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Henry "Heinz" Kissinger, CIA Terrorist Allen Dulles and Project Paperclip:

1945-present: UNITED STATES. President Harry Truman, approves the importation of German military scientists into the U.S. provided that they are not members of the Nazi party, are not supporters of militarism and are not war criminals. Harry just doesn't seem to realize that he is dealing with Allen Dulles and the boys. U.S. Army Intelligence and what will become the CIA disobey Truman's directive and, using thousands of faked travel papers provided by the Holy Roman Church, organize the escape from war crimes prosecution in Europe of thousands of major Nazi war criminals and mass murderers who are nicely “de-Nazified” for public consumption by being given fictitious non-Nazi backgrounds and are then recruited into the U.S. State Department, U.S. intelligence agencies, the U.S. Army, what will become the U.S. Air Force and NASA and various other U.S. government agencies.

Other Nazis are quietly incorporated into American academic life, into the ubiquitous right wing "think tanks" and foundations which dominate American policy making and the creation of presidential candidates for both parties, into the mass media, into U.S. biological and chemical warfare agencies and other military organizations. By 1955, almost eight hundred of the Nazis will have been reborn as red, white and blue American citizens.

The main plan to orchestrate the escape of the Nazi war criminals from Europe is designated Operation Paperclip. In U.S. government circles, being an accessory after the fact to mass murder by helping Nazi war criminals and mass murderers escape prosecution so they can do their dirty work for the U.S. is called the "military evacuation of scientists".

An individual deeply involved in Operation Paperclip is one Heinz Kissinger, who had entered the U.S. from Germany in 1938, presenting as a Jewish refugee fleeing Nazi persecution. As a private named Henry Kissinger in the U.S. Army, his peculiar talents are quickly spotted by an expatriate Prussian lurking in the U.S. Army, Fritz Kraemer, who will become the shadowy figure behind U.S. militarism for decades to come.

After a stint as virtual dictator of several occupied German towns, a remarkable role for a private, Kissinger becomes principal assistant to General Alexander Bollings, the “godfather” of Project Paperclip, and then works for U.S. Army Counter-Intelligence at the European Command Intelligence School in Oberammergau, Germany. There, Kissinger trains agents to hunt down Nazi war criminals and mass murderers, not to be tried for their war crimes, but to recruit them in order to to employ their well-honed skills directly on behalf of the United States of America. We will be hearing much more of Kissinger.

Operation Paperclip, the merger of the OSS and the Gehlen Organization into the CIA and the other U.S. operations to block the prosecution of Nazi war criminals and incorporate them into its own agencies or the agencies of various U.S. puppet dictatorships, is nothing more or less than the implementation of the Nazis' Plan Odessa. Odessa provided for the escape from war crimes prosecution of Hitler's henchmen and their repositioning around the world in the event of a German defeat. The reborn Nazis would then continue to pursue the goals of the owners of the multinational corporations, including IG Farben, Standard Oil, Krupp, General Motors, Ford, IT&T and Dupont which financed the rise and arming of the Nazis in first place.

Most prominent among the thousands of Nazi war criminals rescued from the gallows and employed by the United States are Gehlen, Walter Rudolph, Walter Rauff, developer of the Nazi gas chamber, Walter Emil Schreiber, Otto Skorzeny, Emil Augsburg whose specialty was the mass murder of Polish Jews and other “undesirables”, “Angel of Death” Joseph Mengele, Hitler’s top biological warfare specialist Erich Traub, SS V1 and V2 rocket scientist Werner von Braun, Adolph Eichmann’s right hand man Alois Brunner and four of Eichmann's closest associates, and Klaus Barbie, the notorious “Butcher of Lyon”. The rabidly anti-Semitic Allen Dulles is instrumental in directly protecting from prosecution his personal favorite, SS mass murderer Jospeph Mengele and Guido Zimmer, a leading figure in the deportation and murder of Italian Jews.

A favored group of Amerinazis is the "radiation experimenters" who will take the results of their concentration camp studies to what will become the CIA to develop torture techniques and weapons using radiation. Among this select group are Boris Rajewski, Gerhard Schubert, Hermann Daenzer, Wolfgang Luther, Dieter Strang and Arthur Demnitz.

Also evading the hangman courtesy of the government of the United States is Dr. Hubertus Strughold who had conducted grotesque “high altitude” experiments on inmates in Dachau, subjecting his victims to ever-decreasing air pressure until their bodies virtually exploded. In his brave new Homeland, Strughold will be repositioned as the cuddly “father of American space medicine".

