Author Topic: Ex-FBI agent: 'Gangstalking' term self-harm for Gov. no-touch Torture eugenics  (Read 4140 times)

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A former FBI agent whistleblower has warned targeted individuals today about using the term "gangstalking," saying this inflicts self-harm by portraying signs of delusion, and thus mental illness, a state agents aim to create and this cover-up the government's mind control, and thus behavior control, negative eugenics program, part of the United States torture matrix.

Gangstalking, a term many targeted individuals have adopted for part of their treatment, is "designed by infiltrators and counterintelligence reverse agents working for or as part of the government, to defer culpability away from the government by attaching responsibility to a mythical group of citizens that are alleged to coordinate elaborate surveillances," states Bob Levin, former FBI agent.

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He got that right.
But it's no coincident. It's big program going on. Innocent people that don't even have heard of IMF or globalist are picked. The first stage most people are tricked to believe all are after them. Then they get jacked up on LCD and brought to mental ward. In the last stage people start complaining about electronic torture. In fact, the creation of a sort of schizophrenia.

Who do you think they will attack next?

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