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Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
« on: March 13, 2011, 10:50:36 pm »
In order to approach this correctly we need to have a basic understanding of the structure of the brain and the functions associated with each part.

While we are Infinite Mind and Spirit, we must work through the brain-body hologram in order to perceive, experience and interact with this vibration. When the mind-brain is locked into a limited state, held back from its true potential, the infinite Self cannot fully express itself within the reality. 

The reptilians have a comprehensive understanding of the "mechanical" function of the human mind-brain, and they are highly-skilled at manipulating it at that level. This is where they wage their war against humanity, working to imprison us within our own minds.

Up to this point, they have been successful in keeping the vast majority of humans at an incredibly low level of consciousness. More and more people are starting to break out and rise in awareness as the Universal Shift accelerates, however.

To free ourselves, we absolutely must understand how they are manipulating us and the specific methods they are using. We need to learn the terrain and rules of engagement to have any hope of winning the battle.


The Reptilian Brain

The human brain has been classified as having three distinct sections, each with their own specialized set of tasks. This is called the triune brain model.

The R-complex or reptilian brain is the most fundamental part of the brain as it regulates all of the body's life-support systems, like respiration, cardiovascular and nervous function. Its focus is survival.

The next layer above the R-complex is referred to as the limbic brain and it's generally associated with long term memory and emotional learning.

The (neo)cortex constitutes the upper layers of the brain and is divided into two hemispheres, left and right. It's the "thinking" part of the brain, allowing for advanced levels of cognition like logic and reason, language, creativity, intuition and the holistic integration of sensory information.

To simplify things, I'll refer to the (neo)cortex and limbic together as the upper or higher brain, with the R-complex, reptilian brain referred to as the lower brain. I'm going to focus on the relationship between the upper and lower (reptilian) mind-brain, as this is the most critical element to understanding and breaking reptilian mind control.   

As stated earlier, the R-complex (reptilian) is the part of the brain that regulates the critical body functions necessary for survival - respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular and nervous systems. It primarily consists of the brainstem (medulla, pons, midbrain) and cerebellum. Motor function, basic survival behaviors and emotions, physical sensations (touch, taste, hearing, etc.) and sleep are also regulated in this part of the brain.

The reptilian brain is all about physical survival. It's the source of our instinctual "fight or flight" responses, anything involving fear and aggression. Most of our pleasure-pain responses originate in the reptilian brain as well. While the body needs the reptilian (lower) brain to survive, we don't want our conscious-awareness to be taken over by it, where its "thoughts" and desires become the end-all of our existence. That's when it becomes a problem.

The truth of the matter is that most people are spending nearly every moment of their lives in reptilian brain mode. Their conscious-aware mind has been put to sleep and they are flying on sub/unconscious autopilot much of the time. What passes for "thinking" is often nothing more than an automated, pre-programmed reptilian brain response.
Who would know the workings of the reptilian brain better than the reptilians themselves? No matter how much raw intelligence they may possess, the focus of their existence, their thoughts, attitudes and behaviors are all driven by the basic desires of the reptilian brain. As such, they know exactly which activities and triggers are best at stimulating this mode in humans.

The subconscious mind and reptilian brain are closely linked. When the reptilian brain is dominant, engaged, the subconscious mind comes forward and becomes accessible to external influences. This is why there is such heavy use of subliminals and hypnosis in the media.

They stimulate the instinctual reptilian brain to gain access to the subconscious, where it can then be programmed through the use of images, sounds and patterns. This all takes places at a level which is hidden from the conscious mind, so the individual hasn't a clue as to what's happening. When hypnotists regress people, they are usually dealing with this subconscious-reptilian level.


Shock and Awe

When people enter a truly profound state of shock or fear, the reptilian brain (instinctual survival reflex) takes control and the subconscious mind opens to its fullest extent.

Any programming that takes place during this period will have maximum effect and will be implanted into the deepest layers of the subconscious. These deep programs are very persistent and generally do not "wear off" over time.

Some people are clearly resistant to this reptilian brain and subconscious manipulation. It may not be possible to hypnotize or shock them into a receptive frame of mind, or their subconscious may simply block the programming.

The entire society has been built around the reptilian mind-brain, to stimulate humans into this kind of behavior at every opportunity and make it the dominant mode of their existence.

At the same time, they attack the upper brain (higher consciousness) with chemicals, toxins, parasites and EMs. They are attempting to incapacitate the upper brain and put the reptilian brain in the driver's seat, reducing human consciousness to the lowest possible level, easy to control and harvest.

The reptilians have been hiding their control programs in our subconscious minds, beyond the notice and reach of conscious-awareness. As we ascend in vibration, the gap between the conscious and subconscious minds will close, making it harder for their programs to remain effective. When all levels of mind are united and their hiding places are gone, the game is over.

Fight, compete, dominate, eat, mate, reproduce and sleep - these are the basic principles of the reptilian brain. Most of our ego issues are rooted here. These are some of the ways it manifests itself in the behavior and thought processes of the individual:

- Adherence to routine, ritual, ceremony, tradition and agenda

- Identification, connection and communication through symbols and imagery

- Obeisance to hierarchy, authority and rank

- Division/distinction of individuals by class, status, race, gender, etc.

- Territoriality, claim of ownership, even over other individuals

- Greed, hoarding of wealth and knowledge

- Competitiveness, aggression and violence

- Deception

- Lack of empathy

- Fear, anger and envy

- Addiction, obsession and use of sex to dominate others

While these kinds of traits are prevalent in the general population, the illuminati bloodlines take them to extremes, way beyond the average person. The greater the percentage of reptilian genetic code in the DNA, the greater the influence of the reptilian brain (and hive mind) over that individual's behavior and personality.

