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WTC 7 - Destroying the Evidence
« on: August 24, 2010, 12:43:35 am »
 this is my conclusion:

 The WTC 7 complex had to be destroyed because of key EVIDENCE of corruption, tyranny, and New World Order False Flag terror.


"I remember getting a call from the fire department commander, telling me that they were not sure they were gonna be able to contain the fire, and I said, 'We've had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.' And they made that decision to pull and we watched the building collapse."

 FACTS about WTC 7 collapse:

 The WTC 7 building was not hit by a plane.
 The WTC 7 building sustained some fire/structural damage
 The BBC and other news agencies did broadcast that the building collapsed some time before the actual collapse
 The WTC 7 collapse was assisted by some means; It could not have been destroyed on its own, that is impossible.

 Source document

 What was Housed in the WTC 7 Building.... (as the Goverment reports)

Floor      Occupant
 28-45     Salomon Smith Barney (SSB)  
 26-27     Standard Chartered Bank
 25          Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
 25          Department of Defense (DOD)  
 25          Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
 24          Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
 23          Office of Emergency Management (OEM)  
 22          Federal Home Loan Bank of New York
 21          First State Management Group  
 19-21     ITT Hartford Insurance Group
 19          National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Securities Valuation Office
 18          Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
 14-17     Vacant  
 13          Provident Financial Management  
 11-13     Securities and Exchange Commission  (SEC)
 9-10       U.S. Secret Service
 7-8        American Express Bank International

So we have the:

 CIA                       - check
 DoD                      - check
 IRS                      -  check
 SEC                      - check
 Secret Service        - check
 banks and bankers   - check

 One could only imagine the documents and information stored in WTC 7 (not to think of WTC 1 and 2). We'll turns out thier was important information stored in these offices:

 Attack Delays Investigations

 Additional details emerged Friday about the effect of the collapse of 7 World Trade Center on investigations being conducted by the New York offices of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, both of which were housed in the building.

The SEC has not quantified the number of active cases in which substantial files were destroyed. Reuters news service and the Los Angeles Times published reports estimating them at 3,000 to 4,000. They include the agency's major inquiry into the manner in which investment banks divvied up hot shares of initial public offerings during the high-tech boom.  (((think ENRON)))

The EEOC said documents from about 45 active cases were missing and could not be easily retrieved from any backup system. One of these cases was a sexual harassment charge filed on Sept. 10 against Morgan Stanley, one of the prime corporate victims of the World Trade Center disaster.

A statement from the commission said that "we are confident that we will not lose any significant investigation or case as a result of the loss of our building in New York. No one whom we have sued or whose conduct we have been investigating should doubt our resolve to continue our pursuit of justice in every such matters."

But the short-term problems will be immense, said Gregory Joseph of New York's Law Offices of Gregory Joseph.

"Court papers can largely be reconstituted, but work product has to be reconstructed," he said. "This will cause delays in court and will require significant reduplication of effort." Some data, he added, "won't be recreatable."

"Ongoing investigations at the New York SEC will be dramatically affected because so much of their work is paper-intensive," said Max Berger of New York's Bernstein Litowitz Berger & Grossmann. "This is a disaster for these cases."

"The SEC will have some difficulty, but the bounce-back will come relatively easily," predicts Harvey Goldschmid, Dwight professor of law at Columbia University and former general counsel of the SEC. "It will throw things off for a period of time, but most of what's important can be regained. They will have to reconstruct these documents. But most of this was backed up or in Washington. They've lost some transcripts but even they're available."

EEOC Records Destroyed

The EEOC's New York office, which was housed in 7 World Trade Center, sustained no loss of life. But all the agency's records were destroyed.

Many of the files are backed up in the computer system, but a substantial number of documents are simply gone, said Spencer Lewis, the EEOC district director. Depositions and notes were not scanned into computers and are lost. With depositions and interviews, the agency will be contacting court reporters "and hoping that they've got them so we can reconstruct files," Lewis said. This covers about 45 active cases, including a recent action against Morgan Stanley.

But employment litigators believe the effect here, too, will be transitory.

"The EEOC is decimated as far as office space goes," but any problems are "only short-term," said Michael Weber of the New York office of Littler Mendelson. "They will get back to business." The agencies will be seeking documents from the private law firms and defendants, Weber notes. "My sense is that we will cooperate," he noted. "Our goal is not to take advantage of this catastrophe."

"A lot of their records they'll have online, so they'll just reprint them out," adds Harkins. "The EEOC is in a better position than the SEC, because the SEC has a lot more confidential files."

Ground Zero for the Secret Service

World Trade Center Building 7, the center of the universe for the US Secret Service, was reduced to rubble on September 11. See how the largest cybercrime team in the country got the Secret Service's New York office operational within 48 hours of the attacks.

World Trade Center Building 7 stood in the shadow of the North Tower. Inside the 47-story building: the US Secret Service's largest field office with more than 200 employees. On September 11 all of them escaped, but Building 7 was reduced to rubble. This week on "CyberCrime," an exclusive look into the hours, weeks, and months following 9/11 and how the US Secret Service was able to recover thanks to the largest cybercrime team in the country -- the New York Electronic Crimes Task Force (NYECTF).

"All the evidence that we stored at 7 World Trade, in all our cases, went down with the building," according to US Secret Service Special Agent David Curran -- the number three guy in that office. "We lost our network, we lost all our computers, we lost all the equipment that we use as Secret Service Agents. Everything from machine guns to our shotguns to our electronic equipment that we use."

But despite their physical losses, nothing could shake the field offices solid foundation. This week on "CyberCrime," you'll see how the members of the NYECTF came to the Secret Service's rescue. Watch as more than 50 law enforcement agencies, 200 corporations, and 12 universities donate tens of thousands of dollars in equipment and hundreds of volunteer hours to enable the US Secret Service's New York office become operational within just 48 hours of the attacks.

 So, quite simply, LOTS OF CLASSIFIED INFORMATION went up in SMOKE

 Of course, we could guess some of the Revelations that information could have contained....

 - Preknowledge recon information leading up to the attacks, warnings issued by other governments , etc
 - Perhaps even some information regarding systems (PTech) or techniques (contracts) that may have existed in relation to the attacks
 - An unimaginable information regarding terror threats and attacks; secret goverment documents of unknown variety
 - Corporate New World Order tyranny, mismanagement and control, including:

   ENRON scam
   Hedge fund investments
   Home insurance activity
   Financial information that could have averted the financial collapse of 2008
   Financial information that could have exposed holes in the financial system prior to the 2008 crash

The way I see it, the destruction of the WTC 7 building made possible the

 Destruction of incriminating evidence of the NEW WORLD ORDER FALSE FLAG TERROR and market manipulation leading to FINANCIAL COLLAPSE leading to WORLD GOVERNMENT
 (and WW3)

 thats what I think..  

 (and they say 9/11 was not an inside job...... please)

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Re: WTC 7 - Destroying the Evidence
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2010, 01:22:30 am »
this was in play with all the WTC buildings. Most of the financial institutions in the towers were under investigation & or heavily involved with insider trading, money laundering et al.

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