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Are Earthquake Swarms At Hoover Dam Being Covered Up? Startling Evidence!


There exists a potential that thousands of people will die and millions more without power, and the US Government doesn’t care. There are news agencies that know about this and won’t tell you.

Well then, let me tell you.

It started right after the Fukishima Earthquake in March of 2011. I went to the USGS Event Notification Service and told them I wanted to be emailed at every quake that registered greater than 2.0 within the United States.

So I start receiving notifications, over 5,000 so far since then. But there is a fly in the ointment. Arizona. From the date I started collecting earthquake information until Sept 28, there have 66 2.0 movements near Hoover Dam. Let me demonstrate what they are doing:

And if you think I’m kidding about the ramifications, then consider what this is next to:

Now I’ve included the latitude and longitude so you could see just how close the quakes are. As I sent to a newspaper editor:

    Something is afoot in Arizona that no one is taking seriously. Consider this: A 2.0 Magnitude Eq is equivalent ot 10,000 pounds of TNT. If there were doing mining then: a. More EQs would show up and then be deleted b. Why is 10,000 pound of TNT is being detonated c. 10,000 pounds of TNT is a Hiroshima sized device I am not saying nuclear tests are being done under this lake. What I am saying is that there are earth movements near Hoover Dam. Dangerously close to the Dam. Laughlin and Lake Havasu are downstream. Hoover Dam provides power for most of the US Southeast

Why delete earthquakes, only because they aren’t quakes. Why are these quakes NEVER after 9:00 pm local and NEVER before 6:00 am local? Mainly during the work week and occassionally on Sunday. I don’t think I saw a Saturday anywhere on the list.

We are being lied to. The USGS “forgot” to include 10,000 earthquakes in the Canary Islands. They are deleting the ones in Arizona, but not the adjacent Lake Mead.

Why. Why. Why. This is an explanation I once received: A geologist has reviewed the data and found it not to be a credible event.

Then why isn’t the equipment getting replaced? And you want to know something even scarier? They delete many EQ’s in other locations too. Seattle for one.

Email them and ask them why they are deleting EVERY Arizona EQ near Hoover Dam. If you can’t find the email, I’ll provide it. Ask questions, Demand Answers.


Comment from site:

Hey Jim,I just found your site and joined it so I can comment.

Yes, the USGS and the government are keeping us in the dark about what is actually going on.

I noticed all the quakes that were being deleted in Nevada a long time ago.

I was marking them on Google Earth because the USGS was deleting them from their site.

I saw a pattern in western Nevada that was pointing towards Yellowstone from Mammoth lake in Calif.

it is a well known fact that they have some connection because the hot springs in both areas register temperature increases at the same time.

But,what most people do not know is that a registered ground motion indicator that is from magma movement is NOT considered a earthquake caused by tectonic movement or shift.

They are the ones being deleted.!

I learned this from a Japanese earthquake site and a paper written by Japanese seismologists.

Very intersting...what's your take?


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