Mass/serial murderers frequently exhibit strong reptilian hybrid characteristics, in their physical features, behaviors, and in some cases, their ability to shapeshift. The total lack of empathy for their victims is another prominent reptilian trait.

This lack of empathy can be seen in the illuminati families who orchestrate wars with the intention of causing millions of people to suffer and die. Ritual human sacrifice (mostly children) and the drinking/eating of human blood/flesh is another example.

They are not merely "inbred and insane humans who have delusional notions about demons and their right to rule over humanity". The insane and delusional have no hope of achieving this level of organization, nor can they consistently plan and execute complex, interlocking agendas over hundreds of years time, if not more. These are reptilian characteristics.


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Re: Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
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Symbols and Ritual

The reptilian-subconscious mind communicates through symbols and other imagery. Symbols can engender a sense of identity, belonging, loyalty and devotion to a particular group or ideology, whether it's a nation, religion, ethnicity, gang or even team. 

In this way, symbols are often used to coerce conformity in a group and control them through their belief systems. This would include the use of religious idols and symbols, flags and monuments, hand signs and gestures, wearing of group colors and insignia, and so on.

Young children are particularly susceptible to this kind of imagery/symbol programming since the reptilian brain and right cortex are dominant during early development. Programs that are imprinted at a young age (7 and under) tend to stay with the person their entire life, hard-coded into their mind-brain computer. TV is particularly dangerous to children in this regard. 

Symbols can also be used to divide the population and create conflicts between groups. The same symbol that evokes feelings of pride and unity in one group might evoke feelings of resentment and opposition in another. Hostilities are raised through the destruction of one group's symbols by another, flag-burning being a common example.

Symbols have no intrinsic meaning or value. They are a representation of our beliefs reflected back to us. A symbol can mean different things to different people, or nothing at all. Be mindful of the intention behind the use of certain symbols, whether or not they are being used to manipulate others.

Symbols are very important to the reptilian-illuminati families, which is to be expected given their nature. Once you know what to look for, this fact becomes blatantly obvious, as so much of it is hidden in plain sight.

Their symbols, signs and images can be found everywhere throughout the society, but the public is either oblivious to their presence or blind to their meaning.

The illuminati have a very strong inclination towards ritual and ceremony, another characteristic of the reptilian mind-brain. Bohemian grove and the skull and bones initiations are probably the best-known "secret" rituals to the public. The truly secret rituals involving sacrifice and blood-sex magic will never take place or be mentioned within public awareness, however.   

Many people engage in rituals without any understanding of what it is they are actually doing. Given the fact that the illuminati control all of these institutions, I would expect them to incorporate some negative effects (black magic) into the rituals, to benefit themselves at the expense of the individual. Generally speaking, rituals are best avoided unless you have a really good grasp of what you're doing.


Obeisance to hierarchy and rank is another reptilian brain behavioral trait. For most people, simply seeing the correct uniform or hearing the title/rank before the name will make them obedient to any given direction.

They will not question the qualifications or judgements of that individual because the uniform/title has already declared them the authority on the matter. Whatever they say must be true.

A doctor is someone in a white coat with a clipboard and stethoscope.
A general is someone in a uniform adorned with medals and badges.
A president is someone in a suit and tie who frequently stands in front of podiums and recites a teleprompter script.

The hoarding of wealth and knowledge is certainly something the illuminati do very well. When they have knowledge of something and others do not, that gives them power over those people.

The pyramid control structure is mainly based on knowledge. Those at the top have the greatest knowledge of the truth and the "big picture", while those at the bottom know practically nothing, mostly just the lies they are fed.

Each level controls the one below it through the knowledge/truth gap. The system must be highly-compartmentalized to ensure that no one group (other than the top) is allowed to gain enough knowledge to upset the balance of power within the command structure.

The reptilians do not need to be trained into the system as humans do. The system is them, the reptilian hive mind. Hierarchy and regimentation are core aspects of their nature. 

As a collective, they are capable of mapping out their objectives hundreds if not thousands of years in advance. They can methodically execute their agendas with continuity over very long periods of time and reach the desired goal within a fairly precise timeframe. Wars, depressions, revolutions, the rise and fall of nations, all of these things are planned and orchestrated long before they become a public "occurrence". 

Their massive control structures are slow to react and adapt to changing circumstances, however. This is the disadvantage of being excessively systematic and hive-minded. As a group, they also lack spontaneity, which makes them even more vulnerable to unpredictable and fast-moving events. If something happens that they did not anticipate in advance, it may cause them to panic. This is one of their greatest weaknesses.



Competition stimulates the reptilian brain. This is why the society is loaded with competitive situations and events. When competition is particularly aggressive or involves physical violence, it cranks up the reptilian brain even more, for both the participants and the spectators.
Sporting events strongly encourage reptilian brain activity through division, competition and violence. Watching someone else behave in a certain way can trigger the same behavior in the observer. The spectators may become violent after their reptilian brains have taken control, especially when it's considered to be a "big game/match".

When a large group of people are engaged in the same activity, the reptilian group (hive) mind becomes very powerful. It has a gravity, a contagious quality, which pulls everyone involved into its singular, core impulse. People are often described as "not being themselves" under these types of conditions. The will of the individual is subsumed by the will of the group mind, and they are essentially possessed by it.

