been released after an application in the Wentworth Local court on Friday.

The footage, which may be distressing to some viewers, shows Phillip Charles Bugmy on his knees with his hands behind his head moments before being tasered by Senior Constable Paul Charman.

During a court hearing last month Senior Constable Charman defended the action he took against the unarmed man, saying he had past experience with the accused who did not following multiple orders to lay face down on his chest.

He also said he feared for his safety, BooHooand that of two female police officers that were with him, and the use of the Taser was necessary.

PS. There has been tons of death's in custody of Aboriginal men at the hands of Australia police.
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