Worldwide Revolution

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Worldwide Revolution
« on: May 28, 2011, 05:50:23 PM »

WorldWide Revolution or manipulation? The past year we have seen plenty of people in countries through out the world speaking and acting out. Bahrain, England, Spain, Iran,  Libya, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Pakistan even the good ole USA has seen protests in Wisconsin, Texas and other places over failed policies just to name a few examples from recent memory. Then we have Egypt where things got very testy and the US puppet dictator Mubarak was forced out. I have heard that Iraq and Afghanistan have had their share of protest but the controlled media only tells us what our government wants them too. The economic ponzi scheme is making it hard on the people these days with record oil and food prices and a lack of jobs in most countries these dark days. These are just a few problems that are sparking this WorldWide Revolution.
Is The WorldWide Revolution Being Sparked Controlled By Western Intelligence Sources?
Most groups of protesters communicate and are formed over the WorldWide Web. The CIA has strong connections to Google and most search engines and social networks on the web. Egypt and some other protests appear to be a Psyop operation by Western Intelligence. Mubarak was not going along with the US agenda against Iran, so he was removed by the people through a very well planned operation using the Internet and social networking. Gaddafi caved in to the Global demands and was playing ball, until he would not join the US African military alliance. Libya was ready to launch a independent world gold based currency that would of killed the already dieing dollar much sooner than planned by the global elite banksters. Worse yet Libya is independent of the banksters and is not part of their ponzi scheme. These facts are what forced the West to Bomb Libya. The Humanitarian claim is a big joke. The rebels are Western Intelligence imported fighters, Al Qaeda! Gaddafi is not perfect but he is popular among his people because he unlike most dictators shared the wealth. He treated even the black citizens as equals, all have free health care and paid education even college! The info you hear on the news is completely unreliable. The people of Libya are the ones now suffering at the hands of NATO in this war. A war for control of oil and money it has nothing to do with liberating the people of Libya! The Libya WorldWide Revolution event is just a False flag attack on a sovereign nation by western globalist powers.
WorldWide Revolution Hits US
A few months ago the teachers and other unions stood up in Wisconsin and protested their governorís polices. Governor Scott Walker was already to give in to the ponzi scheme and be responsible and pay the banksters. He was ready to take measures to draft a state budget that was very unpopular. The Wisconsin congress even left the state so they would not be forced to vote on this unpopular budget policy. The situation was messy with the Governor threatening to employ the National Guard to disband the protesters. This might of just been a look at what the future could be in the US as the WorldWide Revolution starts to hit home.
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Re: Worldwide Revolution
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Philosopher Slavoj Zizek - Putin joins two madmen ( Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump )....We need revolution !