The group-hive mind is always there, exerting its influence over the population, it's just more noticeable when something dramatic happens. Everyone has experienced this effect, sometimes very strongly, but most are not conscious enough at the time to appreciate what's happening.

Just looking at these kinds of violent images will instinctively excite the reptilian brain, bringing out feelings of aggression. My intention is to point out what's happening when one encounters violence and how to recognize the impulses from the reptilian brain so that it's not allowed to run amok over the conscious mind.

Spectator sports also provide the parasites another opportunity to harvest energy from the thousands or even millions of people who are emotionally involved with the event, whether it's done in person or in front of a TV.

If an activity ever makes you feel emotionally drained or sick afterwards, this is what has happened. Remember that all thoughts and emotions resonate and interact in the consciousness field irrespective of the distance or "anonymity" between individuals in 3D space. This applies to any medium of communication, so be conscious of who or what you're dealing with at all times.

Outside of sports and TV, competition is often an integral part of daily life for many people. School can be a competitive environment, with its grades and rankings, clubs and sports. The workplace encourages competition through promotions and assignments, beating someone else for a position. 

Many people compete in social situations, conversations for example, where they'll go back and forth about who has more money or the more exciting life, who has traveled more, been there and done that, or who has more toys, and so on.

Some people also feel the need to always be "right" and "win" every argument, to get the other person to submit. "Keeping up with the Joneses" is also about competition and jealousy. It's the reptilian ego beating its chest, nothing more.
The reptilian brain frequently shows itself in people's driving habits. Why else would people aggressively tailgate and cut each other off in high-speed traffic, even in dangerous driving conditions? They gain nothing and risk losing everything. It's not a question of intelligence, per se.

The problem is that the rational-conscious mind has been switched off, allowing the reptilian brain to take the wheel. They are completely under the control of their reptilian impulses, looking to release pent-up frustration in the form of aggressive behavior.

It turns driving into a competition and encourages others to behave in the same way. In addition to all the stress it creates, this mass-unconsciousness can sometimes turn deadly.


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Re: Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
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Survival, Sex, Money and Power

Along with competition, food and sex are the most powerful motivators of reptilian brain activity. Sexual themes can frequently be found in food advertising, sometimes in very obvious ways and sometimes hidden in subliminals. They like to combine the two whenever possible to achieve the maximum effect.

People can have additional emotional attachments to food beyond survival needs, as eating/tasting certain foods can call up memories or feelings from a pleasant experience in the past, making the person feel momentarily at ease. Music and other physical sensations can produce the same effect.

A perceived shortage of food, whether real or not, will also stimulate the reptilian brain into action. This is what causes food runs and riots. Once people see others doing it, even on TV, they often fall prey to the reptilian brain which shuts down the conscious mind and drags them into the frenzy.

Other than for pleasure, the reptilian mind-brain views sex as having two purposes: reproduction and domination (or submission), control or possession over another.

Sexual imagery can be found everywhere in the media. No matter what your conscious mind may think about it, the reptilian brain is stimulated every time it encounters one of these images.

Pornography is another tool the reptilians use to manipulate humans through the reptilian brain. The first step is to get people addicted. The second step is to get people accustomed to the concept of sex as an act of domination, violence and abuse. Pornography that involves aggressive, abusive behavior is intended to train humans into the reptilian mindset.

People who are addicted will have their lives taken over by the demands of the reptilian brain. Their energy will get trapped, bottled up in the root chakra, lowering their overall vibration.

The reptilian-illuminati hybrids are obsessed with sexual aggression and domination, which is evidenced by their sex magic rituals. Humans are routinely taken and programmed to serve them as familiars and sex slaves; more evidence of their desire to control and "own" others.

Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut is probably an accurate representation of what takes place in one of these rituals. He was certainly involved with some of their circles and must have been exposed to things like this on more than a few occasions.

As a side note, he was apparently killed because he refused to cut a scene which contained subliminal triggers that were intended to break the mind-control programs of the people in the audience. Following his death, the scene was cut and never made it to the final film.

For some, money represents power, a means of controlling and dominating others, a measure of status. For others, money represents basic survival, a means to eat and live another day. Money can even represent inadequacy. "I don't have the money to do or get what I want. I'm lacking."

It's the reptilian brain that drives this perception. Just the sight of money (like violence, food and sex) can trigger primal responses in the individual. Themes are often mixed together to produce a more powerful (and confusing) message - food with sex, sex with violence, violence with money, etc.

Money is nothing more than a symbol. It only has "value" when people believe it has value, when it represents a means to an end.



The society is designed to lock the human mind into a routine-based existence, to accept repetition and restriction as the only way of life. For most, this kind of training begins in school with class schedules and bell-ringing. If you fail to follow orders and don't make it on time, you get punished. That's the real lesson.

Time, or more specifically, the constant keeping of time, has been brought to the forefront of human awareness, so that all of our thoughts, expectations and decisions are made to revolve around this contrivance. "I can't do this, not enough time. I'll get into trouble if I'm late."

Modern humans are preoccupied with this "time" construct. The clock runs their lives. It dictates the "time" they will get up, eat, go to work/school, shop, watch TV, and most importantly, what they can and can't do during the course of the day, what is possible and what is not.

In the meantime they can get stressed about being late or someone else being late or not being able to get everything done in "time", all over something that is completely artificial and meaningless.

"Time" imposes a predefined pattern or script on reality. Instead of allowing the day's experience to unfold in a creative, free-flowing way, it gets stamped into the same old shape by the daily cookie-cutter routine (times, names, places) before it even has a chance to be. Life becomes an assembly line, robotic and stale.

