Bin Laden Death A Hoax?

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Bin Laden Death A Hoax?
« on: May 02, 2011, 10:22:05 am »
Web News Jax Take on Bin Laden Death
  This is just a ploy by the Obama administration and the Elite Globalist to distract the American sheeple yet again. The birth certificate was a fake just like this Bin Laden death propaganda show.  I believe the Bin Laden death happened years ago probably due to his poor health and we never caught or killed him because he was still a CIA agent! Obama him self going on tv and announcing the Bin Laden death Just does not add up. If this event were real his body would of been on display for inspection by independent sources outside the U.S. government or military to authenticate, and a high ranking Military official would of made the official announcement before Obama. If this event is real it leaves

   They are running scarred as this whole propaganda scheme the Globalist are running through the Obama regime is crumbling right in there faces. No one in the right mind is buying the Obama birth certificates as authentic. The wars are failing and the people of the countries the U.S. is bombing and occupying are speaking out and can no longer be ignored. The U.S. government led by the globalist and corporate elite are the bad guys here and even China and the Russia are black mailing the U.S. on human rights issues because of these wars and the propaganda Lie’s used as a excuse for war against sovereign nations.

    Seems every day a new ploy of distractionas as globalist tyranny ramps up. We occupy and control a big part of the oil producing middle east yet we have record high gas and oil prices. The fall of all these country’s leaders as of late is nothing less than a CIA PSYOP operation using the Internet and using thousands of trained CIA and other western intelligent agencies planted people to stage opposition to governments they want to topple. We the people need to rise up and confront these Lie’s and propaganda ploys! We must stop the Global elite that controls the U.S. government before its too late, we are in the eleventh hour and the future of the once free world is what is at stake.

Will the American People and the rest of the world buy into this propaganda? Or is this Bin Laden death hoax just another distraction?

I will exercise my right of free speech in America until the Globalist puppet U.S. Government takes my right of free speech away.