A true Renaissance man, Strughold also conducted sadistic experiments on concentration camp inmates with mind-altering drugs. In the interests of furthering Nazi science, the CIA will use Strughold’s experimental results as the foundation for its barbaric and criminal experimentation with hallucinogens, truth serums and mind control, including the programming of "lone assassins", on thousands of unwitting Americans and Canadians under its project MKUltra.

After the French discover that the government of the United States has rescued and employed Barbie, a mass murderer of Jewish children, Heinz "Henry" Kissinger's outfit quickly spirits Barbie and Nazi concentration camp doctor Joseph Mengele to the Vatican-run "ratline" where Croatian Nazi priests and others operate a virtual travel agency for Nazi war criminals escaping to South America. In South America, Barbie and Mengele work on CIA projects advising and assisting the death squads of U.S.-armed and maintained dictatorships.

The U.S. arranges for the escape to South America and the Middle East of thousands of other Nazi war criminals who will become central to the ”security” services and death squads of U.S.-installed and maintained puppet dictatorships.

Near the end of the war in Europe, more than $2 billion in gold disappears from the Reichsbank and is widely believed to have been carried by U-boat to South America to finance the activities of the Nazi escapees.

Until documents released under the Freedom of Information Act in the 1980s and in 2000 confirmed the details of Operation Paperclip, the U.S. government repeatedly lied, hard as that may be to believe, about its involvement in sabotaging the prosecution of Nazi war criminals and recruiting them into U.S. government service.

For more than half a century, the U.S. mass media will studiously avoid any examination of the recruitment of thousands of Nazi war criminals and their incorporation into the highest levels of U.S. government agencies. Those in the independent and non-American media who do report the truth are, as usual, dismissed as "conspiracy theorists". An accurate expose of Operation Paperclip published in 1992 by author Linda Hunt will be almost completely ignored by the U.S. mass media.

As of 2004, almost sixty years after the fact, there are still millions of OSS and CIA documents relating to the incorporation of the Nazis into the U.S. government, the CIA, NASA, the American military, the American media and academia which remain unaccountably classified. Self-evidently, the documents contain truths about the pivotal role of Nazis in the activities of the United States and its agencies even more damning that those which have already been unearthed.

1945: UNITED STATES. The World Commerce Corporaton is formed just after the end of the war in Europe, to rebuild "trade" between Germany and South America, a continent which is now pretty densely populated with escaped Nazi war criminals thanks to Nazi shyster Allen Dulles, Henry Kissinger and the U.S. government. By amazing coincidence, one of the attorneys involved in setting up this new money laundering apparatus is none other than Allen Dulles.

related: THE FORTY YEARS WAR - Nixon gave up Vietnam  

Nixon/Kiss meet with Dobrynin 14 May 1969

Six weeks into office in 1969: With over 500,000 men in theater, a cost in lives of 30,000 GIs and there was still no end in site.
In March of 1969 , Nixon/Kissinger secretly tells soviet amb. Dobrynin that losing vietnam or vietnam going communist would be OK.

Henry Kissinger and Anatoly Dobrynin in the Map Room at the White House, March 17, 1972 (Source: Soviet-American Relations: the Détente Years, 1969-1972)

Document 22: “A Reasonable Interval”: Dobrynin's record of meeting with Kissinger and Nixon, 14 May 1969, pp. 59-62

While Nixon and Kissinger would not accept North Vietnam’s proposal for a coalition government,

during the conversation before the meeting with Nixon, Kissinger showed considerable flexibility about the ultimate outcome of the war. He told Dobrynin that he was “prepared to accept any political system in South Vietnam, ‘provided there is a fairly reasonable interval between conclusion of an agreement and [the establishment of] such a system.” Implicitly, even if South Vietnam became a Communist regime, that would be acceptable as long as there was a “reasonable interval” after the U.S. military withdrawal.

Without the telling the Joint Chiefs. Without telling Congress. Without telling the American people. Without telling the men risking their lives in theater.

Since the Soviets were THE arms supplier of weapons to N. Vietnam, wouldn't you think he'd tell Uncle Ho and his pals,
and what stratagies of destruction they could think up? Don't you think the Viet Cong might want some Payback?