This "time" construct is a reptilian creation and it's absolutely central to their control of the humanity. They've structured the human mind into a predictable, repetitive program loop, which has people "thinking" and doing the same things over and over again, perpetuating the same self-destructive patterns, unable to learn from their mistakes and adapt. This makes them very easy to control.

One will never be able to learn so long as the reptilian mind-brain is running the show, simply because it does not possess that capacity. This inability to learn is a chronic condition that affects nearly everyone, in the way they handle their relationships, money and debt, politics, driving habits, and so on. Meaningful learning (not rote) requires one to be conscious, present and observant.

Think about what life would be like without this rigidly imposed "time" matrix, free of its demands (go here, go there) and restrictions (no time to do or even think). The first step is to stop believing in it. Don't let it dictate reality to you and limit your thoughts and possibilities.

Reduce the amount of structure and "time" demands in life and identify and break out of repetitive patterns of thinking and behavior. Learn to allow things to develop in their own way and time without trying to force them into a pre-conceived shape or schedule. If you need to know what time it is specifically, find out and then let it go.

Don't dwell on not having enough "time". When you constantly think (worry) about "lacking" something, you will only manifest a greater lack or scarcity of that "something" and it will continue to elude you. This is known as the law of anti-abundance, which the reptilians use against humanity all the time, most significantly through the accumulation of debt.

The focus on "2012" as an absolute, all-or-nothing date is another "time" trap. It's a way of getting people to view the "future" as something set in stone. By thinking in "future" terms and expectations, people lose their ability to consciously create for themselves in the Now, which is all that ever exists.

As they wait, anticipate and hope, the Now (conscious creation) passes them by, and in the end they are disappointed when the "time" comes and it doesn't turn out the way they expected. If it does, you can be sure it's another trap. When the "future" expectation is based in fear, the person will unconsciously manifest those kinds of fearful experiences for themselves.

Don't wait idly for the "future" to "happen" to you. Ascension is not a one-day-only, "shock and awe" type of spectacle. It's an ongoing process that is constantly evolving, and the experiencing of it will be unique to each individual. As we accelerate into faster rates of vibration, its nature will become more apparent to greater numbers of people. Manifestation begins Now.


Society and Addiction

TV and video games have been shown to cause a sharp reduction in beta wave brain activity (alert, active thinking/working), leading to a predominant (low) alpha wave state. In alpha state, the conscious, waking mind is suppressed and the subconscious becomes accessible to subliminals and programming. The individual is effectively hypnotized.

The more violent or fear-inducing the game or TV program, the more it will stimulate the reptilian brain. While the conscious mind knows that it's a game, the subconscious may not differentiate events in the game world from events in the real world, treating them as the same.

It's best to limit your exposure to all sources of subconscious programming to the greatest extent possible. Zero exposure is ideal. I know firsthand how dangerous this can be. We may imagine we're being "entertained", but that's not what it's really about.

There's nothing of value to be found on TV anyway, just lies, low vibrations, mind-perception control and brain damage. Despite people's complaints about the quality of TV programming (how little they know), they are irresistibly drawn to watch it day after day.

There is obviously an addictive quality about it, something that keeps them coming back for more. Perhaps the shift into an altered state of consciousness is relaxing or pleasing, or there's an imbedded program which commands them to receive their daily dose.

TV is a tool of reptilian control. That's its real purpose. All of the mainstream technologies and systems serve their agenda. People are led to believe that these things are there for their benefit, but that's an illusion, a lie.

In order to completely break free from their mind control you must break free from TV programming. Once you do, the control programs and perceptual blocks will wear off over time. Your eyes will open to a wider spectrum of reality and you'll begin to think in ways that never occurred to you before.

Their program seems to require repeated daily TV-viewing to be effective. Infrequent viewing probably has little to no effect in terms of programming the individual, but then you wouldn't be addicted/entrained, so there would be no point to watching at all.

Cell phones are another source of consciousness control and brain destruction. TV and video games use visual-aural hypnosis and subliminals, while cell phones take a more direct route to the brain using EM/psychotronic radiation. As in the case of TV, infrequent cell phone use probably does not give the program an opportunity to take hold.

As we have seen, addiction can take many forms. While everyone knows that drugs, alcohol and sex can lead to addiction, very few are aware that addiction is an integral part of mainstream society. TV, video games, cell phones and additive-laden food products (MSG, soft drinks, etc.) are all addictive.

The society is designed to turn people in addicts, in as many ways as possible. Addicted people are easy to suppress and control and the low-vibration energy they produce is useful. The general rule of thumb is that if they're pushing something, you don't want it. This rule usually works in reverse as well.   

Some addictions are chemical, like drugs and food. TV and video games appear to be subliminal or subconscious addictions. Addictions will often have psychological-emotional attachments as well. An example of this would be a person who engages in an activity for social and emotional gratification, to be sympathetic with other people, to belong to and feel "wanted" by the group.

The first and biggest step towards putting down an addiction (or habitual behavior) is to recognize the activity as an addiction and not a rational, conscious choice. It helps to step out of the situation for a moment and examine the behavior objectively.

Stop and ask yourself "Why am I doing this? Am I making a conscious decision, or am I running on subconscious autopilot/reptilian brain? Is this activity actually improving my life, or is it hurting me?"

Once you are able to identify which "thoughts" are coming from the reptilian brain and which are actually coming from conscious-awareness, you can put the reptilian brain in its place and prevent it from hijacking your mind.

Modern life looks this way for a reason. Its purpose is to keep the reptilian brain on top, in charge, and the conscious-awareness at the bottom, asleep. This slows the spiritual vibration of humans, concentrating their energies into the lowest chakras, where they are accessible to reptilian-parasitic manipulation. 

Addiction, competition, violence, fear, hate, sexual exploitation, greed, envy, the daily grind of school, work and driving, routines and schedules, hierarchies and control systems, toxic food and drink, drugs, cell phones and towers, TV, media and video games, all of these things are designed to do this.

These are the visible aspects of the consciousness suppression/mind control program that we encounter in society, at "ground level", but there's more to it than this.


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Re: Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
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The matrix has seen many revisions over time. In certain periods of history (mostly pre-Atlantis/flood), the intruder races have openly ruled as "god-kings", with humanity serving them as a slave race. Everyone knew the rules up front. There were no illusions about who was "master" and who was "slave", or who was human and who was not.

In this current period, at least the last few thousand years, they have chosen to stay off the Earth's surface for the most part, remaining underground, on their moon-station and Mars, avoiding direct and open interaction with humanity.

Perhaps they could no longer tolerate surface conditions due to atmospheric changes and the strength of the Sun. Human resistance and uprisings may have been another factor. Whatever drove them into hiding, it seems that the decision was forced by external events.

The reptilians (draconians, orions) rule today's world through proxy, using their hybrid agents to control human civilization from the inside, while they remain hidden from human awareness.

These hybrids were engineered by splicing their own DNA with human DNA, producing a creature that was capable of shapeshifting back and forth between the two distinct forms (Cain bloodline). In addition to their shapeshifting capabilities, the hybrids were also better suited to surface life under the Sun.

The reptilians sent their hybrid shapeshifters to infiltrate human societies, to rise through the ranks into positions of power, mainly through deception and murder. From pharaohs and emperors to kings and queens to presidents and prime ministers, they are always in the fold.

The master reptilian-intruder races are the "watchers", the all-seeing eye above the pyramid, the mind behind the matrix, while the illuminati shapeshifters are their hands, molding the physical aspects of human society, enforcing their will from ground level.

Beyond a certain point, one can only guess at the true depth of the matrix and all the beings that are involved with it. Whether you call them archons, demons, watchers, Lucifer, Satan or Baphomet, there does exist a select group of minds who are the ultimate controllers of this matrix reality.

Human thoughts and emotions are their source of energy and power. This is one of the reasons why the civilization has been structured the way it has, with all of its conflicting belief systems and manufactured wars and disasters. All the pain, misery, fear and hate generates the kind of low-vibration energy that is valuable and useful to these various groups.

Like sharks to blood, this massive output of low-vibration energy has attracted other parasitic entities into this reality. While their forms (bodies) may exist outside the spectrum of visible light, they are still close enough in vibration to interact with us on an energetic-emotional level.

The reptilian-illuminati bloodlines view themselves as the children of the "gods", from whom they have been given the absolute right to rule over humanity.

In order to retain their dominant reptilian traits and shapeshifting talent, these families must interbreed religiously. They need to have a certain configuration of reptilian genetic code within their DNA to maintain their connection and value to the master races, the "gods", who provide them the knowledge and tools they need to control humanity. Their ability to be possessed may also depend on this.

By the same token, if they end up excessively dominant to the reptilian side, it becomes very difficult for them to assume and hold human form, which carries its own set of problems. Given how important this is to their ability to remain on top, it's not surprising that they keep such meticulous records of family trees and genetic histories.

They will occasionally seed themselves outside of the core families, even into human families, to create lesser bloodlines. These secondary bloodlines provide them a subordinate cast of characters who can help them more effectively execute their agenda. Bill Clinton is an example of this, being part of the Rockefeller bloodline and Adolf Hitler, who is (was) apparently a Rothschild. 

The hierarchy of families appears to be based on the purity of genetic lineage to the original Cain bloodline (first hybrids). The highest ranking individuals will always be in charge of the money/credit system, as this is their most important means of physical control over humanity. Below them are the corporate and media heads, and the government and military leadership.

The lesser ranks serve in supporting roles, to "flesh out" their control over society and promote their agenda from all levels and angles, with many voices. Whatever occupation it may be, the most influential positions within that field will be held by reptilian hybrids - musician, actor, director, news reporter, writer, politician, police chief, religious leader, scientist, doctor, lawyer, professor, activist, etc.

As the vibratory rate and spectrum of energies change during the Great Shift, the reptilian hybrids (illuminati) are experiencing increased instability within their DNA structure. This causes moments of involuntary shapeshifting or even more persistent regressions in some features, usually beginning with the eyes.

Maintaining form stability will become more and more of a challenge for them as vibration accelerates, to the point where many of them will no longer be able to appear before the public. Once this happens, they will have to go underground. This can only be damaging to their agenda.


The Matrix

The oppression of higher consciousness has been a long-running affair for these controlling intruder groups. In the recent past, the church was the primary means of control over the population at large.

Anyone who had a concept of God-Source as something other than the established view of the church would be quickly put down, through witch hunts, inquisitions, burning people at the stake or otherwise torturing and killing them in open view.

If people began to understand themselves as Infinite being and one with Source, they would have no need of the church, their hierarchies, or their "god" of judgement and vengeance. They would no longer be controllable.