--- Quote from: TahoeBlue on December 03, 2010, 12:23:15 PM ---
VF-32 Outlaw's Bandits  (Est 1 Jun 1943, Dis 13 Nov 1945) (F6F-3/5)

--- End quote ---

WWII Ace - Navy Cross - Cinqpaq Rear Admiral Ed Cobb Outlaw - tells the truth about Vietnam:

Carriers in combat the air war at sea - Vietnam

Rolling Thunder - Cambodian supply depots off limits - SOVIET SA-2 SAM sites shot down 115 american planes

"We were restrained to carrying out a campaign which seemed designed NOT to win" because RUSSIAN technicians might be killed.

McNamara did not allow pilots to attack any installation where MIG's were based.

Outlaw, Edward C., Cdr., VF-32, USS Langley (CVL-27), CO USS Intrepid (CVA-11) - 6
Born 1914 in Greenville, NC; Public Schools, Goldboro, NC.; USNA '35, Retired, Durham, NC '69.

Flight Training, Pensacola '37-'38. USS Enterprise, Scouting Squadron 6.  '42 deployed to Pacific as XO (VC-11) flying F4F (Wildcats).  
Led flight of 54 from Fiji to Guadalcanal to re-enforce Marine Corps.  He served there as leader of the Navy Fighter Group.  
'43 formed VF-32 as CO.  Deployed on USS Langley .  

April 29, '44, he led a flight of 8 Hellcats on a pre-dawn fighter sweep over Truk atoll; at dawn sighted a flight of aout 36 Japanese Zeroes flying at 10,000 ft in column of V's; first pass his flight flamed 8; then, exercising perfect discipline "Holly" Hills (4 kills) led his division to "high cover" where they accounted for seven of the enemy.  
Cdr. Outlaw shot down 5 and 1 probable, fellow Ace, Dick May got 3 and Outlaw's wingman 4.  
Total for this brief action was 22 victories and 6 probables.  

The action took place in less than ten minutes and was declared by COMNAVAIRPAC to be "a perfect example of air combat and air discipline."

Subsequently, he served three times in Pentagon; as CO of USS Duxbury Bay and USS Intrepid; as CO Air Group Six (Coral Sea);
CO Heavy Attack Squadron five (NucWpns).
Selected to rank of Rear Admiral and served as Commander Naval Aviation Safety Center;
Commander Carrier Division One and Task Force 77 of Vietnam '64-'65 where he directed first sustained attacks;
Commander CARDIVS 16 and 20 and Commander Hunter-Killer Force, Atlantic Fleet.

His last assignment was as Commander Fleet Aircraft Mediterranean/CTF-67/ and Maritime Air Mediterranean (a NATO orgnization of which he was the first commander).  
Decorations: Navy Cross, Legion of Merit (3), DFC (3)

Product Description
Goes into the background of Henry Kissinger starting about 1940. . . explaining exactly how he got to the point of being the Secretary of State in the Nixon Administration in the mid 1970's - - which essentially explains where he is today. Capell goes into detail about WHO Kissinger's mentors were. . . and his early progress through the ranks of the Secret Societies, reaching his SATANIC CULT LEADER STATUS that he holds today.
Information regarding the character and personality background of Kissinger is NOT available in ANY public libraries - - nor is it available in any biography for sale on the Internet or in any store. You have to have this slim 120-page volume written by Capell to understand the personal of Henry Kissinger.

There is more background information in the 120 pages of this Capell book than in all 49 biographies that have been undertaken describing this internationally known political figure.
Charlotte Iserbyt November 27, 2002


In 1974 a very important little book entitled "Henry Kissinger... Soviet Agent" was written by the late Frank A. Capell, one of America's great patriots. Some background information on Capell follows:

Capell was an Associate Editor of The Review of the News and American Mercury magazine and his articles appeared intermittently in over forty publications. Beginning as an undercover criminal investigator (tight-roper) for District Attorneys and Police Commissioners, he later became Chief Investigator of the Westchester County (N.Y) Sheriff's Office. In this capacity he established a Bureau of Subversive Activities and supervised the investigation of thousands of individuals and organizations, including Nazis, Fascists, and Communists.
Now to the meat of this story, much of which has been copied from Capell's "Henry Kissinger...Soviet Agent" published in 1973.

"An anti-Communist who infiltrated Polish Communist Intelligence and rose to the equivalent rank of general has now named Henry Kissinger as a Soviet agent, recruited into a special group known as ODRA while he was a sergeant in the U.S. Armed Forces in Germany during World War II.