This last iteration of the matrix program has seen an overall shift from monarchy to democracy. Every "system of governance" eventually wears out its welcome at some point and they have to move on to something else before the population loses faith and begins to resist. Sometimes it's necessary to orchestrate revolutions to impress the public with the idea that the change is legitimate, driven by real people at ground-level.

In reality, it's only an illusion of change. While some of the lesser players are shuffled around, the names and faces on the public stage, the same core group of families remains in charge throughout, directing from behind the scenes.

The "democracy/republic" appears to be their most effective system of control. Unlike a monarchy or dictatorship, it provides the illusion of choice/change and a way to gain consent and approval from the public through voting. Through their superficial participation, people are led to believe that they are the government, that it represents their will.

Not only do political parties help maintain the illusion of choice, they are useful for dividing and diverting the public, getting people to fight over meaningless issues and blame each other when it goes "wrong".

The system is meant to be a bureaucratic mess. It keeps the public spinning in circles, chasing false hopes which never lead anywhere. It keeps them from putting all the pieces together and seeing the big picture, who's really behind it, what they're doing and why. Governments and nations do not exist, certainly not as most people imagine.

Nearly all of the world's "leaders" are Luciferian agents, including some of those from the so-called rogue states, like Iran's president Ahmadinejad (shapeshifter).

They occupy the top positions in government, the military and the larger corporations. They control the global credit/money system, the banks and financial institutions. They run the media and entertainment industry, the educational and medical establishment. They even control the "criminal" and "terrorist" organizations. They all serve the same agenda.

There are many companies and organizations that are not part of the Luciferian agenda, that are actually trying to do something good. They're never part of the central control structure, however, and the reptilians work to keep them under the thumb of their regulatory agencies (FDA, AMA, EU, etc.).

While it can be difficult at first, it's important to come to grips with the fact that the system is their creation and its core function is to control humanity. However, sometimes it is possible for people to turn the system to their advantage and make something positive for themselves.

The internet is a good example of this. I believe their original intention in making it mainstream was to provide more sources of media propaganda/programming and reptilian brain diversion (pornography, online games, chat, etc.). It would allow them to more easily monitor the public's mood, find out what people are thinking, and gather information. There were also profits to be made.

Many sites (including YouTube, Facebook and some of the conspiracy forums) are run by the intelligence agencies (CIA, NSA, etc.), which should not come as a surprise. We can make good use of these things while they are available, but we should never lose sight of the intended purpose.


The Eye in the Sky

According to Alex Collier, Icke and others, the moon is the origin of all reptilian-intruder control over Earth reality. The evidence certainly points to it being something other than an ordinary moon:

Various surface structures, both remnants and active, wide but shallow "craters" with flat bottoms, exceptionally high gravity for its size (2/3 that of Earth), an apparently semi-hollow, metallic interior, and an unnatural rotation/revolution which always keeps the same side facing Earth.

Whatever its origins, whether it started out as a real moon/planetoid or a completely fabricated structure, it now serves as an orbital base/station/platform for the intruder races. Obviously, its arrival here took place a very long time ago.

If one needs to be invisible to humanity and still remain within striking distance of Earth, there isn't a better place to do this than the far side/interior of the moon. The moon allows them to watch events from a safe distance, out of the reach of any wars or cataclysms that may be taking place on Earth. It would also make sense to keep your most important technology on the moon, so there's no danger of disruptions or having it destroyed during upheavals.

The moon's effect on Earth can be readily observed in the various physical systems it regulates, like tides and reproductive cycles in plants and animals. Much of this atmospheric modification program may be controlled via technology based on the moon. The core technology of the control grid, the matrix-hive mind, must also be located there.

Semiramis, who is known as the "mother of god" and "queen of heaven" is one of the most prominent figures in illuminati-reptilian lore. Ishtar, Isis, the virgin Mary, and other goddesses/figures in various cultures/religions are all representations of Semiramis. She is actually the moon goddess, often seen holding the torch of illumination (Lucifer/watchers) when depicted in human form. The dove is also symbolic of Semiramis.

The reptilian hive mind is real. The group of beings that sits at the very top of the control matrix use this hive mind to subjugate everyone else to their will, from the other intruder races to the hybrids to humans. As stated earlier, those with higher percentages of reptilian genetic code in their DNA are more strongly influenced and controlled by the matrix-hive mind. Its pull can be incredibly powerful.

This is how they dominate/assimilate other groups, through the creation of hybrids and injection of their genetic code into the target population. We can observe the hive mind in the rather uniform behavior of the illuminati (hybrids in general) and their relentless dedication to the Luciferian agenda and the maintenance of its structures and traditions.   

I believe that the presence of these reptilian-human hybrids on Earth actually amplifies the effect of the matrix-hive mind. The spine is an antenna, a receiver-transmitter of energy-information after all, and they are probably serving to re-broadcast the matrix message (slowing vibration), just as others are serving to broadcast the message of Light and Truth (increasing vibration).

As the vibratory rate increases during this Great Shift, and more Light enters the Universe, the reptilians are finding that their control grid (hive mind) is having a harder time suppressing human consciousness, keeping it contained within the box.

I believe this is the reason why their attacks have intensified dramatically in recent years - fluoride, mercury, aluminum, excitotoxins, parasites, drugs of all kinds, TV, subliminals, cell phones/towers, chemtrails, HAARP, etc. The goal is to break down the human brain (pineal gland) to such an extent that it can no longer support higher consciousness.

They have foreseen the Great Shift and the potential awakening of humanity from the very beginning. Most of what they've done over the last 60+ years has been about preparing for this period of time, to cut people off from the awakening before it has a chance to gain momentum. 

They are working furiously to maintain the integrity of their frequency control grid by building out infrastructure and adding new technology, blocking the Sun's Light and bombarding the Earth and humanity with EM radiation. So far, they have managed to keep most people in the cage, but that may change as Ascension reaches its final stages.


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Re: Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
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The Agenda
The global "economic/financial crisis" of the last few years is a manufactured event. How they create these busts/depressions/crises is actually quite simple. They do it by cutting off the lines of credit.

Without the ability to borrow new credit, the country, company or individual can no longer service the existing debt and interest payments, leading to default and a cascade of bankruptcies. Since they (Rothschild central banks, et al.) pull all the money/credit out of thin air, they can turn the spigot on and off at will.   

The first phase of the "economic crisis" was largely about consolidating financial control into the hands of the chosen few, setting up programs and passing laws which advance the 'one world' agenda. The next phase will be more about putting the squeeze on the public.

Much like the global depression of the 1930s, which paved the way for WW2, they need to back the public into a corner first, take away their options and coerce their participation once they are desperate enough.

With their resources and employment options taken away, the military machine becomes the public's only viable source of income. The illuminati close off all the other avenues, forcing people down the cattle chute into war. This is why most wars throughout history have been preceded by depressions.

Their agenda does include another world war and it seems likely that Israel and Iran will be the flashpoint. Israel was created expressly for this purpose, to destabilize the middle east, anger the muslim world, start a war with Iran, and then be destroyed. This will certainly fulfill the "prophecy" script they've written.

Given the number of bases that have been built in Iraq, it's clear that they intend to host a large war in the region. The fact that both Iran and Israel are under Luciferian control further adds to the evidence of this being their plan.

If this does happen, keep in mind that it's a staged event from beginning to end with the same hand controlling all sides. The dividing of Korea and partitioning of India are also part of this agenda, to create more adversaries for WW3, just as the dividing of Germany was important to the "cold war".

The ultimate objective is to bring China, and probably Russia as well, into a war against the US and EU through the Israel-Iran conflict. Afghanistan will serve as another front in their world war, conveniently located between Iran, Pakistan and China. India/Pakistan and North/South Korea will be used to expand the conflict.

Again, all of this has been planned very far in advance and they're following this script. The "surprise attacks" and other precipitating events or non-events are the false justifications that they feed to the public. They never start wars unless they have some level of control over all sides. Their controlling reptilian nature can't stand uncertainty.
Unnatural disasters are also part of their agenda, creating weather events through chemtrails and EMFs, triggering earthquakes, tsunamis and so on. They've been doing this for quite some time now. While this is primarily about interfering with Ascension/awakening on Earth, they're also using these events to support their "armageddon" and "climate change" stories. 

The Luciferians use religion to divide humanity and create hostilities which drive conflict and oppression. This will be exploited once again in the upcoming period as human belief systems are brought into direct opposition to one another - atheism vs. christianity vs. islam vs. judaism, etc. The media is definitely trying to stir the pot with religion and race.   

The "savior" program is the final stage of their plan. Holographic projections of key religious figures and "miracles" will be used to manipulate the cult of personality. "Prophecies" will be fulfilled. "Ascended masters" and "friendly ETs" (Ashtar, etc.) will arrive bearing gifts and goodwill (cure for cancer, environmental clean-up).

Their "teachings" will explain the need for one world religion and government to make sure that wars and disasters of this magnitude never happen again. As usual, the children will be the primary targets of indoctrination. All the world's religions will then be unified into a central Luciferian control structure, as will the systems of government (UN) and finance (World Bank).

This is only what I believe their agenda is about. No matter what they're planning, we must remember that it's only a plan. There's nothing absolute or inevitable about any of it.
Ascension is the real reason why they've chosen this period of time to make their push for the "new-one world order". The "watchers" have long been aware of the Great Shift and the timeframe in which it would take place. This foreknowledge is demonstrated by the Mayan calendar, which I believe to be their creation.

They are attempting to subvert or hijack this transformative period by imposing a "new" false reality on humanity, by getting them to believe in "armageddon" scenarios involving death and destruction, wars, disasters, earth changes and the return of the saviors. They want us to support this false reality through our belief, so they can keep us trapped within their matrix, within our own minds, caught in yet another time loop.

By filling humanity with fear and hatred, they hope to slow the vibration of Earth consciousness and stop it from ascending beyond their frequency range. They're doing this because they cannot exist at the level of vibration where this quantum shift is taking us.

The hybrid agents will execute their orders as best they can, but it cannot become a reality without humanity's belief and cooperation. They can write laws, issue orders and stage agent provocateur events all they want.

Without the belief and compliance of the people, it will not produce the desired effect and the agenda will fail. Belief is what gives life to a thought form, makes it real and powerful. When belief is withdrawn it loses its support and collapses.

By becoming aware of them, their intentions, and our own power as creators, we can change the outcome for ourselves as individuals at any time. They can only exist in the darkness of ignorance and fear. When the mind is awake, aware and free of fear, they have no power over that mind.

We must be aware of their schemes and traps to be free of them, but it shouldn't be allowed to turn into an obsession or constant source of worry, fear and anger. Fearmongering and doom and gloom work in their favor, to get us to manifest their kind of reality.


Frequency and Freedom

Mind-Spirit is the source of everything in creation, molding consciousness fields into objects, actions and experiences. The external manifested reality cannot change unless we change the internal reality of Mind-Spirit first, our awareness, perception and understanding.