The information obtained from this general was found to be accurate in all cases where it was checked out. He was responsible for uncovering a long list of KGB (Soviet intelligence) and GRU (Soviet Military Intelligence) agents and officers. Among these were Soviet colonel Koilon Molody, alias Gordon Lonsdale, and his four agents, Henry Houghton, Ethel Gee, and Peter and Helen Kroger, alias Cohen, operating in Great Britain. Through Houghton was developed the case of KGB agent John Vassal of British Naval Intelligence official connected with MI-6 in London. Another case was that of George Blake, a very high British Intelligence official connected with MI-6 in London. (p 2-3)
Henry Kissinger: This Man Is On The Other Side
American Opinion ^ | June 1975 | William P. Hoar

Posted on Thursday, November 28, 2002 2:39:34 PM by Tailgunner Joe


In view of such a record one is not surprised to find that Henry A. Kissinger was years ago identified as a K.G.B. undercover agent, code-named Bor, assigned to a Soviet spy ring called ODRA.

 Our intelligence agencies were briefed on this as long ago as 1961 by an important anti-Communist who had for years operated behind the Iron Curtain at a high level of Communist intelligence and personally saw Kissinger’s K.G.B. dossier.

The source of this information supplied data resulting in the exposure and arrest of scores of other K.G.B. agents planted high in the Governments of Britain, Sweden, France, Germany, and Israel. He was formally voted the thanks of the American people in a special Congressional Resolution. Yet his detailed revelations about Kissinger have been buried. And Henry A. Kissinger, who worked with the Reds in Germany after World War II, now runs the U.S. intelligence network from above.*


--- Quote from: Dig on December 26, 2010, 09:01:27 PM ---
--- Quote from: Dig on December 26, 2010, 08:44:36 PM ---I can think of no faster way to unite the American people behind George W. Bush than a terrorist attack on an American target overseas. And I believe George W. Bush will quickly unite the American people through his foreign policy.
~ Henry Kissinger

--- End quote ---
-Henry Kissinger, appearing on CNBC, 13th Dec 2000

Can anyone confirm?

--- End quote ---

I find is usually very good with quotes, but I cannot confirm the source for this one.

Kissinger’s entire career ‘a series of massacres and outrages’
Christopher Hitchens
December 27, 2010

Until the most recent release of the Nixon/Kissinger tapes, what were the permitted justifications for saying in advance that the slaughter of Jews in gas chambers by a hostile foreign dictatorship would not be “an American concern”? Let’s agree that we do not know. It didn’t seem all that probable that the question would come up. Or, at least, not all that likely that the statement would turn out to have been made, and calmly received, in the Oval Office. I was present at Madison Square Garden in 1985 when Louis Farrakhan warned the Jews to remember that “when [God] puts you in the ovens, you’re there forever,” but condemnation was swift and universal, and, in any case, Farrakhan’s tenure in the demented fringe was already a given.

Now, however, it seems we do know the excuses and the rationalizations. Here’s one, from David Harris of the American Jewish Committee: “Perhaps Kissinger felt that, as a Jew, he had to go the extra mile to prove to the president that there was no question of where his loyalties lay.” And here’s another, from Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League: “The anti-Jewish prejudice which permeated the Nixon presidency and White House undoubtedly created an environment of intimidation for those who did not share the president’s bigotry. Dr. Kissinger was clearly not immune to that intimidation.” Want more? Under the heading, “A Defense of Kissinger, From Prominent Jews,” Mortimer Zuckerman, Kenneth Bialkin, and James Tisch wrote to the New York Times to say that “Mr. Kissinger consistently played a constructive role vis-ŕ-vis Israel both as national security adviser and secretary of state, especially when the United States extended dramatic assistance to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.” They asked that “the fuller Kissinger record should be remembered” and, for good measure, that “the critics of Mr. Kissinger should remember the context of his entire life.” Finally, Kissinger himself has favored us with the following: At that time in 1973, he reminds us, the Nixon administration was being pressed by Sens. Jacob Javits and Henry Jackson to link Soviet trade privileges to emigration rights for Russian Jews. “The conversation at issue arose not as a policy statement by me but in response to a request by the president that I should appeal to Sens. Javits and Jackson and explain why we thought their approach unwise.”

But Kissinger didn’t say something cold and Metternichian to the effect that Jewish interest should come second to détente. He deliberately said gas chambers! If we are going to lower our whole standard of condemnation for such talk (and it seems that we have somehow agreed to do so), then it cannot and must not be in response to contemptible pseudo-reasonings like these.


Hitchens forgot to call Kissinger out for being an Iraq war participant.


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