As I've said before, this is where the battle takes place, at the level of Mind vibration, from which all realities are born. The physical D-3 hologram is a projection of that field. This is how the intruders are actually creating and controlling this reality, by manipulating human thoughts, emotions and beliefs in the Mind vibration.

Each individual must find the power of manifestation within him/herself. No one else can do this for you. No one else can make you know the truth. No one else can make you powerful. No one else can raise your vibration and ascend or "lift" you up. Anyone who claims they can do it for you is spinning an illusion, most likely to control you for their own benefit.

We can only help others if they are willing to help themselves. The people who are content with their current existence or who are too afraid to challenge their programming cannot be helped. You must desire to know the truth for yourself. You must ask for it first before you can receive it.

The consciousness gap between the asleep and awake is growing rapidly. For the moment, both groups still occupy the same basic "physical" 3D hologram, but that's where the similarities end. Some of the sleepers may yet awaken and rise, but many actually appear to be going in reverse, their vibration slowing and awareness shrinking.

I believe that during the course of this Great Shift, the vibrational-consciousness divide between the sleepers/descending and the awake/ascending will begin to manifest on the "physical" level. Consciousness will ultimately pull apart and form completely separate holograms. Mind will always create reality and experience for itself, even the sleeping mind that has no self-awareness.

The reptilian mind-brain is the source of fear and other vibration-lowering impulses like anger, envy, domination and deceit. It's the anchor that keeps us stuck in the matrix, the leash around humanity's neck. The reptilians feed it every opportunity they get by promoting fear, competition, violence, sex, greed and ego, in the media and throughout the society. The rigid structure and repetition of modern life also contribute to its dominance.

By understanding the reptilian brain, how it works, what stimulates it and causes it to react in such ways, we can begin to master it instead of having it dominate us. We have to remain conscious and present and observe our own thoughts and behaviors to identify which ones are really us and which ones are the reptilian brain.

The society is loaded with triggers waiting to set off the reptilian brain, so it can be easy to slip into instinct-autopilot if one is not careful. Once it takes control, it's often difficult to put it back into its box. 

Mastering the reptilian mind-brain is the biggest step towards freedom. Fear and hatred are descending vibrations. Most of the things the reptilian brain enjoys doing are vibration-lowering. This is how they control us and use us for energy.

That's not to say that we should never feel these things. Anger, for instance, can provide a strong impetus for us to make much needed changes in our lives, our way of thinking, or to take decisive action to resolve a situation. Even fear can be useful at times.

The key is to let it go once it has served its purpose. Act on it and then drop it. If you hold on to it for too long, it festers and becomes an emotional sickness which infects the mind, stealing your thoughts and energy.

Expanding awareness is the path of Ascension. By listening to intuition, opening our minds and perceptions to Universal Truth, we rise in vibration. Emotional sickness or baggage (fear, guilt, hatred) lowers vibration and weighs us down, leading to a state of descension. It must be resolved and released from the Auric field.

The people who resonate with fear, hate and ego must remain in the reptilian matrix (or some equivalent), as it also resonates at that same vibration (law of attraction). Mind can only manifest experiences and realities which are compatible with its own level of vibration/frequency, because that is the only level at which it can perceive, comprehend and learn.

A person who carries the fear vibration (any emotion/intention), will manifest experiences that allow him to work through that fear and learn from it. "Fearful" experiences will continue to manifest throughout his life until he resolves the issue and masters the fear.

Once that happens, the fear vibration will be released from his field, and those kinds of experiences will no longer manifest for him. The frequency of his field will rise and he'll begin to have new experiences and lessons within the new vibration.

Most people have missed the most basic point of existence, which is learning and evolving through experience. They continue to manifest the same experiences over and over again, but are never able to recognize the lessons in them.

When "things" keep coming up that make you angry, sad, afraid, etc., that's a message telling you to look within yourself to find the real source of the conflict, understand and resolve it. The external "things" are not the problem. They're only a reflection of the issues that are already present in your field. 

Everything in existence is frequency. Thoughts and emotions are consciousness fields vibrating at certain frequencies. Matter and energy are consciousness fields vibrating at certain frequencies. Our mind-brain-sensory computer decodes these frequencies and allows us to perceive them as light, "solid" matter, objects, movement, sensations, feelings and ideas.

The name of the game is frequency control. Those who are not in control of their own frequencies/vibrations cannot control their own ability to manifest and consciously shape the reality around them. They can be manipulated by external influences and used to create a reality that is not of their own will and intention. Those who are in control of their own frequencies/vibrations have none of these problems.

Remember that You are the Infinite experiencing itself. This current holographic reality is here for us to experience, learn and evolve as souls. When we become too attached to it, we can lose sight of what we came here to do and get sidetracked.

While the reptilians have set a clever trap, we have the power to break free and transform reality if we choose to do so. As we raise our vibration, we will move beyond their reach and finally break through their frequency fence to the other side. They have no power over you when you follow this path.

Fear and hatred will only disempower you and pull you deeper into the matrix.

Awareness and Truth are your Power and Freedom.

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Re: Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
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great synopsis

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Re: Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
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your a bad chick....I can see what you are saying...and the underlying truth in it...i am going to save your post if you don't mind...

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Re: Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
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Yah drivers are STUPID its getting worse too, so much risk for no reason. Clearly frenzied

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Re: Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
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Bump for later
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Re: Freedom from Reptilian Mind Control
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Good stuff. Very well written too!
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